A New Woman Created with Dr. Baez in DR - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello everyone *waving* I have been researching...

Hello everyone *waving*
I have been researching for over a year and preparing for liposuction/liposculpture. I have made the decision to travel to the Dominican Republic since I can make a vacation out of the time, time to arrive and relax at a hotel prior to surgery, time to get a ride to the procedure, time to heal, time to come home. I've had consultations with dr's here in the US and have been very disappointed in not only their reviews, but also their prices for the same procedures. I am not trying to get cheap plastic surgery, however, I cannot bring myself to pay ridiculously more for the same services. One doctor wanted $5,000...per area! I need two areas lipo'ed.

Fast forward to now, I have decided to go with Dr. Augustina Baez. Yes, I know her pictures and reviews arent numerous, but she is less used, so therefore, she is the right doctor for me. One: her customer service has been amazing and has answered all of my questions without making me feel brushed off. Two: Although I am in awe of Dr. Yily and and Dr. Duran's work, I am not looking for a tiny waist and a large booty. I am seeking a natural-looking body that is in my comfort level. The women who get this type of liposculture look absolutely amazing though and everyone should get what makes them happiest with their own bodies.

During my contact with Dr. Baez, I think I may schedule mid- December or just after New Years. I am beginning this journey with a skeptical, worried husband who is supportive, but concerned. I hope that being on Real Self will help me educate him, pack for my journey, arrange for a nice hotel arrange for a respectable Recovery House, and meet a few sx-buddies along the way.

Appt set!

So, I think I am set. Dr. Baez will see me at the end of January and I am so excited. But here come the nerves. I was going to seek a buddy from RS (still can) but my bestee said she wouldn't want me to go alone. Love her!
I worked with Jazmine Navarro from Bella Vita to square things away and now I am booked with Dr. Baez on now about to book my flight, and wait to hear from Jazmine about recovery houses and hotels to chill in.

So my to-do list is as such:
1. Book flights
2. Purchase items for travel and recovery
3. Buy snacks like dried fruit (good for healing)
4. Book hotel
5. Book recovery house
It's actually going to happen! Damn.

Recovery House...arrgghhhh!

Why when I didn't have a date, there were very clear pages and reviews on Recovery Houses in the DR. But now when I want to book one, there is a plethora of reviews and pages which make my final decision making harder!? I feel like spinning the bottle and picking the first one by chance.

Too much information! Info Overload.

Booking the actual surgery seems to be the easy part. Actually finding a Recovery House is very daunting. I think I am starting to think I may prefer a nice apartment/hotel with a nurse and cook, plus someone to come in as a care taker and housekeeper. Again, hearing some reviews and some of the conflicts with people that have different upbringings or lifestyles seems to happen, or people disagreeing over doctors' surgery sculpting style is not good for healing. Maybe a private apartment would work? Does anyone have information on that?

It just got real!

I went out today and bought supplies and clothes for my trip to visit Dr. Baez in DR. I am trying to keep my haul small because I will have to carry the load back to the US. I can't imagine how I may feel after surgery and the flight home, but I think I should play it safe. I read a review that said "carry more sanitary napkins than you think you need". I will definitely take that advice. I am throwing everything into a catch all box and I will sort it out a few days before I fly out. Its real, it just got real!


Just wanted to add an FYI - If you are a smoker, quit now. Dr. Baez doesnt play. I don't smoke, but I socially smoked 4 months and Dr. Baez got on me.

Beginning to gather my medical travel supplies.

This site has been an awesome way to gather a checklist of things to take.


I think I have decided to definitely add my take on going to the Dominican Republic for cosmetic surgery in a review and blog. There are too many avenues. Gleaning through all of the information is not only time consuming, but at times, very confusing. I appreciate all of the choices, but I am a very logical and pragmatic person. I like to cut to the chase and make a selection. Sifting through all of the info is stifling and potentially dangerous as I see how somebody may just give up after a while and choose anything or any doctor. Not me, but I can see it happening! I can't be the only one who feels like this.

Date Set, Confirmed, 50% Packed, and patiently waiting

So I am 50% packed because I hate last minute packing period. It makes me nervous that I may forget something. I have discovered from reading other people's experiences that bring a suitcase that is light and rolls easily. Also, snacks! Bring snacks, JIC.

Leaving for DR in 4 Days!

