Going to Dr. Walkiris Robles for Tummy Tuck, Liposuction and Fat Transfer to Butt - Dominican Republic

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I've been considering having a tummy tuck for...

I've been considering having a tummy tuck for almost 3 years. I gained about 60 lbs with pregnancy, going from 150lbs to 210 lbs, and I'm only 5'3". I have always been a thick girl but always had a flat belly and nice curves, but the pregnancy weight gain transformed my abdomen in such a way that diet and exercise are definitely not enough. I was determined to lose as many pounds as I could with diet and exercise. I managed to lose 55 lbs and currently weigh 155. Unfortunately, exercise doesn't do much for flaccid skin and stretch marks so now I feel that I'm at a point where I am definitely ready for surgery and know I will obtain a much better result than having had it done weighing 210 lbs. I am very excited that the time has finally come.

A little background about myself: I am from the states but am a medical student(Yes, to become a doctor, not a nurse) in the Dominican Republic, I have been living here for about 6 years now and go back home on school vacations. I finally finish medical school this December and my husband is giving me the $$ for the surgery as a graduation gift!!

I had been researching all along to see which surgeon I was gonna choose. A couple of my classmates have already had procedures done with Dr. Estrella and Dr. Nestor Mallen. They look great!! I had almost set my mind on Dr. Nelson Rubio but he is in Santiago and it would just be a waste of money to stay in a recovery house in Santiago if I have my own place in Santo Domingo. So I looked into Dr. Walkiris Robles, and scheduled a consultation with her. She was on her lunch break when I arrived and she didn't leave me waiting, she immediately assisted me, she explained everything, answered all my questions and told me I will have great results since I have a good shape below all the fat and stretch marks, LOL!!

Since I am a "Dominican" client, lol, I get a quote in pesos.. I got quoted $RD100,000 pesos which is equivalent to about $US2700 dollars. I am not going to use the recovery house(which costs $US1000 for 10 days) which why my quote is also cheaper, but am gonna pay extra to stay in the clinic(CECIP) for at least 3 or 4 days.

My surgery date is confirmed for November 21st but I spoke with Raquel, the assistant, and I may possibly be having surgery earlier, on the 16th. I posted my before pictures and will post everything so all you Real Self ladies can make informed decisions about what surgeon is right for you!! Feel free to comment!!

OK ladies, so I'm having surgery sooner than I...

OK ladies, so I'm having surgery sooner than I thought. I got rescheduled for November 16th. Yayyy!! I'm so excited!! Can't wait, the countdown begins. I have been taking all my vitamins for about 1 month now. I had some blood drawn today to make sure I don't have anemia and to compare to the one I will have done the day before surgery, my hemoglobin is at 13.3 mg/dL(No Anemia, Yayyy!)

For those of you planning on having surgery, just so you know, you DON'T have to wait 1 month before surgery to start taking vitamins, you can do that before just to be sure you're hemoglobin levels are high enough and don't have to reschedule your surgery due to anemia. I mean they're vitamins, all they can do is help not harm, lol. Just make sure that 1 month prior to your surgery you DON'T take Vitamin E, Vitamin K and should also consider taking a break on the smoking and alcohol because high levels of these substances in your organism will interfere with the action of the anesthesia, meaning you might need a higher dosage and are more susceptible to waking up in middle of the surgery. You should also stop the use of Aspirin at least 2 weeks prior to surgery because it interferes with clotting factors, meaning you might bleed more than usual and could possibly end up having some massive hemorrhage, leading to a blood transfusion.

So here's a list of the Vitamins I'm currently taking:
1. Iron (Ferrous Sulfate) 300 mg, 2 times a day
2. Folic Acid 4mg, Once a day. I take a 5mg tablet, that's all I could find here in the DR
3. Complex B Once a day- I use the GNC brand, its called Complex B 50, it has all you need and more and its only 1 caplet per day
4. Vitamin C 1000mg(1gram), Once a day

You should try to make a routine to take them in the morning before you eat breakfast because they get absorbed better on an empty stomach. Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron and B vitamins, so it is important that you take them all at once. Vitamin C is also very important in the POST-OP stage because it is an important co-factor in the generation of Collagen which helps your incisions heal quicker.

That's all for now ladies!!

Super excited!!! 15 more days til my surgery with...

Super excited!!! 15 more days til my surgery with Dra. Robles. I already have my Vitamedica package, will start those tomorrow!!

