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After almost 3 years of lurking and research I've...

After almost 3 years of lurking and research I've decided to get my BBL with Dr. Cabral at CIPLA. I've scheduled with his assistant Maria Isabel for 10/21/13. I am so nervous.

My body is okay... I've always had a pretty flat stomach and an okay butt but I've never had hips. Whenever I wear a tight dress everything looks good except my non-hips. I actually have negative hips lol. My hips go in where the should come out.

I am 5'7 and 170 lbs... Dr. Cabral suggested I lose about 10-20lbs before surgery for the best results but I don't know because I've seen him perform miracles on girls twice my size. Even though I weigh a lot I am not that big because I am tall. So I'm not 100% sure if I will diet or not.

Any who I am so excited kind of nervous but my time Ito shine is here and Om ready lol!

Ughhh so confused

So I've been on a research rampage for the last few weeks trying to gather as much info as possible on upcoming surgery. I have to admit its been a bit overwhelming at times, but I definitely want to be informed. I've decided I'm going to fly out on 10/21 .... I should arrive at around 12:55pm and from the airport I want to go straight to CIPLA and have all my tests done and meet with Cabral for my consult and hopefully be cleared to have my surgery the next day.

But my issue now is I just don't know what I should do afterwards. Unfortunately the person I was going with can't come anymore so now I'm going dolo. We were going to stay in a nearby hotel but now I don't know if I should do that if I'm alone. I was thinking a RH, but I've read horror stories ranging from girls developing infections from unsanitary conditions to girls having to scream to get attention from the inattentive staff to girls being hungry and not getting adequate food. I really don't know what to do??? I thought about just paying the $100/day to stay at CIPLA and getting around the clock care but then some of the girl from the surgery group I'm a part of who have had they're surgeries said that CIPLA is not very comfortable nor worth the cost. I'm so confused...


So I just spoke with Maria Isabel, Cabral's English speaking assistant about changing my date. I LOVE HER!! She is sooo nice and patient with me. She always answers all of my questions and even remembers who I am and our previous conversations. She asked me if I'd found a driver yet.. And warned me to be very careful. She told me if I hadn't found someone within a month of my surgery she would find someone for me.

I am giddy just thinking about my surgery. I keep stalking all of the BBL girls reviews and pics.... I can't wait to be a barbie.

Next step recovery houses/hotels...


It's really annoying to get inboxes and read comments asking where is a cheap place I can stay or us ur possible Incan do my blood work up
Here so I don't gave to pay for it up here. To me this means you don't have enough money to have your surgery done. I understand everyone (myself included) wants to save as much money as possible but it's getting ridiculous. Recovery is no joke and basing where ur going to heal based on price rather than quality of care is ridiculous. I don't know about anyone else but I'd want to be as comfortable as possible and have someone who knows what they are doing to help me out. Sorry for the rant...

On my way...

So I'm leaving on Thursday to get my surgery with Paoa Cabral. I am kind of nervous but not really. More so excited to get finally get my booty. This journey is three years in the making. I'm pretty much finished getting my needed supplies.

I have reserved a room with Mayra at Armonia RH. But I've been hearing mixed reviews about them so I'm going to check out Yasmin's, Juana's and Healing Haven as well since ill be there early the day before.

Ill post my supply list and pre-op pics a little later on


I'm so sorry guys... I've been terrible at updating but this recovery process was really unexpected and much more than I ever imagined it would be. It's so hard but each day it is getting better. I thought it would be like my c-section... the next day I was up walking around. But the sh*t I felt with lipo is discomfort unlike anything I can describe.

My surgery was definitely a success! Dr. Cabral, Maria Isabel, and his team were so good to me. I am currently one month post and I love my new body. I will post a full review and pics soon.

Notes from 1 day post

I wrote this the night I woke up after I got out of surgery:

Feel like sh*t. Ribs and stomach are so sore. Tried to get up the nurses could change my chux and I nearly passed out from the pain. I told them to just leave me in the blood. My back is on fire. Woke up for around 5pm and kept vomiting from the anesthesia threw up on the floor about 5 times. Nurses are aggravated because they have to clean it up. Fuck them.

Nurse came in to give me a iron treatment which felt like alcohol in my IV it burned through my hand and arm. She rubbed by back as I cried. And kept saying it was normal.

I brought pills to stop the me from vomiting but they refuse to give them to me and instead gave something in my IV which also burned like hell but I immediately stopped puking.

It's 5:43 am I've been up since 3:49am because my neck hurts from laying on my stomach. I am so uncomfortable but it's too painful too move. I don't want anyone to touch me.

Hopefully I feel better when daylight hits. Nurses have come and checked in me regularly. Offering me juice and water.., no food until tomorrow. I'm not hungry anyway. I saw Dr. Cabral in my room today. Then Maria Isabel and then Jose Brito. They were talking to me but I was in too much pain to listen.

I feel like I got my ass whooped by 2 grown men.

Bring a blanket to CIPLA not quite a comforter but def a quilted blanket. There blankets are the equivalent of fuzzy sheets. I'm so glad I brought one from home even though I am bleeding and leaking all over it. I smell like raw meat but I'm warm.

Pain scale 8.5/10


Trying to upload a video but it's asking for a embed code???.. Any one know how to do this???

Before and After

A quick before and after. Same boy shorts, same pose, same angle. Cabral took everything from my belly and back.

3 months post

Everything is going pretty good. I have no more pain but there is still a little stiffness/tightness in my lower back and stomach. I'd say I'm at 85-90% normal. My measurements are 36.5-27-43. Pre op they were 38-31.5-40. I love my new body.

But all is not peaches and cream... One thing I'm worried about is the color of my stomach. For some reason it's about 2 shades darker than the rest of my body. I've been using coco butter and hoping that it will resolve but so far not much. If anyone has suggestions let me know please.

Last update

I officially became 6 months post on Friday ( no more faja!!!) lol well I still wear it. I am used to it and it feels weird when I'm not wearing it lol. But I am doing great, no more swelling I still have a little tightness but nothing too bad. If say I'm completely back to normal. The lumpiness on my stomach from the lipo has gone away, and I am just so happy with the results of my surgery. I love Cabral for the great job he's done. I did lose a little volume in my hips so I'm thinking about a rd 2 sometime early next year. But I don't know if I wanna do the pain all over again. Don't wanna mess up a good thing lol.... So it's still just a thought for right now.

Also I deleted my pics from here don't really want them floating around cyberspace..... but if you'd like to see more of Cabral's work check out his I G at DrCabral01.

Good luck and God bless to all you future dolls. XOXOXO

Oh yeah

Also my stomach skin color went back to its normal preop color (no bleaching necessary) and my final measurements are 37-28-43.5

Response to the latest death

I don't know the story behind this latest death but condolences to the victim and her family. God rest her soul. As some one who actually had surgery with Cabral and stayed at CIPLA. I
don't agree with everything said ATLmama said but she def does have some valid point. That language barrier is def serious if u don't know any Spanish. Luckily I know a little and I had two buddy's who spoke it to translate. This is so sad if it's true and it's def not his first death lk atl mama said. I will just say complication do happen and its completely up to you to make sure you are 10000% healthy before you set foot in the DR. The standards of care and the ethics are completely different there and money is definately the driving motive.

With that said I will still be going to Cabral for rd 2. I want his to do my arms, upper back, and chin. Why am I going to him again...because at the end of the day HE IS THE BEST AT WHAT HE DOES. I haven't seen any doctor anywhere consistently produce his results. My waist is little and my ass is fat almost 8 month later... plus I'm in good health and will take all the steps necessary to ensure I'm well.
Hector Augusto Cabral Guerrero

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