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I been wanting to do surgery on my imperfections...

I been wanting to do surgery on my imperfections since before this has become such a big thing now! About 20 years old,7 years ago. Only thing that has changed through my years has been what I've wanted done! My recovery wasn't the best but I believe a lot has to do with my pre-op care, which is also very important! Everyones recovery is different and do to my decision to get this surgery done 2 weeks before surgery day instead of eating cleaner I ate more unhealthy. However I did start to take my iron & folic acid pills before surgery! I also have anemia. My body retained & produced a lot of fluids and inflammation. My menstrual came 2 days after surgery too. All of this combined caused me non-stop migraine for 4 days straight, nauseousness,stomach ache, vomitting, & constipation. I was so swollen I couldn't see now results but with the proper care of post-op within a 3-4 weeks I began to look normal again lol! I'm loving my results slowly but surely!

For those who have asked Before & After pics

Hello ladies,

Sorry you haven't seen any of my after pics, I had posted it with my previous post but it didn't upload. Therefore here is another update post with my pictures. I'm healing process is going good but very slowly. For those who are going into surgery or are in Post-op please be patient, this is a very long healing process mentally more then physically. You will go through many stages, sadness , anger, regret , pray, laugh, cry but it's all normal. Just take it day by day, do everything your doctors tell you! There's many times where I tell myself I'm not even half way into my healing, be patient!

Sorry for the pictures being different ways, they upload this way. Any questions or advice leave me a comment below ????????!

Happy New year 7 weeks Post-Op

Here is a picture of me almost 2 months, dressed for New Year's Eve with No Faja on ! ??

From old review posts: MY PROCEDURES

Before creating this new review on Dr. Molina I was writing my experience on the old posts I had made when I was suppose to go to another doctor therefore I am transfers g what I have previously posted on the other review post so all my beauties can get information they haven't read here. Sorry I didn't realize since they are different review post this one doesn't have no of my procedures or experience during my post -op.

" As some are aware I was suppose to go my surgery back in 2013 with Dr. YILY de los santos. However, I didn't go with the procedure until now being 27 years old and wanting different things for the best natural results I decided to go with Dr. Julio Molina and I am very happy with my choice. RealSelf I guess doesn't allow some changes on posts once they are made like the doctor information, & the procedures getting done.

So this is my actual information.

Doctor Julio Molina - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Surgery Date: Nov. 11, 2015
Procedures : liposuction in stomach , entire back/ Flanks, arms and a little in the back/ inner thighs W/ Gummy bear tear drop silicone Implants with a Lift. I didn't do a Bbl- because my butt was already big although in the pictures doesn't really show. However I did transfer fat into upper hip sides known as laterals , he gave me laterals to show more curves and rounder butt."

2 Months Post-Op ! Yay! Speaking on Post-Op care! This is more important then anything!

I have been taking good care of my body because post-op is the MOST IMPORTANT stage for plastic surgery. Many people, mostly women, want to do plastic surgery , they go and do their procedures but then don't have enough expense to continue to investing in the most important thing which is the treatments for post-op! Properly draining the fluids out the body, getting consist MASSAGES*, oiling everyday , medications , vitamins, eating clean ( a lot of greens) , not wearing certain clothes ( like jeans - No jeans )

I am very scared of getting fibrosis and my stomach looking ugly and nasty with hard pumps. I have made it my priority to take as many massages as I can buying them in packages known as "Lymphatic Massages (for post-op) ! It's usually recommend 10 sessions after surgery but I have way over passed that because as long as my body don't feel normal and completely healed I will be giving it the treatments it needs. Example : my lower back is still hard, my legs and stomach still feel hard balls not as much as before but don't want them to turn to fibrosis.

I also massage my body myself when ever I don't go to my massage appointment or if I don't have one. I do one day yes , one day no. And skip weekends.

After my surgery 5 days post-op I began my massages. After that , during that week I did about 8 massages in total in DR. When I got back to NY, I did 10 more massages in a place in Bronx, NY and after I decided I needed more. So I purchased a Package winter deal of 12 sessions ( massages) , place located in College point Queens. I am so glad I came here they are amazing and from the first day of being treated here I seen a difference. I will make another post another day about this Spa I'm going to now that I loooove.

