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Im new to this site i've been browsing this site...

Im new to this site i've been browsing this site for some time now im doing my surgery for sure & most likely with DR.DURAN this site has been very helpful for me so I figured I start posting my journey & help future surgery patients with my posts ..I'll try & update every part of my journey as much as possible with lots of details stay posted.



So let me start off by letting you guys know that my situation is a little different I've have had plastic surgery before I've had lipo sculpture done lipo on my lower back love handles & fat transfer to the butt under local anesthesia 2 yrs ago my results were not bad just not what I wanted I wanted lipo full stomach & fat transfer to the butt unfortunately I could not do that because I did not have enough money for the full stomach its a lot more money here in NYC to get that done & at that point & time I was really excited about it & so I just went ahead with the surgery anyway but its fine because I have the money now to do it in the dominican republic & also the results & costs I'm looking for seems to be done a lot out there so with that being said I will post my current body so you guys can see what it looks like before I get my other surgery in the dominican republic.

- Blondie


Now you guys have seen my pictures & you know what I did I can fill you in on what I'm going to do now I'm going to get lipo on my full stomach so it can be nice & flat with a small waist & fat transer to the butt again because I need it to be fuller theres not enough fat for it to have the projection I want it to have naked I don't want anything crazy like nicki minaj so my stomach fat should & most likely be enough …again I don't blame my new york doctor he's great he did the best he could with what I paid for & my body is not that bad I've seen worse to me it looks better in clothes thats jus my opinion but I want to look better naked & I want my body to look a certain way so thats why I'm not done working on myself & I think thats important don't do the surgery for anyone else do it for yourself & because you want it not because someone wants you to get it or you think your gonna get more attention if you get it ……or in other cases if you want it & others in your life don't approve & don't want you to get it done at all don't let that stop you ….do what makes you feel better about your yourself ! :)

Just remember most importantly to research your doctors, check your health make sure your in good health & then you can do what makes you happy or makes you feel better about your self from that point on …lol

- Blondie


I contacted DR.DURAN to get my quote, give my deposit & book a date she said she will review the pictures on friday because thats when her office goes through pictures & gives quotes. In the mean time I will be shopping for stuff that I need for my stay after surgery …..I will post everything I bought picture & written list.



So I got my quote for Duran on friday its 3,900 I was expecting it to be around 4,500 because I'm not so big so when I got the quote for 3,900 I was shocked & even more excited so I just need to find out what's her availability for june so I can send a deposit to secure my date for the surgery & recovery house. CiCi from the recovery house said she's gonna give me a date by this coming monday.


I just wanted to share a few tips with my realself fam lol. If your having a hard time getting in contact with Dr.Duran which you will here's a few ideas you can try to get your pictures to her promptly. You can pay $150 to bellavita consultants & they will take care of all your needs or for those who choose to save their money & get to her for free you can simply contact any major recovery house out there that you choose & tell them you want to book with Dr.Duran for your stay with them & most of all the major recovery houses out there go to pick up patients from Duran & her office at the Cipla like everyday so they are very familiar with her you can send them your pictures & they will give it to Duran in person them selves it will take about a week or so for you to get your quote back & thats it. It worked for me I couldn't get in contact with Duran I emailed her my pictures but It was taking very long for her to respond because she checks emails on fridays & she is in high demand so by the time she gets to you it takes a while & I didn't want to pay bellavita to book my stuff when I can do it my self for free. So that's what I did I called Serenity Recovery House because thats where I want to stay & I spoke with CiCi she was very helpful I told her I wanted to book that recovery house but I couldn't get in contact with Duran & she said she & the people that work in the other recovery houses see Duran & other doctors in the Cipla all the time when they go to pick up patients. She gave me her email I sent her my pictures & she gave it to Duran it worked for me so it might work for you just a few Ideas good luck!


So my problem is not getting in contact with Duran it's getting a date :/ she's booked the whole month of may & june :'( already & I really want a date in june. Does anyone on here have a date for june & want to switch their date pleaseeee !


