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Hello my RS friends! I am so nervous and excited...

Hello my RS friends! I am so nervous and excited after I made my deposit and confirmed my surgery date. But let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Since I remember I never have a waist but the good thing was that I was skinny, which made it less visible for the people but I always knew I wanted a hourglass figure. After having my two boys (8 and 3 y/o) and deciding (with my husband) not to have anymore children. I began my search for a good Doctor. One that does a good job at sculpting and does not have any bad practice. Here at RealSelf I could go anywhere I want it and check the reviews, the photos, well you know the drill. I found that Dr. Tania Medina has everything that I want and better yet she and her staff are excellent at customer service.

I will let you know what is happening and of course I will upload photos of before and after, so any person who needs the reviews and the pre-op / post-op photos can easily choose what Doctor should they go to.

Thank you and lets start this journey with me!.
Kisses. Xo

Vitamins and things that I have to bring with me or I might need.

Hello my RS Friends. In the picture I am showing you what I started taking before my surgery. I began taking Vitamin D because I thought it was good but when I talked to Dr. Medina she told me to stop taking V-D and she gave me the thumbs up for Vitamin C. By the way, I am going to have Tummy Tuck, Lipo in back, flanks and waist and a Bbl.

Loren sent me a list of the things I need and what I might need. Here is the list.

Things you need:

* Iron, Vitamin C and B
* Pads
* Compression Socks
* Wipes
* Small Towels
* Tooth Paste
* Toothbrush
* Mouthwash (the ones in travel size)
* Flats
* Summer dresses like a maxi
* Cotton
* Laptop, Ipad or Cellphone
* If you have Diabetes please bring your Gluco Test, you might need it while at the recovery house
* Bring pills for constipation, you need it after surgery but you can also buy it in DR.
* Bring all the prescriptions if you suffers from asthma, you might need it while at the recovery house
* Comfortable clothes

Things you might need:

* Cotton T-Shirt to use under the faja
* A package of socks
* Arnica Cream
* Neosporin
* Soap
* Antibacterial Wipes
* Tylenol
* Rosa Mosqueta Oil
* Medical Adhesive Tape
* Gauze
* Latex gloves
* Other things like hair brush, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and deodorant (in travel size)
* Body Lotion

Hope this help you as I will start buying all the things I need and probably some of things I might need. The reason I will not buy everything is because my mother lives in Dominican Republic and I am going to stay with her instead of a recovery house. Finally, my mami is going to take care of me! She could not take care of me while pregnant and after having my two boys.

Pre-Op Body

Hello my RS Friends. Hope you weekend was gorgeous and fun. I think I already told you that I am going to get a Tummy Tuck, Lipo on back, flanks and waist, and a Bbl. Here is my body Pre-op or should I say my after two kiddos body. If you see I am not that big (not even in the butt) but I want a waist so have no idea. I love fashion, get dressed and look fabulous. One of the things that I love the most is wearing my tops tuck in but I always end up looking like a square. I want to feel confident while wearing the clothes that I like and the style that I love and that is what I am aim for.

Wish Pic!!!

Hello my RS Friends. Here are some photos of how I want to look. Hopefully I get very, very close to the sexy bodies that I am going to show you.

2 weeks and I am in DR!! Hopefully.

Hello my RS Friends. I am getting butterflies in my stomach and not because I am two weeks from getting my Sx but because I still waiting for my passport. I got my kids passports on Saturday and I thought I was going to get them all at the same time (I filed the same day).

Yes, I am taking my boys with me because they have not seen my mother in a long time and this will be an amazing time because we will stay longer than before. Besides, I am going to be with my momma and I am going to have a couple of people to help us too. Still, I am getting so scare and nervous that if I do not get my passport by tomorrow, I will call the embassy to know that is going on. I already got the plane tickets and everything. I am just waiting for the date.

Is my dream coming to an end?

I wonder if I cannot have what I am dreaming of for the last 34 years? I wonder if everything is going backwards because I want it so bad?

Since last week I have beeb having problems with my passport. It comes to a decision of either I pay again for a new passport or I wait and see IF the one that I ordered and even have to pay expedited gets here on time! Well, everybody would say pay again but the problem is that I need a fcking appointment and the agency says I need to make it less than 7 days before my flight? WHY? WFT! Now, I am here feeling depress not knowing what is going to happen and feeling like my dreams are crushing down the toilet. Can someone pray for me please!!! I feel so down.

Nails off & Passport on the way!

Hello my RS Friends. If you have been reading my blog, you should know that I had some problems with the processing of my passport. Well this morning I found out that my passport is finally on my way! It's really been a stressful week, not knowing if I was gonna get my passport on time when I just have less than a week.

I texted my Doctor (Dr. Medina) to see if it would be better to have my acrilyc nails on or to remove it? She told me it would be better because they can check my oxygen and if I have it, it would be difficult to do. Well, I prefer my cracked nails while in DR than trying to be pretty when I am under a knife!.