I don't know if the reality is setting in because I am too happy to have this belly gone. I've told my mom, and that's about it. My husband is going with me because he is too nervous for me to go alone. He is not 100% on board with it. Not the surgery itself, but the travel to DR has him concerned. I get it and I love him for it. Today, I went to the camping store to get a GO GIRL Device. Some people say its a lifesaver, godsend, others say it was more trouble that it was worth. I ordered a PE-Z over a week ago, but it has not arrived yet, grrr. I think it's best to practice with it first to get the hang of it because taking it with me. The Go Girl comes in a tiny, pocket sized cylinder. The unit was folded up in this tube along with a plastic storage bag and get this...toilet paper. I am going to add tiny hand wipes to it (like the ones you get with wings or BBQ).

What I Bought...

May not be what I am all bringing. But I have it.

Snacks and more

Bringing plenty of healthy eating foods (my normal stash). Protein bars, coconut chips, dried pineapple rings (great for healing), coconut powder for mixable coconut water, dried fruits, nuts, dried turkey. Starbucks coffee packets and tea. I am a nibbler, I don't eat big meals.

I am a new woman! Back from DR and still recovering.

I am back from my surgery with Dr. Baez and I cannot sing her praises highly enough. I am so pleased with her caring bedside manner, I wish I had something else for her to take care of. Anyhoo, I refrained from any updates while I was there, because I wasn't sure if I could commit to posting if I wasn't feeling well enough, but I have much to share about my experience in DR. It was nothing as I feared and better than I expected.

My Liposculpture in Dominican Republic with Dr. Baez

Everything happened so fast it seems and I am still in recovery. I have had a pot belly for about 2 years now since I was put on prednisone to treat an injury. If you are not familiar with the drug prednisone, it is a blessing and a curse drug. It worked wonders on my injury, yet it ravaged my body with abnormal fat storage. One of the main side effects of prednisone is it's ability to cause the body store fat in 3 places on the body. The face, the back of the neck (buffalo hump) and the abdomen. No one knows why prednisone does this. The other awful side is that it can become permanent abnormal fat storage. I was able to lose the fat in my neck and my face, but my stomach looked deformed! It did not respond to diet and exercise and it seems the more weight I lost in my overall body, the fat stored in the belly. I had to call in the big dogs, Liposuction of the Abdomen. You can see from my pics that the problem was pretty ridiculous.

My pre-body pics.

No, my stomach is not photoshoppped to look this bad. It really was that bad!

Flight to DR! On my way to Santo Domingo, MiniTour of DR, Real Recovery Armonia, and Meeting Dr. Baez

I was so excited to board the plane to go to Santo Domingo. I thought for some reason I should be nervous but is really wasn't. The first leg of my flight afforded me an exit row with only me, so I was able to stretch out read and sleep. Upon arrival to Miami, I got my last cup of coffee for a while (not allowed to drink caffeine before surgery) and savor end every drop! My flight was on time and I was ready to board to go the Dominican Republic.

Get this, whenever a plane lands without incident in the DR and flying from DR, the passengers burst out into applause. I guess to say thank you for a great landing or thank god we landed without incident. Either way, it was great! I read on Real Self that the airport in DR was rundown, but in my opinion it was a smart looking airport in the Caribbean. I have been to worse airports in Hawaii. They had up to date technology and getting the visa and changing money were a breeze. The only issues I had was: #1-Everyone thought I was Dominicana, so that took some finagling. #2-There was a rude DR TSA agent who apparently didn't like me for some reason or she just had a bad attitude that day. She very loudly said to me "OUTSIDE" when I had my landing card and passport together, meaning put the landing card on the outside of the passport. However, in the USA, you typically store it inside the passport near your typed credentials. The men around her were fine, and I just shot her a look and slowly smiled at her, stared her down and walked away. My look said everything and the responses from the men with her let me know that I had put her in her place.

Upon arrival I met up with Jose Brito, who kept staring at me funny. When I introduced myself, he said "I thought you were Asian". Really, lol. Jose is a really nice guy and very friendly. I met another lady who was scheduled to see Dr. Duran. Once we got our bags into the car, Jose took us on a fabulous tour of DR and we even got to stop at a local restaurant and also see a few apartments that were for rent for a future visit. I was staying at Real Recovery Armonia, and Jose had me out so late that the owner of the place called Jose out of concern. The other lady was staying at the Shakey Italian Apts near the beach.

