dr Lima (TT Lipo breast lift)

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I'm 24 mother of two and I'm a dancer well was a...

I'm 24 mother of two and I'm a dancer well was a dancer . As long as I can remember I never had just a super flat stomach .Well in April of last year I ran across mystina on YouTube and I began my research .....I just wanna look at my self naked and not find things wrong soon that will happen....I plan to go end of June or early July whatever plane ticket is better scared to death but I have done worst things soooo this should be easy

Ok added my before pic hopefully she can work a...

Ok added my before pic hopefully she can work a miracle ...Got a gym membership today worked out everything with my sitter ...Within the next two weeks I plan to purchase airline ticket and passport soooo excited !

Added new wish pics today ..... Looking for a...

Added new wish pics today ..... Looking for a buddy to pair up with looking to go in June or July!

Sooo excited found out my friend can get me a...

Sooo excited found out my friend can get me a buddy pass for flight ticket sooo it's only 50$ gonna pay dep as sound as I find a buddy and gonna get passport soon!!!! Yay!!!!

Sooo I'm booked June 21 ......paid deposit (does...

Sooo I'm booked June 21 ......paid deposit (does happy dance ) have came up with 4800 in less then 30 days.....I'm a hustler please believe me gonna take 5300 just invade though these tummy tuck results are outta sight ..... Flight is confirmed found a recovery buddie that I'm excited for .... Yira is so nice love her already .... Filling out for passport tomorrow loves ....Untill next time muahhhh!!!

ok im baccck!!!!!

ok so I been gone but I been planning awy!!! so Dominican republic june 8-june19 dr luis lima.... 6 months and counting !!!!!!!

added photos of dr lima work

getting ready for 2014

getting everything I need to purchase together

Ok I booked my flight

I'm never on here cause I have a Facebook group!!! But finally I booked my flight and boi it wasn't cheap !!!!

Flight booked!!!!

???????????? 104 days ????????????????

Flight booked applied for passport recovery house booked it's all seem real to me now .. Gonna start working on supplies ????

86 days

Count down has begun ... I'm excited scared everything !!! It's so real guess when I recieve my passport I'll know it's real ... I have started packing my bag ... I have three surgery buddies we are all ready to get this show on the road ?????????????? Well update a lot more a month out ladies


I'm in spring break from class so I'm getting all my supplies this week so far I have .. Hibiclens soap
Compression socks
Wound care items
Lipo foam
Sleep aid
Pk of tanks
Poise pads
Hand sanitizer
Surgical tape
Lipo foam wrap arnica pills and gel dresses sandles

Current before pics

Tryna fit suppiles in this small bag

Still waiting on Lipo foam wrap purchased from surgery queen on Facebook arnica pill arnica gel and compression socks

79 days omg ??????????????

Been waiting 3 weeks on my passport I'm scared shitless but I'm ready no turning back now !!!! Feeling confident about my decision !! Dr Lima I'm ready to be made over ????????????

Got my hemo checked !!!!

Super excited!! Feb my level was 12.8 today is was !!!!! 16.8 soooo excited feeling myself rite now .. (Does nae nae dance) thanks to these pills !!!


Found a cute set for 16$ I'm sooo cheap ... Oh I decide on getting implants too !!! ???????????????????

Re organizing this bag

American Airlines is picky about there carry on policy hunty??Travel bottles from Walgreens 5.19 for 4 bottles

More Lima photos hunty

Got my passport

#43 days 2 go

Ready to get this over with !

38 days left

I have already accepted I will need a round two !!! Hopefully spring break I can return for additional lipo to achieve the look I want !!!!!

22 days OMG !!!

Ok well it's 21 days I'm over here like shocked right now !! I have exactly 3 weeks I'm all over the places everything is packed !!! Just got hair braided and I'm ready I'm just praying abs tryna be as healthy as possible !!! Say a prayer for me please ????????????????

13 days left 2 go to dr. Lima

Packed and ready !!! Waiting on dr clearance to get excited I'll know Thursday exactly ! ????????????????????????????


So I can't sleep at night ! Didn't get results today so I'm mad ! Guess I'll have them in a lol while I hope so I keep seeing everyone iron level and I'm like damn how is mines 16 still ... Get new level tomorrow will keep you posted

A week left (7 days exactly )

Took this picture yesterday .. So ready to be small ... I just pray I get to do this

Made some changes

Ok so I got my results back !! I'm cleared for surgery via my primary care doctor .. After seeing a lift without implants I decided I will try that first and if I Dnt like it then my round two I will get them !!!!! And last but not least my hemo dropped to 13.4 but that's still good just gotta keep it there

Oh yeah !!!!

Today is my birthday !!!!!! ????????????????????


Please Dnt ask me what I had dne cause I will not respond ... No implants only lift tummy tuck Lipo NO BBL !

Real tea

This surgery is no joke Dnt go in thinking it's gonna be a breeze cause it's not I love my results but I swear I hate I put myself through this the pain is on 10 and the back Lipo omg ! You need to prepare yourself or this will beat the fuck outta you .. Everyday is a struggle and I swear I cry And curse but I can't take it back hopefully 3 months from now I won't feel like this but right now this is the fucking worst

1 week post

Feeling better ... Not a lot just a little thank God for Janet rh where would I be

1 month post

Loving my results hunny ..

2 months post op

Loving my results
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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