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Hi guys, Im brand new to this site and looking to...

Hi guys, Im brand new to this site
and looking to get some nice curves and lypo in the stomach, chin area, back, and a bit added to my hips. I DO NOT want a tummy tuck which Dr Baez included in the quote. I sent her another email explaining I am way to scared for a tummy tuck and since i haven't had children, and my skin is pretty tight I don't think its necessary. Has anyone ever been in this situation?
And, Has anyone ever gotten surgery done being a bit over 200 pounds and had complications?
Or smoked weed a month before often?
Please help me out ! Thanks :)

Some Inspirstion pics!!

Just some pictures. I don't want anything TOO DRASTIC and look completely ridiculous. Just some nice shape as my hips are a bit non existent. And my booty isn't full. The doctor that did it down in Toronto canada did not do a good job and I paid around 7 grand.

My Quote from Dr Baez

I am thinking Dr Baez. Heard many good things. Someone I know has gotten surgery from her and looks great! And easy recovery.

Iheard you wake up during surgery is this true??? Because there's NO WAY I want to wake up during this. And looking at all these pictures some girls have awful bruising. I never had that in Canada after my first surgery. But I mean they did a shitty job!!! Only took out 500cc from stomach and into butt. I'm happy with my butt but it's not fully even!
She has returned my emails quickly. Except I told her I did not wwnt a tummy tuck and that I also wanted my chin and neck lypoed a bit. And in her quote she included Tt and forgot to mention neck area all for 3800.
I asked her since I do not want a Tt if the quote will be cheaper and sent her more pictures. I'm worried she will make my butt TOO BIG. I want it to look somewhat natural

BBL, mini TT & Liposcupture ? OR BBL and major Lipo everywhere?

Regardless of which one I choose I am going to have to lose 25 pounds just to make sure I'm as healthy as can be. And Dr Baez says she does not do surgery on patients more than 200pounds. I plan to go in Sept or Nov this year , and can't decide if I want a mini TT as well? The incision and cut scares me. My mother said "Those countries like DR BUTCHER U" but I believe there are tons and tons of professionals in the DR! I just don't want to look completely fake and sculpted.


Hey guys!
So as I said Im about 5'4, 198 pounds. By DR Time ill be 180-175 or so!
I must find a doctor who can give me results and shape without the TT!
I don't want to TT since I'm younger and have no kids! screw the pain of a TT, way way too scared

Anyways i still HAVE NOT heard back from Dr baez, I have sent her like 4 emails now LOL... so damn curious if she can fix me up!!! I Now emailed Dr Almonte
IF ANYONE HAS ADVICE ON DRS that do aggressive lip on stomach, abdomen, back, neck... a Small BBL and Lipsculture please let me know! ANY reviews/knowledge or advice you know! Thanks so much fellow dolls and babe!


What doctor could give me that thick, toned, nice round booty look BUT without a TT!!! As I have no children yet and Im only 24... I don't think TT is necessary for me plus IT scares me TO BITS!!!!
So Far I was told to go with anyone in Cipla Hospital They do aggress Lipo.. Possibly Book for either Aug/Sept We'll see..
I feel like I've been doing even more research on the RH lol. oh well at least i know where i will most likely stay afterwards.
This is definitely a journey you can't just jump into. I should have done my research in Canada and never spend 7,000 on a doctor who barely did anything!!!
What DR Doctor can make me thick sculpted luscious & even baby!!!! Please help :)

Dr Cabral, is apparently more Unnatural looking which i don't want
Dr Duran - is natural but I hear she won't answer you before you lose 10-15 pounds and she's hard to get a hold of??
Dr Yilly - I know someone personally who went to her and looks ridiculous .. but hey if yily can do great Lipo and a Natural BBL on me ill be happy!! i just hope she's clean sanitary, sometimes i get bad vibes from her!
Dr Baez - says I need a TT... She can't promise me good results without a TT, but I'm asking is she can at least quote me. Then when I'm there Im going to make sure she does MAX LIPO max if possible, with a nice bbl and sculpting!!!
Dr Almonte - she's questioning it but might be gentle for the job!!!
OR PAST experience with these doctors or SIMILIAR procedures/situations???

Why can't a plus sized thick but medium frame girl find a doctor who can make her a thick natural looking body thats all sculpted!?! I feel helpless :( hopeless maybe, please let me know!
Thanks dolls & loves.

Any comments, Personal experience or reviews on Dr Estévez?

I hear any Dr in cipla or whatever that hospital is called does more extreme Lipo.

My bmi is 34.8 and I'm 195lbs as of today! DOWN 5 :)
Have u heard reviews about Dr Estavez, he quoted me 3,900.....
The quote for liposuction of abdomen, upper and lower back with fat graft to butt is $3900 us dollars
The quote includes: all preop labs, xray, ekg, cardiologist checkup, all clinical and surgical expenses, one night stay at the clinic, anesthesiologist, assistant and surgeon fee, post surgical garment, and 10 lymphatic drainage therapies with ultrasound
What do you gals think? Haven't heard much about him. Still need to do research... But he's the only doctor who has finally spoken to me.

A plus size gal who wants Lypo and no TT :(

Quotes from Dr Almonte, Dr Contreras, & Dr Estevez.. HAS ANYONE been to Dr Contreras?!!?

BBL & Aggressive Lipo.... Liposculture..

Almonte quoted - 4,300.... Apparently she isn't very aggressive on her lipo so I haven't decided and the price is a bit high....
Dr Contreras quoted - 2,500!!! may go with him, love his before & after pics.. But all those negative death reviews are scaring me... ANYONE WHO has been to contreras please PM me!!!! I don't know what to do
Dr Estevez quoted - 3,900 including a TT which i do not want... but he was super nice on the phone

PLEASE PLEASE PM me about Dr Contreras!!!!! i want your stories & experiences with him!!! he sent me dates in august.. but i have not confirmed yet, as all those allegations scare me! :(
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I decided not to go with Dr Baez as she says i need a TT. However I am 24, no children and everyone seems to tell me i do not need a TT. So now I am booked with Dr Diaz!!!! :)

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