23, No Kids. Lost Self Esteem

I'm 23, no kids and my self esteem in the past...

I'm 23, no kids and my self esteem in the past couple of years have decline do to weight gain. I will be traveling to DR to Dra Tania medina. Her work it's amazing and I haven't heard any bad reviews. I've seen girls that have gotten work with her and I LOVE the result. I'm so anxious for my sx date.


OMG ladies my emotions are at a 1000 right now... My plane ticket has been booked from JFK-SDQ. It's so surreal. I will be posting pictures soon to show you guys what the doctor will be working with. Like I've stated before my surgeon will be Dra. Medina (her work is AMAZING). Probably by next month i will start buying some stuff that i will be needing, and will be taking my blood work and so on with my primary physician. I know its a lot early but i don't want to leave things for last minute this is truly a sensitive thing and i want to take good care of myself before and after.

As of right now I've been drinking PLENTY of water and staying away from junk food. However, i have not been taking any vitamins as per my doctors instructions. After i am done with the blood work i will start taking Iron 325mg and consuming more Veggies and low sodium foods. I don't want to make this too long so i'll conclude here.. I just wanted to ask some ladies what kind of products would you recommend for Post-Care ?

Some pictures

Here are some pics of me now. And a few wish pic.

STRESSED!!! - vent session

Not only can this be exciting but it can also be so stressful. I love to talk about things but this is one of those things that when you open up to other people they sit here and look at you funny, or they want to input they two sense into it. They feel like they know more than you. When you the one spending hours upon hours doing research trying to educate yourself about what you are really going to put yourself through. I love giving and receiving advise but there's time like these when my head is all over the place when i DO NOT need people telling me omg why DR why even do this OMG why THIS WHY THAT !!! I feel like we have to be honest with ourselves, we don't sit here and tell a lawyer why you want to be a lawyer OMG THAT'S SUCH A HORRIBLE FIELD! so why do we sit around and tell women who just want to feel a little more confident with themselves that this is wrong to really consider it, why you going to spend all that money its not necessary BLAH BLAH BLAH!!

First of all don't step over anyone desires, dreams, hopes and aspirations. If you want to be selfish and spend a little money on you so that when you look in the mirror and LOVE what you looking at WHY NOT !!!

I am 83 days away from my procedure and can you tell I AM STRESSED lol. I have been saving some money because i will be needing it and also i have heard of chiseledlux i am thinking of maybe getting a box from them, everything separate can really add up but who knows i am looking into it. Hopefully for my next update i will show what i have got so far, also my doctor sent me a list of medications i will be needing post-op. Now the question is can i get them in the US without a prescription.

-Keep safe doll's and to all a speedy recovery ?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far with Dra media everything is going well. If I have a question I can email her or Loren (her assistant) and they will answer. One thing is since i don't know a lot about how these procedures go or what I should expect I feel sometimes I kind of have to drag information out of them and it shouldn't be that way. I believe that in the confirmation email they should give a little more information.

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