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Cabral quote $5,800- Bbl, BA w/ lift, Revisions...

Cabral quote $5,800- Bbl, BA w/ lift, Revisions lipo of stomach, upper back and arms. The saving for Cabral is in FULL EFFECT. Looking for traveling buddy for August 3, 2015. Although Dr. Cortes is a nice doctor I'm only pleased with my results in my garment or a spanx. I should've followed my first mind and went straight to the DR. I want a flatter stomach and fuller bottom on my booty to connect my hip work.

Looking for SX buddy

I'm going to the DR Aug 2-8 and I need a reliable and honest traveling Buddy. We don't have to have the same doc just both going to cipla. I'm going with Cabral.


The booty I want to the T

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Still looking for someone going to the DR Aug. 2-8. I need a buddy. Found out I was pregnant while in surgery. Gain tons of weight having an abortion in 2 days. Couldn't find anyone to go with me so I had to wait WEEKS for procedure. Hopefully after Cabral I will be 100% happy! I'm also think about a small rhinoplasty with him! Just a bridge defining rhino.


It's getting realer by the day! Just booked my RH home and I'm tooooo STOKED!!!!!!

Staying Aug. 2-9

Revisions: Inner thighs, arms, back, full stomach, bbl and BA/lift. To fix what Cortes bitch ass DIDNT DO! King CABRAL IM ON THE WAY!

Updated PICS

Wish pics and my body pics updated! Cabral in a few months! To look how I wanted to look from jump! Still on the fence with the rhino work!


I want my waist sooooooo TINY without my garment! I will NOT lay on my sides or butt for 3 months!!!! I can't wait. Still looking for a SX buddy!

RD 2 with Cabral

Armpits, Laterals, Bbl, Hip/arm/upper back/full stomach/inner thigh revision. I want a small thigh gap.

Talk to Maria

YAY!!!!!! Talk to Maria!!!!! MY DATE IS OFFICIALLY BOOKED!!!!!!!!! Aug 3rd, 2015 I'll be the 2nd or 3rd patient of the day!!!!!!! Buying vitamins next month to prepare for my 3 month mark!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSS! DR CABRAL DOLL HERE I COME!


YAY!!!!! I found a buddy! Staying at the same house going the same days and same SX with CABRAL! I'M SO STOKED!

Follow my IG journey

I made a SX page dolls! Add me Rd 2 underway and I've found a heaven sent SX Buddy she's amazing :D


So my SX buddy and I have switch to MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA! It's safer and I getting ab etching! So I'll be getting BBL, hip revision, Full body Lipo w/ ab etching, Rhinoplasty, BA w/ Lift in Colombia with Dr. Daniel Correa and Boobs with Erick Almenarez! Aug is still our month working on the date.



I'm just not impressed with Colombia's booty's and I want a BIG ONE! Back to Cabral and I don't care WHO likes it.

Got all my supplies

Soooo quick update! I got all my supplies, flight and RH booked! I'm staying at Highclass Recovery and I'm so excited. 3 months to go

SX Supplies

OCT. 20th

Gearing up for Cabral to fix my hips and get this ass phat lol. I'll try and keep you dolls updated. I'm really heavy on Ig but I do not want followers.
Hector Cabral

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