If Life Gives You Lemons, a Simple Surgery Can Give You Melons!

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Hello ladies, I'm a 29 year old female from...

Hello ladies,

I'm a 29 year old female from Brooklyn. I'm looking to get lipo on my lower and upper abs as well as my flanks and back/ roll area. I also want a fat transfer- but if I wake up with a big ass vixen butt I will be PISSED! Lol. I work with all white people so I don't want to come in looking all " urban" and bootylicious out of nowhere. You know coworkers loooooove to ask questions- especially mine. I can see them now talmbout' something looks different about you-bish mind your business!

I'm currently leaning towards Tania Medina( super sweet, attentive and thorough in emails) 2nd choice Almonte and third Yily but some of her reviews give me reservations. I'm looking to go in the second week of June or July so I have plenty of time to decide.

I will post pics soon but I need to find an app to hide my tatts. Other wise my ass will be outted' literally. Anywho, this body gots' to go!!!

From pancake to poundcake

Hi ladies, So I'm finally back on deck for getting a BBL. I saved the money last August then got scared and squandered the $6,800. I don't have nan thing to show for that money but I digress. I'm ready to go from pancake to pound cake. I really wanted Dr.Miami but he's booked until 2032 and Dr.Fishers minions are a nightmare to work with. So now Ive been struggling between Alvarez and Dr. Blinski. I think I am 95% sure I'm going with Dr. B. His staff is professional and I like that I was able to speak to him directly. I've been stalking his IG and I want to be a Blinski Barbie. I just reconfirmed a date of July 10th.

Surgery date changed from July to June 29

I can't believe I'm going through with this. I attached my blood work from two weeks ago ( I initially thought I was going to have my surgery next week). I have only taken iron pills once or twice this year. However, I'm going to start as I want to raise it.

Supplies and money saving tips

I purchased most of my supplies in the past two weeks. Here are some of my money saving tips. I used my FSA( flexible spending account) to purchase any eligible items. ( Gentle tape,incontinence pads (can't be used 4 pads)and disposable underwear,thermometer,disposable underpads( for the bed) and vaseline( I got Vaseline as black people use it for ayyyyy' thing).

I also used the Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. The reason I like BB&B is because they let you use their coupons even when they're expired. I always buy my toiletries from them and use the 5.00 off a 15.00 purchase coupon. Often times its a lot cheaper than Target or Walmart. ( I live in NYC where everything is overpriced :/ )

I used the 5.00 off to buy mederma as well as their $3.00 printable coupon from their site and ended up paying a little over $9.00 ..Cheaper than Amazon...speaking of Amazon who the hell told them to raise the minimum for free shipping? Ol' Bastards.
I also used a 20%off coupon to purchase Scar away as well as a $3.00 printable coupon from their site.

Sites that offer printable coupons from their sites: (GOOGLE the sites and type in coupons in the search field)
Summers eve $1.50 off of two items
Sarna lotion $2.00 off
Scar away $3.00 off
Mederma $3.00 off
T-Relief $2.00 off
Cetaphil $1.00 off (when the link works)

Supplies not pictured:
9 white camisoles from Forever 21 $1.99
1 Shower curtain- dollar store .99
Travel toothpaste
Feminine wipes and wash
Clorox wipes
Folding chair from Home Depot 6.99 ( cut a hole in it for my butt)

Things I still need: anti embolism socks
Ab board/foam board
Gift cards/thank you cards

I know I may not need all of this but I rather be safe than sorry as I may not be staying at a recovery house. Plus I have eczema so my skin may react crazy to some of the soaps or lotions. :(

Listen to the vets!

So my dumb a$$, trying to be different -picked this personal massager vs the highly recommended Wahl hot and cold massager. When I saw the FedEx guy struggling with this big a$$ box I knew I was in trouble. I was praying there was a smaller box inside- NOPE! I opened it and was like SHAT. It's huge and looks like it could be a mini leaf blower or some freaky freaky sex toy. The only reason I can laugh about it is because I used an Amazon gift card that a colleague gave me.

