BBL with Dr Hasan June 19th!

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Hi. I am considering going to Dr Baez but I'm...

Hi. I am considering going to Dr Baez but I'm completely scared out of my mind! Choosing a good surgeon is like death to me. I really hope she does good work. Anybody got a BBL from Dr Baez please respond?....I would like to know your experience with her...see some pictures and know how your recovery went.

Dr Salas??

Hi. Well i decided to go with Vanity Miami in Florida. I'm stuck in between Dr Fisher and Dr Salas. I'm leaning more towards Dr Salas. Anyone have any reviews on Dr Salas work? I have only seen a couple. Gonna post before pictures soon.

Thinking about Dr. Ghurani

I am thinkin about changing my PS from Dr Salas to Dr Ghurani. Dr Salas don't have any review pictures of his work really. Dr Ghurani has good work photos. I will contact Jessica at Vanity Miami to get a price for BBL with Ghurani.

Have to lose 10 pounds

Well i weight 175 and Dr Salas wants me to lose 10 pounds before surgery. Ugh! Ima do it though because I do want the best results. I talked to Jessica today and my half is paid for my surgery. Scheduled date is April 9th. Reserved my hotel room at the Hampton Inn. My grandmother is coming with me to aid me so I won't hire a nurse. She's such a sweetheart. I'm excited but also scared. I wanna look good! I've been wanting this for about 12 years now.

Pictures Before SX

Just thought I'd add these disgusting pictures. Some look better than others tryna hide the gutt.

Torn Between the TWO!

Hey guys. So I just spoke with my PC Jessica to ask her about Dr. Hasan. I've seen his work and now Im torm between Dr. Salas and Dr Hasan! Somebody please help! Im more wanting the sculpting than the butt. I dont want anything looking fake. I want my body to flow...if that makes sense. I dont want no high booty, just something. IDK GUYS IDK!

Final Decision!!

Hey guys! Well I made my absolute final decision on my surgeon. I'm choosing Dr Hasan. His work is amazing and I'm totally comfortable with this decision. My date is still scheduled as April 24th. Hopefully my job doesn't sabotage this decision. Half is paid on my surgery so it's getting real yah.

Dr Hasan in the Newspaper

I have gotten a reminder on here about Dr Hasan being in the paper for a mishap that he did which caused a death to an elderly lady. I've read it and yes I Nervous And Thinking about canceling with him. Idk what to do or think. I see so much of his Work and it's amazing. I know any doctor or surgeon have mishaps...people die in hospitals all the time by the most greatest doctors. However I'm still scared. Is he or has he ever been certified...
what to do?

Medical Clearance

Hey anyone know what exams i should get to make sure I'm clear for liposuction?

Date Changed

Hey RS. Well i had to change my date. My new date for Dr Hasan is May 20th. I didn't lose the 10 lbs like they asked me to so my bmi was over 30. So any RS girls going on that day or around that say hit me up. I'm trying to get together and make our journey less costly. Thanks!

Still havent loss my weight

Well I still haven't loss my weight that vanity wanted me to lose. My BMI is 31.4 ..... It have to be 30 or below. I hope they still take me. Im looking for a faja. Which vedette did you guys use?

Date changed to June 11th

Okay i have 8 more pounds to lose by June 11th. My hotel is booked, car reserved and will be buying my plane ticket next week. I'm excited. Can't wait to get it over with.

Wish Picture

This is what i want my butt to look like. The size is perfect for me. I don't want no huge butt. And this is also my projected picture using the Plastic Surgery Simulator app.

Call from Giselle

Hey guys! So I got a call from Giselle yesterday about my lab results. My heart was beating so fast however they are good and Hasan signed off on them. I go for my physical clearance on Monday which is 2 days away from my surgery date but that's the only date he could get me in. Im still 5 pounds more than what Vanity are requesting so I hope they still do my surgery. Im only fat in my stomach area so just go ahead and suck that shit right on up and I out. Ima start a new update because I have another topic I wanna talk about. TTYL


Guys for the past couple of days I have been contemplating on just getting lipo because Dr Hasan is scaring me. I like a lot of his results on other people but one result I saw recently had me scared. He really made her butt huge and Im hearing that some results are cheek bigger than the other. I do not want a huge butt. I do not want a backside where I can sit a plate on. I want it flow like look natural...not all sitting up perky like it was just placed there. I absolutely looovvee MissHassanified718 results and AmazinglyMe results. Im so scared how its gonna turn out for me because I've never had a body...never had any curves...never had any hips and my hips are high. I don't know where my back ends and butt begins so its like I don't know where my butt will be at or begin at. Will it be too high? My mind is completely terrified of what Im about to do. This is like something serious for me because it will change my I feel about myself. I've never felt I had an attractive body and my reasoning for getting this procedure is to change that. I hope Dr Hasan give me good results and don't rush on me.

