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I want to have an hour glass body, I'm tired of...

I want to have an hour glass body, I'm tired of being insecure about myself. My stomach is almost near covering my privates I have to lose about 30ibs before she sees me I'm confident I can do it and I'm also looking for some awesome surgery buddies to go with me in March 2017 idk I'm excited!!!!!!!

I decided want to be a Duran doll

I've been searching hi and low and I like Durans work... Am I making the right decision?

MARCH 2017 East coast crew

So I'm planning on going to Duran in March of 2017 If anyone from the East coast would like to join myself and two other of my friends let me know pls and thank you

March 2017 liposculpture and BBL

I know that my surgery isn't till next year but Lordy I'm extremely nervous and excited about this. I've been insecure about myself for the longest, I hate comparing myself with other women. Lately I've been dreaming about my surgery is that weird?

Hellp!!!!! Who is Dr.Mallol

Hi ladies has anyone known of Dr.Mallol's work, there's about 20 pictures, I've been Googling about him, and his entire family (J/K) but I've been seriously looking for info on him his work looks good. Idk I'm confused now I'm between doctors I have so far on the very top of my pyramid is Duran, Almonte,Robles,Medina,(yily????) , and finally Mallol. Idk so much of yily

Paid my deposit!!!

I paid my deposit but Dr.Mallol is taking forever to book my date ugh

King Mallol it is

I'm hoping Dr.Mallol can deliver some serious lipo and BBL on me ????????????????

March 22,2017!!! My date has been locked and booked

March 22,2017!!! My date has been locked and booked

I'm really hoping king Mallol can serve me with some aggressive lipo and a big old butt!! I'm starting this juicing diet for a month pretty much on a purée diet hoping I lose 30ibs


Is it just me or has Dr.Mallol been slacking with communication


So it's official March 22,2017 I'm on my way to KING MALLOL! my sister and I just purchased our tickets...740.00 its getting expensive you guys!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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