So I woke up early this morning and went to Dr....

So I woke up early this morning and went to Dr. Robles office to meet up with Raquel(the secretary which is also named Raquel, not Raquel Medina), she gave me the Rx for all my blood work, urine analysis, chest X-Ray, EKG, and Cardiologist consultation. I did everything and apparently all is well, she told me she would call me back if anything was abnormal.

Today I also purchased the other items that I still needed. Got my Anti-Embolism Thigh-Hi Open toe Stockings, Incentive Spirometer, Box of Sterile Gauze, Box of Gloves(for my mom which will be taking care of me). I got all these items at a medical supply store here in the DR, they sell everything and have really good prices, it is called FARMACONAL. The anti-embolism stockings were 510 pesos which is about US$12, the incentive spirometer was 395 pesos which is about US$10, the box of 100 sterile gauzes and box of gloves were each US$5. So I spent a total of US$32. I was going to spend US$30 just on the stockings, this is the price range for them online in the US, so I saved some money by purchasing them in the DR.

Dr. Robles comes back from vacation on Nov. 14th, so I will be going to her office the day before my surgery to fill out all the paper work and make the payment, so on Friday morning I wont have to stress about all of that, just arrive at 8 AM and wait to go into the OR.

That's all for now, will keep you posted!!

Here is a list of all the items I have: 1....

Here is a list of all the items I have:

1. Compression garment
2. Anti-Embolism Thigh-Hi Open Toe Stockings
3. Incentive Spirometer
4. Box of sterile gauze
5. Box of gloves
6. Comfortable Summer dresses
7. Comfy sleeping gowns
You can get pants pijamas, but it is much easier to just put on the night gown and not having to pull pants up.
8. Hanes 100% cotton tank tops(wife beaters)
9. 100% Cotton Comfy Underwear. You don't want to wear lace or nylon underwear in the DR, the weather is too hot and it will just be uncomfortable under your compression garment, this is my opinion. Believe me, I've been living here for 5 years.
10. Vitamedica package Pre and Post Op
11. Codeine pain killers(Have been saving them for this moment, from my C-Section, LoL)
12. Phillips Cramp free Stool Softeners. It's better to get the "cramp free" stool softeners because it'll be very uncomfortable to have cramps while having a big tummy tuck incision.
13. Flip flops, since you will probably have some swelling of your lower extremities.
14. Funnel for peeing. Sounds kind of funny, lol. Alot of girls get the "Go Girl" urinary devices. I just think it's a waste of money because you will only be using it for a couple of days, eventually you will be able to sit comfortably on the toilet. So I just saved the US$14 and got a funnel for $US2. I'm not saying you shouldn't buy the Go Girl if you were planning on doing that, I just think the funnel is cheaper and serves the same purpose, it's even more sturdy because the go girl is made of silicone.
15. Baby wipes. Since you aren't allowed to bathe for a while, the wipes are an easy way to freshen up.
16. Kelocote Scar Gel. This is optional, not everyone uses scar gels but I've heard awesome things about it, so I will begin using it as soon as my incision heals, you can't use it while the incision is still in the process of sealing.
17. 1 Liter water bottle, so you can keep track of how much water you're drinking in the day. I always drink alot of water and it is also important to hydrate properly after the surgery, this aides in recuperating fluids that you've lost from the liposuction and also helps you urinate more so you will flush out more liquid so you won't have to have the drainage tube placed for a longer time.
18. Sports Bra. If you're not having any work done on your breast, it's just more comfy to wear a sports bra since you'll have to wear the TIGHT compression garment, might as well have your boobies comfy, lol.

These are all the items that I think are essential to have. Obviously you should also bring personal items such as, toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine pads, shampoo, deodorant, hand soap, hand sanitizer, etc.

Hope this helps!!!

OK, so today I did my last workout, put up a pic,...

OK, so today I did my last workout, put up a pic, I'm very satisfied with the results of my arm, butt and leg routine. I have definitely toned my muscles, very proud of myself. And best of all, I lost a whole inch off of my arm circumference. I weighed myself and am currently 149lbs. So I'm 4 days away from surgery day :-)

I have been taking my vitamedica pills, vitamin C and iron. For those of you planning on using the vitamedica, don't stop taking your iron supplement, because the vitamedica pills DON'T have iron. Remember that as women, we lose a lot of iron every month through our menstruation, so DON'T forget to take your iron everyday, it would really suck to get your surgery date changed due to anemia, Robles doesn't play with that, if you're Hemoglobin level is borderline she will change your Sx date.