On my ride to the recovery house, walking around and meeting people, I was listening to some disturbing news about a doctor that sees 16 patients a day, and some others. Since I understand Spanish very well, my mouth fell open! The other young lady that was with me had a friend that was coming the very next day and I found out that this doctor was her doctor. I cannot imagine any physician doing 16 surgeries a day! Each surgery takes between 3-6 hours, so how in the world is this doctor in any shape to work each day like this? Suppose you are the last one for the day? My mind reeled. That's why I liked Dr. Baez. 2 people a day......max. The people then began to discuss the merits of each doctor and which doctors to avoid. I would have pooped my pants if my doctor was listed in the chat. They asked me who my doctor was in English and I replied in Spanish "Dr. Baez". They were very happy that she was my doctor and that she was very good and very nice. They spoke very highly of her and said they girls come out looking very natural with nice bodies. Actually, whenever I mentioned to anyone that Dr. Baez was my doctor, the asker seems to be very happy with my choice. Dr. Baez has a lot of respect at the Recovery House, Clinic, and with the nurses in general. Whew! The lady that was with me contacted her friend and began to attempt to reschedule with another doctor. I get wanting to go to a particular doctor, but my health comes first. There is no way I would risk going to an assembly line cosmetic surgeon. I also overheard about a major altercation between patients in the recovery house I was staying in and I was told if I wanted to rebook somewhere else, please let them know. By the time I arrived, the patients had since left and the rest of my stay at Real Recovery Armonia was peaceful.

Another thing I found out about Dr. Baez is that she one only one other doctor are a member of a particular organization in the DR. It is a very prestige organization and the other member is the relative of one of the board of directors. Another check for Baez.

We finally arrive to the Recovery House and meet everyone. My companion and I were pretty lucky, we were put onto a private floor designated for couples, husbands/wives, etc. The floor we were on was the 9th floor and we were a couple of floors about that. Although I love the decor on the 9th floor, it was not the floor for me. It was very busy and there were 14 patients roaming around everywhere in various stages of pain, plenty of medical nudity, and recovery. The upper floor was quiet, peaceful, with dark wooden features, and only one other couple. We had a double room and were immediately accommodated with our luggage, and a cool beverage. and asked what we wanted for lunch. We got settled, and I was told that I would be leaving to see Dr. Baez within the hour.

My checklists: Information regarding Dr. Baez

Here is my checklist for and from Dr. Baez. It seems that this is an up and coming doctor and it is very hard to find current information on her. This is just a list of information that I gathered together to ease my mind and my family's mind. I hope you find it helpful.

Australia Fragoso Baez, MD
Instituto Cirugía Especializada, Av. Bolivar 208, Suite 405, Gazcue. Distrito Nacional. 10205 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Phone: 809-890-8143 809-689-9342
Email: draustraliafragosobaez@outlook.com
Website: www.draustraliafragoso.com
Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/lnxjgzj

1. She does not speak English perfectly, but talks socially to you in English. However, she will only speak in Spanish regarding medical information and questions. She will have an assistant with her, either her husband or her brother-in-law.
2. Dr. Baez's office is very small, yet has modern touches. It works for her and is very comfortable. She is in a fairly decent facility and although it isn't glossy, it is definitely medically sound.
3. She uses Jose Brito for transport for her clients.
4. She is very serious about the lab results. If you can hold off smoking for 2 weeks, do. Do not even think of having nicotine in your system. You really need to be in good health dealing with Dr Baez.
5. She provides most post op scripts for free. I had to purchase Heparin and pain medicine once I returned back to the recovery house. It was about $30.
6. She provides a pass for the airport, so that you can have a wheelchair assist.
7. She will send you home with your drain and stitches if she feels it is not ready to come out. She will insist that you send her pictures of updates of your surgical area and drain amounts. She will not remove the drain if you produce more that 50cc of fluid (blood, fat, etc) in the drain well in a day.
8. Patient First will remove your stitches and drain if you have to travel with them.
9. She is very caring and affectionate. If this puts you off, then Dr. Baez is not the right Dr. for you.
10. The surgical facility has everything in house. Labs, EKG, Surgical procedures, and more.
11. From beginning to end, Dr. Baez was professional and consistent.

Dr. Australia Fragoso Báez is a plastic surgeon in Dominican Republic, she has written several scientific articles and has been a speaker at several national and international conferences, as well as being a regular attendee to academic activities of the principal societies and federations that rule plastic surgery in Latin America. Dr. Fragoso has experience performing all plastic and reconstructive procedures but especially in liposuction (body contouring), abdominoplasty, buttock augmentation, breast reduction and augmentation.

Australia Fragoso Baez is an MD graduated with honors (Cum Laude) from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), she joined National Residence of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (RENACIP) at Hospital Salvador B. Gautier of Dominican Social Security Institute (IDSS) in Dominican Republic where she was chief resident and had an international rotation at Institute of Reconstructive Surgery Dr. Guerrerosantos in Guadalajara, Mexico. She participated in the competition for residents of the Ibero American Federation of Plastic Surgery (FILACP) where she won second place before concluding her residence. She belongs to the main institutions ruling the practice of medicine as member of the Dominican Medical College (CMD), Dominican Society of Surgery, Dominican Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SODOCIPRE), FILACP and International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS).

