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So I have been saving since April this year to get...

So I have been saving since April this year to get some upgrade work done. I was going to go with a local doc here in Seattle but I haven't found any info on her work which makes me somewhat nervous. I was only going to get stomach and flank lipo then bbl. I really need some thigh and back as well but due to the amount of money I have to pace myself. I feel like I really need a mini tummy tuck as well, but have been told I could just do lipo. I stumbled across this site and have been hooked for days reading reviews. Looking into Baez, Duran, and yily in DM. I'm seeing the price difference is major and not only are these docs amazing at their work, but I can get all the work I feel I need for about the same as what I could afford here in the states. Need advice asap please! I will add some wish photos and real ones very soon.

My before pics

Wish pics!!

Change of plans

I was waiting till jan 14 to get my surgery and my boyfriend was going to care for me. Sadly he was shot and killed last week :( I still want to get my bbl done and as soon as I can get my quotes done I will be booking. Anyone looking for someone to travel with in late oct or nov?

I did it!!!

I finally quit putting it off, and took my before pics and emailed them with a translator to Spanish to both dr Duran and Baez. I'm still not totally sold on which doc I want to go with. I know Duran takes a while to get back to you and she is more popular so it may be harder to get in with her. But her work is amazing! Now I have to play the waiting game like everyone else. Torture! Depending on when they get back to me and funds I'm looking into late October or November. I will be alone so travel buddies stand up!!!

Dolls!! Free boppy minus shipping (12.95)

NURSINGPILLOWS.COM you only pay for shipping which is $12.95! PROMO CODE MUST BE ENTERED..... FAMILY2013 in all caps before you checkout!!!

Baez Doll!!!

I think I'm going to go with Baez!! I have heard Duran is booked thru January and I don't want to wait that long. She quoted me and gave me a choice of dates in October so now I need to find a sx buddy!!! Anyone getting surgery the 24th? Im so shocked me excited! This is happening and FAST!!

Today has Been busy!!

So much has happened today. I still think I'm gonna stick with Baez tho. I added international calling to my phone today and tried to call Duran and Baez. I managed to get thru and She asked what my email was I was using, and what my height and weight were. I told her how much I weighed and she said I was too big but that she would look at my pictures and email me. So she emailed me back that I would need to lose at least 25 lb then we could see about scheduling me. I emailed back asking what she would quote me and no answer. So then I tried to call Baez back and a guy answered. He relayed the messages for me. I told him I had gotten a quote from Baez last night but needed to talk to her about a few questions and also book my surgery if the dates worked. Just because she never asked my height and weight, I brought it up to make sure I didn't fly down and be turned away for weighing too much. She said I need to be no more than 200lbs for surgery. I am 214 now so that's doable in a month if I really push myself. She messages back and forth with me on whatsapp for almost 45 min, answered pretty much every question I asked her, and we confirmed my date for October 30th. My quote was 3700 for tummy tuck, bbl, and lipo of inner thigh, stomach, back, waist and another 300 if I remember to add outer thigh. I sent her my 3 top wish pics which I will repost just so you guys know what I was after. She was very honest and said everyone's body is different, but that she would give me a small waist, flat tummy, And my butt would already look bigger. She said she would use whatever fat she could to get it rounded out the way I would like. I felt like she was very thorough with me and promised to email me later on the vitamins to start taking and asked me to get bloodworm done tomorrow and send to her ASAP. She did follow through and emailed me to start vit c, vit b complex, folic acid, and iron sulfate. I also went shopping and got a lot of my supply list down. Spent $85 so far. I'll take a pic and list everything tomorrow so far. This was also my first day back to work in a month so it's been a busy one. I'm ready to pass out!!

Wish pics i sent dr Baez

Who else will be in DR around oct 28-nov 8th!!

Need some honest opinions on RHs cuz I'm so stuck on where to go!!

More wish pics! Also my supplies so far!

Had a few pics I found recently and also started getting my supplies since I'm 30 days out for surgery! Moved my date from oct 24th to the 30th. I needed to lose 14 lb minimum before surgery so wanted that extra week. I'll be flying home 2 days before my birthday at this point so I probably won't have a big party this year :( but I gotta body comin instead so that's better right?

Plane ticket n supplies completed!!!

I got my ticket purchased tonight and got the rest of my supplies. I think I spent about 175 for all my supplies from both shopping trips plus vitamins and a zipper nightgown n fuzzy slippers. Not bad I think. Does anyone see something I'm forgetting or things I don't really need?

