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Best decision I have ever made, Having laser...

Best decision I have ever made, Having laser liposuction has changed me completely. I am so satisfied with the way I look now and I still can't see my final results because I only have 3 weeks post op. What I see I love and this is what is most important. I am super happy and satisfied. Thank you doctor Molina for making my dreams come true and giving me my perfect shape!!!! Ecerything I ever wish for.

I have a month!

Tomorrow March 13 I have a month! I cannot believe it's been a month it doesn't feel like it at all. Every day I see my results more and more and of course since its been a month I feel so much better, I can do things on my own, move quicker and walk quicker! Since I got really swollen I still can't see my final results but you don't get to see that till 3 months later as I heard... So I am just waiting. I am satisfied with what I see now and I know it's just going to get better. I'm actually going to start the gym when I have 2 months post/op doctor Molina said it was okay after 2 months. I am getting my Faja smaller I'm going on an XSMALLL NOW! Woohoo! Today I actually put my faja on by myself Im using a small on the 3rd notch, I never really attempted to put it on all alone my brother always helps me but I did it!!! Meaning im getting smaller and it's easier to put it which is absolutely amazing. I'll keep you posted. Any questions feel free to ask away! Bye guys


Everyone's body is different.. Your results and recuperation depends on you and how your body works. I've always been the type to bruise very easily and swell up so after surgery I literally felt like I weighted 200 pounds and I was extremely swollen, I have one month and I am still very very swollen. This a process and like I said before everyone's different. I feel like my pictures don't show enough but at the same time I told docto Molina I did not want anything exxagerated which was why i chose him as a doctor in the first place, his work looks very natural, I wanted slim but also curvy with a nice booty he gave me that :-) I want months to go by! I am ready to start the gym and look even better.

Hi guys!!!

I got my faja taken in so now it's super tiny!!!! I'm so excited because my waist looks tiny! This is a hard journey but it's definitely worth it.

1 month and 1 week.

Hello everyone!!! Today I put my Faja on the third notch!! 2 weeks ago i could barely get it on the first one I couldn't even breathe!! This makes me happy as I see my swelling go down and my waist getting smaller, as I said before i was really swollen after surgery I looked fatter than my original weight, it was so bad! I still have swelling on my lower stomach and my Lower back, I will post pictures of my bare stomach soon I know some people would like to see more. Thank you for reading my reviews and I'll gladly answer all of your questions and concerns about this process! Have a nice day everyone

Hi again!!!

I had bought a corset online to train my waist to be even smaller!!! I am super excited. I tried it on today, I got a size small and it almost closed entirely meaning I can get an Xsmalll soon. I posted a picture so you guys can see. I purchased it on eBay for just $26 bucks. It's worth it.

Some before pictures

It was actually very hard finding pictures of me before surgery that really showed my entire body, I guess i never really took those kinds of pictures. Anyways these pictures are all from before if you noticed my hair is blonde in one picture is because this was 2013 but they are all me before surgery. I wasnt fat at all but I did have a stomach and I didn't really have much hips, I wanted hips because this also makes your waist look extra small :-) as I look through my before pictures I notice my changes so much more now... I was a really let down because I felt like my waist size looked the same as before and what I wnated the most was a small flat waist... But I do see now the difference when I compare and It makes me super happy. My waist is way smaller now than before, and I have hips!!!! And I have curves which I wanted the most Lol... However I was very self conscious about my arms I have always been, doctor Molina didn't want to do my arms because arm lipo is dangerous due to the nerves we have in our arms, which I totally understood, I told him he needed to do my arms because it was important to me, he did do them but he took out very little from my arms.. I feel they only look a tiny bit different I wanted small arms cause I really hated my arms before... But my arms are not huge I feel like i exxagerated it in my head.. Anyways be the judge of my before pictures and look at my after results and ask me questions if you want and give me feedback.. What do you guys think?!!! I would love to hear. Xoxo

Finally a little update

I know it's been such a long time. I started to regret ever putting all my pictures and information about surgery on this website because I found out that you cannot delete it afterwards, it's a permanent thing. I just wanted to help girls who were planning on getting surgery with my doctor and also help them make the right decision. However I also heard you can delete you images so soon I would be deleting all of the pictures I have uploaded here. It's been 7 months, soon to be 8 months since my surgery.. I can honestly say I started to feel "normal" again after 6 months! My doctor told me this and a bunch of my friends who have gotten surgery as well but I thought to myself "6 months!!!!! That's a long time, I'll probably feel better way before".. But they were right, at least in my case my body felt 100% better after my 6th month. I had a lot of swelling after my surgery because I had minor complications so my lower tummy was very swollen and hard I thought it would never ever go down, the hardness and the bump on my Lower stomach is finally almost gone.. It took a while for me, my body doesn't do good with trauma or surgery (of course I noticed this after my surgery) but I noticed that my swelling was pretty bad compare to a lot of my friends who have gotten the same procedure. Always remember everyone heals differently, you could ask me questions and see my progress but that doesn't mean it'll be the same for you. Everyone has a unique experience, submitting yourself to surgery and putting your body at risk is a very big decision. Some girls don't swell up at all, they look skinny and just how they want to look right after surgery in my case I had to wait a long time to see my results, it was frustrating. I can now see my doctors work! I am happy and I am satisfied, I told my doctor I didn't want anything exaggerated and that's exactly what he gave me. I kinda wished he would've made my waist smaller but besides that he gave me the perfect booty, he added the perfect amount of hips and he took out so much fat out of my back!!!! Lol my back is my favorite I uploaded some pictures!!!!!! Feel free to ask any questions!! I totally recommend doctor Molina he is really amazing.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I am super happy to have chosen Dr Molina, he interacts with his patients and he's very attentive. Before my surgery I had tons of questions, and of course who doesn't but he made me feel super comfortable and he explained everything to me so I knew what to expect. The relationship between you and the doctor you chose is super important because you're putting your life into their hands and you want to make sure you are safe, I made the right chose with mine and every day I am grateful to have chosen such a professional Doctor.

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