Tip: I advice that you make sure your not just getting a massage but that they are shaping you as they massage as well! That is very important. The surgery isn't what just give the shape to your body but massages take a BIG effect to it too!!

Any questions comment me !

Best Bruising / swelling creams & gels
Thrombocid Cream ( only sell in DR or find online Amazon / Google ) * This cream for me was better then ArniCare gel

Arnica GEL/ cream - sell in Pharmacy like CVS or rite aid. ( specific one I liked but only sell in France )

Lateral VS hips

Hello ladies !
So I've been asked many times since my procedure " what are laterals? " or " what's the difference between lateral and hips? ". I made this quick little update to give a visual explanation for better understanding.

Hips - they hang and full out a little lower/ to the side.
Lateral- full out & at a higher level. The side of the body so you'll see more of an arch from back to butt.

None is better then the other, it all his according to what your wish is of how you want to look.
* Hope this has helped =) ????????

Yay 3 months Post-Op

Hello ladies !! Been having finally a good recovery. Results are coming along. Still waiting to see my arms results, and for less of my inflammation from back, arm and legs to go down. In the mean time I am enjoying the process and how it's coming along.

I still wear my Griddle/ Faja everyday! I am now doing about 2 days of 12hrs without it during the week. But other then that it's always on even during sleep WITH my foam boards.

It is very important to still use faja and boards to help continue to mold your body during your post op months which are for your 6 months recovery days.

As far as my boobies they are looking nice, really really itchy at times especially when I use the scarring cream. When it itches I try not to scratch and just pay them or lightly rub. Avoid scratching because you can get stretch marks or cause scarring tissue. Here's some updated pics of me!

More pics of my side view! 3 months yay!

Just wanted to add a few more pics of my body from the side ! 3 months yat half way into recovery from 6 months ! Excited for final results ! I want to lose a few pounds so I can begin building muscles ! What do you ladies think?!

My surgeon information.

I previously posted this on an old review board but I'm reposting it on this thread, because I have been getting asked about the practice place. For those wanting to know the experience with the place it was awesome, the ppl, nurses , assistant are super nice and helpful they make sure you know everything you need to know if you ask. Make sure to ask everything you aren't certain of.

If you decided to go to my doctor please let him know you were referred by me to him, if you getting your informations and referral from me! Thanks

1st day into my cardio workout!

Hello ladies, just want to briefly pass by and put a little update on what's new! And I can finally say I'm beginning to feel more like myself! My back is still numb and feels weird, my stomach is still pouchy and gets a little bloated. But I know it's all temporary so I'm taking it easy and not trying to let it effect me negatively, although I'm desperately wanting to be 100% again feeling normal and I think I even got into a little post - op depression not wanting to go out anywhere. But today I decided to go out and do cardio! I felt amazing.

I didn't go overboard or extra hard. I went and did what my body was capable of doing and made sure to listen to my body when it was too much. I didn't go to the gym yet because they haven't opened the new gym Ima go to around my way. So today even tho it was Super cold outside I bundle up and went to the park. I went onto the track and jogged 800 yards and speedy walked the rest so in total I completely 1 mile + I took my jump rope and did 220 on that. It was much of a workout as I normal would do but it's my started. Can't wait to continue and to be able to give more.

My goal right now is to lose 20 pounds (although I know I still have water weight on me ) and from there after I complete 6 months and more I will move on to toning my body and building muscles ! Yay !

Any tips on what else I can do as far as cardio????

4 months yay

My tummy pouchy-ness has been going down !! So excited for that! I've been eating better, cutting carbs and working out! Can't wait to see my final results by the end of this year.

5 months ! Will post pic after this post!

Hello dolls! I've missed being here! I apologize for the lack of update recently. I'm actually very sad to say my phone had gotten completely damage and I lost all my pictures and videos. I recently haven't taken decent pics to post up. I'll post 1 here but Later on I will post more pictures of my 5 months post op ! ;) My results have been great as many have seen on my previous updated pics. However, my eating hasn't been consistently clean and i haven't worn my faja as I should. My results are STILL GREAT! Although I know it can be better. This week I have cut down foods and been wearing my faja 8hrs. Any questions or comments leave them below ! ????

