45 Years Old This is Round 2 After a Massive Weight Loss and First Tummy Tuck. Dominican Republic, DO

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The last surgery was in Colombia and although it...

The last surgery was in Colombia and although it was safe and a great value I was not happy with the results of my butt... Lets just say they did not meet my expectations.... I went with surgery in DR this time because they focus on the ass wich lord know its our most prized possession!!!! I feel like in Columbia they do a good job when it comes to you tell me tuck and the light bill however to get a nice fat ass a fat ass only comes made something to mingle

24 hours to go before i Land To acomplish my bbl lypo and tummy tuck

I was happy to have heard from dr Alejandro hernandez Pizzoglio ... He found time to reply to me in reference to the long email that I sent him about my history. That was super important to me as time gets closer to the surgery date... Not only do I want to feel comfortable with my doctor... I need to understand exactly what I'm getting into.... And I want to build a rapper so that we are confortable doing business. He shared with me that patients that have had the gastric bypass only achieve the desired results with the bbl if they don't gain back any of the weight after the gastricbypass surgery... For me it's been 12 years since I had the gastric bypass.... And I have gained weight... However it's been so long it seems like my body has since stabilized ... I feel that it really all depends on many factors like for Instance how many cc' he is talking about injecting first and foremost... I already know that 35-40% will be absorbed but if he puts in say 800cc in each cheek and I keep 500 that won't be absorbed should leave a nice result... I swear if I don't come back with a rounder fuller ass then I've defeated my whole purpose.... I won't be happy... My goals are simple:

Flat stomache and rounder more voluminous @ss!

For those reasons I going to get a tummy tuck bbl and lypo...
I'm not going to go for the butt implants because the thought of having Foreign things input in my body doesn't sit to well with me.... So that's going to be out of the question .....after long periods of research I picked this doctor because not only is he certified and has loads of experience... He has done several mini videos in Wich he explains the process... He's the expert in this.... I'm going to the best of the best!!!! In a few days you Will see the results... I am thankful to God first and Formost for allowing me to get to this point and I ask that he guide me and the doctor through this!!!! I will put up before and after pics as soon as possible ... I forgot to mention ... Also getting lypo in my arms and upper thigh God willing!!!!

The last surgery done in colombia...

Was done by DR Juris.... He was great ... And I was without any complications ...zero complications... That's really important .... But so is the desired result
50% matters that your healthy and the other 50% is that you acheive your desired result.... And then your at 100%
Well It was an improvement but not when I was not completely satisfied I can't say that... I'd be lying if I said that ... My ass was left the same. He didn't mention anything about fat grafting or utilizing the method where they clean and process your fat... Let's just say at that time this procedure was not as tried and proven it was 7 years ago... Now things are different and like I said in Santo Domingo fat asses are so in demand it has become their trademark!!! Jajaja
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far The doctor seems very professional and so does the staff.... I'm a big believer in customer service and if I'm shopping around you better answer my questions of these people were all on top of it..... The price seems like a good value it's a worry free I opted for the Package in which everything seem to be included I want to be in another country and then worried about me being short.... In the end but have other things to be worried about so my goal is to make sure they understand what I want to make sure I communicate what I need....

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