Wish pics !! I hope Blinski delivers

I want an upside down hear booty! LOL.

I've been working out crazy and juicing as I want to lose 10-15 pounds before surgery. I also started doing various arm exercises- I don't want to be snatched with flabby arms and gross thighs.

Paging all Blinski dolls!!

It's getting harder everyday to keep track of u!! Please rep the set below! Lol. I want to stay connected and continue following your journeys. Please feel free to drop the names of Blinski dolls below.

Anti Inflammatory Foods/Drinks

My day is fast approaching and a bish is getting nervous! 0_o I just created a bunch of Pinterest boards for anti inflammatory smoothies and food for post surgery. I'm already juicing so I hope these won't be too bad.

HELP PRETTY PLEASE: Lymphatic drainage in Miami

Ya a$$es better help me, you ain't doing shit but avoiding getting ready for work. Inserts fingernail/polish emoji I'm considering these three people: Marian ( Medical Masssages, Sapphire Therapy and Corito at Spectrum. Anyone have good or bad reviews on any of them? Corito seems sweet but something about her seems freaky to me. Like she will slide her finger in my juice box during the massage. 0_o

Im scurred'

I can barely concentrate right now! Im sitting at my desk thinking of a million things. My boyfriend is all of a sudden acting up and my friends are all saying slick / back handed things. A bish might wake up from surgery like new body - who dis'!

I met Blinski today

Where do I begin?? I was having the worse day before I met him. I was leaving my apartment and I got STUCK in the elevator. I was thinking omg, it's 3am no one will find me until 5/6am on their way to work. My phone didn't have service and none of the alarm buttons were working. I literally sat on my luggage and said a silent prayer. (NO ONE HAS EVER GOTTEN STUCK, and my building only has 8 floors so I don't know why it was acting like a project elevator tuhday')
I got up and pushed every motherfXcking' button possible. Next thing I know it brought me to the 2nd floor. I shuffled my a$$ right on out and ran to my uber. I get to the airport and the lines were so long!! It took me 2 hours - when it was all said and done I had 15 minutes before boarding. I landed at 9am and the free hotel shuttle took 90 minutes to come and I had to meet dr B before noon. I was thinking all of this was a sign not to do it until I met Dr. Blinski.

I wasn't expecting his office to be so discreet/ tucked away like it was. The layout reminds me of an old 70s hotel. Anywho , I get to the office and I'm greeted by his lovely staff. Some woman who had just gotten work done was walking around looking dazed. I was thinking she's cute and calm, I'm going to be a tacky mess tomorrow.

I met with Jackie first and signed my paperwork. She was very thorough and explained various things to me. I was telling her how DR.Bs sassy a$$ replies on this site have me CTFU. (subscribe to his posts if u want a laugh)

I met Dr.B next and I have to say I was so impressed. He starts off asking me what did I look for in a plastic surgeon, how his technique is different from others and just explained the process as a whole. He sensed I was nervous and said u know, U don't have to do this. ( I'm like self, get it together)
We Leave his office and go to another room to take pics. Esther comes in and they say" ok, take off your clothes". I know they will see my raggedy ass naked tomorrow but I was acting all shy and timid. lmao. Then I was like eff this, I took off my clothes and hid my raggedy a$$ bra in my shirt ( I was rushing and put on this griege' bra( it use to be white but it's now gray and beige). They ask me what do I want them to focus on and I just started to relax. I'm glad I opted to get a Brazilian wax and my armpits waxed. I wanna look good for zaddy B'. He kissed me on the cheek and said see u later babe. Idk if I was turned on or what, but I kind of liked it.

I made it.

Guys I'm so sorry. I'm doing great.

This picture is from yesterday. I will finish writing my review and tips later on.

