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Heyy, im sceduled for surgery with Dr.Cabral on...

Heyy, im sceduled for surgery with Dr.Cabral on March 18 im very excited! Im dominican and used to live in the area he works ive had family that had work done with him and hes the best in DR. Ive done my research on him and i do not care to hear negative comments about him :-) . iVe been communicating with him for weeks via whatsapp and ive sent wish pics which he says he can make me look better then that which i thought was impossible but yily said the same thing when i was considering her. Cabral recommended i bring precocet but my insurance hasnt been renewed so i wont be able to see her in time. What did you do for pain? is it really painful? i have a low pain tolerance :-| .. Also any advice is appreciated. I will be staying at cipla 9 days post op before returning to the states. i will post as many pics as i can looking forward to sharing my journey with you all :-D

40 days preop

40 days left! Have not been in contact with Dr Cabral since my phone messed up but my date was already confirmed with him. I need to call his office to have someone pick me up from the airport. I've been take ferrous sulfate and and ensure once a day and will be buying multivitamin tomorrow. Even though its early I plan to have my suitcase packed this weekend

34 days preop

Heyy how long can anyone recommend staying I was originally going to stay 10 days at the clinic but I'm staying for 6 instead then my husband ants to take me to visit his family several hours away .. aside from the 3500 quote how much more $$ you think we should take for all the other expenses I'm thinking 5200 ... my mom said don't take a debit card because they I guess made a copy and started using hers out there once she got back to the states..

25 days left...

25 days until I'm in DR and time is flying by! I've ordered all my stuff I plan on taking but haven't received everything yet.. I have my
Boppy pillow
Compression socks
Summers eve feminine wipes
Tylenol 3

how much I plan to spend..

I realize I did not detail how much I need to spend ...
3500 liposculpture
45$ consultation
140$ analysis
220$ for two postop garments
30$ compression socks
100$ per night to stay at clinic hotel includes pick up and drop off to airport plus one free night

20 days until I am in DR!

The closer my date gets the more excited I become. I can't wait to get this done. I received my lipo foam, arnicare gel and neosporin today. I'm only missing a few more items which should be arriving tomorrow.

per op pics and wish pics

Here are my depressing pre op pics and my wish pics. I'm trying to be as realistic as I can about the wish pics but its what I want and what I think i can get. I asked Cabral if I needed a tummy tuck since I have a daughter but he said no.. I feel like I do though.

leaving to DR today!

Hey everyone!!! Plane leaves in about 5 hours I'm about to start getting dressed and head to the airport I wasn't nervous until now... I'm like shaking but so0 excited!!! By the way ... I was told not to eat since 9 last night since I can possibly have my surgery today instead of Tuesday.... I really hope so my nerves are going crazy right now!!!

surgery today...

I'm here at cipla I already had all the analysis done and everything is paid for I'm just waiting for my blood work results then I'm going for surgery. I was really nervous but after I got off the plane I started to feel better the driver was so nice we talked the whole time. After my consultation with Dr. Cabral I feel so much better not nervous, just worried about the pain but I have percocet so hopefully I won't bother me too much... by the way all his post op patients have some HUGE asses. he said he can definitely give me what I want lots of butt and hips.. I will update as soon as I'm able


Right after surgery the pain is intense, I can only compare it to unbearable soreness on my stomach and back and like a truck ran over my ass legs and thighs. However after they gave me a pain killer shot and I drank my percocet it brings the soreness down from a level 10 to a 2 and I'm able to talk on the phone eat sleep or go online. my toes and legs are numb I think from all the compression so I can't really walk. Dr. Cabral and all the staff are truly amazing I cried when I first had to et up from the bed so they can clean me up and they did everything they could to calm me down and make me laugh.I having seen my butt yet was I too much pain to try but I feel like I'm laying on two hard pillows so I think that's good. I saw my stomach and hips Cabral took every bit of fat out my stomach I couldn't believe it and my hips r big and hard everyone is saying I look amazing even Cabral said he did a beautiful job that I will love it. I waited until they took out my IV to type this up so it would be easier. I been laying on my ass the whole time cause its the only way I can eat reach for the phone etc. my arms hurt but I will update more later hopefully with some pics.


My eyelids are swollen because I have my feet elevated the whole time and I been sleeping like all day. I have a pic of my girdle but I have like two inches of padding all over I will try to take a pic without the girdle front and back

I forgot to add

I have always been slightly anemic but I started taking blood builders 4 weeks ago and my levels were 12.7 on day of surgery, and I don't have a drain just a lovely catheter so I don't have to get up and go to the toilet.

almost fainted..

I had to stand so they can clean me almost fainted I feel good now that I'm laying down again. I asked the nurse to take a pic this was the best she could do.


I was screaming in pain because I hadn't taken any pain killers and I had to stand while they took off my garment to wash it and fix the bed. It still almost impossible for me to walk my butt and hips are so stiff. I asked them to send me a nurse who can massage my legs for me. My catheter was removed earlier which I wanted them to leave in so I don't have to get up to use the toilet but I called a nurse and used my P EZ to pee in there bucket thing and I didn't spill a drop of it. I don't have my compression garment they took it off to dry it but here are some pics. I have some padding under my shirt.


Hopefully it will fluff out once I become more mobile I been laying on my butt since I had the surgery.. I was finally able to get up from the bed and walk to the bathroom. I walked slow but at least I didn't scream or pass out.