My Checklists: How to prepare and what to bring to the DR

Preparation for Surgery in Dominican Republic
Trip Insurance: insuremytrip.com
Ask for Wheelchair Service Stateside
Label your drugs for TSA and customs
Supplies for traveling to DR
____fanny pack or waist pouch to carry passport
____Cash for surgery
____$10 for your entry fee once you arrive to SDQ airport
____ID & medications
____Books, Laptop, Headphones for entertainment
____Rolled towel or travel pillow
____Compression socks - a must for flying after surgery!
____Heating pad -after surgery
____Water filter bottle - I used a Brita filter bottle
____Extra Pillow and Cover

____Sun dresses, maxi or button up dress.
____Flats sneakers or shoes, flip flops or slip on shoes.
____Faja & backup faja to put on when 1st stage is being washed.
____Spanx or corset (I brought my squeem, and Dr. Baez loved it)
____Large T-shirts (forget it. use 2x-3x button-up mens shirts instead)
____Wife Beaters (I only got through 5 of them
____Robe with zipper front (I brought one with pockets and I am glad I did. Indispensable! Plus the drain fits into the pocket so you won't have to carry it around.

Necessary Toiletries
____travel size tooth brush, tooth paste, mouth wash, mints (after surgery my mouth was dry)
____Cotton Balls and Q tips (your recovery house nurse will be happy you have these handy)
____Hair products & Brushes (after surgery, my hair was the last thing I thought of. I pulled my hair on the top of my head in a loose bun and called it a day. I could barely lift my arms to do my hair)
____scarf for your hair, comfy hat or hair tie
____Baby wipes (Bring scented and unscented. Also, I added some liquefied Dr. Bronners Lavender Soap to the pack. It was perfect to 'wash' with)
____Body Lotion (it was hard to apply after surgery, use spray lotion or make your own spray lotion)
____Deodorant (spray deodorant was a must, it was painful to roll on regular deodorant)
____Dog training pads for bed (NO! NO! NO! Do not use these, get ones for humans. The dog ones come with a special urine scent
____Lipo foam board or Maxi pads (i brought 4 packs of pads, I am so glad I did! They really helped buffer the pain and pinching of the faja)
____waterproof bed covers (king, queen, twin) (my recovery house had a regular mattress, not a medical mattress and I was uncomfortable lying on it. I brought a plastic mattress pad and covered the mattress upon my arrival. I brought a queen and a twin as backup.

Medical Supplies
____Hooks for drains (brilliant idea, I used metal clips to hook onto my pockets and and inside of my dresses/robe. It was great to be handsfree and not have to carry the drain everywhere. Also, you have to walk around in public and it was great to hide it for privacy.
____Thermometer (bring just in case you temp spikes after surgery)
____scar healing strips and waterproof assorted bandages
____Ace bandages
____Anti itch cream
____Triple antibiotic ointment
____Various sized gauze & Waterproof tape
____Alcohol (a necessity. I put mine in a spray bottle and used it to sanitize the bathroom, toilet, hands, and any surface I could.
____Antibacterial soap (I had to wash with it the evening before and the morning before my surgery)
____Disinfectant spray & Disinfectant wipes (a must!)
____Hand sanitizer
____PILL ORGANIZER (I kept my vitamins in here and took them everyday before and after surgery)

Medications to bring
____Pain medication
____ Cipro

Medications you will either receive or get a prescription for
-HEPARIN - an injection

Food & Drinks I brought with me
____Coconut Water powder - coconut and coconut water is very healing. add to your bottled waters
____Juice boxes - I brought kid size juice boxes
____Protein bars
____Liquid vitamin drinks
____Plastic cutlery - (really came in handy)
____Roll of paper towels - (really came in handy!)

Vitamins to begin taking now and afterwards:
____Folic Acid
____Vitamin C
____Vitamin D
____Probiotic Acidophilus
____Arnica Montana tablets

Other Important things to bring:
-Emergency contact list (JUST IN CASE) should be left with your nurse.
-Call your credit/debit card company prior to travel or your card may be blocked from use
- Bring emergency "Monkey-money" $200-400
-Most recovery houses have wifi- if you dont have an international cellphone: download the following apps: Whatsapp, Tango, Skype, Google Voice, Viber. I used mostly Tango and Google Voice for communications.
-NOT DRINK, NOT WASH, NOT CONSUME WATER after surgery. It is not Potable and can cause an infection or make you sick.
-Tip money....services are being offered be kind and take care of the people that are taking care of you show your appreciation when they are doing a Good job. US dollars work fine.