So I got good news today someone must have switched their date because they have a date available for me in june now ….yay! lol so my date is June 9th I sent my deposit today to secure my date with Duran now I just need to send a deposit to the Serenity Recovery House & finish my shopping for my supplies & book my flight I feel like I can't start getting things done now that I sent my deposit. Excited ! :)


I spoke with CiCi at Serenity Recovery House she has to check if they have my dates available for stay there. She said she's going to get back to me tomorrow morning once they update the calendar of appoinments she said ppl tend to switch dates alot so that's why they update it on monday's of every week. I hope they have it available because I really want to stay their I'm from new york I honestly can't stay just anywhere & alot of the recovery houses in santo domingo that I've seen no offense look very old fashion & country looking (no cable, no ac ect) Serenity is a condo it looks modern it has a bolcony, cable tv, ac, wifi, they offer unlimited chux pads, it come's with a driver to take you to & from all your appointment's, 3 meals & 2 snacks daily fresh juices, they wash your soiled garments ect ....so it seems pretty good & it has everything that i'm looking for so that's why I want to stay there (fingers crossed) ..lol


Flights officially booked ! I still haven't got the okay for a room at Serenity for my dates still waiting no one has changed their dates as of yet :/ hopefully someone will soon or else I'm going to have to stay at Luxury Recovery House not bad but just not where I want to stay :( I'm still pushing for Serenity.


Haven't updated in a while I got incontact with CiCi she double checked the dates again she said everyone confirmed their stay for that week so i'm pretty bummed about that :( ....I really wanted to stay at Serenity for recovery but it's okay I guess I'll just have to find another nice RH to stay at other then that I have to start shopping for stuff im going to bring with me I haven't bought anything as of yet.


So I've just been getting things together recently as far as last minute stuff .....I made my reservation with luxury recovery house I'm gonna stay with them & I recently also went to the doctors to check my overal health everything was great except my hemo level (HEMOGLOBIN LEVEL) it's at a 9.6 which is kind of low & that does not work in my favor becuase Dr.Duran does not touch you unless your at a 13 so I have exactly 2 weeks to get my hemo level up my pcp (PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN) gave me a list of foods to eat that would boost it up quicker naturally & he also gave me some vitamins to take with the foods on top of what to drink with the vitamins he said its best to drink 100% vitamins c drinks when taking the vitamins because it helps absorb the vitamin better which is pretty interesting I never knew that lol so hopefully it goes up or I'll have to reschedule my date which is not a big deal or the end of the world but I just would like to get this over with now then later so that's that I also booked with Luxury Recovery House it looks pretty clean neat & spacious which is cool it comes with mostly everything just like Serenity Recovery House unlimited chux pads 3 meals 2 snacks daily driver ect they also said I dont have to send a deposite which is cool becuase I've heard of girls on here saying they send money then when they get to their recovery house they try & charge them more when they already payed half so that works out I give you your money in your hand you give me my receipt & were done lol ......in the mean time I have to shop for a few things I'm gonna bring with me I haven't bought anything yet ...lol I always save things for last minute ....I'm not planning on bringing a lot of things anyway after all it's surgery not a vacation I always laugh when I see girls pack a whole bunch of things there not gonna need on here it's so funny but it's becuase it's usually their first time so it's understandable but still funny lol ...gonna shop today for my stuff I'm gonna update my list later today hope everyone has a blessed day :)


So I went shopping last weekend I bought


A few cheap maxi dresses
cheap cotton socks
cheap granny dress night gowns
a loose sweat suit
granny panties
jumbo hair tie

head band
feminine wipes
Flip flops


I'm not going on vacation so I will not need to pack so many things I figured I'm going for surgery I will be in pain after surgery I needed maxi dresses because they are loose & easy to put on after surgery for post op visits to the doctor I didn't buy nice ones cause I figured I'll probably mess them up ….I will not want to bend down & put on sandals in pain so thats why I packed flip flops …..I packed granny growns to sleep in because they are loose & I don't want to wear anything nice or tight leaking lol….I packed socks so my feet won't get cold ..granny panties because I'm not going to be completely heeled to wear a thong back home to the airport which is exactly why I packed the sweat suit also I have to be comfy on the plane lol & I don't want everyone to stare at my faja in the airport LMAO ….& the feminine wipes are for the first few days when you can't take a shower just to keep down there clean lol ….head band & jumbo hair tie is so I wont have to fuss with my hair in my face or being hot every second while in pain & slippers are to walk around in the recovery house.