Today has been frustrating because after my garment was washed at 9am I had to keep calling for them to come put it back on they didn't put it back on until 7pm so I was without the garment the whole day... very frustrating. When one of the nurses finally came to put it on I asked aren'tyou going to put the socks on she's like you don't need it meanwhile my legs are like two balloons. anways the nurses change shift and I call the office so I could pee a nurse names yamilka comes in and helps me walk to the bathroom then when I get back in bed she rubs arnicare on my legs and takes her time to put my socks on then she passes me my ensure and covers me. I reach out and give her a tip and she's the only one who doesn't snatch it out my hand she was like noooo noon. It OK I said no take it... she's so sweet :-)

pain killers

Percocets finished only bought 15 wit me here .. I'm buying their pain killers out here now. Right now my pain level without meds is about 4. They poked my back to drain it a bit and I feel better now not as stiff. My breakfast was a piece of toast and a hot chocolate.

didn't realize how big my butt and hips are

I'm walking on my own now :-) thank God because I think I was irritating the nurses...they moved me to a much bigger and much nicer room ...feeling 50% better then on Monday's some pics sorry for the stains remember I have no drains.

4 days post op**

Dr. Cabral came to check on me this morning, I was laying on my stomach with my face and arms hugging my boppy pillow and watching a movie. He walked in smiled asked how I was feeling. I said OK but uncomfortable, he lifted up the blanket and said very good that your laying down like that, very good! He said, your butt is very big very nice and told me go to the spa for a massage to help with the swelling. I went for my first massage today it was weird. It hurt but not enough for me to scream. Anyways I'm tired now but I will update with pics later tonight, take care and thank you all for your comments and support.:-)

(warning) TMI !!

I had a really bad morning. Around 1am last night i called a nurse to remove my garment so I can use the bathroom since I have not poo 'd since last Monday pre surgery! Anyway I got really dizzy and the nurse put my garment back on and I went to sleep. I woke up at 6am in pain from not eliminating called the nurse asked for a laxitive but they said I had to ask my doctor who wouldn't get there until later. I sat pushing on the toilet for about in hour before I gave up, cried, and went to sleep. Woke up in even more pain called a nurse for help but she said I had to wait for a doctor. Sat on the toilet again! Shivering in pain after 40 minutes still nothing. A lady from the spa came to check on me and asked why I was so pale I said I just want to sleep. I woke up at 4 pm sat on the toilet again and was finally able to use the bathroom I felt so relieved I no longer had that tension in my butt. Ladies please bring a mild laxitive if you plan on taking pain meds because I do not want anyone to endure that same horrific morning and pain I encountered.

leaving cipla today :-) :-) :-)

different posture

another pic


Hey everyone!! Finally back in the USA. Had so much fun in DR after leaving CIPLA. I'm very tired but promise to update and answer all your comments tomorrow take care!! :-)

front view


So I'm very happy with my post op results just waiting for the stiffness and discomfort to go away. Everyday I feel better and am able to do more. Today I plan on changing from my post op compression garment to my butt lifting girdle hoping to enhance my results. My husband took a picture of me laying down and I couldn't believe how small my back looks especially since I still have a lot of swelling. Its also important to take all your post op meds daily! I notice a huge difference when I take my meds versus when I don't. I also recommend everyone buy the P ez female urinal is amazing and a HUGE help.

side pic

Will post more pics later...

worried and not feeling well**

Not feeling well today. Been sleeping all day no appetite, I feel very cold. I was fine the past couple days but I was taking Advil or Tylenol when I woke up due to the stiffness. I took my temp. I don't have a fever otherwise I wouldve went to the ER.

hi everyone

Thank you all so much for your concern I'm feeling a lot better. Some massages ensures and caffeine helped me feel almost 100% normal if my butt wasn't hard and I wasn't waking up stiff every morning i'd be perfect.. going to sleep now have school in the morning.. I will update with pics as soon as everything begins to settle bit. :-)

Cabral is the King of sculpting!

Pic didn't upload

Deleted my pics

Didn't like that people were using cabral pre and post op pics to make memes on Instagram... I will be posting more pics tho but only of my butt

hi sorry..

Heyy sorry for disappearing I've been really busy here's some pics...

laying down pics ..preious pics will be deleted

The biggest mistake was going to Cabral.

I didn't plan on ever going back on this site because it reminds me of how stupid I was. I knew Cabral had killed people and I heard all the horrible stories about CIPLA but I decided to go to Cabral anyway. However, I will finish my review on my experience so that you can make the best decision for yourself when choosing a doctor.
After I came home from DR, my husband and I noticed I had a warm spot on my thigh that was swollen. My leg was also uneven.
Fast forward until the future. It's 2017 and I just had surgery in my thigh to have a 7inch mass removed. My plastic surgeon said it was an injury I had sustained and my body tried to heal itself. The MRI said it was from fat injections. I don't know what it was but I have a picture of my thigh before surgery, after surgery, and a picture of the mass that was removed as well. My plastic surgeon also said he has never seen anything like it. If you would like those photos send me a private message. I would post it here but the photos may be too graphic for some. Good luck dolls and be safe.
Dr. Hector Cabral

Was not to clear on after care instructions but overall he gets stars :-)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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