21 years old one kid i cant wait to become a beaz doll........

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I want to be at least under 200 lbs ...

I want to be at least under 200 lbs my current weight is 206 lbs i cant wait to be so sexy next year when i start in my pharmacy career then hopefully have my business up and running ......i just want to be a all around bad b**** and nobody is going to be able to tell me nothing i can't wait dr here i come 2015 yasss!!!!!

anyone becoming a beaz doll in feb. 2016

All I have ro do now is pay my deposit and send for my passport in July and save save save then my plane ticket in august and the other couple of months I will be getting my supplies together not about to rush because I know I will need pain killers on deck lol cant wait if the is someone what recovery house will you be staying in

I think im going with yily!!!!

Her price is still cheap with everything including the rh for a seven day stay

I have falling in love with yily work

Cant wait she sent me a quote with everything including the recovery house in a package deal for 4,400 7day stay ...now all I have to do is pay my deposit then passport,plane ticket then other items I need for post op 2016 hurry up

MARCH 2016 yily doll!!!!

Well I have been working to get my deposit up so I been getting extra hours so in two weeks I will have my official date for march!!!!

Deposit is to be paid Friday!!!!

I am officially paying my deposit to yily Friday and scheduling my date I am going in March 24, 2016..... My next step is to start getting pre op supplies I have most of them already in the cart but can somebody who been send me what they used and I will be getting my passport in November and plane ticket in January

losing this weight/getting supplies

I was currently at 210 I am 195 pushing for my goal of 175lbs by surgery but if I can get to 165 that would be great but then I might not have any fat to go in my hips

dr.beaz is my doctor!!!!

I love her price 3200 of course I will have to find my rh hopefully they have transportation too I am also thinking of getting a breast reduction to

recovery house/nurse/masseges I NEED HELP!!!

So of course im going with beaz I feel more comfortable but I need help with a recovery house, somebody who does massages and a nurse that an stay overnight....... is there anybody who needed a tummy tuck but did not get it and still have good results

two more days and deposit will be paid!!!

So my deposit will be paid this Friday.... my date will be February 19th ......then on to my passport and supplies which I would be more likely if someone would share with me what to buy

where the cash at!!!!

I sent my money through western union to Dr. Beaz but I have yet to hear from her to see if she received it.......I am freaking out because she is not responding as she usually does quickly but I will chill out until Tuesday before I go nuts!!!

how long!!!

To all the vets and pre op girls how long does it take for beaz to pick her money up from western union or does she just wait until monday

anyone coming from mobile,al!!!!

Well my surgery is 3 months away still have yet to get the supplies I need all maxi dresses are on sale so I will be getting those soon oh and my weight I hardly eat anything but im gaining weight im at 210 so I will be getting a solar suit to sweat them pounds off 40lbs to go in three months

opting out on the tummy tuck!!!

So I have decided to not get the tummy tuck only lipo And bank because I am scared of losing too much blood at once and putting that much stress on it....but I will be going back to get it done and a breast reduction!!!! Any advice from the vets would be nice????

looking for a surgery buddy leaving out feb 18th!!!

So as you know im looking for surgery buddy my date is set for February 19th 2016 with beaz as I know time is getting closer the anxiety is kicking in making me feel like I don't need to go through with it but I honestly know by heart that I need this done no tight clothes look right on me at all EVERYONE say my body doesnt look to baf compared to alot of people but I just want to look great and feel great and embrace this body god has in-store for me....anybody going around feb 18th need someone to keep me uplifted n keep mind on track to know why im getting this done

New date

Looking forward to February 2017!!!

Switching my Doctor to Dr. Ortega in Miami and Paid my Deposite

as you can tell I was going to the dr but I rather stay in us because I see that they are delivering big booties also so Ortega was having a special so I hurried and paid my deposit and locked in the price now I have to come up with a date now and figure out if I want to stay in a recovery house or hotel I found a cheap recovery house with great reviews so I will check them fully out before making my decision.

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