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Ok, here we go True to style I have been on this...

Ok, here we go
True to style I have been on this site since 2014. Ladies the time has come for me to fill EVERY pair of jeans that I own! So excited. I have followed many of your journeys I have laughed and cried with you. I have prayed for you and fussed at your non-supporting friends/family boyfriends/husband! Finances and time finally are aligned. Today I will send off for quotes to Yily, Duran, Baez and Hasan.

4'11 173lbs Mostly right in the ole gut area! No one can tell I weigh this much because ALL my life I have held my stomach in Well at 43 I no longer want to do that!

Soooooo... here we go!

I was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes OCT 2015 and I have to make sure my levels are in order or NO will do the surgery (TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE). Getting initial bloodwork tomorrow to see where levels are.
Who all knows?
So far YOU! lol I also have been discussing this with my BFF and I just told my sister yesterday. She says after I have mine she may get one. Sooooo, I had to tell her because I adopted 3 kids last August and I have to make sure my medical will is in order. Not that I am scared, but Safety and preparation in all things ladies.

Posting pics n writing therapy...
This is the hardest thing to do! I haven't owned a full length mirror in years, ok, decades. Then after looking at the my pics, I was like. Seriously, is that me? When and how did this happen? Anywho, I don't have time to be negative. On to the positive things in life. Having said that, I am so uncomfortable posting pics. I guess I don't want to be judges on looks I want to give you all a chance to fall in love with my witty personality. lol But I also know that pre pics REALLY help make decisions. Also, looking at people who have the same body frame as me are hard to find, so if I can help anyone else then a'posting I must do.

Proposed Procedures

Totally forgot to post my desired modifications. Sooooo I would love to have a Fat transfer (BBL) to buttocks as well as breast. I know there are some doctors who may not do transfers to the breast. I am hoping I can find one or two. I really just want to round my butt out and cup it over. Butt (pun intended... lol) I don't want the rest of the fat to go to waste. Therefore let's give it a home in my boobies (I knew that word seems childish, but in this instance, it was super fun to use!) If I cannot find a DR to transfer to breast I will be ok. I just really don't want implants.

Sent out for quotes... Yahoo

Morning ladies! This morning I sent out for quotes to Yily, Duran and Baez... here's to hoping I hear back soon. Looking to book within 3 weeks (blood work dependent)

On another note... Yesterday I admitted that I am shaped like a seahorse! lol
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Getting qoutes

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