Labs and Recovery House

Labs and Recovery House
I arrived for labs and was pretty nervous. It is rumored that Dr. Baez will not perform surgery if you are not at the epitome of health. After meeting her and getting her design plan for my body, I was sent with her husband for bloodwork, urine, EKG, and a pretty thorough assessment. Regarding bloodwork, you will have to take an HIV test that is mandated by the government. I had to fill out a separate form and sign away a bunch of stuff in order to take this test. After leaving Dr. Baez’s office, we went to a lab area that was pretty open. I met with the phlebotomist who was a nice, jovial lady. When I asked her how she was doing, she said “I am black, fat and happy!” And she really was! She made the blood drawing somewhat of an event and we enjoyed a couple of good laughs. She speaks very little English, but really tried out what she knows on me. She then grabs a cup and loudly says “Goo PEE PEE!” It was a demand and she promptly marched me to the bathroom. Afterwards I was led to the EKG room and meet with a very nice gentleman who was the technician (his English is good). I passed with flying colors. Afterwards, Dr. Baez’s husband (he had loosened up considerably at this point) chatted with us, we signed more papers, and he told us what time to arrive in the morning. Then we were driven back to the recovery house.

Real Recovery Armonia
Although I listed some things above about this place, I will add more some more later, but here are some quick tidbits.

Real Recovery Armonia- Quick Pros
Everyone is very nice. I loved the floor we were on. The food was delicious. The place was cleaned constantly. Air conditioner, TV, Cable all worked nicely. Good outdoor views all around. Fresh juice and snacks whenever we wanted them. Caretakers were on hand and very attentive. Once I felt better, the walk around the neighborhood was nice. The Fajete store is across the way. Mayra the owner is quite nice and checks in on you. Ruth is the masseuse and her daughters Ruth, a nurse and Estelle, an assistant work there also. There is Eboni who cleans and Kenia who started working there for the first time. Flacca is the cook, and Luisa was another nurse who is fun and a hoot! All of these ladies made our stay remarkable. Ruth is very knowledgeable and on top of everything. She is also on top of making sure you take your meds. Her plus is that she knows where you can get your hair done (Dominican blow-out) for $8 bucks! I would invite these ladies to my room and we would chat and hang out. I even had shared coffee, tea, and chocolate with them on their down time. Kenia was eager to learn new English words and Luisa loves to hang out. Everyone had a story and it was great to hear about their kids, families, husbands, schooling, and their lives. The staff was wonderful.

Real Recovery Armonia- Quick Cons
I would have preferred medical mattresses. The hot water was out for a day, but was promptly fixed (thanks Kenia!) The bathroom had no proper window curtain, only a sheer, so it made taking a shower a peepshow to the people outside. The massage room I was put in had no privacy, I had to request that the windows be covered as there were girls there that thought it was appropriate to watch me in the nude! It would have been nice if the wi-fi worked in the sitting area (it doesnt), it only works in your room. The whole floor lacked lightbulbs and we had to request light at night once it got dark. Also, although the sheets and pillows were clean, they were spotted with the secretions (blood, etc) of other patients. Although they were washed, it weirded me out to have to sleep on them. My suggestions are to bring your own pillow cases and use towels to cover the spots.

Day of Surgery: The day started slow then it was over and happened so fast

I was scheduled to leave the RH at 6am, but I didnt leave until closer to 6:30am. The young girl (I can't remember her name, sorry) did not know how to start the car, so we sat there for a while and then she had to call Myra who had to come out and instruct her how to turn it on.

7am: Upon arrival, we went to the same area where I had my EKG.. We filled out some more paperwork, then we went up stairs to the surgical floor. There I met the inpatient nurse and I was placed in a sketchy-looking room with 3 beds that had dilapidated curtains separating them….which was a little scary. I saw all this old medical equipment and my companion said “it’s not too late to back out”. I mean, it looked like a cold war mental hospital. I have to put my american-isms aside and just accept that I would be fine...as I was looking at the quilt that had holes in it and the floor with stained and rusty and the medical equipment looked like 3 world issued. I was hoping that that was not where I was going to be recovering, nor where the actual surgery would be taking place.

At about an hour after my arrival, Dr. Baez breezed in with her usual greeting and walked in with her cheery wonderful self and I felt at ease then. If she wasn't nervous about where I was sitting, then neither will I be. She uses the words and phrases “My Baby” often and it thought it was cute. She did however insist that my companion be taking to my recovery room immediately with my things. He came back and said the room was very nice, and felt better about my status. As I was changing, I had to keep the hospital curtain closed at the seam. I guess they are used to women walking around the hospital in various stages of undress, The doctor saw that I was uncomfortable with the male doctors walking around and she stopped what she was doing, and closed the curtains for me and said I'm sorry let me help.