6months passed, I'm 7 months ???????? yay!

Hello Ladies !!!! This journeys been a long one ! I finally marked half way into my recovery making 6 months May the 10th and yesterday I made 7 months of recovery!!!!!! I've been falling in love with my results little by little. Still have some areas I'm not loving like my arms ! I've always had problems with fat arms , I feel like they are still fat and considering re-doing that or just working them out! But everything's going great. I'm getting into a new workout routine and changing my eating. Time to get better results with what I eat and exercise!

PS : Ladies please read ALL of my post, many of you ask me questions which I have talked about in previous posts. I won't be answering anymore repeated questions , but I can direct ya to the post to get ya answers. But please read my thread, I posted My PROCEDURES , workout & massages post op care information on all my old posts. I made this to help you ladies with your process, so ya can see what was necessary or Not, as well as show ya how amazing my doctor is!

DR. MOLINA IS A GREAT DOCTOR. HE IS PATIENT AND SUCH A SWEET HEART. DONT BE HESITANT WITH CHOOSING HIM. EVERYBODY RESULTS ARE DIFFERENT, but he is the only doctor I've meet so far who truly puts his patients health first.

8 months ????

Here is my update on 8 months ! So close to a year soon ! Goals .. Still to lose 20 pounds ???? but thank you Molina for making me better a better version of me.

11th Month recovery ! ?? TIPS ON PREOP & POST-OP CARE

Hey Dolls ,

I just want to take a moment to first off THANK YOU ALL! For being so supportive and following my journey with my recovery.

I an finally feeling GREAT , i am going to be on my 11th month on September 11th of recovering. I can honestly say this was one of the hardest things ever. I get asked a lot about my recovery and I'm glad to always help in every and any questions. My recovery wasn't an easy one as some of you may know. I didn't probably take care of myself pre-op , eating everything I wanted, this effected my recovery a lot. I retained A LOT of fluids in my body that lasted me up until 4 months of recovery. This is why I advise everyone who will be going through these procedures that it is important to take care of yourself before surgery so that your recovery can be the smoothest. Eat healthy mainly a lot of veggies ( cucumbers help with body water/fluids) and fruits ( pineapples are best for recovery ) , drink lots of water , and take your vitamins ( iron , folic acid , ect ) !

AFTER YOUR PROCEDURE (POST-Op) it is Crucial to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. ALOT of girls message me asking if they should do massages after surgery ( mainly because the us doctors tell them it's really not recommended) & if they can do it themselves. DO YOUR PACKAGES POST-OP LYMPHATIC MESSAGES, atleast one package of 10sessions. This is called lymphatic massages for a reason these masseuse ladies are trained and learn the proper way to massage the body after surgery , they also use certain Creams and injections the body might need to help the healing faster. The massages also help heal the body into its shape so it's not only in the surgery table that this occurs. I suggest to do at least 1 session of massage so that you can see how it's done and then be able to do them on your own. I myself did 3 sessions ,1 of 8 sessions, 2 of 10 massages , and the last which was 12 sessions. I am still planning to go back and get another set of sessions because one side of my back still feels weird , numb and a little pain which I know is due to lack of pressure-able massages. I also give myself messages after every shower , every day this does help. Also make sure to eat CLEAN after surgery and begin exercises WHEN YOUR DOCTOR advised your ready. For bruising healing , best creams I used were Arnica or thrombocid Cream ( bought this in Domincian republic but check online to see if you find it). Thrombocid for me was better then the Arnica.

Hope this quick little update of tips and advise can help you ladies. Feel free to DM me or comment.

1 year and 2 months

Can't believe I made 1 year and 2 months already! I still have minor things I need to work on but I can truly say this has been a long great journey. Here's some updated photos of me currently ...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I searched for years doctors! I wanted my body better but I wasn't going to just go to anybody. This is my life in somebody hands! Dr. Molina delivered just that! All naturalness and to enhance my body with more modifications! He made the best version of ME! Dr. Molina and his wife were physically by my side every step of the way till today. Now that I'm back in my city, we still communicate concerning my recovery and process! I love them and thank god for their visions and amazing work!

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