Changed my mind...Dr.Manon!

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Hello everyone! I am a 21 year old ready too look...

Hello everyone! I am a 21 year old ready too look snatched! I'm heading down to DR with my sister and our close friend and we all are getting lipo+bbl! I'm interviewing a couple of doctors down there and so far Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes has my attention. He's so responsive and he's actually being quite patient with my indecisiveness. I have seen his work and I know he is a certified! But I would actually like to see some more reviews about him! And one thing I want to know...does he have any bodies on him?????

Calling all Mallol and Yily dolls!!!

Calling all Mallol and Yily dolls!!! I need some help figuring out which one of these surgeons I should go to. I'm looking for a more arch in my back and also more hips! And of course I can not forget a FLATTER stomach! Now which one of these doctors can make me look like a banging vixen?????

Banging !

I'm praying that Mallol can snatch me up like these baddies

This is what I wanttttt

Tight tummy ????

Surgery Reserved Darlings

Amazing Bodies

These girls look so dope.

Update on how my body looks today!

So I have gained about 8 pounds! I am going to stop there because I have been sooooo comfortable knowing that I'm getting my body done in a month and a half!

Body Goals

Is this look achievable!!???

Ladies!!! Time is approaching

Ladies I had just recently done some blood work. Now, up here in Massachusetts there are no walk in blood work I had to lie and go to urgent care and say that I'm scared that I might be anemic. Better safe and know what I'm getting my self into then just heading down there blind sided! My hemoglobin is a 13.0 and my BMI is a 30.97! Pretty good. So now my concern is how I'm going to fit everything in my suit case while I go down there and how I am going to sit coming back up here! My sister and I are doing this journey together and we are so excited! I want to document my journey and post it up on YouTube but idk yet! But anyways 27 more days tilll I become a delicious slice of baddie.

Couple baddies

Yes I have been MIA! But ladies I'm here for a new doctor !

So ladies I had visited the Dominican Republic because my sister was under going surgery with Dr. Mallol. I was with her every step of the way and helping her with her recovery. And ladies let me tell you, I am happy to say that she recovered nicely and her body is AMAZING. But unfortunately there were CONS. There's a nurse there with a high ponytail. Rudest lady I had ever met. And the bed side manner from Dr.Mallol was horrible. We only saw him once after surgery. Idk if it's because he was having consultations and he had other patients done with their surgery. But it was BAD. But anyway after leaving the clinic we went back to our recovery house ( Sealily thumbs down). And I saw girls that got their body done by Dr. Manon! Let me tell you , BANGING. He's aggressive with the lipo and gives you a nice fat ass. So I made up my mind and I'm going to him in June 30, 2018. Kind of far but gives me enough time to get everything up and ready. And I'll be in nursing school through 2017-2018 graduating in June 2018! What a graduation present right? Only down fall, I'll be stunting in summer 2019 lol

Taking pictures at Sealily while sister recovery

My blubber (OH LAWD)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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