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I'm 23, no kids and my self esteem in the past...

I'm 23, no kids and my self esteem in the past couple of years have decline do to weight gain. I will be traveling to DR to Dra Tania medina. Her work it's amazing and I haven't heard any bad reviews. I've seen girls that have gotten work with her and I LOVE the result. I'm so anxious for my sx date.


OMG ladies my emotions are at a 1000 right now... My plane ticket has been booked from JFK-SDQ. It's so surreal. I will be posting pictures soon to show you guys what the doctor will be working with. Like I've stated before my surgeon will be Dra. Medina (her work is AMAZING). Probably by next month i will start buying some stuff that i will be needing, and will be taking my blood work and so on with my primary physician. I know its a lot early but i don't want to leave things for last minute this is truly a sensitive thing and i want to take good care of myself before and after.

As of right now I've been drinking PLENTY of water and staying away from junk food. However, i have not been taking any vitamins as per my doctors instructions. After i am done with the blood work i will start taking Iron 325mg and consuming more Veggies and low sodium foods. I don't want to make this too long so i'll conclude here.. I just wanted to ask some ladies what kind of products would you recommend for Post-Care ?

Some pictures

Here are some pics of me now. And a few wish pic.

STRESSED!!! - vent session

Not only can this be exciting but it can also be so stressful. I love to talk about things but this is one of those things that when you open up to other people they sit here and look at you funny, or they want to input they two sense into it. They feel like they know more than you. When you the one spending hours upon hours doing research trying to educate yourself about what you are really going to put yourself through. I love giving and receiving advise but there's time like these when my head is all over the place when i DO NOT need people telling me omg why DR why even do this OMG why THIS WHY THAT !!! I feel like we have to be honest with ourselves, we don't sit here and tell a lawyer why you want to be a lawyer OMG THAT'S SUCH A HORRIBLE FIELD! so why do we sit around and tell women who just want to feel a little more confident with themselves that this is wrong to really consider it, why you going to spend all that money its not necessary BLAH BLAH BLAH!!

First of all don't step over anyone desires, dreams, hopes and aspirations. If you want to be selfish and spend a little money on you so that when you look in the mirror and LOVE what you looking at WHY NOT !!!

I am 83 days away from my procedure and can you tell I AM STRESSED lol. I have been saving some money because i will be needing it and also i have heard of chiseledlux i am thinking of maybe getting a box from them, everything separate can really add up but who knows i am looking into it. Hopefully for my next update i will show what i have got so far, also my doctor sent me a list of medications i will be needing post-op. Now the question is can i get them in the US without a prescription.

-Keep safe doll's and to all a speedy recovery ?

Checking in !!

Hey dolls so I have a few things to update you girls on !! Here we go ????

First off I have been taking my vitamins and I have been drinking my carrots beets and oats juice. I do Intake a lot of beans as well and I have also added one a day women to the list of vitamins I take. So to sum up I take ; vitamin bcomplex, iron, vitamin c and one a day women's multivitamin.

I am on my way right now to get my blood work, see what I am working with and if I need to take a different approach to making those number higher !! Lol

Also *** BREAKING NEWS ***
I received an email from Dra. Medina saying that my surgery date has been changed to the date I originally wanted which is JANUARY 3rd !!! That's not a problem except that I was speaking to her assistant a while back about what day will work to get the blood work done and she said she didn't know because she wasn't sure what will be open since it's the holidays. And now everything magically worked itself out and I will be getting my blood work the day after I arrived which is the 31st of December. She said her driver will pick me up and take me to get the exams done. Now here is where I get a little sceptic when I first spoke to medinas assistant she didn't know NOTHING she didn't know what day my blood work could be done what day the clinic is open and that got me pretty mad. See I'm Dominican and live in the states so I know how the holidays work over there and I know that everyone knows what days they will be working and what days they will not! So when she kept on telling me she had to check because she didn't know seemed a little unprofessional. And then they switch my days and tell me the clinic is open on the 31st and everything is going to work out well ..... do you see how it just don't make sense ?!! Or am I reading to much into it ?? Lol

Anyways dolls I will keep you guys posted on my blood results when I get them also this will be a busy month since I have been pushing back shopping ???? but I promise I will get everything within this month and next, oh how I suck at getting things done on time lol.

35 days blues !

Hello DOlls :)

So as of today (11/28/16) i am 35 days away from my sx date how exciting !

I've been taking advantage of all these sales and getting a few things here and there. For the most part i got everything i need. Let me tell you ladies once you see yourself packing a bag with all these things its a surreal feeling. Even as i am writing this i get this feeling of OMG AM I REALLY DOING THIS?! I have been in touch with one of the dolls from here and she is such a sweetie, its really nice to be able to share this experience with someone else, it would be even better to be able to have her there on the same days as me but... that's not happening :( .

Also i wanted to discuss my dreams lol so random right!! but ladies i've been having crazy dreams and idk if its me overthinking because let me tell you i overthink so much i make myself sick lol... I am a healthy girl and i have had surgery before but it always freaks me out, even getting an MRI freaks me out lol.. Another thing is my drinking ugh, i am not an alcoholic just a social drinker but i have read that i need to stop it and it just so happens is the time of the year where i go out and drink the most THE HOLIDAYS !!! from October to January every other weekend there's a party or a get together and i am not sure when to nip it in the butt. I do know i have to stop soon smh the struggle.

