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I've been doing my research for about 3 years now ...

I've been doing my research for about 3 years now . I've looked at many doctors work and I've found bad , good & great doctors based on their patients results but nothing comes close to DR. CABRALS Work . I've been in the night life scene for about 4 years now . I've worked with bartenders, waitresses and exotic dancers . So I've witnessed bad and good surgery results . I've been dancing for the past 7 months & man is the money great . I naturally have a nice shape . Thick thighs , huge butt and small waist . But I know I would be making way more money if I could just fix these little imperfections .

In general none of the bartenders or dancers like to discuss who their surgeon was , I guess because they do not want you to look like them . But I'm one , that I like to do my own research . That's how I ended up finding DR. CABRAL . My neighborhood friend who happens to be CABRALS niece , has had surgery with him and lord her body is freaking on point . Big booty , small waist , skin on stomach is flat with no bumps or lumps & her breast are awesome . I follow dr. Cabral on Instagram , I have his what's app number & his email address . He even DIRECT MESSAGED ME ON Instagram . I can't wait to be a Cabral Barbie . He quoted me $5500 for lipo and breast implants . I have yet to book my surgery date , but I am considering either December or january.

Updated quote

Ok so I resent my photos to Dr. cabral and now the quote is $5200 instead of $5500 . Today I went to my pcp and scheduled an appointment to check out my iron levels so I can start this pre- op vitamins . I work in a pharmacy so all surgical supplies & vitamins are free for me . I am looking to schedule my surgery a week before thanksgiving . So let's see !

Some wish pictures

Infatuated with yaris sanchez body , I think she was a cabral Barbie too !

Indecisive between Cabral & Yily

Hey I've been away from realself for a month now . In the meantime I was referred to dr. Yily from one of the dancers at my job . Her waist is super small and her breast are perfect . So I emailed dr. Yily she replied in about 3 days and she have me a quote of $4700 , which is cheaper than CABRALS quote of $5200 . I was excited , then I came on realself and started reading some of her lowest ratings & a lot of then stated that dr. Yily wasn't the one who ended up performing the surgeries but instead it was a man . Oh hell no ! I am not paying $4700 to have some random man perform this life changing surgery on me . So now I'm just indecisive between cabral and Yily . I have more than enough for cabral but my only concern is getting burned . And my only concern with Yily is that she'll be in the room while I'm getting operated but won't be the one performing the surgery . Any advice guys ?

Colombia here I come :) !!

So I was gone from real self for over a year . I was dancing and hustling and traveling . Now I'm even more eager to get my body done and get it over with so I can be flawless . I've always wanted to get my nose done , and I think the best place for that would be COLOMBIA ! I am not impressed at all with those noses the doctors in DR give you . So I've been doing major research on Colombian doctors . I'm leaning over to Dr. Leonardo Ramirez Buritica . He noses are flawless , the breast are beautiful and the bbls come out great . I already have a natural huge ass , so I'm not too worried about him filling it up to make it look fuller . I am more concerned about my nose if anything . They quoted me $6,000.00 for these procedures : - bbl - breast lift with implants - full liposuction and lipo to my chin and thighs and arms - rhinoplasty (nose job) - medical insurance - pre and post medication - pre op medical exams - anesthesia fee - post surgery garments - 10 massages If this isn't a deal then idk what is :)

Looking for a recovery house in Cali , Colombia

Ok so I am now looking for a recovery house in Cali colombia . If anybody has Alba Diaz recovery house info can you please private message me ! Thanks

Surgery next week with Leonardo Ramirez Buritica

Hey guys , so I'm having surgery in Cali , colombia next week. I'm super excited , my flight is already booked , I bought the majority of my supplies so I'm all set to go. I will first be getting my teeth done with Juan caval , he's giving me a full set of lumineers , then I will be having a breast lift with implants, a bbl and rhinoplasty . I'm super excited and anxious ! I'm even more anxious to be giving you guys info on colombia . They truly have amazing doctors and their techniques are wayyyy more advanced.

