32 Yrs Old 2 kids - Dominican Republic, DO Dr. Fatima Almonte!!

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I originally requested my surgery with Dr.Yily.......

I originally requested my surgery with Dr.Yily.....However I am starting to think Dr.Nelson Rubio is my guy.....Just not comfortable with all the bad reviews I am reading on Yily lately.... looking for upper/lower back lipo, fat transfer to the buttocks (bbl), and liposculpture of the abdominal area, along with a possible breast lift. Not interested in a tt at all although it may be recommended I refuse to go through the crucial pain.

Purchased my Flight!!! March 11 arrival Surgery Sched March 14th 2016

Hi Ladies! well its been a while since I been on, and just recently seen all the comments left under my profile. Sorry for such a late response!! I have been doing research after research checked in with a couple of friends who went to DR for surgeries, after all the information gathered I have permanently decided to go with Dr. Almonte!! I love the fact that Lesley is so consistent with responses she is very helpful with any questions or concerns you may have. Currently I am in the process of taking all my Vitamins jus prepping the body for surgery of course, seeing all my doctors double checking my health crossing all my T's and dotting my I's!! As per the Yily issue ladies don't get me wrong the woman can get you results!! and I have spoke to her and her assistant in the past just not comfortable with the responses I got back. (let me add I am a bit picky if your demeanor over the phone is not considerate then I can imagine how you are in person) I read on many different sights many bad reviews cant name them all but if your doing the proper research you will see for yourself.. please let me add everyone reacts differently to these type of surgeries not every human body is the same and everyone has a different experience! I am going with my gut feeling and that gut feeling said Yily is not the one! But maybe she might be the one for someone else. Best of Luck! As per Almonte she strictly completes only 3 surgeries per day. Lesley as I said before has been great with me and very helpful I have been in contact with her on a daily basis and she has been walking through every step of the way! I will keep you all posted with updates and photos will be posted soon enough!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fatima Almonte is my go to person for surgery...

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