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Hi I'm looking forward to busting dr Rubio in...

Hi I'm looking forward to busting dr Rubio in February for surgery. Has anyone had surgery from dr nelson Rubio in santiago Dominican Republic? I'm looking to get lipo sculpture and a tummy tuck. I have a friend who went and he did a great job. But I jus want more reviews on anyone who has had surgery

Dr duran or rubio can't decide

Okay so I've seen dr durans work and it's great. I love the curves she give. I can't decide between the two.

Has anyone gotten work done by dr Rubio or

Has anyone gotten work done by dr nelson Rubio or dr duran, if so please let me know. I look forward to going in February to get surgery

Dr Rubio

Anyone getting surgery from dr Rubio please let me know.

So I'm still

So I'm still deciding between dr Rubio and dr duran. Both are great but don't know which one to go with.

Anyone going to see dr Rubio

Anyone going to see dr Rubio and need a travel buddy? I'm currently looking for one. I'm leaving in either feb or march

Researching on two doctors

Hello ladies,
Lately I've been Mia, ive been trying to do a lot to research on dr nelson and dr duran. I love dr rubios tummy tuck and his work. But I feel duran still give me the overall body I want. The shape she gives is crazy lol. But there were some reviews I read on her that weren't so good that kinda scared me. Now I'm torn in between these two. I finally got a quote from her. After emailing her a couple of times. I also been looking for reviews on Rubio but can't find a lot but I know two friends who went. Does anyone on here have personal experience with them, if so let me know. I want to make this change and be happy with it.

Recovery house in santiago?

Does anyone know any recovery houses to stay in, in Santiago?

recovery houses in Santiago Dominican republic

does anyone know any clean, safe, good recovery houses to stay in, in Santiago Dominican republic?

So I've schedule my surgery and I'm on my way to see dr Rubio April 1st I'm excited and can't wait! Counting down the days. GOin

So I've schedule my surgery and I'm on my way to see dr Rubio April 1st I'm excited and can't wait! Counting down the days. GOing to start getting wverything ready for my trip so I don't forget anything! I'm so anxious!

So I got all my labs

So I did my physical got all my blood test done and everything thing is great. I'm healthy. My hemo level is 13.5. Glad to hear that I'm in good condition. I also started my vitamins. So I will hopefully I'll have a healthy recovery

okay sooo...

okay sooo im thinking of getting some lipo doneon my arms. ive gained weight and all my weight to my stomach, back and arms :( all areas i do not want lol. im kind of scared because i need to use my arms and i dont want to be in even more pain, plus its an extra 1000. yikes! but i have time to think.

All my vitamins

almost here

almost 2 weeks away, im so excited! im like having dreams about this. the only things that is holding me back is leaving my 2 year old :( i never went a night without him smh. this is so hard for me. even though i know hell be okay with his dad and my mom its still killing me.


can anyone give me some ideas of what i should pack for this trip?

One week

So I'm just one week away from my surgery. I've put on some weight I was 128lbs and now I weigh 144lbs. I hope with all this weight I gained I can get the big butt I want along wit the hips.

Ugh stomach, no hips

I'm so ready.


I hope Rubio can work his magic. I'm in need of some hips and booty.

so 3 more days

so 3more days and im out. i have do do all my last minute errands, get the rest of my stuff. make sure my son has eveything he needs before i leave. i just want to get this done and over with. im so nervous. i pray every night that i have a safe surgery and recovery. this is something ive always wanted to do. but i came this far now im going to take on this challenge.

The big day

So tomarrow I leave and Tuesday is my big day. I'm excited but nervous. I'm trying to to stress out bc I want to have a healthy surgery. I'm out getting last minute things. Then I'm done.

Feeling sad

This is the hardest thing I'm doing I'm going to miss my son and family. I never been away. Mind u this is my first time traveling! I just want to hurry and get it over with!

Hi ladies

Hi ladies so I got my surgery done I'm in the recovery house just came from the hospital. I had to stay the night so they could make sure I'm ok. Everything is going well. I'm sore and in a little pain. Nothing to bad. I'm great tho. Rubio and his staff is great.


so today im two weeks post op from surgery. im better then ever. moving and back to work but still taking it easy. im still very swollen, but that should be going down soon. i have to get more massages. i havent post pics yet because i havent been on my computer, but i will soon. i can say so far im satisfied with my result, but i would of liked my butt more bigger to be honest. but i didnt have a lot of fat to begin with so im guessing thats why lol. i only weighed 138 the day before surgery. but lets see how my body heals up. i can say that rubio and his staff were great they treated me very well, i loved that rubio always checked on me, even right after surgery he came to see me, make sure i was ok. ummmm what else lol. i did massages omg were they painful lol but it did help with the swelling. i had a drain put it that didnt hurt. i will be updating pics later.


question, can anyone tell me which faja is better, the salome faja or the fajate faja. i heard people tell me one is better then the other blah blah, any opinions.

The day after surgery

Post op


so today isnt the day

so today isnt the day, as the days keep passing by im not seeing the results i want in my butt/hips area. :( i love my tummy tuck, its still swollen but its going down just right. now as for my butt and hips i feel like im losing what i have, and i didnt have much to begin with. ive been tryin on clothes and nothing is making me happy, i have mayb a little bump. like you cant even tell the difference. im starting to really worry. i went to dr to fix all my insecurities, and im jus not as satisfied. i know i wasnt going to be able to get a huge butt, but of course i wanted something that made a difference. im feeling really sad i been crying since yesterday hoping i would see a difference. idk what to do. i texted rubio yesterday asking him how much cc he put, he only took a total of 2000 out of me and after it was cleaned and all that other stuff it left him with 1400 so he was only able to put 700 in each cheek. thats not a lot at all. but thats all the fat i had. im beginning to feel like i should of never went. like what is going to be my next step if i want a big big booty something to match and even out.

Post op

I ladies I haven't been on here for a while, I've just been trying to recover my body. I'm still a little sad about my small butt lol. But I'm happy wit my tummy tuck. I'm starting to feel itchy lol from me healing. Ugh it's a pain. And having to eat healthy is also a pain lol. But other then that in doin well. I've been going for my massages they still hurt but not as bad. I've been also having my bf massage me at home when I'm not getting them done. It also helps. Everything is coming along well jus wish I had the Kim k lol. Let's see tho I'm only 5 weeks almost 6 weeks post op.

New faja

Faja sorry pics didn't upload before

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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