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As most of "us" RS familia I stalked, lurked and...

As most of "us" RS familia I stalked, lurked and ghost rode the pages of RS to find answers, laugh and at times I found encouragement and comfort. With the gentle nudging of some ""HI"" ebonymichele, lovingmyself1, Naturalbeautie7,Nikkibunz and everyone else that motivated me, look ma no hands, okay mostly fingers...lol but here is my pre-op review, no need for seat belts. My cousin and myself were interested in ps we consulted with SEVERAL ps and ran into a young lady who said "ya'll should look into real self" at first I was like "I know who the hell I am, why should I look into myself?" and of course "isn't she here also!?!?....TUH!" *insert explicative* okay several of them... what she meant was look AT the web site REAL SELF...lol (minor communication faux pas) and so the lurking began DUM DUM DUMMMMM @@ALERT I am a major goofball, these reviews/journals/written memoirs may and will contain SEVERAL insiders from movies, novels and at times T.V shows i.e martin, inliving color, fried green tomatoes, harlem nights, coming to america, steel magnolias, pretty woman, new jack city, lean on me, knocked up, pulp fiction, good fellas, ect.... yes i said steel magnolias! okay now thats out of the way, on to our broadcast without further interruptions@@

hopefully this works

i think i got this....


Come on RS! This is my third attempt at posting, unfortunately it's probably going to be shorter. Flight was great because I always deprive myself of sleep when ever I travel so I could sleep the entire trip (this will only work successfully if your flying non-stop of obvious reasons) landed in DR went straight to baggage, get one of those buggies they are free of charge p/u bags wheel them through line "baggage check" walk around wall and go to the TOURIST CARD area very important as they will not say crap to you, you will wait in a long ass line only to find out you need this damn $10 card and will have get back into that line again after purchasing (VERY IMPORTANT) get the card! the kieosk is to the right against the wall, easily overlooked. You are now in Republic de Dominicana !!! Whoop whoop . I ate and slept like a new born. Going back to bed

Sweet baby Jesus

It is currently 640 am, this fu&(in rooster is workin my last forsaken nerve, I'm about to throw a had full of Cheerios at his ass. I am a country girl (girls scout honor) but dammit he's been crowing since 3 non stop. I think his internal clock is stuck on the damn snooze button. Let's pray, cause I'm about to have some more chicken this am

Shit just got real


There are levels to this

No, like seriously there are really levels (okay floors)
first floor- payment is rendered, labs are done then you see the Dr for a consult and questioneers (it's not contreras it's another Dr)
Fourth floor -to get marked up like a subway in Harlem (que I need a solider by DC) contreras f baby please save this baby ...lol had a moment (gotta laugh to keep from being nervous)
Third floor - operation station
As of now I'm on the fourth floor, will update in a few.

Fourth floor

It's about to go downnnnnnn

Got marked up, Headed to the third floor where all the magic happens. Suddenly it hits me I haven't eaten all damn day, bi$@h mode is about to be activated.

Did I mention this center has exceeded my expectations ? Pics does not do it justice. I feel more than comfortable here, he really does have a greet balance between pt care and aesthetics. No run down looking, shad tree mechanic fix a flat insertions here. I would have hauled ass if I didn't feel comfortable. So yep contreras delivers.......now let's see what papa cooks up with ole faithful ( my body) she's an ole thing but she keeps it pushin no matter what. Sending out love and positive energy to everyone at work, play or with your loved ones see you soon!!!!!! ; )

He's a business; man!

Compliments of plastica contreras. Velour bag with toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, body gel soap,body lotion and bar soap) and some house slippers may not seem like much to you but have you EVER heard of a hospital/ps that takes pride in the little things? Worth a thought huh?

Made it

Hey lovies, I made it too weak will update later. Feel like I got beat up by three midigts with a sack of nickels.

The truth about recovery

Ladies sorry for my hiatus but recovery is NOT for the faint of heart. I have never been under the knife and so this experience was truly different. I've had two children au natural, with NO, NONE, ZIP, ZILCH pain medication so my tolerance for pain was high (or so I thought) this experience is taxing mentally as well as physically. 1st ask yourself is this what I need? Yep, need! Because you will begin to question your purpose while recovering. This is where mental strength kicks in, faith is not just a word but an action. 2nd surround yourself with positivity, if it doesn't serve you for greater it is of no use to you!!! Please REMOVE it as it will do more harm than good. (For my religious ladies) * remember we FAST and PRAY to form a better relationship with God without distractions* distraction will create turmoil and this is a delicate situation within its self. LADIES we are here for encouragement , if your words are hurtful you just cracked someone's pillar of hope (it could even be un intentional ) read and revise before hitting "post" you/they are at your/their most fragile state ( don't kick while someone is down, not effing cool). I've read some b.s on here and I'm like wtf????? I'm exhausted so ill post my "recovery experience" later on. Blessing, peace and positivity to ALL

Day four pics

Recovery experience

Wait before I begin let me edit, the third floor is recovery the second floor is where the magic happens at plastica Contreras. I have absolutely no recollection of the events during surgery (thank god!) I woke up in recovery. Went to the hotel and began truly "recovering" day 1 Saturday was tough, had to get up to pee every hour or so and adjusting to the p ez was lots of fun! J/K. SN: bring a squirt bottle with you because you are not allowed to shower the squirt bottle with some bottled water and a couple of drops of hibicleanse does wonders to the nana!! If you're like me I had to improvise: put a couple of drops of hibicleanse in bottle of water and use p ez in reverse as in funnel the solution on your nana to clean it. ( hope this was clear)

*waves white flag*

Lawd...take the wheel! Cause I'm mashin the gas doin 105! If this isn't thee devil! (not the, thee!) Man my body feels like a concreete slab in some areas and conviction in some because these jolts from my neurons don't play. It literally wakes me up (not for long because I love sleep) My skin is super sensative, as in a can't wear clothes because they feel tender against my skin. Usually this is a great thing but hubby says its a setup for failure because he has to look but can't touch. He calls me a porcelain doll, says its beautiful to look at but there is no thrill in owning it unless your a collector. (ouch that hurt) so I had to take one (several) for the team lol! my apologies for those who were worried and reached out to me I was a mess, recovery was difficult for me. I couldn't do shit, some areas my skin still feels like leather. Welp...Its Saturday and my babies said I haven't seen any of their games since I left in Feb (yep, they are ALL guilt tripin my ass) so off I go. Figure I'd write a little something. Btw xbubblesbx M'wah! Thanks for the motivation chick

5 weeks

I started working out, couldn't take it anymore. Still stiff but honestly it could be from NOT wearing my garment (yup I said it) I don't reccomend this to anyone but I just couldn't take it anymore. I stoppped the 1st week I got home (bows head in shame) recovery has been hard, I massage my obliques, abdomen and scars twice a day (am and pm) and any other chance I get. Huge deal in recoveryis giving you nbody what ot needs to heal, so NO junk nothing fried and an assortment of colors (carrots, kale, squash) in foods. Ginger and turmeric are great anti inflammatory herbs you can add in your everyday cooking or make a tea with them. I poach my chicken breast and instead of water I use stock. (make sure you season them well, this is where flavor comes in and if you're like me add a little fluid once they cook through let them sit so they could brown) Anyhow here are some photos

hummmmmm...RS trippin

So I just happen to look at my posted review and it says I'm two months post. My last post says 29 days, the difference between the two are 6 days. according to my calendar a single month has typically 30-31 days excluding Feb. RS calculates dif or was this a glitch? (i ask b/c on someone else's review this was some confusion)
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