BL, BA, Lipo on Arms, Full Back and Abdomen & BBL - Dominican Republic

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So after much consideration, I have decided to go...

So after much consideration, I have decided to go to the motherland (Dominican Republic) and get a breast lift with breast augmentation, liposuction on my arms, full back and abdomen with a brazilian butt lift! I have looked at many doctors' work and I am most impressed with Dr. Julio Molina. His work on thicker girls and just giving the most natural results are jaw dropping. I honestly have not seen one girl where I didn't like the results. I feel like this is the best doctor for my body type/shapes and the desired look I am going for. I am so excited, I literally just put in the deposit and now I am just waiting to confirm a date. There is so much to this whole travel abroad to SX but I know it'll be worth it. I am looking to go beginning to mid November of 2016, any buddies?

Getting Ready!!

I can't believe I'm less than two months away! I'm trying to change up my diet and definitely starting to take my vitamins. I thought adding this would be useful since I see so many women over doing it and taking all these pills when this 'Super B-complex' by nature made has it all! Plus it's a tiny pill and its 160 days worth !

Less than a month away!!!

So excited!! The date is getting closer and closer for the new me! I check my hemo level, I'm at 13.0, needed a 12.7 or higher. Going to try to do a better job taking my vitamins but so far so good.

2 more weeks!!!

It's officially two weeks out Til I land in DR !!!!! I'm sooo pumped , still can't believe it's going to be happening so soon ! I just asked Molina about chin lipo, he told me it'll be an extra $250. I'm highly considering it but I wonder how recovery is like?? Any veterans have advise ??

3 more days!!!

Omg omg omgggg I can't believe I will be hopping on to a plane tonight and have surgery in just 3 days!!! I'm going to admit my nerves are FINALLY kicking in! I was sooo excited up until last night. My stomach is acting up and I know it's because of he nerves. So much is going through my head. My sis comes and hugs me and asks me "not to die on the table",... Like ??? Why would you put that kind of vibe out like that sis?? Lol so now I'm so nervous , what if a complication happens, what if I don't like my results? What kind of pain am I going to be in? Ugh so nerve racking! Prayers for my sisters <3

The day has come!!!!

The day is finally here!!! Thank God the test results came back great, everything was normal. Now I'm in my gown, hair net and waiting to see Molina one more time. I can't wait!!! I'm not nervous yet, just excited and anxious... And STARVING! Lol wish me luck ladies !!

Molina put in work!

So I am two days post op and let me tell you one thing... Nothing of this journey has been easy. It's been SOOO uncomfortable to sleep. I can only sleep two hours at a time. However, I've been trying to maintain a positive attitude. The ladies at Venus recovery house think I will recovery very fast. I've been walking and drinking lotssss of water. The rest just requires patience.

12 days post op

Hey ladies, sorry I haven't been updating this as frequently but today I am 12 days post op and I'm feeling pretty good! The pic is when I was 10-11 days not a huge difference lol but I took a little faja break while I was cleaning it. Loving my curves! I loveee what Molina did to my bod, one thing however I'm not all the way excited about is the lack of lipo done on my arms. They definitely have slimmed down but not as much as I would have liked. However, that is just going to give me more motivation to healthy and workout.

Thank me later :)

Ladies!! I've been meaning to show you this! My mom bought this at the clinic for about 800-900 pesos which really comes down to $18-20. It's liquid iron, comes with 10 little bottles and you take 1 per day (definitely drink with juice). I contribute about 85% of my recovery to this little liquid gold. By the second to third day I like revived! I felt amazing and do so every day I drink it. This is great for post op recovery for anyone especially if you're anemic ( I am not). But yes ladies, just thought I'd share. I definitely recommend this.

Happy 2 weeks!!!

Today I am two weeks and I feel great, Besides a stomach bug , I am battling through. I am feeling a little pain/ bothersome feeling on the upper side of my breast but that is totally all my fault.. I need to stop moving around so much and raising my hands so high. I'm getting daily massages and this woman works miracles! I have less and less fluid and draining it out by myself. So far, EXTREMELY happy about my results. Can't wait Til I'm not swollen anymore

3 weeks post! :)

So I am soooo happy with how I look only 3 weeks post op :) Molina has done an amazing job, i am more confident than everrrr! It's crazy how much my body changed only 3 weeks out, can't even imagine months out. One thing however , my back is accumulating a lot of liquid, I need to use the back board again :/ but it's so thick!! Molina says The more pressure I have back there the less liquid will come, so I'll put it for now to sleep and find something at Amazon that's thinner.

Happy 4 weeks to me!!!

So this is week 4/ basically my one month and I'm looking/feeling better and better each day. I cannot be any happier with my results and such speedy recovery.
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