24 yrs old Wanting Lipo and bbl - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey dolls ! I was wondering if anyone has gotten...

Hey dolls ! I was wondering if anyone has gotten work done by DR. Johemy Maldonado? I've seen a review on here and the work that he did was horrible, but I've seen 3 women in person + some of his pics online and his work looks great ! I have previously gotten lipo..I got it done last year in April, but I honestly felt like the doctor could have snatched my waist a bit more and also could have given me some hips!! I contacted him telling him that I wasn't happy with the surgery and he never got back to me so I reached out to the assistant doctor and she apologized saying the doctor always replies and that he has probably been really busy. She ended up telling me to go back and the only thing I would have to pay for was clinic fees. I was planning on going back to him, but now I'm a bit iffy & want a different doctor. I contacted Maldonado and he replied after a week (I didn't like that I had to wait so long, but I can imagine a lot of people contact him). Once I was talking to him, he answered all my questions and event sent me pictures of work that he has done. He assured me that I would come out the way I want to. He told me it's a small delicate job and that I would come out looking like a Barbie! The only thing that I'm scared of is that I won't have enough fat to take out for my bbl :/ my waist is 29 right now and I weigh 154. I will keep you girls updated through my journey, although I'm not sure if I will post pictures bc I have a lot of tattoos. If anyone has gotten surgery done by him, please comment and let me know about your experience! Thank you :*

Think i found my doctor ! ????

Soo I've been researching since May and I was thinking about duran, yily or Baez and recently I just found out about dr julio molina. I still haven't heard from Duran which I do not like at all! What if something goes wrong and I can't get in contact with her? Uh no, bye Felicia ! I spoke to Baez and she told me she's booked around the time that I'm going.. Btw, I'm going in the beginning of August! I already bought my flight :). Yily gave me a quote and I was pretty much convinced that I wanted to go to her, but for the past 2 days I've been glued to the computer doing research on all these doctors. I googled her malpractices and it directed me to a couple links in which I read that some girls caught infections :/. I really couldn't find what was the cause.. Some girls were saying it could have been the recovery house and others were saying the clinic wasn't sanitized.. I know this happened in 2013, but I read that Yily didn't even seemed concerned or checked up on the girls sooo after finding that out I wasn't to sure if I wanted to get it done with her. And now dr Julio Molina! His work seems impeccable ! His ig is drjmolinas. His page is private, but he'll take a day max to respond. I messaged him yesterday telling him what I wanted to get done and I sent him pictures and he just replied this morning. What I like about him is that from the get he just told me that he would like to evaluate me in person first to see if He can do the work that I desired.. I loved the fact that he told me that bc it shows that he doesn't just care about the money. I'll be going to him aug 4th go get evaluated and hopefully get my surgery date :D. I'll keep you dolls updated and if anyone has gotten work done by him, please send me pics !

Driver !

Does anyone know of a good driver that can pick me up from the airport in la capital & take me to the doctors office?

Got a driver + made my deposit ! :D

Hey dolls! So I was able to find a driver!! His name is Jose brito & he will be picking me up from the airport and taking me to the clinic once I get to DR. I also made my deposit which is $1000. I'm so excited! Can't wait to get this done. In the 2 weeks I've lost about 7 pounds. No Bueno! I had a cold and didn't have any appetite, but hey I rather get the cold now instead of a few days before my trip..which btw I'm leaving in 10 days !


Just noticed I said 10 days on my last update.. It was 14 days and now 8! I can't wait to leave !! I've been eating like crazy lately so I've been gaining weight. I'm at 157 right now and I feel soo heavy right now..it's depressing !! Since I had previously done lipo, I feel all the fat on my arms, inner thighs, and my back. I feel so blah right now, but I know it'll be so worth it ! I just hope my hemo is good! I've been taking vitamins, but honestly not everyday :/. Do you dolls recommend anything that I can take to raise my hemo? I'm leaving very soon!!

More wish pics !

Getting ready !

Yay! So by next week this time I'll be in dr already! I ordered a few maxi dresses on Amazon and I also ordered a lipo foam. I didn't use one last time, but wanted to use it since time since the faja is extremely uncomfortable. I feel like it's Christmas lol! I've been getting a new package every day :) just means I'm getting closer to my surgery date. As the days get closer I can't stop thinking about my surgery date, I'm even dreaming about it ! Omg lol

Super cheap on Amazon ! $8

Packed and ready to go

Will be leaving to dr tomorrow morning!

Just landed

So there was a flight delay -_- My flight was supposed to go out at 5:24 and didn't leave until 8! Ugh! I got to dr at 11:30.. I'm omw to the clinic now, hopefully my hemo is good !!!! *crossing fingers

Got my surgery date !