Lipo foam VS boards!! Tips from Baez

So I emailed Dr Baez about what she recommended regarding boards and lipo foam and sent her pictures of the various boards I was looking at. My girl jazzy j recommended "the pink room" for all your post surgical garments and lipo boards. Ima teaching pics of the two Dr Baez said were the best. The large pear shaped one and the back board. She said Ina edition to the boards, the lipo foam was also good for the swelling and inflammation. So I will be using both. Hope this helps the ladies who like me, have been wondering which to go with. Xoxo

The booty greed is real!!

The more I see these nice plump booty pics the more i find myself wanting more than what I keep telling myself I'll get lol. I will post more before pics of myself right before surgery. I have adds a few more pics to the booty wish list tho!! I'm definitely thinking I want more heart shaped than shelf booty. I pray Baez can deliver this bigger plumper booty to me! I keep wondering if I should have waited for Duran, but I want my surgery NOW!! And I can't handle the waiting game! If Baez can hook me up, she will get so much more business! There aren't very many of us Baez dolls that walk away with bigger butts and I know the lack of post sx pics has a lot of people skeptical. But trust me!! Ima give credit where it's due!! So here's some more pics I've been holding onto for awhile!!

Done ordering supplies!

I ordered my arnica Montana pills, p ez urinal, 4 sheets of lipo foam from amazon, then got my stomach and back boards, and calendula tea leaves from the pink room. Everything should get here before I leave according to delivery dates. It better!!! Lol nothing like waiting till the last minute smh

Porch presents!!

I'm so happy all of my things I ordered have came in as of today! I ordered my lipo foam, boards, arnica pills, p ez, and boppy covers. It's been like Christmas with daily gifts coming lol. I can breath easy now knowing they are all here tho and can now officially pack my bags. I attempted to pack what I had so far last weekend into a medium suitcase. Of course I thought everything would fit until I realized all my bags of meds, vitamins, and aftercare stuff where not yet in there. Add pillows and boppy and I was way over capacity. So I've started replacing in a bigger suitcase. Still hoping to lose another pound or two before I leave, but just focused on eating 3 healthy squared meals. Well it's down to just 5 days till I leave!!

Dr duran

Dammnnnn I have been waiting for my quote from Duran and it's like she knew when to send it... Today! And I leave tomorrow for DR Baez. I'm so disappointed n confused now. I'm not putting my dates off. Set n ready to go. But damnit!! I'm trusting in Baez to give me that big thick booty and I pray she will!! I know Baez tummy tucks are the business!! But glad to see eventually Duran really does respond and isn't as picky about the bodies she does. Mines Far from easy to sculpt and she was willing to take me on.. But my loyalty is to Baez right now. I couldn't back out wi only a days notice anyway... But damn I coulda had a Duran booty.....

At the airport!!

It's official I'm on my way! I'll update from DR

My pre op day. I'm here!!

I apologize for the lack of posting once I got here. I didn't have wifi until I settled in at my RH. Which is Domingas by the way. Her send her sister, are very very nice. They don't speak a lot of English, but they do try. My flight got in yesterday at 1:40. Dr Baez had Jose brito as her driver to pick me up. He was of course the handsome and charming guy everyone says he is. Navigating through the airport was pretty simple. Once you walk down the hall, your st a big room where on the fight you go to get your tourist card. It's $10 and easiest to have exact change. Don't convert money at the kiosk there unless you don't mind losing come. It's about 35 to 1 there, vs 42 to 1 in town. Anyway, those carts the US charges for, to get your bags? They have got free at this airport. So grab a cart, get your bags, and go through customs and your done. Simple! Once I got yo Dr Baez office, she was still in surgery, so I asked if I could go anyway and take my tests. Blood tests were easy. The lady wore both gloves, the cup she gave me to pee in, was clean and new. And she only had to poke me one time. Dr Baez husbands brother was there helping since Dr Baez was busy and he took me everywhere, showed me magazines while we waited after my tests. Took me to the cardiologist sho ran a quick minute long test. They connect little electrodes to your wrists and ankles, and suction cups under your breast. It took longer to put pieces on than do the test. He gave two thumbs up and was very funny. He told me I"I only see one problem." I said what's that doctor? And he chuckled. "You not married!". And we all laughed. I got him back a few minutes later when he said my body was very healthy and my heart very strong. My reply was that it's Because I'm NOT married lol. He laughed and hugged me. Wished me luck and told me how beautiful I was. Once Dr Baez came in, we talked, went through medical history, and she looked at my body. She is very beautiful!!!! Very nice!!! I showed her the areas I was concerned about, as well as goal pictures. She did recommend for the best overall results I'm after, because of my weight, that I lose about 30 lbs after I'm healed, or I can come back in 6 months for a touch up lipo. I'll opt for the weight loss, as I did it before. I actually previously was 220 lb. I got down to 187 a couple years ago thru healthy eating. Maintained it until I was shot in a random accident causing me to obviously have no activity during the healing period for about a year. So anyways, my weight has slowly crept up to 217 or so. I was asked to get down to 200 before surgery but I made it to 205 and Dr a Baez said no more diet just maintain the weight. My scale was off. When she weighed me it said 208. She's fine with it, as all my tests n health records are very very good. So ladies she will take you if your heavier. It just depends on your body structure. We are lipoing my waist, some hips, underarm side area, upper lower back, flanks above butt, and inner thigh. Also tummy tuck and bbl. So it's 9am. I hope I have remembered all my details of yesterday. My sx buddy JAZZY J had her sx yesterday. I made it to her room about 15 min after sx. No pain, side awake, just shakey. I don't feel so nervous, but I know it's because of the epidural why she wasn't in any pain. I have to leave still 10. Go check on my surgery buddy then at 11 we will do my x ray and surgery. Not sure what my hemo was, but I was already pretty high even before starting my iron supplements. No wifi at Baez hospital so I'll update once I'm home unless my sx buddy posts something for ya all. Thank you for all the support!! See you all after surgery!

