27 Year Old....biracial.... Mommy of 2 Wanting to Feel Happy Again!!! - Dominican Republic

I'm new to RS...... I've been on here plenty of...

I'm new to RS...... I've been on here plenty of times just researching .... Some off you women on here have given the push I need to follow thru with my dream of being happy again by reading your stories.... I've been living for my kids and hubby so long I forgot myself in the process.... Thanx Ladies

Changed my day

Changed my day today... Switched it to May 27th because my sister wants to come along for the ride lol.... We're scheduled for the same day with Yily... We were born together why not have surgery and heal together lol....

Wish pic

Best Way To Get In Contact with Yily,

I've gotten a couple of questions as to how did I get on contact with Yily's Office ... First thing first if you've been waiting impatiently on an email back it's best to call... 809-331-5050 ext 208.... It's beat to call in the AM.... Once the phone rings and you hear the prompt in Spanish dial the extension # it will save you some time... As soon as they answer say "I'm calling to confirm my surgery date" be prepared to be on hold for 5-10mins... They're going to ask you for your email address an they'll ask you to provide your name... Don't waste your time calling if you have not yet sent the security deposit .... Im hoping I was of help to some of you future dolls

The importance of a buddy

My sister flaked on me last minute but hey the show must go on.... I was talking to a sweet girl on here named @ericalucymartin, we exchanged numbers and have talked alot about everything.. (cool chick) shes now my new travel buddy... our flight s fly out the same day May 26 and our surgeries our on the same day... Ladies you shouldnt travel alone... put yourselves iut there dont be shy having a buddy makes things alot easier... anyways cant wait to meet her in person ... shes in NY and I'm from the MIA.... We make each other laugh and its good to know I wont be alone... keep you posted #muahhhhhhh

Serenity Recovery House Reserved!!!! yayyyyy lol

I stocked the HELL out of RS lol.... clicking on different pages, reading reviews from these lovely females who took the time out of their day to write about their experiences so we can have some type of insight as to their journey.... thanx ladies... I have been going craxy trying to decide which recovery house to go to.... after careful debating I chose Serenity!!! Itsvtge sister recovery house to Upscale and uts brand new so I thought why not lol.. it was easy I went to their website www.serenityrh.com picked between private, double or triple room and payed my $100 deposit thru my paypal account..... I'll keep you beautiful ladies posted...


From what I've heard and read in soome reviews is that its best to get your meds in the states verses getting them in DR.... luckily for me I had a baby 9 months ago and must of the meds on Yily's list were up for refills at my local pharmacy..... So I have way more then I need and I will bring extra just in case my travel buddy or someone else needs some... because $250 is a bit much to spend on a few prescriptions in DR (just being honest).... So now im just playing the waiting game... thats why its good to buddy up because you never know how that person can help you... later ladies

Im a size 12-14 .... looking for my inner barbie

I know theres a thick barbie somewhere inside of me crying to get out.... I've tried the diets nothing worked... so here I am ... about to bare it all just to improve my self esteem... I use to see those thin girls in the club, in the mall, at my favorite restaurants and at the nail and hair spots wearing the clothes I In always wantrd to wear so heres my chance to do something about it and feel good

Serenity Photos From their website

My before pic

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