On another note, is it me or anyone of you start having dreams about getting your Sx? Last night I dreamt that Dr. Medina was writing on me the places she was going to do the lipo and TT. If you had, can you tell me what did you dreamt?

Look who's here!!!!

Hello my RS Friends. I just got my passport in the mail and I started to realize that it is really happening! let me tell you something, I am sooooooo excited and happy that only my friends from RS would understand.

By the way, I am also been feeling a little bit scare about how much pain other gorgeous ladies had said in their Sx reviews. I was wondering if my doctor (from the US) would prescribe me with some high power pain killers. Well, she is not a nice, let me help you in what I can kind of doctor! I am already thinking of changing her for another one. Hopefully, if the pain is unbearable I can ask my mom to get some from DR. I am a very strong woman but let's wait and see, right?

Thank God for Amazon Prime!!! Like always I was behind on the things I need to take for my surgery, and today when I was at Walmart I found a boppy pillow for $40. I think it is way too much money for the use that I am going to give it, so I began my search online and found one for $18.99! Yeah, that price and thanks to AP I will get it on Friday with the compression socks (which is also pricey at Walgreens!). So my advice to you ladies, in order to get the best deals on the things you will need, began your search ahead of time so you can save some money which you may need during your stay in DR or any place that you are planning on doing your Sx.

I am here!!!!

Hello my RS Friends. I am at the office right now. Just got my labs done and I am waiting for results and to see the Doctor later on!!!

It's been done!!!

Hello my RS Friends. I am on the beutify side now! Its been really crazy. First I was supposed to have my Sx on today but another girl has to cancel because her hemo was low. Therefore, I give the doctor the ok to do it yesterday. Now, lets talk about pain/massagesl. Because I only have one day all I can say that as long as the nurses give you the medication (thru the IV) you are good to go! Especially because my butt hurt a lot, lol. The faja hold the pain and I only feel pressure (yes, I still can breath). The only pain that I feel the worst is the massage. I only have one, but the lady said (Annie, she is very nice and funny) that the worst massages are the first and I have to agree with her, hopefully tomorrow and the rest of the massages are not as bad as the first one! By the was, I didn't cry! Lol. Now instead of living today to my mom's house (that is far away from here) because I am dizzy and I feel and the doctor that is better to stay one more day. That includes $200 dollars for one night here. Also I bought the medications that they prescribed me, like antibiotics, pain killers, stomach pill! Minus the iron and vitamin C. The medicaments costs $230 dollars.

Right now, I don't have dizziness and that's a plus. Later I will give you the full review of the doctor and the nurses.

15 days post op.

Hello my RS Friends. I am on my 15 days after my Sx and I am feeling much better! Finally I can shower today but I am really dying to go back home! The faja and the heat in DR are not a very good match! At least at home I will have AC. Hope all my fabulous girls are doing good! My doctor is the best!!!!!!

One Month Post-Op

here are pictures of my one month post op with faja/corset and without it.

My review with Dr. Tania Medina

Hello my RS Friends. I am still in contact with Dr. Medina for any insecurities that I have or if I should do something or not. So, lets begin. When I arrive on July 7, I saw Medina's assistant Loren and her sweet secretary Estefani. They both help me with everything, from blood work to getting where the X-ray are performed. Yes, loren spoke with the taxi driver to let him know where it was and that he should wait for me so I could go back to the clinic instead of calling another cab (that was very nice of her). After getting all the worked done and given me the green light, Dr. Medina told me, well she told Loren (because she was busy at the time) that if I wanted to get the surgery on that day because the girl who was supposed to get it, couldn't because her hemo was low (my Sx was schedule on the 8). Of course, I said yes!.

While waiting for her on my assigned room, I became a little bit scare but hey, everybody gets like that!. Dr. Medina came to the room, sweet as always and got me naked and ready to take pics and talk about what I wanted done. Which she told me that I didn't have enough fat to get a big booty but I didn't care, I never wanted a big booty, just cute enough. My main focus was my wait. After she left I got into my hospital pajamas and was waiting for the blue pill. When the nurse came to get me the blue pill, I remembered telling her that I was weak when it comes to anesthesia. I mean, when I get a Sx and they started giving me the anesthesia, I passed out before I even go into the surgery room! (that fast). The nurse explained to me that the blue pill is just for relaxing before getting the anesthesia. I told her to please let Dr. Medina know that I am very sensible when it comes to that.

A couple of minutes passed and the nurse took me into the surgery room. By that time I was a little bit happy (if you know what I mean) I just remembered that they told me to turn side ways and get into a fetal position to put the anesthesia and I just passed out! Yeap, I didn't feel when the anesthesiology put it on or anything that happens during the Sx. I woke up not with pain but feeling compress but it was because I had the faja on and I think it helped me with the pain. I was very thirsty after I woke up but I couldn't drink anything after a couple of hours (Dr. orders). Instead of leaving the next day to my mother's house, I stood at the clinic for another day (which costed me $200 US) because, like I told you I am very sensible to anesthesia and I was feeling very dizzy, so dizzy that I couldn't walk very much after Sx.

