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Im always the fat friend....not fat but being 5'9...

Im always the fat friend....not fat but being 5'9 Ive always been on the thicker side. I just want my body back. Like most of you Ive been trolling this page day and night endlessly trying to figure out the pros and cons and now Im just 26 days and a wake up from having my dream body. I am 26 years old with 1 son I think its time for a change......oh yea Im also a contractor in Afghanistan. My first doctor was Dr. Baez, i was amazed at he work I followed her on Instagram and Facebook but she is not the best at responding to emails or whatsapp in English or Spanish....then at the last minute she cancelled because she was going to be " in congress" or whatever that means in the DR. Distraught I frantically searched for a replacement DR. My friend hooked me up with Dr. Bello .....I havent heard much about her so I used my favorite resource Realself & Google & it turns out shes an ACE :) No deposit and Appointment set even earlier than Dr. Baez its a win/win for me. I am booked at Daisy's RH and she has been amazing from the communication to the directions I am wowed by this lady I haven't met yet and she speaks english again win/win.

The one thing Ive learned from reading blogs is that having someone there when you're recovering could mean the difference between a happy healthy recovery and a sour time in the DR so Im bringing my skeptical but supportive boyfriend along with me. honestly I'm so happy that hes coming and he speaks a lil spanish :)


This has truly been an experience for me........
Let me start off by Saying Daisy from Daisy's RH is an absolute Godsend she had me together from start to finish.
I arrived in the DR. July 25th at 1am after a weather delay in Miami like i said I arrived in the DR...My Bags were in Miami so my trip was already starting off Bad. I found my way out of the Airport where Lorenzo the driver was waiting for me with a sign with my name on it. We took this scary drive to the RH...side note driving in the DR will have you scared for life they drive like its nobodys business. So I get to the recovery house and its just lovely. I was so comfortable. My SX was scheduled for monday I arrived on Sunday so I had a whole day. Diasy arranged for myself and another lady to go get Mani/Pedi it was a lot of fun.
I woke the day of my SX at 4am I prepped packed and was out by 6am on my way to the Clinic. Dr. Bellos office is so nice very modern the staff was just so hospitable and gracious I didnt wait that long before the in processed me did an EKG and paper work. The nurse led me upstairs to my room and she continued to ask me questions about my health. Then Dr. Bello came in and She has a Bubbly personality that made me feel at ease about the SX the told me to disrobe so she could mark me up ohhhh she speaks perfect English !!! so she told me all the she was going to do and I agreed and then I paid her, I kept telling myself this is to easy the process is tooooo easy. I disrobes but on my hospital gown and the nurse came in to help me put on my compression socks and hooked up my IV. I was informed that Dr. Bello had another patient and I was up next. I laid down and went to sleep I dont know how long I was sleeping but the nirse woke me up and told me it was time to go they wheeled me into the Operating room where the gave me my Epidural and from there I dont know because when I woke up My husband was walking into my room. I felt no pain I was calm and I was tired.
The tiredness I felt was because I lost a lot of blood during SX. To No ones fault but my own because I was drinking 3 days prior. DO NOT DRINK!!! I had to have blood transfusion 2 whole units of blood. I was nervous but Dr. Bello assured me that everything was fine they go through vigorous testing to make sure the blood is good. She and the nurses took great care of me and my husband during thi entire thing. they made him a bed on the couch and constantly asked of we needed anything.
I was discharged the next day and was picked and took a bumpy horrible ride back to the RH where i was received and treated so well. My arm bled out from the stitches for 2 days but then it healed and from there I was just tryin to rest and recover.
The FAJA is my enemy...I was like a child with that thing it was tight and I felt like I COULDN'T BREATHE the nurse would come in and put it on and as soon as she left I was out of it. She scolded me lovingly because she wanted the swelling to go down I had an issue with the legs being tight and Daisy got me another Faja like the next day and it got better and each day after that got better and better. By the time it was time to leave I was walking better and at a good pace.
The flight home was a MOTHERFUCKER. The air pressure make my skin tighten if that makes any sense and swell and my Faja seemed to be slowly killing me and i had a headache and a fever Thank God my Husband was there.
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