Lipo, Bbl Wit Dra. Fragoso Baez - Dominican Republic, DO

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Here we go... Im still recovery had surgery 2...

Here we go...

Im still recovery had surgery 2 days ago , in yasmin recovery house as we speak. I will continue writing as i go and answer any questions. Doctora baez is amazing. I was debated btw her and yily had a qoute from both and surgery date set. Yily was the 5th . Baez was the 4th. Thank god i went wit barez as soon as i met her i told myself shes the one. Shes really pretty nd young and i was scared bcu my relatives kept tellin me u must go with someone whos old and can preform this surgery with eyes closed ( dominicans i tell you) but here ppl finish school very young bcuz swen u are studying in this countey u really only take the classes needed for ur carreer unlike the usa if u wanna b a cop u still need to take geometry (crazy) fillin out brains with unnecessary things (excuse my spelling)b

from the beginning

so i arrived the 3rd at 10am. came to my familys house and like around 2pm went to dr. fragoso for my test. i waited like 40 minutes to be seen we discussed everything about my health she told me to undress myself and saw exactly what i wassent happy with . she discovered some spots on my tummy that wet lighter then my body and immediately called in her husband (who is a doctor) to check it out because she was concerned . this lady is all about health and i love it. the doctor said it was ok it looks old but will ask the cardiologist. then we went next door building for my pee , blood test and around the block for X-rays. after she sends you home and tells you to come back at 11am just to give the results some time . DONT BRING ALL THE MONEY FOR THE SURGERY WITH U FOR THE TEST, ONLY BRING ABOUT 100-200 DOLLARS SO YOU CAN LEAVE IT AS A DEPOSIT AND PAY FOR THE TEST. THE MONEY FOR THE SURGERY IS COLLECTED RIGHT BEFORE SURGERY BY HER HUSBAND.

Day of the surgery. sept 4th
my cousin who is a doctor was taking me and he arrived late so i made it to the clinic late like 11;30am. i went into the emergency where they ask you all the health questions again and it took very long because of some issue with the computer. this is not the united states and we are honestly some lucky spoiled ppl bcuz ppl work with half of what we have and make it work. anywayz so like at 1p i was sent upstairs to the room where i wud be staying at after the surgery. i have tons of pics they wer taken on my phone and i have to put them into the laptop bfore i can pload them. anywayz here i stayed untill 430pm!! yessssss this drove me crazy because i had my hat on , my paper shoes lol blue pill in hand everything ready but it took forever, nurses kept coming in saying she should be here soon that she was doing surgery elsewhere. then like at 4pm her husband walks in tells me all my test were good my hemo was 12.5 (the week before was 13 , but i had gotten my prd the friday and it left the day before i flew out the isa. YUP LUCKY ME) then he collected the money and some nurse came in ready to put iv on me and i said NO bcuz im not marked up yet and then she says "oh your not marked up is ok they mark u up upstrairs and i said NO i waited all this time i can wait some more" then she leaves and 2 mins later the doctor shows up. just like the day before super sweet, she apoligized for taking so long she had white scrubs on and the scrub had blood i can tell she jus walked out of surgery to meet with me (yea nasty i know). so she marked me up and a male nurse came in wit a wheel chair and took me upstairs. when i got inside the operating room (Quirofano) in spanish, the doctor was singing and they were all singing with her saying how they should go out dancing. now in the usa this would be called unprofessional but honestly i liked that because in my head i started singing with them in spanish i knew the song and it helped me relax. they put the anesticia on me and i felt them cutting me but with no pain, just like u feel them touching you then when then tube was first shoved in i felt that and started crying and the doctor said stop and gave me more anesticia and then i didnt feel anything else felt out. woke up in the room i was first brought to. and to clarify something non of these doctors preform surgery alone or on their own. i know that for a fact bcuz i saw she wassent the only one cutting me they have helpers and they have to have helpers becuz they are on a time frame and they have to work bfore anesticia wears off i went in surgery 430 and by 730 i was out. too much anestici is no good. the doctor is there to lead and preform major parts like a band, they all make this beautiful song but theres a leader who leads the band. lol think it that way

here are sum photos

im not sure this are bfore and 2 days post. I LOVEEEEEE MY RESULTS when she was markign me she asked me if i like big butts and i said yes (i cannot lie lol jk) that i want a big butt but i want it to look real not something exagerated and that i wud be working out and everytime i work out i loose ass too so i needed enought that if i loose sum id still have ass and she said ahh yeah "ya entiendo" ( i understand) i am fluent in spanish so my communication with her at all times was in spanish even threw our emails.

reason why i chose baez

i am a strong believer on the fact that you cant please everybody. i was debated alot btw baez and yily (i try contacting duran but never responded Facebook, her emails or whatsapp, so she never became an option, i also contacted edgar contreras and no answer there either) yily email was so informative i was like NOW THIS IS A DOCTOR when i first read it. but i also thought her email is going to be better bcuz she has more experience and is more known she is going to give u everything one shot so u wont ask questions. and all the bd review wit yily and cipla (u cant believe everythhing u hear or always blame the doctor bcuz some ppl go under surgery not telling doctors everything and then sumthin happens to them and want to blame the doctor) so i knew for a fact that yily was great and cud have given me great results but also is busier and shes not going to give u the time u need when u reach a status where shes at is when it becomes all about the money and honestly its a due or die situation or end up looking worst and i didnt want to take my chances. you know baez is great when all her reviews are good and all the girls say the same thing. when i was in her office i remembered i had read about everything that was happenin and how nice she is. baez contacted me every single day threw whatspps to ask how was i doing and visited the 3 girls includin myself that were at yazmins house (wait on yazmins house review) baez takes her time i like that, is far from rude and her concern for the spots on my stomach showed me she cares. when she was asking about my familys health history she explained how impo it is for ppl to be honest and tell her. yily is famous and shes known even in the hair salons in new york im sure baez wil get there i just hope she stays how she is now ill upload more pics later

1200 cc each cheek and 300 cc on hips

5lt of fat was extracted
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She was really amazing

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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