26 yrs old , 2 kids ! Lipo and fat transfer ! - Dominican Republic

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Well im a 26 yr old mother of 2 kids! My youngest...

Well im a 26 yr old mother of 2 kids! My youngest is 10 months ( already walking :-) ) and of coarse afeter waiting so many years to have baby number 2 i gained a lot of weight this time around!.. Im 5'4" weigh about 190 and its mostly legs and butt and arms.. my stomach is pretty good ( or so i think).. Im going in about a month to Santo Domingo for a lipo on my tummy, back, legs, & arms. Im thinking of doing a breast augmentation also .. Not sure due to the pain ( i hear) im going to be in with just the lipo. I have done some research on a few doctors and im looking into Dr. Franklin Peña Romero.. Or the infamous CABRAL.. I have heard great reviews about Cabral but due to recent news about a woman from NY ( WHERE I AM ) dying in his care.. Kinda gave me a BIG RED FLAG TOWARDS HIS DIRECTION. Dr Pena has great reviews and seems to be well respected within the country, press, and patients. My cousin actually recommended him to me .. She has a few friends in New Jersey who have had surgery with him and hes amazing.. ( so they say).. I inquired information from him earlier today and im waiting on a response and a price quote for an approximation of the procedures i want to get done... If anyone has any advice or recommendations im all ears!

So I received a price quote..

For liposculpture on my tummy, back, arms, and thighs it is around 4k .. Which I personally think is great! He is Board Certified which was my biggest concern. From what I have searched ( day& night) I have yet to hear one bad review...he has done models/ socialites/ tv personality (from what I hear)...
These are some of his certifications:
El Doctor Peña-Romero es Cirujano Plástico, Estético y Reconstructivo, egresado de la Escuela de Cirugía Plástica del Hospital Civil de Guadalajara; está avalado por la Federación Iberolatinoamericana de Cirugía Plástica (FILACP). También es titulado como Cirujano Plástico por la prestigiosa Universidad de Guadalajara (U de G), en Jalisco, México.
Realizó su entrenamiento en Cirugía General en el Hospital Docente Padre Billini, en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana; escuela adscrita a la Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD). Se graduó con honores en la Escuela de medicina de la Universidad Central del Este (UCE); donde además es Profesor Titular de Cirugía Plástica. También es Cirujano Plástico del Hospital Regional Dr. Antonio Musa. Mantiene su practica privada en Santo Domingo y San Pedro de Macorís, en República Dominicana.
Franklin Peña-Romero está acreditado y pertenece a la Federación Iberolatino-americana de Cirugía Plástica (FILACP), Sociedad Dominicana de Cirugía Plástica y Reconstructiva (SODOCIPRE), al Colegio Dominicano de Cirujanos; es miembro titular del Colegio Médico Dominicano (CMD), forma parte de la Asociación Dominicana de Editores de Revistas Biomédicas, entre otras.
Posee el exequátur de ley No.14005 y el registro del Colegio Medico Dominicano No. 18677.

After much thought and deliberation with my husband I have finalized him to be my doctor!! :)

Booked my Flight!! 20 Days Left!

Ive booked my flight for the 21st of this month and im really excited. I spoke with the doctor today and he has arranged his personal chauffeur to pick me up from the airport and go straight to his office for test and analysis. Im going with my best friend which is great because she'll be my nurse and my pal to talk to and cry too when im in pain.. Plus shes very familiar with DR altho shes puerto rican lol! She is also looking into getting her tummy tuck done. Lets see.. it would be nice because shes been wanting it for a while also. Once i arrive to DR i will be posting before and after pictures ! Stay Tuned!!! :)

Before Surgery Pics!

These are some pics of me before surgery at my heaviest 190lbs!! Its distributed pretty well on my body for my height especially .. but as u can see i have huge thighs and arms! -__- i cant wait to see my little waste again!!

Novela !! A.k.A My Life!!

Well..... I ended up going to Dr.Pena.. Long story short it was in his office for about 4-5 hours waiting on wat was a 20min consult ..After all the traveling and money spent he tells me he feels more comfortable me doing a tummy tuck -_-! I don't have much of a stomach ,no stretch marks on my stomach , & most important I am planning to have more kids.. He told me I wasn't a candidate for Lipo & I should do a tummy tuck.. As I was drawing my blood by man that took me to a back room where the table still had blood , he drew my blood without gloves O_O!! I was in shock .. I walked out and knew Dr.Peña was not going to be my surgeon .. I quickly found Dr. Yily De Los Santos.. I booked an appt and saw her the following day.. I was greeted by her partner doctor Dr.Cedano which made me feel like she was one of my friends.. Very straight up and clear ! Really nice too'!.. She measured my body fat my height weight etc and said I WAS a candidate for lipo.. She was my size and weight when she did her lipo just 2-3 months ago .. I felt soooooo secure!! I knew I made the right choice.. Yes I kno THE INFAMOUS CIPLA!! Lol but I believe every doctor has different procedures .. I was scheduled for that Monday!! Super nervous and super excited..
Come Sunday.. My husband calls me that my daughters sick and he needs me back in NY because he's worried.. Here comes Super Mom! Booked a 2,000 dollar flight to NY to find out she had a little cold smh!! Luckily he promised to give me back all the money for my surgery etc (love my hubby :)..) so now I'm booked for sometime this Fall..

But I'm very dissapointed with Dr.Franklin Peña.. He seems to be more comfortable with tummy tucks.. I should have known from his blogs and appearances.. That's all he talks about ..& to be honest I haven't heard much hype on him.. Thank god I thought quick on my feet and got a second opinion because it would have been a waste of money smh .. On top of all that I left my GUCCI glasses in his office -___-!! I was more upset about that than anything lol..

I'll keep updating as time passes and as chapters get added! Until then ladies be Safe and I'm always here to answer any questions or comments :) .. See you soon RealSelf!
Dr.Franklin Peña

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