Mom 48yrs Old Needs Body Tune Up!!! Full Body Lipo, Bbl, Breast Lift (No Implants) Dr. Contreras in DR

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Im am in horrible shape, flabby saggy with tons of...

Im am in horrible shape, flabby saggy with tons of cellulite, I am also about 80lbs overweight BMI is 35 WHICH IS OBESE!!!!! But I'm healthy dont smoke or drink plus im an army veteran (retired almost 6 yrs ago) see before pics of my mess of a body. Please comment and don't be shy I am very forth coming T thanks!!!!


my surgery will be on June 2. I will post more when it gets closer to sx time. please stay tuned :-)

Had surgery 6/3/2016

Just quick update, I'm in lots of pain. The ended up removing my breast implants so my breasts are tiny. I was upset at first but now I'm glad he did. At my age I don't want to deal with them and my smaller breasts make me look younger and thinner. The lipo is the most painful procedure I have ever had. I'm so swollen! The pain is intense! I also had a lip lift which I love, changed my face. Will post pics when i feel better. Thanks
Dr. Edgar Contreras

Good quote, he has some bad history but with the number of procedures he's done its not as bad as most people think. He doesn't talk much but he's a celebrity in Santo Domingo! An artist! He's done work on beauty queens

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