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Hello everyone! I am a 21 year old ready too look...

Hello everyone! I am a 21 year old ready too look snatched! I'm heading down to DR with my sister and our close friend and we all are getting lipo+bbl! I'm interviewing a couple of doctors down there and so far Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes has my attention. He's so responsive and he's actually being quite patient with my indecisiveness. I have seen his work and I know he is a certified! But I would actually like to see some more reviews about him! And one thing I want to know...does he have any bodies on him?????

Calling all Mallol and Yily dolls!!!

Calling all Mallol and Yily dolls!!! I need some help figuring out which one of these surgeons I should go to. I'm looking for a more arch in my back and also more hips! And of course I can not forget a FLATTER stomach! Now which one of these doctors can make me look like a banging vixen?????

Banging !

I'm praying that Mallol can snatch me up like these baddies

This is what I wanttttt

Tight tummy ????

Surgery Reserved Darlings

Amazing Bodies

These girls look so dope.

Update on how my body looks today!

So I have gained about 8 pounds! I am going to stop there because I have been sooooo comfortable knowing that I'm getting my body done in a month and a half!

Body Goals

Is this look achievable!!???

Ladies!!! Time is approaching

Ladies I had just recently done some blood work. Now, up here in Massachusetts there are no walk in blood work clinics...so I had to lie and go to urgent care and say that I'm scared that I might be anemic. Better safe and know what I'm getting my self into then just heading down there blind sided! My hemoglobin is a 13.0 and my BMI is a 30.97! Pretty good. So now my concern is how I'm going to fit everything in my suit case while I go down there and how I am going to sit coming back up here! My sister and I are doing this journey together and we are so excited! I want to document my journey and post it up on YouTube but idk yet! But anyways 27 more days tilll I become a delicious slice of baddie.

Couple baddies

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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