The count down is real

So I am flying out this Sunday , which is two days away . I am super anxious and excited . I had went to the bank today , to make sure they know I am traveling and chase had the nerve to tell me that I can't use my card in colombia because it's high risk for fraud and theft. I WAS SOOOOOO PISSED. Like what's the point of having my money in your bank if I can't use it when I really need it :/ . Anyways luckily for me I have wellsfargo as well so I just have to add the money to that account , I refuse to go to colombia with 10k in cash , I'm scared I'll get stopped at customs lmao . So right now in just packing , I'll let you guys now what I'm bringing in my next posts.

Stuff I'm Bringing to Colombia

- robe
- tank tops
- big panties
- wipes ( to clean myself until I can take a shower)
- disinfecting wipes
- latex gloves
- compression socks
- eye mask (to help me sleep)
- hair ties
- plush blanket
- gauze pads
- gauze tape
- neosporin
- triple antibiotic ointment
- arnica gel
- hibiclens
- antibacterial soap (dial)
- neck pillow
- maxi dresses
- All my vitamins (iron, B complex with b-12, folic acid , vitamin c)

Here are my before pictures

Silly me , I never posted before pictures . I already have a huge butt just looking to fill in more the bottom for a lift and also get rid of my pouch area and love handles . Getting a breast lift with implants , inner thigh lipo as well .

Just landed in CALI COLOMBIA

So after a long day of traveling from NYC , I finally made it to Cali, Colombia. I am staying at Alba Diaz recovery house. I was so worried when I reached baggage claim to get my bags because the airport doesn't have any free wifi. So I'm panicking , like how am I suppose to contact Alba , so she can pick me up from the airport ?? I walked outside and there was a man holding a sign up with my name . Thank GOD LOL !!! The handsome young man was her son :) , he took my luggage and was so welcoming. I was happy he was there. The drive from the airport to the recovery house was about 45 minutes , but only because he was actually doing the speed limit . When I reached the house , Alba was outside waiting for me . She is such a sweetheart and super friendly. She took my luggage to my room and introduced me to my roommate who just had surgery with my same Doctor 4 days ago. The nurse was super friendly , she asked me if I wanted anything to eat or drink. I've been eating all day at the airport lol .

I had to use the wifi to contact my dentist because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 9am for my lumineers, :). Oh and just an FYI , the doctors send people to your location to pick you up for your appointments. I'm having someone from the dentist office pick me up and bring me back :) .

Quick update

So far the hospitality At Alba Diaz Recovery House has been amazing . The nurses are super friendly and attend to all your needs. The girls staying here are super friendly as well. I have two other girls in the house who have already gotten operated with my surgeon :) .

Today I woke up at 8am , to get ready for my dentist appointment with Juan Caval for my lumineers . Let me tell you one thing ladies , don't ever get anything done with him. If he sees your not from colombia he over charges you. He quoted me $6k for porcelain lumineers . Are you crazy ? My surgery is $5700 so why would I pay $6k for teeth. I only had him fix my gums after that I was out . Don't get me wrong he is super friendly , but paying $6,000 for teeth in colombia is insane . So I found another dentist who charges $1,200 for the same procedure . I have a 7am appointment with him , so I will let you guys know how that goes , he does really excellent work .

I have my blood work exams with Buritica's office tomorrow morning at 9am as well . Then I have surgery the day after. I'm super excited and super confident in picking him as my surgeon as I have already seen his work on two girls at the recovery house I'm staying at .

Buritica's breast give me life I swear lmao

Look at my surgeons breast work , AMAZING !!!

Made it to the flat side dolls , MADE IN COLOMBIA !

Well hello my dolls , today I am 4 days post op. I had my surgery with Leonardo Buritica in Cali, Colombia as I had planned . And girls this has been a journey lol , I will start with my actual surgery day .