Crossed over!

I had a very successful surgery. Hemo was 15, so extremely high ;) I'll type out my whole sx experience when I'm up to it. Hella sore right now. All I gotta say is nicki minaj ain't got shit on me right now lol. Dr Baez took 6 liters of fat, put 1200 in each check, and the belly fat she took weight 10 lbs. crazy!! Dr Baez took lots of pics for me pre op, and in the surgical room. Can't wait to show y'all! She's the truth!!

5 day post op venting

I'll write different parts to my review soon. Wrote out hella shit n it disappeared so kinda pissed off. And boyyyyy this gonna be one hell of a review... And not all of it is nice, but I'm gonna wait till I'm state side to write the main stuff because I don't want to get unfair treatment while I'm still here because I spoke the truth. Total shitshow!! Shout out to my "thunder buddy" jazzy j! Without her, this woulda been a nightmare. I love love love dr Baez tho!! She's a total sweetheart and way prettier in person!!

Home recuperating finally!

Hey dolls! So sorry its been a slow process getting my experiences to you all. I now understand why so many people disappeared for days or weeks after surgery before they updated. First and foremost, my body is healing very good. I am very tired and have little energy to do much, but my family does see positive immediate changes to my body, as i do. Dr Baez did an incredible job not only on my body, but her communication and caring heart really showed well. I think the easiest way for me to review everything is by subject. My first week was very rough, and i had no energy to even call friends or family, so keeping up on my review obviously didn't happen. I have some pics i can post, as well but I'm waiting on the good ones to come. Dr Baez agreed to take some pics of my fat containers and my stomach that was removed for me to put up. I hope i remember to include all key details that will be helpful and useful to you all. And if there is anything else anyone wants to know i will do my best to answer you when i can get back online. I had wifi at home before so it was easy to get online. Now i only have access at my parents house so give me a couple days of patience please :) good luck to all the future dolls!!

Domingas recovery house

Now.... Where do i start. In trying to keep my review as fair as possible and completely honest, let me remind you all this was my experience here. Before i go into any details, let me just say. If you are going alone, it may be beneficial to either find a place where they speak english, or bring someone with you that does. It is very hard to communicate even with the translator apps. I found many occasions where it was frustrating trying to communicate something and they not understand at all. So okay.. Down to the details. My first day in santo domingo, i was picked up by jose and went through my pre op appts. When everything was done, the doctor called dominga to come pick me up and thats when the journey began. There were 3 ladies that took turns providing the care. Dominga, virginia, and sessa? I never did see how to spell her name. I didnt see dominga very ,much, but she was the one who usually did the driving. Virginia lived down the street and usually rode around with dominga. Sessa is the one that provided most of the care. Sessa did have her moments where she would make you laugh and she tried to communicate as best as she could. I never did figure out who the actual nurse was. Sessa did all the cooking. No one ever changed the sheets on our beds tho. We started off in one room. Had great wifi, super cold air conditioning, and the side of the house the windows were on, was very quiet. We had our stuff pretty well organized and didn't feel cramped. The flooring was a hard, shiny, slippery surface, which proved to be dangerous as ill explain later. So the first few nights, we slept in a room with 2 twin beds that had headboards with shelves for our stuff. We had a night stand with drawers between our beds that was stocked with our supplies, and a closet with mirror doors to get full body views of yourself. A typical day was as follows.... The time varied by day, but sometime every morning sessa would come in with fresh juice she made for us to drink. I was pretty well out of it, so she usually held my glass with a straw so i could drink it down. I remember her trying to make breakfast the first two mornings but i had no appetite so nothing tasted good to me. I guess she figured i didnt like her cooking because after the first two days, she didnt cook anything at breakfast except the juice. There was no bells or paging system, or anyway to get thier attention unless u stood at the stairs and yelled for them. That's another thing. The rooms are upstairs so you have to climb stairs after surgery to get to your room. They keep your door closed, so your alone with your sx buddy off and on all day. With lunch, there was never a scheduled time. Sometimes it would be noon, sometimes it was 3 or 4 pm that sessa would come in an offer lunch. There didnt seem to be much variety or health to the meals we did get tho. I asked for mango and pinapple one day and thats what i got for lunch.