Morning of surgery review

Im sorry ladies!!  Im acting very brand new like my income taxes just hit my account.  Im doing great, just very sleepy and drained all the time. The pain meds they gave me have me drowsy/sleepy in 2.5 seconds. I can update ya today because its the 4th Of July and i have the BBQ Blues. I wish i was out eating potato salad and watching family members get drunk and almost coming to blows. Ahhhh.

The day of surgery:  My surgery was scheduled for 6/29 at 6:30AM. Dr.B told me to be there at 6am. I was up from 3am that morning - my mind was thinking about a million things. At one point i almost wrote a " Good Bye letter JUST INCASE". LMAO. smh. Anywho, Dr. B told me to get to his office at 6am. My hotel was literally a 4 minute drive away. Just as the day before i watched the driver circle the uber map again and again . ( if u stay there just call them and give them the hotel name - they will find it instantly)I ended up getting to his office at 6:08am. YA, why was Dr. Binski in his scrubs -in the PARKING LOT waiting for me. Lmaooooo. He was like standing on one leg leaning- like trying to.see past the fog of the morning. I was joking in the uber until i saw him, i got out mad scared. Shit, the last time someone was waiting for me like that was my mommma after i got suspended in the 9th grade. 

He was like " lets go young lady".

I get in the office and he gives me a cup to pee- im thinking self if your ass is pregnant im never speaking to u again.  While in the bathroom, I got really nervous, i dropped the cup of urine and was crawling all around chasing it. Im sure him and my friend were wondering wtf i was doing in there but i could also hear him joking with my friend talmbout' dont be surprised if u wake up and find me next to u. Say what now?LMFAO. I texted her like if u giving him some coo coo before this surgery, get me atleast $3,000 back.  ( He was also very accomadating and asked her if she was comfortable,cold and did she want a blanket.

We small talked some more and then he marked me up. He was really adamant about wanting to do my thighs, i could tell they bothered him. LOL. I knew as he mentioned it the day before with Esther- so i let him mark them up as well. ( he was like your thighs too right?? I was looking at him like NO hoe'! Aint' nobody say shit about no thighs) . Lowkey, i dont know if he did the inside of them or not. It hurts on the inside a bit but not as much as everywhere else and i dont see incisions. Lastly, Esther came in and gave me the finishing touches of the markup. 

I come out and a few minutes later the 

anesthesiologist appears. He came out very low spirited and low energy. I remember thinking i dont want Dr. Spooks to touch me. 0_o. I kissed my friend goodbye and went into the OR. Idk where Dr. B went but i recall asking them to turn back on the music ( they were listening to a nice jazz station but wanna go radio silent when a bish bout to get snatched, nah turn on that new hov and future.) Esthers sweet self was like what do u wanna listen to hun?. I said the nice classical stuff u were just playing. LMAO.  I couldnt bring myself to request a rap song. The last thing i rememeber saying was " Wheres my heart machine" I wanted to see that "flatline machine" 

 ( The electrocardiograph monitor)  

I will do an update on when i woke up and on the staff later. I tried to be very descriptive but omitted some stuff. Let me know if i should do the cliffnotes version in the next review.

Life saver while driving -Cando Black Composite purchased from Amazon

I purchased this from Amazon and it was $8/9.00 . If u ever used a. Foam roller u know how hard these are.

Waking up after surgery and post op appt.

Awakening from surgery: I woke up coughing and very confused asking the nurse is it over? LOL. I don't remember being cold but I had my faja on and I was more amazed at that. When I first stood up I couldn't believe how much pain I was in. It felt like I had worked out for 48 hours. The incision marks and my butt felt like it was on fire. I remember being so annoyed because my friend and the nurse were having a not so subtle educational battle. I'm like B!TCHES, I don't care who is an RN and who has more experience!! I just wanna get out of here.
The über arrives and its this big a$$ truck. Little did I know I wouldn't be able to climb in so easily. I STRUGGLED to lift my legs and I could barely pull myself in. The driver looked so confused and after they started putting the chux pads down his look turned to why me. Luckily for the both of us the hotel was less than 5 minutes away so I was able to lie down quickly.