I will do a different post where i show you ladies all that i have already gotten, and how i will be packing it as well, since we have so much stuff it might be a little tricky to fit it all but if i can be helpful and show you ladies a trick or two its the least i can do since you ladies help me as well with your advice.

OOh OOH, i don't want to forget BUT these vitamins idk if i am doing it right but they kicking my ass i think im taking too much or something. I take one vitamin C and its 500mg and one b complex not sure how many mg and then i am taking iron 65mg i take 2-4 of them depending but when i take 4 its too much i get dizzy and weak idk weird! any advise ??

Sick ..

So as we all know its December. Im not really sure mother nature is on the same page as here in NY (can't speak about other states) the weather is all over the place. One day is raining and windy the next is spring weather i mean it's truly all over the place. For the past couple of days i've been having muscle aches, light headed, and my head felt like it was being spinned around. I was thinking it might be the vitamins but no last night i went to bed and i felt it all coming down, the itchy throat the dry cough, stuffy nose and the headaches once again.

I truly hope to get better soon as i do not want this to effect me in any way for my surgery. I mean is nothing crazy but i do need my immune system to be strong and healthy, not weak and needy lol.

I've been drinking tea and stuff i truly hope this goes away and FAST !!

Just Stuff...

whats in my bag..
Hey dolls, So here's a video as promised of the things i have already bought for my SX. Its not everything as i am missing a few more things that hopefully i will buty this weekend.

I am trying to have everything packed by next weekend so that i wont have to worry about it anymore lol..

If you ladies think i will be needing anything else please let me know as i will gladly appreciate it !! ?


Wow so this is no joke! this is truly a roller coaster of emotions IDK WHAT TO FEEL ! as of today 12/28/16 i am 6 DAYS AWAY!!! Ladies my anxiety is through the roof, i am good at calming myself down but there are times that i need to walk it off or something thank god for friends and a SUPPORT TEAM ! ha .

I have a few friends who have been my rock, one of them is a Doll from here girl she is soooo great !!! and the other one is a close friend of mine which i think she is more anxious than me lmaooo !! she is so supportive and i appreciate that.

I read somewhere that to go through this process you have to establish a solid support team, and to make sure not to have anyone on that team that will tell you, while you are in pain "why did you put yourself through this?" you need people who will lift you up in your time of need GOOD VIBES as i call them.

I think i have a that. And then i have RS to look forward too when i am down in that place, because let me tell you i know most of us go there and i am just getting ready for whats to come.

Side note: i am so over my mother telling me that after this i need to stop eating . -__- she really wants me to starve, i need to get a recording of medina explaining how important nutrition is for recovery. I know that since i stared i haven't had the best eating habits but i needed to put on a little weight. i gained it i maintained it and when i come back i will go back to my normal eating habits. I dislike when people have breakfast at 9am lunch and 12pm and get home at 6pm and im not expected to eat !!! UNREALISTIC !!!

I'll finish here ! lol UNTIL NEXT TIME DOLLS :)


Hello dolls !!

So I am here I am at cecilip, I got all my test done i am waiting to go get my x-rays. I kid you NOT the people here are soooo nice. They are so nice and friendly, George is so nice he gives this feeling as if he is truly genuine and here to help with what ever you need. Stephanie is nice too even tho she said a little comment when I got here that I didn't like. The therapist is a doll omg I felt like I was talking to a friend I truly did.

I have to spend the night here at CECILIP due to the fact that my surgery is tomorrow. After meeting the staff and seeing the place I am truly confident in the decision I made. The place is nice and clean, the room is very nice and clean. I'm Dominican and this place is truly like high class lmao. As I waited for Stephanie so that I can make payment and all girls were coming in that have gotten they bodies done with the doctors that are here and one with doctor Medina. Ladies that motivated me so much all my nerves went away I'm like OMG I WANT THAT BODY !!!!

I am so ready for tomorrow I cannot wait !! I will update you guys later with everything for surgery !


Made it ... worst it over

Hello Dolls...

Soooo.. MY JOURNEY WAS INSANE !! IDk how to start this blog or what information to give, i don't want to scare any of the girls with my experience and i mean what happened to me was gonna happen regardless it just sucks in timing.

So my surgery went well, i was recovering well and everything taking my meds dealing with the pain and all. It wasn't as bad as i thought pain wise. I mean i was more uncomfortable than anything else, my butt was too big i didn't know how to walk with it lol i was walking like a penguin. I will wake up bright and early to walk and all and then it happened!!!! lol my gold bladder got irritated due to heavy medications and ladies that isn't pretty.. i wasn't eating i wasn't allowed to even drink water i will throw up everything i consumed. The ladies at my home were super nice they stayed with me until i got picked up to go to the clinic they will give me water got me to smell alcohol everything you can think of to help me get better but nothing work.