I will be packing my pain meds from home such as Percocet & Ibuprofen because I don't think they give you that out of the country so I've heard & if they do I'm sure you have to pay so why pay extra when I have my own already rite :) I just tried to remember to pack light & useful its not a vacation I'm going on its for surgery …will be bringing my laptop also incase I get bored ...lol



So my surgery with Dr.Duran is schduled for june 9th which is next week but as of recently I've heard so many great things about work in colombia from people I know & people on here I don't know of any doctors out there that is why I decided to go to dominican republic instead of colombia but recently I came across a girls page on here & she told me about some doctors in colombia I checked them out but it wasn't enough evidence from me to switch everything & pack my stuff for colombia a lot of the doctors out there really are not on the social media wave I guess because there instagrams suck lol they barely update & some don't even have an instagram lol ..so I contacted ces la vie which was referred buy my real self family & she gave me a list of doctors to check out …now I've only checked out one so far & It's kind of amazing what they do out there it's like there yrs ahead on plastic surgery they have such amazing machines & everything Idk I might be making my switch to colombia lol it's kinda crazy becuase I was so determined about getting Duran & now I'm just not that impressed anymore idk well see what happens


I decided I'm just gonna go to DR I feel like Colombia does amazing work but in my opinion they don't sculpt the stomach well like DR I feel like Colombia is amazing & their machines are way more advance for like ab etching laser lipo cellulite removal ect I really love the ab etching I will go to Colombia sometime down the line for a little light ab etching but down the line as in no time soon lol.... So anyway don't mind my voice in the video it's a new app I downloaded & I'm obssesed it's so funny lmao I'm silly in real life so I have to be silly on my blog of this journey too lol ????


I just arrived to Santo Domingo my driver was not able to find me so I got in a regular cab there's a bunch of my them outside of the airport you can go to any guy with a yellow shirt on they work for the registered cab company ...so anyway being that my driver was not there to pick me up I was going to ask the recovery house for a discount for the personal driver fee being that I spent $36 for the cab but when she showed me to my room she said that she would take out the $36 from my total cost which was great because I was about to tell her that anyway lol ...Luxury Recovery House is very clean I looked around the house it's very spacious & the people here are very friendly I feel like I'm in good hands staying here


so I'm here at the cilpa waiting for my lab results from yesterday my surgery is today I'm nervous & excited the cilpa so far looks nice nothing scary about it & it's much bigger in person then how small I thought it was gonna be from the pictures on here lol ...Dr.Duran got in at 6am she walked in & when people say she's like a lil Barbie they were not lying she really walked in like a lil Barbie doll 6 inch heels cute lil baby doll dress she's to cute lol


So yesterday I was suppose to have my surgery but I didn't because my hemo was 11.6 Dr.Duran said I could have the surgery but she would be restricted on how much fat she could take out & she said she wanted to get my hemo up so she could do more lipo & in the end I could be more happier with my results so I rather just get my hemo up my hemo level was at a solid 13 but my period decided to come last week so that's why it dropped a little ..anyway so now me & actually another girl are on iron treatments which is suppose to boost it up another level so I can have my surgery the treatment usually takes 2 days it's 2 sessions they said it could work in a day so their gonna check my hemo today to see if its up & if not by tomorrow it should be iron treatment cost me $140 at the cipla iron treatment is not included in your quote


So yesterday I had my surgery at the cipla everything went well thank god I was so nervous because of all the things I read about the cipla clinic on here so I was preparing my self for like a bucher shop looking place & it's so opposite it's very nice marble floors very clean ...I've read on here that when you get to the operating room it takes you back to the 1950's & it's a small room like a little box I took the little blue pill that everyone takes & they wheeled me to the operating room & when I saw it I'm like seriously this is what everyone was talking about it's not that bad it does t look like the 1950s & it's not a box room smh I'm glad I decided to come & see everything for my self the I think the cipla is a nice place I just don't think carbal should be a doctor just my opinion any I came out of surgery duran followed me to my room to make sure I was ok & I was knocked out the rest of the nite lol ...message to everyone hire a nurse for your one nite stay there unless your bringing someone to take care of you the nurses there don't stay in the room with you all day they just come to check up on you & bring you your meds private nurse is $50


The Recovery House is cool I'm glad I stayed in a recovery house & not a hotel the girls here are really nice there are girls from a lot of different states here ..lol we have all seen each other naked you can't be bothered in pain were all naked at one point of the day or another when their washing our Faja we talk & chill out & check up on each other through out the day we go to each other's rooms it's really nice because we're all here for the same thing & we're all supportive of each other it's kind of like a sorority house for surgery lol


I got my first massage today at the cipla clinic it's only $31 & it's in the spa upstairs on the 5th floor it's a nice spa they do the massages in private rooms in the spa first massage hurts like hell they feel better in time


