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I am a 55 year old African American mother of...

I am a 55 year old African American mother of three sons (25, 34, 36). I have been wanting to see my "scrap basket" as my mothered called it- while sitting for a verrrrrrry long time. Any time it came up in conversations over the years every only spoke negatively about. Over the past year I have looked on you tube and other sites but would only talk myself out of it. Underneath that pouch should itch and I started hating the way I looked. Was surfing Internet one night and saw pictures of PS in Mexico and results I felt that I could live with. I found myself on the net like it was a full time second job! Would wake up a little tired but excited. Bottom line I reached Realself and stumbled onto Dra Robles. Made contact with Raquel and was on a plane to DR in less than two months. When I purchase my ticket I got a little antsy but that didn't last long.

Let me tell you, I do not like flying. I usually have to go to my dr to be rx valium. And I am claustrophobic and not known for just traveling alone. I am providing this history so that you can get an idea of how serious I was and I did not just decide to do this on a wimm.

I got leave from work and arrived in DR on 5/13. Driver was waiting for me and probably thought I wasn't on the plane I was one of the last ones to clear customs.

The ladies on #Team Robles on Realself and i'm sure others-are to the point and on the mark about the information they give on here. From not purchasing DR pesos at the first exchange and waiting until you are at the booth next to where u pay your $ 10 entry fee to the great people at Virginia's recovery house.

I am currently at the RH and from the first day I arrived and meet another patient of
Dra Robles with a sweet sincere smile as she described that Dra Robles is "amazing". I later found she was also staying at the same recovery house and seeing her as I walked in was like seeing a friend.

I am 4 days post op. I was not Able to get lipo of the back because my hemoglobin was only 12.1. I was refunded Money back and has to purchase extra iron shots. Went to Dra Robles yesterday and she says everything looks good. During the outing while sitting waiting to be seem I became nauseated and had to make that mad dash to the bathroom. Raquel came immediately to check on me.

My incision across my tummy doesn't really hurt. The lipo on the side is another story. I wanted lipo to flanks and back but I'll b okay. Lipo is no joke!

I will add photos soon and more info.

1week PO

Hello ladies!
One week post op..yeaaaa! Saw Dra Robles today. She says everything is looking good. I had some soreness from my garment and she said whenever you have something going on to have one of the ladies -in my case- at Recovery House RH) check it. She put some gel in the area and extra gauze. When I got back to the RH and was asked about the visit I was chastised. Very understandable. I was told this in the beginning.

n4c13 & emn I thought I would be the only person here over 50! To my surprise there were a couple of ladies here in the same age range and they looked great!!! So I definitely agree with emn. Don't let age hold you back!

Pre-op markings and next day

Once they gave me the "little blue pill" I was out! I don't know when they took me or when they brought me back from surgery!

Lymphatic massage

Received permission from Dra.Robles to get a massage today. Martha at the RH gives them now so I didn't have to run all over town and on top of that it was cheaper runs about $40. I only had sides lipo so the price was a little less and Martha also played photographer to boot!!

Swollen, swollen & swollen. Oh, did I say swollen....:). I see Dra Robles tomorrow and will request pictures of the incision itself.

last visit with Dra. Robles-PO Day 9

Still very swollen...


Healing. Lipo'ed side still hurts if I'm turning wrong but my left side pain is gone since I removed the drain. Still no regrets &....my sweetie's calling me Sexy!

1month 4 days ,PO

Feeling great...Stomach still swollen at the belly. No pain but still feel a little burning sensation from lipoed areas sometimes.

side view week ago

Photo of side & with panties from last wk.


This is a cream I was given for a small skin break on my side. I don't know if it's tne same white cream used on the scar.

Virginia's Recovery House info

Calle Proyecto #1, Residencial Gala. Los Prados, Santo Domingo
# 1 809-567-4419
Sorry for the delay...I had to go through emails...:-)

2 months PO

Haven't had time to post two months until now. Still some swelling but all is good. Yes, I am rose oiled down! :-)

Best wishes

a little over 4 months

Doing fine. Still a funny sensation along my incision & sometimes slight discomfort under my breast where I guess muscles were tightened. Nothing really bad.
Still wishing I could have had the bbl :-(

Here r the pics

still some swelling

I either still have swelling. Or am eating too much...I hoping its swelling!

no boobs

As you can see...I have stretch marks where boobs should be...i'll get over it I guess. I would go with Robles all over again. ..but would have postponed until I could get my hemoglobin up to have gotten the bbl.
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