I had surgery on Wednesday February 3rd, 2016 at Buritica's clinic "corpus & rostrum" , there are also a few other top Colombian surgeons who work out of this clinic . I was told by Buritica's secretary to come into his office at 10am . The day before I had gotten all of my medical exams and was cleared for surgery . I made the payment via credit card , his secretary gave me some pills and to two boxes of clevenox . The pills were for anxiety . I was suppose to take two tablets the night before surgery and one tablet one hour become surgery. The nurses had injected me with one box of clevenox syringe which was to prevent blood clots. The doctor had also prescribed a bottle of iodine . I was suppose to wash my entire body with it before bed , and wash once again the day of surgery.

The day of surgery I had one of the nurses from the recovery house accompany me. They will not allow you to get surgery if you come alone , you MUST have someone accompany you as the clinic makes them sign off on your paper work as well. Once that was done , I met with Buritica to get all marked up. When I tell you that this man has very in depth consultations, I must have been in his office for 20 minutes getting marked up. I told him all my problem areas , he of course put his input as well and convinced me to get a chin implant. He said my nose would come out beautiful but that my face lacked having more chin . Then when I looked in the mirror , I saw exactly what he was talking about. So I was all marked up , then he sent me downstairs to get undress and wait to be taken to the operating room . My belongings were stored in a locker with a key. The key was given to me but then right after I handed it to one of my nurses and told her to give it to me after surgery . I stepped into the operating room, where I was chit chatting with two of his female assistants. They were super nice , and told me to relax , that they've seen him do thousands of surgeries and that I would be in great hands. Prior to getting undressed I had taken the anxiety pill as I was told to do so. I wasn't nervous at all.
The female assistants went over all my info , then they placed me into a bucket where they would disinfect me with more iodine I believe . This iodine was extremely cold lol . Then I sat on the operating table. The anesthesiologist came in the room , but he was no stranger as I had already met him the day before during my medical exams.
The day before we had discussed the options , they have something called "la bomba" , it's basically a pain pump that you stay with even 3 days after surgery so you don't feel as much pain . If you have low pain tolerance or are getting multiple surgeries done at once , I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you pick this option. And you can only pick this option before surgery , they cannot give you a pain pump after surgery , so choose wisely. The anesthesiologist came into the room and was placing the anesthesia via my back. Then I was told to lay flat on my back and I was completely knocked out lol. I got into the operating room at noon , I woke up from surgery at 9:45pm , where I was taken out of the operating room and placed in another room . I woke up shivering ! I was shivering from being cold and I was also shivering from I guess my nerves were trying to make sense of everything. The nurses bought me an extra blanket as soon as they saw I was shivering and assured me that this was normal. I thought I was going crazy until I looked around and all of the other patients who were awake were also shivering. I was then taken into my hospital room. I was not in any pain , the only discomfort I felt was the pressure in my chest of the implants , and my lips were soooooooooo dry. When I was placed into my overnight hospital room , the nurses came and bought me food and liquids. I had the pain pump connected on my back and I had the IV connected to my wrist . They had a medical doctor come in twice that night to check my heart rate and blood pressure and everything was fine. I could feel that I was sleeping on top of blood , I was already draining. The nurses came and change my sheets and everything twice that night. It was very uncomfortable to sleep . I must have slept for probably 4 hours that night . In the morning Dr. Buritica came to visit me . He told me that my surgery was a long one but that everything was ok and that I came out looking like a doll . I thanked him so much and he kissed my hand and told me that he will keep in touch via what'sapp. I had his secretary come down and visit me , Gabriella was such a doll . She bought me my bag from the locker , bought down my faja and bra and bought down my post op medications . The owner of the recovery house came to pick me up around 11am. The nurses at the clinic had gauzed me up and help me get into my faja. The drive from the clinic to the recovery house was hell lol . I felt every road bump in my breasts it was horrible . As soon as I got into my room the nurses gave me my meds and I was knocked out . I had to sleep upward because of my breast and rhinoplasty. I had officially survived day one post op !

Some of the things I bought with me the day of surgery

Some of the things I bought with me the day of surgery was :
The blood cot prevention injection, compression socks , wipes , tooth brush , slippers , deodorant , hair brush , slip on maxi dress and an extra blanket.