So I got a massage from this girl today everyone says she's great & she truly is but she's just way to ruff for me she has all the high tech machines from Colombia & everything she's located here in Brooklyn ny but I can not go to her again it's just not gonna work does anyone know of any good massage ppl in Brooklyn ny or even uptown ny that are not that ruff my skin is way to sensitive rite now I just need a lady who has all the good machines for heeling because you literally can not rub me rite now aggressively idc how great it is for you I'm not ready for aggressive rubbing rite now so I really need a massage lady who has good machines in New York


Girl crying doing her massage

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Today I went to get my massage & it hurts so bad surgery is the easy part post op care is the hard part that shit hurts like hell but you gotta do it if you don't get good massages after aggressive lipo you will stay lumpy bumpy just thinking about it makes me cringed I can't wait till I heal


I managed to take some pictures after my massage today I'm still very swollen sore & stiff I'm exactly 13 days post op but here's a picture of what I look like so far I know my stomach is gonna go down a lot more after I get all this liquid out & the swelling goes down ...boy I can't wait for that part ....surgery is the easy part this healing part is torture there's girl that come to the massage place that I go to where some girls are still draining & they had surgery in April I pray that doesn't happen to me I will literally die everyone's body is different so we'll see but boy do I have my fingers crossed .... I'm so over this healing processes I can not deal with draining for 3 months ????


I'm exactly 21 days post op now & nothing has changed stil stiff as a rod, sore & itching like a crack head. To all future real self patients ATTENTION I do not recommend repeat DO NOT recommend getting surgery during the summer months it's extremely aggravating everyone's dressed so cute & enjoying the weather & I have to be in a Faja 24 7 stiff & itching like a crack head if I woulda known this I would've done it in the winter very depressing when everyone's enjoying the beautiful weather & you can't cause your stiff as a rod & sore & itching like a crack head (sighs) it's very frustrating & annoying the soreness is fine if you don't more like crazy but the itching is ridiculous it's out of control I'm exhausted from scratching -_-


today makes an official month post op I'm still sore & itchy but hey it's only been a month I have to more months to go I'm just really happy I made my one month mark it was so hard I can't believe I got thru it


So I'm 2 months & 19 days post op I love my results so far & I don't regret my decision to go to dr to do my surgery I'm feeling much better not as sore & the itching is less intense my massage therapist said my skin is healing inside so that's why I was itching so bad so now that I'm feeling much better So now I can update again I went to the cipla & it was really nice I kinda was expecting it to look very out dated & old fashion but they have marble floors & big rooms idk why everyone makes it seems like a butcher shop that looks like a Dongon -_- it's nice & clean the building looks small in pictures but it's really not it has a lot of sides to it they have a nice relaxing spa on the last floor by carbels office I did my massages there for $35 bucks it's nice in there they have all kinds of treatments in there but anywho I read on here that ppl die everyday in the cipla but I must share what I heard with my own two ears while waiting for my labs there was a lady who had heart complications & the doctor did not want to do her surgery because of her lab results I heard her with my own two ears she said I'll pay double if the doctor can do my surgery now we always hear of ppl dying in dr from having surgery but we never hear the entire story we just hear they traveled to dr to have surgery & they died their but after hearing that from that lady & speaking to Duran & hearing the stories she's told me about ppl making rumors about her & her not loosing not one patient ever it just made me see things in another light like ppl are willing to loose their life to have surgery knowing their not suppose to then they die & it's you see she shoulda never went to dr -_- but anyway I also read once on hear that sometimes you wake up during surgery so I must sharing I did wake up but it wasn't a wide awake I was still drowsy it was for like 15 seconds & Duran noticed but she said it's okay then I knocked back out if you do wake up a lil during surgery it's a little hard to breath I told Duran that that's why she said it's ok before I knocked out so I woke up in my room in the cipla the next day then this nurse walked in on me doing leg lifts in bed she asked me if I was crazy in Spanish & we both laughed she said I should be relaxing because I just came out of surgery I could get dizzy I felt fine honestly I just wanted to put my Faja on so I could walk around already she said she would go get my Faja for me so she left she took mighty long to come back with it so I got bored & got up i didn't have a drainage bag because I just had lipo no tummy tuck so I just had open incisions where the liquid would flow out from so when I got up I was dripping all over the floor but I didn't care I went to the mirror & got on my tippy toes & checked out my stomach & booty then the nurse & Duran walked in (Duran looking like a little Barbie) Duran goes look at this one shes up & ready to go like she didn't just come out of surgery she was shocked she said it's because your young & healthy because I have paitents that can't move the next day at all .....I really didn't care I was just happy I was finally putting on my Faja she said I looked great & to come back for my post op visit in 2 days & she gave me a paper to give to my recovery house on wat to eat & drink then I left back to my recovery house which by they way I'm glad I stood in a recovery house because it made my time go by faster bonding & laughing with all the girls that where from different places it was like a sorority house for plastic surgery it was very interesting hearing everyone's story's & seeing everyone again after surgery it deffentley made the days go by fast & also I had the proper nutrition everyday that a hotel would not provide me with ...everything that was on the paper that Duran have me so I could heal healthy inside I had in my recover house I didn't want to eat most of it because I didn't like it but I knew it was best for me so I did anyway I did not like Jose our personal driver he would get really mad about bringing ppl to other places besides the cipla clinic even tho you would pay him extra also he takes for ever to come back to the clinic when it's time to pick you up because he's at the airport sometimes picking up ppl or at the house picking up ppl idk they need like 2 drivers lol but it was a very unforgetable experience That I would do all over again ...call me crazy lol

