23 Yr Old Soon to Be a Doll! - Dominican Republic

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Hey all, I'm 23 yr old from Toronto looking to...

Hey all,

I'm 23 yr old from Toronto looking to finally get the body I want.

Still have to do a bit more research and I'm hoping to follow and learn from many of you.

I know I want to go to the Dominican Republic to get my work done so if any of you gone recently from Toronto or are planning to go please reach out! I will be on the lookout for you guys as well.

Any tips are greatly appreciated!

This is the first post in my plastic surgery diary. Hopefully it will end positive!

23 Yr Old from Toronto No Kids - Duran Doll

So I've been on this site for a while but didn't get into any hard researching until last week.It was between Yily, Cabral and Duran for me and based off results and number of similar patients with my body type I've decided to with Duran.I want a BA and BBL. my body fat is high so I might have to get a tummy tuck. I'm trying to lower it before than to avoid it. Not because of the scars but because I have no kids and I hear it might make it difficult later.I'm planning for early 2017. But I'm starting to buy my items from now.

Robles or Duran

It's down to Robles or Duran. Robles has already given me a quote for 5,350 for tt, bbl, muscle repair and lipo on waist, flank, back and armpit.

I don't want the tummy tuck and I still want to go with my first choice Duran. She's had no deaths and is board certified as opposed to Robles but getting in touch is so difficult. And I don't want to go through a co ordinator. It's so annoying. Wanting something so bad and have to go through middle men and loopholes just for a quote.

I will keep trying. If you guys have any tips with getting in touch with Duran. Let me know.

So confused!

I'm so confused and down! Getting in touch with Dr.Duran is so annoying and tiring. I want this is so bad. Robles and cabral answer so quickly. Now I realize the best way is through a consultant (probably the only) but who to do go with. Bellavita or Laura or anyone else. Please someone help. I am absolutely fed up and I want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Lipo/bbl only (no tt) inspiration

Here are some pictures of what to keep my hope in my no tummy tuck choice. Lol every surgeon is recommending but I'm holding firm.

Still shopping around for quotes as I try to get in touch with Duran lol. Every time o think of sending a deposit to a co ordinator a person on here says it's possible to get in touch with Duran without it. Plus I've been thinking of medina also.

Regardless, I've given myself until the end of this month to decide. No more dilly dallying lol.

More lipo/bbl only (no tt)

Made my deposit

I made my deposit to Medina! Just waiting for confirmation. It's going to get real lol

Toronto dolls for flight deals to DR

Need to start thinking about flights and travel stuff now. I just want to get everything.

If anyone of you have any tips it would be greatly appreciated. I can't find anything under 500 which is ridiculous since if I book a ticket for Jamaica this far in advance (8 months) it would be around 400 and my country is a little farther than DR.

Please let me know any deals or tips you guy used. I'm thinking to use an American airline if possible.

'Recovery home' shopping

Notes for a couple recovery houses I'm interested in to help me make my choice.

'Recovery home' shopping continued


Price a night? Price for two weeks?
How far in advance can you reserve dates?
How far from ceclip?
Pick up from airport?
Drop off at appointments? Additional ride prices?
Nurse on site?
Do you assist with drainage?
Assistance with faja changing?
AC? Wifi? Laundry?
Do I have to bring additional medical supplies?
Hot water?
Massage deal?
Location and scenery?
Good reviews?

Giving away medina date for 450

Would any of you be interested? The deposit is 500. I'm still unsure of which Doctor. ????

Total switch

So much as happened within the past month. I'm not going to Medina anymore. At least not for my round one.

I've decided to go to Colombia for full body lipo (plus chin and inner thighs) and bbl. it's so much cheaper for similar work and experience. The doctor I have my eye on has a promotion for the time I want to get sx. It will be about 1000 usd. So hopefully it all works out.
Dra. Medina

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