One hour before surgery pics lol

10 days post op

10 days post op ladies , BURITICA went to work on me lol

Got my teeth done as well lol

If you're going to colombia , might as well get your teeth done too lol since it's cheaper than the states .

My new babies :)

My new babies

12 days post op

So I made it back home to NYC LADIES ! Before I left colombia , I had a checkup with Buritica & he removed the tape I had on my chin . My chin looks so freaking good lol (I'll post pics) . He also showed me my nose . Now ladies I was a week after surgery not knowing how my nose was going to come out because I had so much gauze and tape all over it . When he removed all of the stuff and I saw my nose , I started crying and I hugged him and Dr. Buritica started crying as well lol. My nose came out perfect . I will update post pics this week once I can remove the remain tape I have on it. He also had to put more stitches on my right breasts because it seemed to be opening up a little bit . He gave me more antibiotics to take home and gave me a spray that helps close wounds quickly . He also gave me a letter stating that I was able to fly back home . LADIES IF YOU GET SURGERY IN COLOMBIA , THEY WILL NOT LET YOU ON THE FLIGHT BACK HOME WITHOUT A MEDICAL CLEARANCE LETTER FROM YOUR SURGEON !!! Also , when going through security at the airport , do not stuff your faja with anything , no ab boards no lipo foam , they will stop you because they think you are trying to smuggle cocaine back to the states lol , I'm laughing but I'm serious.

More pictures 12 days post op

Recovery house in Cali, COLOMBIA

A few dolls have hit me up asking where did I stay during my recovery in Cali, Colombia . I stood at Alba Diaz's Recovery house . I payed $40 a day for a shared room which included 24/7 nurses , breakfast , lunch and dinner and transportation to and from the airport and also to all medical appointments. The nurses are super nice and I'm glad I stayed here.

Some side information for dolls traveling to CALI, COLOMBIA

If you're traveling to Cali, colombia for surgery please do not waste your time buying all your supplies in the states , you will be wasting so much money for nothing . Everything in colombia is dirt cheap and all the pharmacies deliver . My really good faja that I purchased in colombia was like $25 , the Ab boards were like $12 and everything else was basically pennies . Honestly if you're getting surgery in colombia , just pack a few loose dresses in a suit case and bring your body Lmaooo you'll thank me in the long run . Don't order anything from Amazon for surgery lol , I'm serious !

Restrictions placed on Dr. Omulepu from Miami Florida

Wow , and I was going to get operated by this doctor before I chose my doctor in colombia , thank god I didn't . Watch out future Omulepu DOLLS !

17 days post op

Still dealing with A LOT of swelling all over and my tight faja doesn't even fit anymore , Imma have to get it taken in again but I'm not complaining lol . My arms and inner thighs are still sore but bruising has gone down a lot . My breast hurt less every day , just waiting for the incision to close so I can get these stitches removed from them . STILL A LOT of swelling in the tip of my nose , but I have removed the bandages , But overall everyday I feel better and I look better than the day before :) , THANK YOU DR. Buritica

Nose update

I finally removed the structure on my nose , I still have a lot of swelling on the tip and sides of my nose. There is so much dead skin peeling off of it , but I'm in love . I had a bump on the slope of my nose and I had wide nostrils . Buritica is the best , my nose fits my face and it looks perfect with my chin implant .

24 days post op

Still dealing with a lot of swelling and stiffness especially in my back but the massages are definitely helping and I don't take my faja off at all unless I'm getting in the shower . I've been stuffing my faja in order to get more compression , I will be buying lipo foam and get my faja taken in for the 3rd time , my waist keeps shrinking . I've been applying arnica cream twice daily . I've also been applying silvadene cream to my breast in order for the skin to heal better and faster . They have also been dropping very nicely .

