Facelift, Liposculpture and Mini TT - Dominican Republic, DO

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I enjoy salsa dancing on 2, working out till, till...

I enjoy salsa dancing on 2, working out till, till I have thick drops of sweat developing evenly throughout my loverback and lover abs, but lately for the past few months, I have been working very hard at the gym, for many hours a day with less and less results. My metablisim has slowed down and my resistance is increasing. so the harder I work the harder I need to escalate the next work out to.... at the end......ITS EXHAUSTING!!! I realized,and worst, I look even more exhausted than I feel. so i made a decision a yr ago to get some work done.... im ready, I selected Dr. Nelson Rubio for my facelift and lipoTT. My surgery is 4 days away. I fly to Santiago in two nights. I Love the support i get from this website .. I have personal goals, physical goals, and spiritual goals. On this site, I will focus on sharing the feelings, pressures, and mental aspects of preparing to fly to a totally unknown territory, to place my body in the trust of this awesome surgeon. I have no doubts about this dr.'s ability to get the results I want.

Tonight is the night prior to my face lifting...

Tonight is the night prior to my face lifting procedure. Tags couldn't be any smoother. Yesterday I finally met Dr. Nelson Rubio. And yes! That connection was made. He has many years of experience, and he inspired confidence in me within the first 10 seconds of us meeting. I know without a reasonable doubt that this is the best of surgeons . My surgery is tommorrow morning in the HOMS in Santiago DR.
Tonight I'm in care of a professional patient coordinator who is highly qualified and experienced. I'm being taken care of by a nutritionist, nurse licensed and certified to care for pre , during and post op surgery . Weel I'm getting tired and tomorrow morning at6 am ill be walking into my facelift surgery. For now I'm a bit drowsy because I was giving a medicine to take tonight and it is getting me very sleepy. As for the procedure , it is a 6 hour procedure. Then I sleep the nit at the hospital admitted until Friday. I am ready no food afTerh 8 pm and the rest will be posted, shortly. am I nervous, I would not have a pulse if I wasn't .
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I have seen his work on my fellow dance partners and teacher. HE IS THE Best there is. First my facelift. I will be meeting him in person on Tuesday. However upto now. I am so comfortable with him as a surgeon. His ethics and professional reputation is spotless. He is a bit pricy. I always believe in" you get what you pay for."

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