Raquel called me today, and told me that all my lab work from Friday is EXCELLENT, my Hgb is through the roof, so all these vitamins and veggie juices have made a difference, my hgb went up 1 whole gram in 2 months of supplements!!

Tomorrow I start my Bromelain supplement from the Vitamedica package. You have to start those 3 days prior to surgery and continue them 7 days post-op.

That's all for now!! Can't wait til Friday!!!!!

So today I went to Dr. Robles office to fill out...

So today I went to Dr. Robles office to fill out all the paper work. Raquel took my before pics and explained everything that I should do tomorrow to get admitted into the clinic. My surgery will be in the afternoon, around 1PM, so I'll be really hungry because I can't eat anything after 10 PM tonight, hope I don't faint, LOL. She said that even though my surgery is in the afternoon, I should try getting there before 10AM so that way I won't have a problem getting a room. My mom will be accompanying me, so at least I'll have someone to chat with while I wait. Well, that's all for now, hope all goes well tomorrow. I'm super excited!!! Will update as soon as I can.

I am all set, got here about an hour ago. Got my...

I am all set, got here about an hour ago. Got my surgery clothes on, waiting for Dr. Robles to come. She's at the Oncology clinic right now, she should be here in a couple of hours.

Raquel came by my room to say hi and sat a while to chat with my mother and me, shes sooooo nice.

I just got my iv solution placed. OMG, needles are huge. Took the nurse 2 attempts.

Thats all for now!!

Hey everybody!!! Everything went well yesterday, I...

Hey everybody!!! Everything went well yesterday, I was too drowsy from the anestesia, thata why I didn't update yesterday.

I vomited twice last night and also vomited this morning, i got a shot for that. I am really sore, not too much pain. Just feel alot of pressure on my back and abdomen.

Dr. Robles went to see me today at about 1 o'clock, she cleaned me up and changed my compresion garment, she is so careful with everything!!! Great attentiveness. She filled out my discharge papers but she said I had to stay a little longer until my iv solution was done.

My mom got to see everything, she said everything look good.

I'm updating from my iphone. I dont see the add pic button. So i guess i'll add some pics when i go to Dr. Robles on monday.


I didn't get much sleep last night. Couldn't find...

I didn't get much sleep last night. Couldn't find a comfortable position to rest in. Hope tonight goes smoother. Have been trying to eat and hydrate myself.

My arms are swollen from the IV solution and my legs have been doing alright thanks to the compression stockings.

Will update later

Day 3 Post Op: I went to Dr. Robles office...

Day 3 Post Op:

I went to Dr. Robles office today to get cleaned up and get my garment changed. OMG, I am sooooo happy with how I look, even though I'm still very swollen.

I can't wait til all this swelling goes down!!! Dr. Robles says everything is healing perfectly. I have a cute button , and the incision is so low, I AM SOOOO PLEASED!!! The booty is swollen, I can definitely see that the hips are looking good but still cant judge since its only been 3 days.

I know I promised pics, but unfortunately Dr. Robles was by herself cleaning me up, Raquel stepped in when she was wrapping me up again. But I will do my best to get pictures on Friday when I go back.

I had some nausea this morning but feel like a million dollars after I saw my flat tummy!!! Lol. Prepare to eat against your will. Its hard to eat without an appetite, but you have to hydrate ALOT and eat lots of protein.

I started eating alot of chicken breast, boiled eggs, mashed potatoes, lots of greens and bought a can of ENSURE, this has alot of protein in just 1 portion.

Well, thats all for now!!! Sorry for not having any pics today!!

Day 6 post-op: I have been feeling better...

Day 6 post-op:
I have been feeling better everyday. Last night i had really bad itches, omg!! Today my drainage tube wasnt working properly, so I had to go to Dr. Robles office and have the outer tube replaced, not the inside tube, didnt hurt at all.

At the beginning the liquid is red, starts turning pink and eventually becomes transparent yellowish color. Mine has been draining yellow since yesterday and not much is coming out anymore, so it should be getting removed soon.

I've been drinking a whole pitcher of pineapple and cucumber juice, which act as natural diuretics. Have also been drinking 2 liters of water everyday. This has definitely been helping me eliminate fluids. Its hard to keep up with drinking so much liquid but if its gonna get this tube out of me quicker , i'm definitely doing it.