At about 8am, Dr. Baez began to examine me and mark me up with a dark blue market, and then took photos. She's very thorough, as I mentioned before and took pictures from every angle. My body was marked in extreme detail and she even traced with her fingers the trajectory of what she planned to do. At about 8:30am, in walks another nurse and she handed me famous blue pill and a glass of water. She then proceeded to insert my IV. Good lord why do these always hurt?! I have never had an IV that did not hurt while being inserted. After the pill, about 10 mins later, a wheelchair was brought in and everything became a semi blur not too long after that. I remember being wheeled into an operating room, which in my semi- drugged state, the room was clean, and although not too modern, I remember saying to myself that I was confident that it would work efficiently. I remember seeing doctor Baez in a hat and goggles, I remember sitting on the operating table, I remember being laid back and that's it. Out!

Previously, I was so afraid of waking up on the operating table based on what others had said and that surpassed any fears about any thing else about the surgery. But, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The anesthesiologist fully prepared me and detailed that I would not be totally knocked out, just sleepy. He also explained the epidural block. And in all honesty, I was actually glad that I was able to wake up during the surgery because it let me know that I was alive. He said that I would be on my back for the first part of the surgery, then they would turn me on my side and then completely over. I probably would not wake up until I was completely turned over where I would feel movement like I was being shaken awake. he said at that moment, they would be lipo'ing my back. Well, it happened almost exactly the way that he said. At some point someone put a face mask over my face and then I didnt wake up until the jostling. I guess I said something and Dr Baez was right there. Everything time I woke up, she made it a point to make sure that I saw her face or heard her voice, which was much appreciated, especially after reading stories how other patients woke up and their doctor is nowhere to be seen or they saw someone else’s face.
I woke two more times. Once when I felt some pain pressure in my back, then I was knocked out and the last time when they were putting me into a fajete. I felt myself being lifted and in my groggy state wheeled into a recovery room

Food at Real Recovery Armonia

The food here was so delicious and seasoned well. This is not your normal hospital food. If you are a chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, or bland food eater, you may have a problem. The food is distinctly Caribbean flavor, but everything was prepared from scratch and had a home-cooking taste to it. The food was good and healthy. Here are a few meals I had.

You will be asked what you want to eat and they will customize it for you. Let them know what you like and don't like and inform them of any allergies also. They were happy to make substitutions. Flacca is the main cook and as tall and thin as she is, that woman can cook soooooo good!

A few pics

I am listing Day 1 through just over two weeks. I will post current pics soon.

114 Days /3 Months 24 Days Post Op: So Happy!

I will be giving my Post Recovery review very soon. I will say this. The surgery was almost a piece of cake compared to recovery. I heal quickly, but because I am mostly healthy (eat clean and yoga), I underestimated how long recovery would take. 12 days after surgery, I went back to work and had to take a flight to Europe for a job. That was one of the worse flights I've been on. Although, I slept most of the time, I was stressed and terrified of the effects of the flight's compression on my post-surgery body. I kept thinking about blood clots and embolisms. I slept for a day and a half once I got there, but then was grateful for all the walking around that I had to do. The exercise of constantly moving around really helped out a lot. I flew back to the states 10 days later, stronger and much healthier. However, I do not recommend it.

I have posted some pictures 30 days post op, where you can still see some swelling and one area of lumpiness. Overall, I was ecstatic at 3 months and now that I am almost 4 months post op, I feel amazing.

To Add - I am doing waist training, dieting, as well as eating clean. I hated my compression garment and went right into wearing a waist cincher. Its made my life better and more convenient. I will post again very soon, but I wanted to throw out my quick updates.

Almost been a full year!

I had surgery with Dr. Baez almost a year ago and I cannot be any happier. I love my body and curves and now having a flatter belly has really boosted my confidence in my image. As I mentioned previously, I decided to forgo (did not pay for either) the BBL and go with only lipo in the stomach. However, I am convinced that some of my belly fat made its way into my butt, lol. I have always been hippy, with a flat tush, but after the surgery, my booty has been poppin’. I am not one for huge butts, not on me. But although I had lipo, everyone is convinced that I got my butt done!! LOL! My husband thinks that Dr. Baez did my booty as a favor when I was under anesthesia, lol. But what I think happened is that with all of the abdominal fat removed, my body is re-sculpted and now my booty is more prominent. If you are not sold on the BBL, consider that this may happen to you also. I have NEVER had a booty, I was flat-city, and I love the results. I am now thinking that if I did get a BBL, I would have looked ridiculous in about 10 years. I waist trained for about 5 months. after surgery.