I though i was going to the clinic but i arrived at the office of a specialist, as soon as i entered her office she wasn't happy, she told the driver why was i there looking like that. That i needed medical attention not a check up. I was then rushed to the clinic. I was there for so long i got along with all the doctors and nurses. Even the kitchen team HAHAH insane!

Anyways i spent approx. 5 extra days in the clinic, and i cannot lie Medina checked up on me regularly, even on her day off she came in to check on me. She spoke to my gma via Facetime to reassure her everything was under control. And at that point i was a little rocky but still better then when i went in.

I got a little depressed didnt want to look at my body for a long while. Started to pay attention to it around the time i came back. Listen patience is the BEST MEDICINE !! i cannot stress that enough, it will look really bad and everyday LITERALLY EVERYDAY it will get better. just take it a day at a time. I am 2 weeks and 2 days in and i am ready to be done ! lol but all i can do is sit and WAIT !

I will post pictures soon.

4 week post op!

Yay dolls I am on the FLAT AND BIG BOOTY SIDE!!

This journey has been insane and so nerve wracking. I tell you, you truly need patience to be able to manage and also keep your head in the game and look at the bigger picture. There's been times where I look at my body and I don't like what I see and there's other days that I'm like yeah look at this booty lol.

Yes, yes I know I'm fairly new and I have some time to go to see my final results but still. I get so impatient. Ive been getting massages 3x a week and I tell you some days I hate it ! It hurts sooo bad I can't stand it !!!

I am now wearing an XS faja and this weekend I will be trying to sleep regular. Also my stomach looks a little weird it's this something that with time will look better ???! I don't want it to stay like that.

Faja Blues

Hello Ladies,

So today i am 1 day away from 5 weeks and idk if im shrinking or if i am buying the wrong sizes in faja but i am going BROOKEE ! lol i spent so much money on fajas i bought one on Saturday and today is Monday and IT A LITTLE LOOSE . i mean if i keep going at this rate i'll be buying one every 2 days. The good thing is this one has three hooks, and tonight ill go one the second one. But still these things are killing me they are squeezing the life out of my lower back, they are murdering my inner thigh.

I am so ready to stop wearing these things!!!! and also massages OMG ! can i STOP DOING THEM ... Why do they still hurt i have ZERO understanding, im so confused! Anyways at least a month in and i will just have to be patient.

My stomach is clearing up, i am now really swollen around my bellybutton area. I am trying to walk a lot more i guess maybe that's why. But it is visible.

Anyways, That is all for now.


Alright y'all here is a before and after and I am so stunned. Everyone keeps telling me your body looks good this and that but I am still in denial, I feel like I could be a little smaller in my tummy but that's in due time I have to keep eating healthy an all. Which can be a little hard with gma around and an OBSESSION with sweets but I have to manage.

2 months post op

Hey dolls. So far everything is good the only bad thing is the burning sensation on my back it's killing me. I also have some insecurities about my stomach but I will start working out to see how it goes.

9 weeks UPDATE !

Here's some pictures and videos for you ladies.

So far everything is good. Only problem is the burning sensation.

Sad. Depressed. Normal?

Hi dolls. So I posted these pics because you can clearly see the differences in them. However, I feel like my body isn't pretty, like my butt looks awkward. I'm not sure if this is part of the process but I am always second guessing myself. I feel like my left and right side are different I feel like it's visible and that drives me nuts. My skin is marked and even 2 months in I'm still seeing it it's not going away regardless if i put a whole bunch of stuff for it to go away.

Let's hope this feeling fades and I can enjoy my body worry free.


So i am a week shy from 3 months...YES TIME FLIES. And i mean i do not hide that i got my body done, i just choose to slowly let people know of the idea. I post a lot on social media and i for the most part like to think i'm social. But my frustration comes from the amount of people who think because i have a new body that i shouldn't be out or that i'm just showing off or that i'm changing, that i'm cocky !

First of all this is my body and if i want to post a picture of myself HOW in the world is that me showing off ? how does it make me any different ? this expensive body i pay all this money for should be shown in a picture or two lol and why does it bother people. UGH ! why does me going to a club or whatever and posting a picture why does it bother people ?!?

i can sit here and say that i have gained a lot of confidence and that on most days yeah i want to show my body off and yeah i want to take a picture showing my curves but that doesn't make me a different person. And since when is confidence such a bad thing ??? Even women tell me oh now all you want to do is be in the streets -_- like really ?! im 24 years old people thats all i want to do i want to travel, i want to go grab drinks with friends spend a night dancing, so now am i not allow to post those same pictures i use to before ? am i not allowed to wear the same dresses or pants as before?

People will always talk yes that is very true, some people should mind they business. I mean if i see someone looking bomb im gonna tell them, maybe there should be more people like that in the world. Don't hate don't be jealous of others do your own thing !

Anyways will be posting pictures soon !!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far with Dra media everything is going well. If I have a question I can email her or Loren (her assistant) and they will answer. One thing is since i don't know a lot about how these procedures go or what I should expect I feel sometimes I kind of have to drag information out of them and it shouldn't be that way. I believe that in the confirmation email they should give a little more information.

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