These damn massages!

Guys do I really have to get 5 massages? I mean Im staying quite of a distance from vanity in ft Lauderdale so Im looking for a masseuse in that area...but I don't want to pay for no 5 massages. I want to spread my massages out like 2-3 times a week. Also how do you guys know what size faja to get?

Quick Question

Do vanity offer the recovery house with a nightly price or do you have to get the whole package?



Return Flight Im booking my flights and Im totally afraid of the return flight. Can you guys tell me what you did during your return flight that worked for you? My flight is 2 hours with a layover and another 2 hour flight.

Miami Bound

Okay ladies I made it to Miami this morning around 11....I came straight to vanity. Signed some papers with Giselle....Some pages I didn't sign without her knowing because i didn't wanna get dicked out of my money. I'm waiting now to see Hasan....Ima talk his freaking ear off because I want what I want and he gonna do me right! I'm kinda disturbed that he's not insured but I guess this is the territory I'm choosing. On the other hand...Miami is beautiful. The trees....I can see myself living here instead of being a city girl up north. Okay ladies I will update you on any changes and I will see you on the other side. My surgery is 5:30 am!!

Worried...ONLY 4 LITERS!!

Well i met with the adorable Dr Hasan and he got me worried. Not about his work of course but by how many liters of fat he can take out. Only 4. So I'm worried that I'm not gonna look right because my stomach so big and i have a lot of fat. But i guess I'll work off the rest...I'm totally worried though. Here are some before pictures of my disgusting stomach! Okay now off to get my supplies and probably catch a movie and go to the casino. Lol

Made it to the other side

Hey ladies. I'm still sore as hell so i haven't been able to get up. Yesterday my surgery was at 6am and i didn't leavetil 7pm. I was dizzy. I don't take pain very well so I'm a chill right now and do a full update later. My grandma got a snap shot yesterday when i was tryna get out of bed so this is all i got for yah. I haven't seen myself at all yet so i can't tell yah if i like my results yet. TTYL

The Pain

These Tylenol 3 pills aren't working for my pain. What did you guys do for the pain?

Update 2nd-3rd da u post op

Hey ladies. So I've been walking more. Everytime I lay down I get a little stiff so I start to do moving exercises while I lay down. I'm going to get my first massage today. I cancelled yesterday because I knew it would've been a waste of a massage because I was too sore. I went for my post op at vanity though. They took a look at my progress. I don't look forward to the itching though.

My experience with Vanity

So I've been reading a lot of girls experiences with vanity and i gotta say i didn't have any bad experiences with them. Besides them changing my date without me knowing, my process went smooth. I never had to wait long, they didn't rush me out, answered all my questions, Dr Hasan was nice and straightforward and the staff was nice. I never went on the coordinator side though. I know they are unorganized buteveryone was nice. My ggrandmother even loved them. Hmmmm i guess people have different experiences.

My experience with Marian

Marian did my massages. She's a sweet lady....very informative of her craft....she do not rush....and she drained me very well. Her prices are hella cheap. Her place is okay for what she charges. Her assistants are very nice and useful. And she speaks English!


Seeing as though I've only had 2 massages my stomach looks flatter than I thought.


I don't like my butt!


Do any of you get bad headaches?

Updating on how I feel

Hey guys. Well I know some of you guys are asking me am I not happy with my results and things like that. I honestly think it's the emotional part that's getting to me. This emotional roller coaster with the discomfort, swolleness, and the person I want to be there for me throughout this entire process isn't due to us breaking's just been hard for me so at times I get emotional. But I think my results are very impressive and my doctor did an amazing job. I'll update with more pictures soon. And thanks to you guys for your support. You have no idea how much we all mean to each other. :-)

Took this Dann Faja Off!!

Yah this Faja gettin on my last nerve! I was so uncomfortable and in pain with it on last night I took it off!! I'm so tired of wearing it already. I need something more comfortable....shit. I've only had 3 massages so now that I'm home its hard to find a person who does the lymphatic massages in the Maryland DC area. Do anyone know of any places?

Vanity called

So vanity called today to check up on me and did I have my post op visit. I said yes I had 2 post op visits. They asked if they took my stitches. I was like what? Dr Hasan didn't even exam me for real. I thought my stitches dissolve by itself. Marian said I had no stitches. What the hell!

Stiff and Soreness

Hey guys. My lower back is so stiff and sore from the massage i had recently. It feels like it's in a cast. Is there anything you guys use for the soreness and/or stiffness?

Before noon After Butt shot

I need to lose more weight in my belly. But here is a Butt shot. It went down but i like it.


That damn auto-correct on my phone! I meant 'Before n After Butt Shot'. Oh and this is 1 month post op...
Miami Physician

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