I would love to get updated on Dr. Baez and see if she still operates by the same policy that made me comfortable to choose her in the first place. I am free to answer any questions and I hope to post more pics soon!

I forgot to add.....anesthesia and loss of appetite. Horrible Broth, Low Blood Pressure attack.

- I realized that I did not mention that: after surgery I had a major loss of appetite, which is what I think contributed to a remarkable weight loss. I could not eat normally for about a month after surgery. The day I got back to the recovery house, I had an appetite. Then after that, I could barely get any food down. The recovery house nurses were concerned that I was not eating, but that after anesthesia, it was normal. However, my lack of appetite got worse, I could only get by with small bites before my throat closed up. I was rejecting food although the food on my plate looked amazing. The lack of appetite continued for about 3-4 weeks after surgery. It was pretty dramatic, because I love to eat. Apparently, anesthesia has that effect on certain people, I guess I was one of those people.

- After surgery, I received a chicken broth at my bed. First...it was GROSS. It was like a liquid, pasty, bland chicken flavored mess. It was tasteless and I was required to drink it. The nurse on-duty made sure that I got it all down. Just a warning, and you will have to consume it.

-The night after the surgery, I had a panic attack in my faja garment. The constriction was REAL and I felt claustrophobic. I woke up around 4am in a lot of pain and then I felt claustrophobic. I literally tried to tear the garment off of me. I also had to wake up my companion, because the pain meds wore off. That was one of the worse feelings. If it happens to you or if you don't like tight closed spaces, be aware. The nurse was asleep behind the desk and my companion had to wake her up to tend to me. I felt so bad, but the pain and constriction was too much. Fortunately, she put meds into my IV and within about a minute I was pain free and could go back to sleep.

-WARNING: Blood Pressure. If you normally have low blood pressure (like me), be cautious. On the day I was released from the surgery center, I was told to go into the bathroom so they could remove my catheter. I was moving around pretty well already. But, long sustained standing, recent surgery, and low blood pressure sent me into convulsions. It started when I began feeling nauseous, then the room started spinning, then I grabbed onto a bathroom bar because my body lost control. I remember seeing black, then I felt my body shaking uncontrollably, then I blacked out. The nurse came to my rescue, put me in a chair and took my pressure (dangerously low). I had to stay a bit longer and Dr. Baez came in to check on me. It was very scary, but I pulled through ok.

2nd attack. - I was at the recovery house and I removed a part of my faja to "wash" my body with a wipe. Because I was in the faja for so long at the point, removing it caused a blood pressure drop and I went into convulsions again. I was put onto my bed, but it became apparent that I could not stand for long periods of time. Lesson learned, but I felt I needed to share this in case it should happen to you. The nurses at Real Recovery Armonia took very good care of me and Ruth made me drink Remolacha (beet) juice to bring my iron/pressure levels up. I still drink it to this day.

Massages, yep it sounds great…but they are ridiculously painful.

Massages, yep it sounds great…but they are ridiculously painful.
I was not prepared for how this would be. I was actually looking forward to the massages, but I changed my mind real quick the minute my massage therapist put her hands on me. How can I explain? It’s like being a virgin having sex for the first time. It hurts, it’s awful, but in a way eventually it feels great. There is no way to put it, the strong-arm professional massage is what you need, but the manipulation of the skin and muscles make you wince, cry out and it is very uncomfortable….but you feel great afterwards and look forward to the next time. After the 3rd massage, it was not so bad and I actually enjoyed it. She also used an ultrasound wand on my and the pressure from that was also painful, but it was even. The massages though, in my opinion, were worth it. Bring plenty of Arnica cream/gel, it will be your best friend. ALSO, bring Aspercreme or something similar! It worked wonders on the pain and to me it lasted longer than the Arnica. The best part? Your drain would fill up which is what you wanted. Then, although you would not see this in the USA, my drain was dumped out, cleaned out, and you can see from the pics...the contents were just dumped into a random blue bowl. I was icked out, but it didn't seem to phase anyone who worked there. *if you are squeamish, don't look*

At Real Recovery Armonia, I did NOT have a private massage room. Let me explain. The room that was on the website was not the one I was put in. I was put into a room that had large windows that opened to the other side of the floor. The windows were not curtained and they were opened to the fresh air windows in what looked like a wind tunnel. I would not normally have a problem with that HOWEVER, there was a couch directly across from the window….that people sat in….to watch your massage…while you were naked…..and in pain! It was full on voyeur-time. One time, I was in the massage room, another patient held up a camera pointed directly at me!! I am not sure if she was taking video or photos, but I didn’t want my naked, bruised body and face to show up on someone’s social media. I immediately spoke up and my therapist was kind enough to cover the windows with towels for me. She completely understood. From there on out, whenever she knew I was her patient she would have the windows cover prior to my arrival.

