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I'm finally going to do it! Many years already...

I'm finally going to do it! Many years already researching on doctors, procedures, clinics, DR, review and I've finally made my decision on having a tt, bbl, lipo of my back. Dra. Robles, dra. Almonte and dra. Medina were my top 3. After doing my homework and following my gut I decided to go with dra. Medina. The reason is because of her and her assistant Loren being so professional, patient, and just people that really seem to care about the well being of a patient not just the money like many surgeons in DR. I'm having my sx in July 6. I'm feeling pretty good about it n in peace with myself. I'll keep u posted on everything. I'll tell u like it is n straight to the point. I want to thank all the ladies for taking the time to write reviews it has help me to make my decision n to write my own as well!

Getting everything ready!

I started packing! I send my deposit, reserved my sx date, my passport is good. So far is good! I've been communicating with Loren( Dra. Medina assistant) she is wonderful. We had some problems with wassap n messages were not going thru n she call me directly n we talked everything that we needed to. Dra. medina sends a list of things that one need to take n also she is very specific with the mesds that she wants u on. There are 2 antibiotics that are bit expensive for me n in trying to get them here since I get a discount with my insurance. I'm getting ansious now I want time to go fast!


I'm not happy right now with Loren, dra. Medina assistant. She is taking too long to answer my questions and I've requested a medical note for my job so that I can get pay while I'm away a few days ago n still nothing. Everytime I ask her for it she said she will do it right away, but dont. Communication was fine until now. I understand they are busy but don't say you are doing something when you're really not. so pissed. I hope they really deliver.

I'm Good Now!

So exicited! I got in contact with Dra. Medina thru her wassapp and she got me the letter that I've asked for my job right away, apparently loren was having some "issues" with the scanner or something.
I got my antibiotics n pain killers thru my family doctor here n I only paid $10.77 out of $250 charges in DR. great savings!! I'm very happy about that. two more weeks I can't wait to get done n over with. God first!

Honest n final review! 4 months post up. Medina Doll.

I had my surgery on July with Dra. Medina tt, bbl, lipo. This is my honest opinion about my expierience with Dra. Medina. First, I found Dra. Medina very pleasant and professional but don't expect the Dr. the place or the people to be like it is n the states. don't get me wrong the Dra. and assistant will treat you vey nice n all that but when it comes to certain aspects they are not so good. for example, Lauren and the Dra. asked me to be a the clinic by 430 am (I didn't have to stay in a recovery house or need to be picked up at the airport since I have family in DR) so I was able to get there around 6 am. I was worry cause I was late n I was told to be at the clinic early to to all the testing n be the first one to have surgery that day.
So, I arrived at 6 n none of them were there until about 830am. When I met dra. medina she was nice but didn't really take the time to actually check me, ask me question just like any dr in the usa would. I had to ask her to check my body so that i can explain to her what/how i wanted look after surgery and she did.
also, I was very dissaponted when the Dra. told that she needed to perfor surgery in another center cause the cecip clinic was full that day. The other clinic that I went to was under contruction and ugly looking I was very upset and told the Dra that I didn't want have surgery there. and after a seweet n long talk with her she finally convinced me of having the surgery there with assurance that my life was in her hands n that she will do her best. I was nervous but I trusted her n deciced to get done there then. after that, I woke up in the recovery room (which was nice) n was happy that everithing end up fine.
fisrt night was awful, the nurses there don't provide really good pain killers n are afraid to overdose so take your own. the Dra. n annie(massage queen) came to visit me in the morning she check me out and I got a massage n also bath me got some pain killers n after that I felt wonderfull I was able to get out of the bed n walked around with a walker.
I stayed with family for my recovery. Appoints were 2 a week with the Dra. Traffic in Dr is very stressfull.
I didn't like the fact that for the follow up appts every girl (group) was schedulled at the same time so is a first come first serve thing sometimes I had to wait up to 2 hours for my turn to see the dra. really hated that.
I stayed in DR for 3 weeks for my recovery and follow up appts I only had one problem my drain broke n I had to replace it (pay $25 dollars) other than that just the regular symtoms after having sx like: lipo disconfort, your body feels tight, sore, ugly bruises, massages really help.
My Tummy is nice n flat know just how I wanted, my butt looks nice but some % of the fat has gone away which the Dra. told me about. But I don't like that I have two marks under my boobs which is where the Dra. made a small hole to do the lipo n another one on my back. I think I'm going to have that permanent. My incision at the begining looked so nice n thing n now it is darker n thicker. I don't know what happened but it's not really bad is getting better with time.
while I've been here Dra. Medina has answer all my concerns right away via wassapp. no problems there. I went to a plastic surgeon here to get a second opinion and he gave it a 90% he didn't like how she did the navel here drs do it from the inside n mines was done (sew) outside.
My final review: I'm 4 months now post up. I'm satisfied with the results of my sx. but it takes time to really see the results tecnically after the 6 months is when one get to see the really results after sx.
My recommendations for anybody that want to have sx: If you have the money to do it with a good/ certify surgeon in the united states do it. I didn't spend a lot money having my sx in DR cause I have family there n they were a huge help for me. If you choose an excellent certify plastic surgeon in DR is not so cheap anymore. between cost of sx, massages, recovery house, meds, transportation, fly ticket, n personal things that you need it is really expensive.
positives about Dra. Medina: very nice person, responds quickly to your messages, does know how to countour your body, great on brazilian butt n tummy tucks. Really seems to care about you, no deaths yet, loved annie.
The bad: She is usually late for the follow up appts, your plans can change drastically with her but she has her ways(sweet talk) to convince, the clinic looks ok but needs some remodeling specially the couches in the waiting area, needs to spend more quality time with the patient before surgery.

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