Domingas recovery house part 2

Sorry i hit the submit button by accident. Another day i asked for vegetable beef soup and she made me that. Ive seen examples of meals on other recovery pages but what we were offered was usually chicken and potato, chicken and rice, and i believe beef and potato one day. There were no salads, veggies besides the potato, or fruit. I felt my diet was very poor there. A couple times we did get dominga to take us to the mall to get food from the food court so we could pick what we wanted. On days like those, we hadnt eaten all day, so we were starving, and that was the only meal we ended up eating on those specific days. One of those days we were still in our first room, i slipped trying to get out of the bed, and fell. My roommate luckily was awake and jumped up to help me. Again, no way to call for help anyway as we were upstairs with the door closed. Around post op day 4 i think, the house members asked us if we could move into another room that was now open. I was still very weak and hurt. Didnt get out of bed except to use the bathroom. There was no way i could pack or move my stuff so i never expressed an interest in moving. I guess them asking, was actually them telling us, because later that day, they made us get up and go into the other room. They started grabbing our things and putting them where they felt was best. My roommate moved her own things, but she didnt want to do it either. This new room had only 2 pluses to it. One, the bathroom was attached so no more hallway to walk thru. Also the room was a few sq feet bigger, so they could fit our massage lady in the room. In this new room, the wifi sucked and most of the day, you had no signal at all. Also the air conditioner didnt work at times. This room was located at the front of the house, and all i remember hearing day and night was dogs barking and fighting, a kid screaming and crying, and people driving thru the alley talking on intercoms. It was very irritating, hard to sleep or relax, and not a place we would have stayed if we knew beforehand. I paid my money the night i got there in full, so i didn't have to worry about it. Big mistake, as i couldn't leave later and get a refund if i wanted to. One of the first few days after surgery everyone at the house insisted i had to get a smaller faja along with a few other items i needed so i said ok. There was never any communication about it being returnable or about what size i needed. They just left, bought one, and asked me for the money for it. They bought me a medium which they believed would fit me. It didnt. At all! Then had the nerve to keep telling me i needed to buy another. I argued with them for like 3 days, that THEY needed to buy me a bigger size. Why should i pay for another when they guessed a size that clearly did not fit. I can give dominga credit fort he fact that FINALLY she said try once more. If it didnt fit, she would buy me a larger size. So she did fix that problem for me eventually which i appreciate. I will probably think of more, but this is the main issues with the recovery house. Lack of proper care and diet, are why i believe i have healed so slowly. Im worried i didnt eat enough and may lose some fat cells because of it. They did not like other people being brought into the house as they wanted to comtrol everything. I was going to use dr baez massage lady (brunhilda) and dominga got pissed off at my doctor and said she was not welcome in there house to do my massages. So i was forced to pay more, for the person dominga uses. I not only felt that was very unprofessional and rude, but extremely uncalled for. Luckily the massage lady ended up being cool with us, and i began to see she was unhappy with the situations unraveling at domingas as well. I wont speak on it too much, but i feel dominga wanted her hands to be in everything so she can make money off it all. She didn't pay giana our massage lady, the correct amount of money she owed her, and kept it for herself. Ill get more into giana when i do her review. Im not gonna tell anyone not to stay here, as everyone can make their own choices. But i really hope things will get changed there for the better and this review show them there are several things they should fix for future dolls. On the drive to the airport, i found out that domingas brother (very very cute!) speaks decent english. So the whole damn time......

5 weeks post op

So sorry for the lack of communication. It's been a slow process up until about 2 weeks ago and since then I've been go go go! I'm really loving the changes my body is making, and everyone is in love with my new butt lol. I don't think it's "that" big but everyone notices even if they don't know about my surgery so I guess it is bigger than I thought lol. I am still waiting on my surgery pics from the doc. She emailed me to see how I was and said I looked really really good already and she had been really busy so hopefully I'll get those pics for you guys. I loved baez! There were a few things she forgot to tell me, but it wasn't a big deal. Trying to add photos but my phone won't add them. Sorry guys I'll try when I can get online from a computer or my ipad.

9 weeks post op and before pic

4 months post op

4 month post op

This weeks current pic

I think she fluffed!!

The dreaded before pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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