37 Bbl & Hips, TT, with Full Body Lipo with Inner Thighs, ArmPits and Arms Included with Dr Cabral in DR. Dominican Republic, DO

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I have finally made a decision to have bbl, tt,...

I have finally made a decision to have bbl, tt, with full body lipo including arms and inner thighs in DR with Dr. Hector Cabral. I have been researching for over a year and after much switching and debate, I finally decided my desired outcome can only be achieved by the king of DR. I have a hour glass figure already so I am looking to slim down and some sculpting. Cabral gave me a reasonable quote and is easy to communicate with via Whattsapp. Can't wait to finally meet him!
I will get my breast done in Miami because the prices are the same for everything. I decided to go with Cabral rather than a surgeon in Miami because I have yet to see his skill in Miami in terms of aggressive, lipo, and bbl. I do not want a video vixen butt being a business professional and aspiring actress. I will share pics but I will not show my face. I am a mother of four and have lost weight on and off so I have stretch marks and minimal skin damage. I just want my youthful body back now that phase of my life is over. I am going in December so I will keep you posted. I may also have my blephs (under eye bag surgery) done depending on the price because I was quoted $1300 us but here in Miami I can have the same procedure for $1000 so if he will do the upper and lower for $1300 I will let him do those as well. Come on it is a foreign country I expect at least a 50-70% discount. I was being charged $1500 by Lima and 3800 for bl with a small implant where I can get the same procedure better quality in some respects ( Lima is awesome with breast, but not worth the extra money) here in many quality surgeons in Miami charge for $2500- $3000 for ba, bl with implant, so no deal there especially when you factor in rh, plane ticket and supplies. Maybe if I were from from another state where I didn't know any better, but I am going to spend my money wisely and get the most quality for my dollars. I work hard! Don't even try to hustle me. Here are my wish pics

Dreaming of my new body as the Cabral Goddess

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