120 lbs to lose before surgery, lipo, tt,bbl - Dominican Republic, DO

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I am looking at my journey in 2 phases....weight...

I am looking at my journey in 2 phases....weight loss and then surgery. I have to obtain the proper and healthy BMI in order to have this surgery so I figure that that will take me some time, that is why I picked a surgery date that is exactly 2 yrs from now on my 36th birthday. I am going to be vlogging this whole experience because after I lose this weight I want to not only be healthier but have the body that I have always wanted and I know won't be able to shine thru the saggy skin and what not. I am here to learn, research and encourage. Even if we have a lot of weight to lose prior to having our surgery it doesn't mean that it isn't possible, it just truly tests how bad you want this.

My starting pictures

As I stated previously I have a good amount of weight to lose before I will even consider having surgery. One of my good friends is In the DR right now and just got out of surgery. It's a big deal and before I become #team any surgeon I want to be sure I have done everything that I need to do to get up off that table. While I have in mind what surgeries I want to have I believe that that can change once my weight comes off. The need may be different but my need for a nice size apple bottom won't change at all...no matter what I'm getting my skin waist and ample butt

When to contact Drs!?!?

In my mind I am thinking when I am down to about 60lbs to go I will start reaching out to Drs and documenting on IG and YT my surgery journey although I am hella researching now. I have several in mind that I really want but more research has to be done also I truly want to see what my skin is starting to look like when the weight comes off. Am I going to have sagging skin? What shape am I truly? I don't believe going in now with pictures for the Dr's and what not is going to be much help because they won't touch me at this point. I am starting to get my list of questions together though to have. I hope to be down these 60 lbs in about 8 to 9 months (truly I am going for 6 months but you know it happens when it happens.) How soon do you guys think I should start contacting Drs? More than 60 lbs out?
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