Now, Anni (the queen of the massages) was very funny, friendly and nice. The first massage was the worst because you are sore and in pain. Well, a little pain in my opinion but the REAL pain came when she started to give me the massage. Nonetheless, it was very helpful for draining and for getting better. Which comes for me to tell you that the first three to four massages are the worst but after that it was a delight!. I got 10 massages altogether.

The drainage was my worst enemy. Why? because most of the clothes that I brought to DR were not that flowy and I didn't like to show my drainage to the public. For me, it looks nasty. What do you think? My drainage got stock, which means I got some fat and clot a couple of times and to fix it was hell. Anni had to move the tube in order to start to drain again. After I don't know about 10 to 12 days, it was remove and I was happy!! By the way, if any of you dolls what to go and do your Sx in DR I suggest to go in the winter season because the heat in the Summer is horrible! The reason, the faja. Remember you have the shirt or tank top, then the faja, and then the dress, which in my case I was always only with the faja unless I was going out but still I felt the sweat going down my back. Or if you are going to stay in a place that have AC, you are good to go!.

Not all the things I took with me I used during my stay in DR. In my case, the items I used were: Boppy Pillow (if you get a Bbl, this is A must), iron, Vitamin C pills. gauze (just a little bit, not all the package) the same as the medical tape. abdominal board. compression socks. Pads. I began using the rosa mosqueta oil now that I am here in the US and with the oil I give myself a gently massage on my belly and my incision. Another thing is the day after Sx I needed to pay for the medications that Dr. Medina prescribed me, which included antibiotics, pain killer, cream for the incision and the bruising and some more. That I paid it in pesos.

I felt very welcome in the clinic. Dr. Tania Medina and her staff are the best! you feel like you are at home with family and that is priceless!!. I will try to update with photos every 15 days or monthly so you can see the transformation. I'm still swollen but I only have one month. My faja is a size XS and I don't want to buy a XXS because I know that it will not fit or it will be too tight on my thigh, so I am waiting for a waist cincher that I bought in Amazon in a size XXXS. Dr. Medina told me that it need it to be tight, especially in the waist (my main focus) to get better results!.

If you have any questions regarding my case just comment!. Kisses to all of you barbies and good luck on your journey!.

Not sure! :(

I stare at myself today. Naked and with a sad feeling that I didn't get what I was looking for. Still see myself not with the waist I wanted! I just feel good when I am in my faja. I feel so depressed to think of all the money that I spent, the sacrifices and I don't get the results I wanted.

2 Months 1/2 Post Op

Hello my RS Dolls.

I am feeling much better now! I can see that my waist is getting smaller and that makes me soon happy! I know I do not have a big butt and that is okay because I did not have enough fat to begin with. Besides that was not my main focus. I am wearing a XS faja and on top of that I am wearing a XXXS faja (just the faja that goes in the middle). I still love the way I look with the faja on than without it but lets wait until the 6 months mark to see the final result!.

In my eating habits, I am trying to eat as healthy as possible but I cannot lie to you, there are days when I eat 2 slices of pizza but no soda nor burgers/fries. I am beginning to think of a meal plan that I can be comfortable with and one that I know I can follow because I do not want to go back to where I was before Sx. Also, Like any junkie I am thinking of doing my boobies done. I do also thinking of taking zumba classes to keep up with a barbie figure but as you may know I have to wait 3 months before the Sx to think of doing exercises. Probably some exercise to get my cute butt firm as a rock! hahaha.

Thank you for reading :)

2 months 1/2 Post Op

1 month 1/2 Post OP!!!!

Sorry my Dolls, I am I MONTH AND 1/2 in this photos. I calculated very wrong, I think I was thinking how I was going to look almost at 3 months! Hahahaha but yes, I am only a month and a half on the photos above!.

Love ya! ;)


Hello my RS girls. I have been in hiding because I just wanted to know if the work that Dr. Medina did to my body was going to change for good. As many of you know, my MAIN priority was to get a small waist! Well, let me tell you that the only waist I got is when I have my faja on. Yes, you heard right, only when I have it on and a few hours after I take it off, that's about it. I am also at my final 6 months after the Sx. and I feel so depressed when I look at my body and see nothing! Just the same old body with a big scar and my belly bottom looking like I did have surgery but with the wrong result. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND DR. MEDINA , especially if you are saving your hard work money to get the dream body that you want. It is so sad when people say to me, how my waist look so tiny (because I am wearing my 3xs faja) and when I get home and take my faja off, I see the REAL result. ( I am in the face of only wearing 12 hrs a day) Can you imagine when I hit my 6 months pre-op and I do not need to wear my faja anymore? How bad I am going to feel looking at my body and see my old one but with a bunch of money, pain, and scar on it. Sorry girls but I am not feeling good after all of this. I feel so down and desperate because knowing how hard you work for it, saving, praying, dreaming, and this is what I ended having it.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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