So I met dr Molina today.. OMG he's so awesome ! he answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. I got to the clinic & everyone there was so nice!! Since I got there late, I had to wait a bit for dr Molina bc he was in the surgery room so about 5 mins before he walked in they took out some blood and I had to pee in a cup. When the doctor walked in he introduced himself, asked me a few personal questions and then asked me what I wanted to get done. He's gna be taking out fat from my arms, back, inner thighs & flanks and will be transferring the fat to my hips :). My surgery is tomorrow around noon so I have to be there at 6:30 to make sure I have a room. I'm so excited !!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not even one bit nervous.. Well... At least not yet lol! Maybe it hasn't hit me yet. I will try to update my review tomorrow, if not, I'll upload it when I can. I'll post pics later on

Today is the big day!

So it's 5am and the taxi driver will be picking me up at 6am. I'm so thirsty and hungry, but I couldn't eat not drink anything since 8! I'm trying not to think about it lol. I really hope everything comes out good and hope I come out the way I want to look ! Can't wait until it's done :)

Omg! It just hit me !

The driver just picked me up..I feel so nervous ! I know it's my second lipo, but omg!

At the clinic

Yay! My hemo is good ! Just waiting on the cardiologist and will be getting surgery later on today.. He will be operating 2 other girls today so 3 in total which is great bc some of these doctors try to operate everyone and their mom on the same day lol.. Now it's just waiting..

Waiting game

Saw the cardiologist over a hour ago..just waiting on my turn now


They just put me in my room & gave me the hospital gown! waiting for the doctor so he can mark me up.. Sooo hungry lol


The room is really really nice btw! I definitely recommend this clinic.. It's clean and the staff is great!

11am all marked up

Dr Molina just came in, took my pics and marked me up. He told me the anesthesiologist will be coming soon and giving me the famous blue pill & then I will be taken to the surgery room


Just seen the anesthesiologist.. She just asked me a few questions and told me they will be giving me the blue pill shortly and then iv & I will be taken to the surgery room

All done

Will update later..Meds have me out of it

Yayyy all done

Will update later.. All drugged up lol but here's a pic


I just feel sore ! Anastheliogist came into my room and put the Meds through the iv and knocked me out . Don't remember Anything lol. Just woke up

Definitely still drugged up lmao

Just realized I posted the same pic twice.. Last thing I remember was they couldn't find my vein so they could put the iv! I got poked 2 times before they finally find it. I guess 3rd time is a charm huh. I'm in my room and just had crackers and juice, felt like I was eating a burger lmao! I can't wait to see what I look under this faja


Feeling no pain whatsoever, but will probably be feeling it tomorrow once the anesthesia wears off. I'm up and can't sleep ! I was feeling a bit nauseous, but it went away

More pics

2:18 am

I feel no pain whatsoever, but I can't sleep! I've been in & out of sleep all night :( & I keep having weird pointless dreams. I'll go to sleep for about a hour & then wake up from a dream that I can't remember -_-

I'm just wondering how my body looks under this faja! My waist looks small, I'm just hoping I got the hips that I wanted


Omgggg I'm In sooo much pain! My hips feel like they're on fire :(


Just left the clinic

Tiny waist !

In a lot of pain :(

Last night was terrible ! The doctor told me to sleep on my stomach, but omg I kept waking up every hour! I felt so helpless, couldn't move.. I was just laying there.. 2 days post op and I'm still in a lot of pain..praying that these days go by fast

Got my first massage today

It hurt like hell!!! I cried so much smh. Can't wait till this healing process is over

Feeling a bit better !

So I've been getting the massages daily & they still hurt -_-, but nothing like the first one. Sheeesh!! The first one was horrible. I'm still in dr, finally going home this week coming up. I have one more appt which is on Monday :). So coming to dr and getting lipo in the summer was the worst idea! It's sooo fucking hot here !!!!! Make sure u stay in a recovery house or if you're staying with family, make sure they have a generator. The generator here got fucked up and omg! Wearing this faja & being in this heat KILLS me, smh!

& just when...

I thought everything was ok, I have small f****** Seroma ! Ughhhhh! I went to my appt today and they drained it.. They were a bit hesitant about letting me fly tomorrow, but the doctor gave me the ok. My flight was already bought :'( .. Luckily I was able to find a doctor in ny that can drain the Seroma if anything, but still! I would have rathered have it drained here in dr where I got the procedure done. This recovery hassss beeennnn sooooo stressssfullllllll! I just wanna be home in my room and not be bothered by anyone :( I had everyone blowing up my phone today (Mom, sister, brother, friends & even my boo) so many different opinions and just felt a lot of pressure from everyone. Have any of you dolls experienced this? I didn't accumulate any liquid my first round, but then again the doctor didn't do such an aggressive lipo).

Almost 3 weeks

I've been feeling much better!!! I've gotten 9 massages done by now and I have no more liquid, thank god ! I didn't even need to get drained a 2nd time :). However ok still swollen! Can't wait until this swelling goes down.
Julio molina

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