Why did I choose Colombia over Dominican Republic

I must get asked this question about 4-5 times daily via inbox. I personally think the doctors in Dominican Republic are great at what they do , they are able to deliver great results with small waists and etc. But I feel they are lacking in customer service and pre op and post op care. For example , I had emailed Dr. Duran for a quote , she gave me an incomplete quote and when I emailed her back I never got a response till this day. I'm sorry but if you can't respond to an email on your phone which you carry all day then you don't deserve my money . I have yet to hear from any doll that has caught an infection from a doctors clinic in colombia . The death rate in colombia due to surgery is almost like non existent. They have some of the best hospitals in Latin America and they cover 50k in medical insurance incase something does happen God forbid. Not to mention surgery in colombia is cheaper , the medications and supplies are close to pennies. When I got surgery with Dr. Buritica's office I had the consultants phone number , the receptionist phone number and I also had the Doctors Direct number . He was checking up on me all the time and even came to visit me the day after surgery. Also a week after surgery I had gotten my chin lipoed, I don't know anybody else who would have done that lol . So what I am trying to say ladies is that Colombia was the route for my life changing surgery because the doctors offices have updated equipment , the deaths and cases of infections are very uncommon, the price was very cost efficient and the customer service of these surgeons are amazing. I knew that I was not going to just be a number . Take that into consideration when choosing your surgeon.

5 weeks post op

Nose is still swelling at the tip . I still have body swelling but it's getting better everyday . I love my results . Remember ladies , I had rhinoplasty , a chin implant , lipo on my neck, arms and inner thighs , also lipo on my abdomen , flanks and back and a breast lift with implants ! Dr. Buritica is the best !

5 week breast lift and implant update

My breasts are healing beautifully , they are scabbing which is normal . I have FULL sensation in both of my nipples and they are dropping in the pocket very nicely . I'm so glad I got a lift with implants :)

Round 2 in the works

Hi ladies , it has been awhile since I posted on here since I had my surgery back in February , but im almost 11 months post op and I'm ready for round 2 lol , my doctors for this round are between dr.cabral or dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez both located in Santo Domingo. I have received quotes from both doctors , I'm super excited :))))))))

So why am I getting round 2 ?

Dr. Buritica was a good doctor , but not as good as I had wanted him to be for my thick body type. If you're already on the slim side I suggest going to him , but if you're a thick girl like me I definetly suggest you going somewhere else. So here are the things I didn't like about my body after surgery :

The liposuction on my thighs wasn't aggressive at all , so it looks like I didn't get Lipo on my thighs , I still have a double chin even after he lipoed it , my hips start wayyyy to high , which makes it seem like I don't have a torso which is bad since I'm already 5 feet tall with big boobs , the scarring on my breast lift is horrible , my hips aren't as round as I would want them to be , and even after the breast lift , I feel like my nipple is too low .

The best thing that came out of my surgery was my nose , chin & teeth ????

So now I know I'm not playing for this round two . Going straight to DR to get this waist snatched to the gods . Plus I want to be on the slim thick side , I've been a thick girl now for the past two years & let me tell you being this thick is cool until you realize you don't fit into any jeans and designer clothing like that lol.
So I'm hoping that Dr. Cabral or Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez can get me looking fabulous but on the slim thick side :)

My wish pics

Just want to be in the slim thick side , I'm already thick

Dr. Rodriguez quote

He quoted me 5k for the following :

Liposuction & bbl
Extra liposuction to my thighs and chin
Breast lift

I don't think this price is bad at all & to be honest I think his quotes include the labs & etc

Santo Domingo here I come !!

I was gone from real self for a few months due to school plus I wasn't able to travel until school is over. I had mentioned previously that I had gotten a quote from Dr. Rodriguez, Dr. Baez and Dr. Cabral from Santo Domingo. I have chosen to go with Dr. Cabral because I know he can give me everything that I am seeking, flawlessly !. for liposuction to stomach, back , thighs, arms, chin with a bbl and a breast lift, he quoted me 6k , which I think is really good although his quotes only include the surgery and not like meds or rajas and etc.

Post op 5 weeks

Hi guys ! So much has happened within the last month. I ended up getting surgery with dr. Cabral and the results are amazing . He gave me everything I wanted . A snatched waist , round hips and rounder butt . I'm so happy ! Cabral did everything my first surgeon didn't.
Leonardo Ramirez Buritica

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