24 yr old Duran doll

2 month & 19 days post op


I forgot to warn there's a lady that works at the cipla as a cleaning staff she comes to you with a sob story on the low about her needing money to get home from work but she tells you not to tell any of the nurses that she's telling you about her money issues I felt bad & gave her some money but then I found out she did that to my surgery sister too wen we got back to the recovery house & I was telling them the story so it turns out she does that to everyone ???????? so it's up to you if you want to give her a little something or not but she's fine just warning incase she comes into anyone's room to mop & clean at the cipla in the morning time ????????


This is a picture from my vacation in July at 3 weeks post op I was still very swollen & lumpy then your lumpy for a while you have to get a lot of massages after lipo with Duran I'm 2 month post op & still get massages my lady uses the cavitation machine on me & it leaves my stomach smooth I will update


So I haven't updated in a while because I've been busy with life ...So to give you an update I'm 4 months post op I feel great my body has changed so much I've went through 4 faja's already because of the different stages my massage lady & Duran recommended to wear the faja day & nite for 6 months for the best results so that's wat I intend to do I only take it off to wash it & take a shower I see the difference in the shape of my butt from the first stages of wearing my faja to now & how flat my stomach is now its so much flatter now at first after surgery I wore the fajate faja brand I had a medium one then I got the small when I got back I got the small fajate faja then I got the Salome faja 3 months later in a medium the fabric on this faja it much for tighter & aggressive but my massage therapist doesn't recommended getting it rite away if you had aggressive lipo because the faja is so aggressive also that it would leave you more lumpy & disfigured so LOTS OF CAVITATION FIRST ! on the stomach then 3 months later when your smooth then you can purchase your Salome faja don't worry about going up a size in the Salome it runs differently because the fabric is way tighter don't think you got fatter lol.... I'll update a picture of my stomach my wonderful massage therapist did great on my seroma I would have died if I was gonna be stuck with a lumpy stomach I knew nothing about cavitation so I would have been left lumpy if I didn't go to a good massage therapist because I went to a few out here in New York & it was a waste of money they never used cavitation on me they just rubbed me gently & I would still leave lumpy rubbing gently does nothing for your rusults ! & also I recommened putting a marble in your belly button if you can't buy the silicon plug for your belly button after aggressive lipo because if not you'll have a slit as a belly button which looks rediculous nobody has a line belly button so to give that normally round belly button you should get the silicon plug or a marble. I will also post a video because sometimes pictures come out bad because of the lighting

pictures & video update :)

25 Yr Old Duran Doll

So I'm going on my 10th month of surgery & I'm very happy with my results it's exactly wat I wanted not to big not to small enough to know damn she has a booty it looks really good & really natural in jeans also my stomach is completely gone but also because I watch the way I eat ladies if you get Lipo you have to watch wat you eat after its very important even Duran explained that to me ummm also I went with my sister in law to Columbia because she was afraid of going by herself & not being able to speak any Spanish in a foreign Spanish speaking country so I went with her translated to the nurses at the recovery house called her siblings & husband after surgery to confirm everything went well & also stood the night with her in the clinic if anyone needs someone to go with them for the same reasons I am available but you would have to pay for my stay with you at the recovery house , flight & a small fee because of course I'm not leaving & helping for free ...lol

25 Yr Old Duran Doll

I forgot to post my stomach sorry about that

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