Tomorrow is my appointment with Dr. Robles to get cleaned up again and get my garment changed, can't wait, its so refreshing when she cleans me up.

Well, thats all for now. Will take pics tomorrow

Day 7 Post Op: Went to Dr. Robles Office...

Day 7 Post Op:

Went to Dr. Robles Office today and was pleasantly surprised to see my buddy Jbettyboop at the office, she had surgery done on Wednesday. Shes looking fabulous already, under all the mummy wrap they have us in, LOL!! We got to chat for a while, with 2 other girls that are also at the recovery house.

Today I got cleaned up, my garment got changed again and I got to take some pics. Dr. Robles says everything is healing properly, my back isn't draining any fluids anymore and the swelling is progressively going down. I am still very swollen in the legs and tummy, my arms have gone down now. My drain isnt collecting more than 35 cc in 24hours since yesterday , but since its only the 7th day, she doesn't want to take chances and risk getting a seroma, and will remove it on Monday, I was a little pissed off cuz I know its ready to be taken out, but gotta go by her recommendations.

She has been applying the Mosqueta Rose Organic Oil on my incision and belly button every time I go. This helps the wound heal nicer. You can bring your own if you want but she already has it in the office which is a little more expensive, its about US$10 on Amazon.

Everything is good for now!!

Day 8 Post op: Today I had to call Dr. Robles...

Day 8 Post op:

Today I had to call Dr. Robles because my drainage tube was bugging me too much, I could barely walk without it hurting, going to the bathroom was impossible. Thank God she is always available, she told me to go to the office to get it checked. It wasnt draining too much fluid anymore so she pulled it out. OMG, when she cut the nylon stitch off of my skin, it hurt so bad, but the actual tube being pulled out doesnt hurt at all.

I feel so much better with that thing out of me, just hoping no fluid accumulates from now on.

Thats all for now

Day 16 Post Op: Everything has been going...

Day 16 Post Op:

Everything has been going great, swelling has been decreasing but still have some swelling in the lower part of my tummy. The incision and belly button have been healing properly. I have been applying the Mosqueta Rose oil everyday, don't attribute the healing of the incision just to the oil, I always heal really well, everyone is different.

I finally took a bath today, felt AWESOME!!! but left the gauze and tape on the incision so it wouldn't get too wet, then put on the oil and put dry gauze on. Took some pics while I had my garment off, I am loving how everything is looking so far, have no complaints at all.

I am still sleeping on my back but can stay on my side for a while, so it relieves my back a little. As of today I started walking completely straight, feels good, walking like an old lady was killing my lower back.

Dr. Robles told me I could start getting massages on my back and waist as of tomorrow, lets see how that goes. There is a massage therapist that is coming to my house tomorrow, she will do a session of ultrasound, paraffin bath and then lymphatic drainage(manually), it's gonna cost me $20, I think its a good value considering that I can get it done in the comfort of my house. I have another appointment with Dr. Robles on Wednesday, she has been seeing me every 4-5 days.

Well, that's all for now. I posted some new pics!!!!

Day 17 Post Op: Just added some pics of my...

Day 17 Post Op:

Just added some pics of my new compression garment. So much more comfortable because it keeps my butt in place and its really tight. Its the Isavella brand, I purchased it before I had surgery.

Day 23 Post Op: I am super happy with my results...

Day 23 Post Op:
I am super happy with my results. Everything is healing well. The scabs are falling off, and my incision is basically invisible. Will post a pic of my scar as soon as all the scabs fall off, should be in a couple of days. I am using my KeloCote scar gel, which helps minimize the appearance of the scar. I saw Dr. Robles yesterday, she says everything looks great!! And will see me in January unless I'm worried about something.

I am still drinking 3 Liters of water everyday and am making green juices. I am currently drinking a whole pitcher of juice 3-4 times per week. You dont wanna drink it everyday cuz you'll start losing lots of weight, and you're not supposed to do any type of diet the first 2 months after surgery. I blend a whole pineapple, 1 cucumber with the skin, 1 apple with the skin and 2 celery sticks and add some honey to sweeten it, NO sugar.

Thats all for now!!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Not many surgeons invest so much time in caring for their patients. Dr. Robles is definitely the exception. She said to call her cel whenever for whatever, not posible to do with other Drs. So happy, don't regret anything and super happy that I chose Robles.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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