GOFORIT. 35 Yo with a 16 & 10yo. Tummy Tuck, Lipo and maybe a BBL. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi Ladies, I have been a spectator for the last...

Hi Ladies, I have been a spectator for the last 2yrs and finally have made the decision to have my surgery in DR. I am 35yo with 2 kids. I am 5'2" and weigh 148lbs. I am hoping for a TT, aggressive lipo and maybe a minor BBL. I am not looking to be a video vixen, but want to be happy with my body when I look in the mirror. I am a very simple women and don't like a lot of anything or the dramatics. Before children, I had the perfect body and didn't even appreciate it. Now I have a chance to get the perfect body and love it! I have always wanted this surgery. I had a breast reduction back in 2003 and after the dr wanted me to come back for a TT until my hubby said he wanted another kid (side eye). None the less a few months later I was preggers with my 2nd son. In 2012, I had a consultation and paid my deposit to have it done in the DMV area but the results were pretty bad, not to mention the lawsuits in place. I felt it wasn't worth $10995 and not get fabulous results. I'm am such a perfectionist and was afraid of sub standard results. I bit the bullet and lost my deposit. I'm happy I decided against it and glad I waited this long. I came across RS and found the talented doctors in DR and decide to go outside the US. I was all Robles initially, but started thinking about how many patients she has, which scares me a little. Now I am torn between Robles and Almonte. Robles does imacculant work but I was concerned about her volume of daily patients/surgery and having the proper care. Almonte does awesome work also, but without the daily volume of surgeries. If I stick with Robles, maybe I'll just get a nurse. I'm am hoping to have my surgery done on no later than November 10th. I am waiting on confirmation of availability before I by my ticket. I'd like the idea of sx buddies because I think that is very benificial mentally and emotionally for those that do this. Let me know if any of you will be there. I like to stay at Paradise because of the hospital beds, but Serenity has great reviews.
Just wanted to introduce myself.
Sending prayers to all the ladies on this journey.
Also I posted my pre-op pics. Forgive me I am not that great at taking pictures of myself.

Ready Set Go! Decided on Dra Almonte.

Hello Ladies,
After many months of debating and research, I decided on Dra Almonte. It's crazy because I had so much anxiety of who to choose that once I made my mind up, I felt so much better. Like a burden was lifted. I sent my deposit and my date was secured. I will be having surgery on November 11th. I have also book my flight. I will be going a couple of days prior for some needed R & R with my mom. Now I feel like I have a ton to prep for. Supplies is next on my to do list. I will have my blood work done next week. I'm not really concerned with that. A couple of months ago is was 13, so I should be ok. I just pray I stay this calm throughout this entire journey. "Lord have your way and give me peace." Take care ladies. I will keep you posted.

Date Soon Approaching

Hello RS Ladies,
I just finished packing my bag and prioritizing tasks at home before I leave to DR. I have so much anxiety. One minute I don't want to have the surgery, then the next I do. I look in the mirror and ask myself if I can be satisfied my body as it it? And I know I can't. I have been working out and eating well. Even though I have lost some weight an toned a few areas, my raisin belly is still ever present. My mom was initially accompanying me, but now she will be staying behind. I didn't want to do this alone. My husband has to stay behind with our boys so, all I can hope for is a sx Buddy to comfort as well as be comforted and support by. I have come too far to turn back. I am just ready to get this done and over with.

Heavenly Father, I pray for peace beyond all understanding right now and going into this. I pray that you bless and guide the hands of the surgeon and all the staff that will come in contact with me, and will be a part of this process near and far. Jesus, I pray that your healing hands cover me from the crown of my head to the bottom of my feet. In Jesus name, AMEN! For all those that will be having this surgery, I pray the same prayer for you.

Not Solo

After much thought and rearranging schedules, my hubby will come with me the 1st three days after surgery. He is the typical spouse that says "your beautiful and I love you the way you are"...yeah ok. But I believe he is more excited than I am. My 16yo is not happy I'm doing this though. He doesn't like to speak of it. He keeps saying "mom ur being lazy!" "Just work out more." Sheesh, how much more?!! This stomach isn't going anywhere. My boys love squeezing my belly and rolls. They say "your sooo soft mom!" It drives me nuts when they touch and poke at my stomach! It's as entertaining as watching a monkey try to play with a football.

Very Important Question

Can any previous dolls of Dr. Almonte or any other surgeon at CEIP tell me whether or not a Sequential Compression Device (SCD) was/is used during surgery? It is used during surgery to prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis) or blood clots. The compression stockings are used after. It is the device that goes on your legs,which inflates and deflates, during the surgery. This is very important espcially when having a tummy tuck.

All of a sudden, I have endless questions now. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

2.5 days PO

Hello Ladies, I told myself I would not post until I made it back home. I think I am still in disbelief that I even had the surgery. I had sx on Tuesday but had to have a blood transfusion the next day. My hemo going in was 12.9 and it dropped to 6.5. I started off feeling good after surgery, considering all things, and got sick. After the transfusion I started to run a low grade fever as well. The Dr on call and Almonte and staff were on top of it all. The truth is nothing could have prepared me for this. I honestly thought I was mentally and emotionally ready. Being away from home and having this surgery is not for the faint at heart, by any means. I thank and praise God for his grace and mercy. My husband has been everything in this process with me. I can't imagine having to have done this alone. Today I am feeling so much better. I feel myself getting stronger by the day. The staff at the RH has been on top of it all. Food and juices that will aid in my body continuing to heal. I believe I have read every review on this site and I do not know how people bounce back so quickly, so hats off to all of you ladies. Giving God all glory.

Response to recent Robles incident

I had to comment on this. My heart would not allow me to stay silent. Rather that rewriting the entire post I took pictures of a comment I left on someone's IG. Ladies ask all the questions you can possibly think of. My question to the doctor would be "if anything were to happen during the surgery, what would you do?" "If I go into cardiact arrest what is your protocol, what if I lose too much blood,etc?" What medications and equipment is used in the case of these types of emergencies.
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