I strolled through that hotel lobby like death. My 2 drains were clipped onto my white toeless anti embolism socks and my bloodied up robe was open exposing my faja . I looked CRAZY AND DIDNT GIVE AN ISH. I was walking SLOWLY. I thought I would slip as I had on the stockings and flip flops. I felt like I was in a movie going in slow motion- everyone was looking. Lmao. I get upstairs and lay down. I ordered soup but could barely get it down. I was super nauseous( the smell of food drove me crazy for 48 hours). I popped an ambient and slept all night.

Day after surgery - I go to do my post op visit. We arrive and the reception glass was closed. I knock and Melissa is sitting there with like 2 other people. She wasn't warm at all. At first I was thinking maybe I'm just high off of pain Meds so ignored it. As we wait, my friend and I are chit chatting with 2 other patients and then I remember to inquire about my free lymphatic massage. I go back to the Melissa who has closed the sliding window again. I knock politely and she tells me the lady is off until July 7th. I reply ok no one told me that when booking. She looks at me with this blank a$$ stare like not my problem. I was so shocked I stumbled with my next few words( normally I'm ready to get a bish togethaaaaa'). By this time I'm annoyed as my surgery was 6/29 and here I was in the office 6/30 and I'm telling her everyone knew my return flight home was 7/5 .She legit could have cared less and was very rude about it. I walked off and I told my friend she's acting like this is Spectrum/Vanity. This other girl laughed and said I know right! I stood in the lobby stewing!!! I felt like that episode of Martin when Gina drags the train station worker through the glass.

Jackie came out dressed cute as hell. I'm like girl, give me that outfit. LOL. She really is a beautiful girl, her pic on his website does her no justice. (When I first met her I wanted to ask if she had any work done by Dr.B but I was still being classy... By the time I met Esther and she saw my griege bra I had lost all tact. I was all sorts of tacky. I was like boo, did u have any work done by Blinski which she gladly told me the procedures). Overall Jackie was very sweet and she had a boulder for a wedding ring. I was thinking yup, her husband was smart to lock it down and breed her. Lmaoooooo.

Esther- she felt like an old friend I hadn't seen in a long time. She was very humble, funny and sweet as well. Doctor B has a solid team minus M.dog. Maybe she was having a bad day...
I will speed the rest up as I type/ talk too damn much and go off on tangents. When they took that faja off of me i was like wtf!!! I immediately felt very faint and nauseous so They gave me apple juice and made me smell an alcohol wipe. I was good after that.
Dr.B and Esther looked me over and said I looked great. I hugged them all and was on my way. I will update with tips and things I didn't use tomorrow. I promise not to be so long winded next time.

Sorry ladies

My lying a$$ is back. I said I wouldn't disappear and look what happened. I have a lot of nerve right?! It's been so long I forgot some of the things I was suppose to tell ya'.

Things I still remember ... Write EVERYTHING down that you want to tell your doctor. You wouldn't believe how much you will forget in the docs office or the stuff u wish you would have said.

The week I got back I was so exhausted so I wasn't really updating. The 2nd/3rd week I was starting to really dislike my body. At first it looked like my sides were uneven,and I was comparing pics with another Blinski doll via text and her sides looked uneven as well. Then I was pissed that I said I wanted a natural look as that's what I got. #BootyGreed.

YOU HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE PATIENCE!! One day I love my body and 1 day I'm like wut' iz' dis'. It's an emotional roller coaster- I can see why people stop posting.

One thing I can't stress enough is to get your massages. They make a world of a difference. I'm still going!! I live in Nyc so I'm surrounded by great places.

Lastly, who the eff told Dr. B to start SNATCHING waists like a DR/ Cali doc!! ? I'm like mutha fu-ka!! Lmao.

Various pics



I like my body. I just pray I don't lose any more volume as this has already turned into a baby BBL. lol
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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