The Bland Broth!

Just had to throw up a pic of my first meal after surgery. I will never forget that soup. Blech...

Drain – Pain *if you are squeamish, don't view pics*

*if you are squeamish, don't view pics*
The Drain is a necessary animal. It needs to be taken care of, walked, and emptied. Cosmetic surgery is not pretty and “The Drain” is a very real aspect of the whole procedure. It is tacky, gross, and a constant reminder that the more it fills, the more you are draining and healing. It is with you always. Not only that, but your goal is to make it fill up so you don’t have to travel with it. Dr. Baez instructs you on how to empty and cleanse your drain once you leave the hospital. Also, the ladies at the recovery house clean your drain with no problem. Blood, and the other crazy stuff that comes out of your body don’t even phase them. Your drain will not only have blood in it, it will have liquids, plasma and liquefied fat in it. The nurse called it “oil”. I got really good at cleaning out my drain, after a few days of wearing it, it would clog up. The nurse used a needle-free syringe to “blow” out the gunk. I asked for one to do the same thing and after getting permission from her supervisor, she gave it to me. It you can, bring one with you. Easily purchased at a drug store.
Here is a tip on carrying your drain around…don’t carry it. I read somewhere that a robe with pockets and metal binder clips keep you from having to carry your drain and leaving your hands free. This was so liberating! I saw so many patients carrying that damn drain around, even outside walking around. I’m pretty sure that the locals knew why I was in DR, but it made me feel better to have some medical privacy. Also, I did not want to talk around with a bloody drain in my hand. Here is the tip (see pics for examples): Bring about 3 front-zip robes with you. Make sure they have large deep pockets. I brought one long one, one shorter one, and one that looked like a dress you would wear. I also bought several large binder clips. The drain stayed in my pocket the majority of the time, tucked out of the way. Brilliant. Also the binder clips come in handy when you are in the restroom, washing, or whenever you are not in the zip-up robe. The binder clip kept my drain in place or I was able to hang it up somewhere without having it fall off the sink, counter, table, etc. This was invaluable when using the restroom.

I had to travel with my drain because I had to leave early for an international flight for work. I ended up going to my local doctor to have my stitches and drain removed. They were impressed about my results, but they were stunned by my drain, so was I. Here is how that went: the nurse removed the stitches that held in my drain and then she began pulling the drain out. The nurse was incredulous that the hose kept lengthening and lengthening, it was like “miles of hose” she said. I felt the drain hose all around my insides as it was being pulled. Then, like a worm or snake inside my torso, I felt the hose being pulled around internally until it popped out! It was the weirdest feeling ever!

The Go-Girl Travel Urinal – Run, do not walk to get one of these!

Or get a similar one like:
-Travel John
This unit was a life saving. Regarding underwear and panties after surgery? FORGET IT! They will be more trouble than they are worth and you will be in so much pain after torso lipo, that putting them on and taking them off is a challenge. I actually gave up after a while. But if you must bring them, do. You’ll see. I had one accident trying to get them off in time to sit on the toilet to pee.

Then that brings me to another issue. That faja hole is not realistically designed. Besides the fact that I had to struggle to sit on a low toilet after torso lipo (painfully hard!), once you get on the actual toilet seat, I ended up peeing through the faja! The hole be damned, it was dry as a bone! I was so glad that I had the Go-Girl Unit. There's a bit of a learning curve, so practice at home PRIOR to surgery. It was suggested that I practice in the shower first, then on the toilet. I just placed the Go-Girl Unit up to the faja hole and let go. Tip: use light pressure to create a seal. I was super impressed on how great this worked.

Ladies, I was so happy that I was able to stand like a dude and 'go'. I was in so much pain after surgery, that getting up and down on the toilet was physically impossible. After use, wash thoroughly in anti-bacterial soap and spray with alcohol afterwards. Let air dry or wipe off with a paper towel. I purchased mine at a camping store, but they are readily available on Amazon and Target.

It was also a lifesaver at the airport on the way home.

I would also like to throw in, Bring at least two front close bras (zip or hook). You will not be able to reach behind you to put on or take off a regular bra. I was not able to really do so until almost two weeks after torso lipo.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

By far Dr. Baez is one of the best doctors I have had the pleasure to visit. I felt taken care of the moment I arrived, to the moment I left. Her bedside manner is impeccable and she has a great sense of humor. I love that she is knowledgeable and personable. I also love the fact that she not only enjoys creating natural body shapes on women, she is very picky about who she selects as a patient and cares about your overall pre-health "before" she operates. She doesn't just take anyone, so that was a big selling point to me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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