Apr.17th 2015 - RD2 with the King of Barbies- Bbl & BA Revision - Dominican Republic, DO

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This time around I want a specific look. I want...

This time around I want a specific look. I want more dramatic curves. The hardest part is choosing the right doctor. *sighs*

Dra Disla quoted me 3800 (discounted rd cost)
Dra Baez quoted me 4800
Dra Almonte quoted me 4750 plus 300 (meds & insurance- give or take)
Dr Lima quoted me 4000 including bra
Dra Duran quoted me 5900 (dont believe this includes anything)
Dra Medina quoted me 5000 - she will include meds for me
Dra Contreras quoted me 4500 plus 500 (labs, med, faja, etc)
Dr Cabral quoted me 4500 plus 500 (give or take for labs, meds, etc.)

Now with that said Dra Duran is out. Shes famous now, hard to reach and charging Miami prices. I'll pass even though her skills are on point.

I don't feel like taking a risk by going to Dr Lima bc I haven't seen enough of his work. I keep hearing hes good but that's not enough for me. Great response time from his assistant Janet.

Dra Baez & Almonte are really good doctors with plenty of good reviews but idk if they can achieve the results I want.

Dra Medina has not 1 negative review but she was a little more expensive then I thought she should be. I do believe she can give me the results I want. I haven't seen ALOT of her work but all that I have seen seem to be exactly what I want. She is still in the running.

Dra Disla was my rd1 doctor... she is soo sweet and blunt. I love her for that. Her aftercare is amazing. I am very happy with the results I received rd1. However, Dra Disla is a more conservative doctor. I have my doubts that she can give me the results I want this time around. I really don't want to take a chance, be disappointed, or have to go for a rd3.

Dr Contreras well I just started following his IG and honestly I have no doubts that he can give me the results I want. I hear hes a man of very few words... not sure how I feel about that and I am not familiar with the hospital (aftercare by nurses)

Dr Cabral he known as the "king of barbie" I follow his IG and his work is beyond amazing. He has a history however I am willing to over look that. Rd1 I was in a recovery house full of Cabral dolls. They all looked amazing and their sx went just fine. I am still in contact with some of them now and they are very content with their results. I spoke to maria regarding the additional cost and setting my appt. Shes speaks perfect english and is VERY helpful. Cabral response time is great through whats app. Hes my 1st choice thus far but I am still open to changing doctors.

Your thoughts?

wish pics

Curvy body

wish pics

Some of contreras work... ? torn... ugh decisions... cabral and contreras quoted me the same... so money isn't the deciding factor... it's a matter of who can give me what I want.

I need advise.

some more pics of cabral & contreras work


just a little update

So I moved up my sx date to Apr17th :) super excited. I started taking my blood builders and geritol. Hoping to get it up before sx. I will be staying with Raysa again. My stay this time around will be 7 days. The count down begins!

omg 18 days away

super excited. 18days away form rd2. Hopefully I will finally have my dream body. I am content with my results from rd1. Dra Disla gave me a great foundation to work with. Now I just need Dr Cabral to bring me from 50 to 100 safely. Super curvy body hear I come!!!

omg 10 days away!


15 days po

Follow my journey on ig... I will not aprove men or non sx pages

Hector Cabral

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