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Saludos RS community. This is my first post and I...

Saludos RS community. This is my first post and I apologize in advance for the length. I'm a 30 year old mother of two. My oldest is 11 and my youngest is 1. I have been in need of a tummy tuck since having my first child at 18 but I couldn't afford it and was always hesitant because I wanted another child. A few years ago I fell head over heels for a super attractive (narcissistic) man. He tore my self-esteem during our relationship. He made it known that he could have any woman he wanted and that I was nothing special to him. When I found out I was expecting he told me he was not happy about it. To spare the horrid details I'll just say that my pregnancy was the most challenging time of my life. I spent it alone without any support. He came around after my son was born but was constantly in/out of our lives. He was super disrespectful and constantly putting me down. He cheated on me and left me for a younger, prettier woman. My son was 11 months old at the time. He went on social media to let everyone know he and this new woman were now together and an array of other stresses to my son and I's life. I have excommunicated him from our lives for the time being. God knows I have gone through alot. I've been sloooooowly focusing on bettering myself and my life. I joined a gym and have slowly been working on my eating habits but I know my body cannot bounce back. I have lost about 50 pounds and on my petite frame I'm in dire need of surgical revision. My friend referred me to her PS in DR. I contacted her last week and sent her photos for an evaluation. She says I am a great candidate. I was originally hoping for the procedure this year in December but there's a part of me that says "I shouldn't push off my happiness". I need to do this for me. I need to feel proud and confident in my body. Afterall, your body is your home. It's where your soul resides. I'm definitely scared about traveling alone to DR. My kids will be staying with my mother so I really don't have anyone to go with me, but I remind myself that I've gone through so much in life not alone but with God and I'm just going to pray that HE sustain me and my life through this process. I'm hoping I can schedule a date for this upcoming Fall. This will give me time to get things in order. I know the greatest surgery I am in need of is surgery of the soul but God is working on that. I am grateful for the body that brought forth life. Now I'm ready to move on and start a new beginning and be confident and comfortable in my body. I'm planning on having a TT with lipo, full back lipo and BBL. I'd like to have my breast done but the PS stated that she prefers to do the two most needed procedures to keep risks at a minimum and I respect that. I'm waiting to hear back from her next week. I'll keep you all updated.

Being patient

Good morning RS,
Is it crazy that I check my email every hour to see if the doctor has emailed me back?
I'm such a type A personality. I'd like to schedule a date this week so that way I can begin the process of meeting with my PCP for a pre-op well visit and also because I need to look into flights and getting things in order. Traveling to a foreign country requires more work than if I were doing this in the states.
My mother and daughter are not supportive of my decision to have this done. My mother thinks all I need is a TT but that getting a BBL is me being vain. My daughter says I should leave it how it is because I'm like this now so God must want me like this.
I don't think God wants me to feel like a prisoner trapped in an uncomfortable body that is too distorted for my age.
I also don't think I'm being vain. I'm a college educated woman, I have class. I'm doing this to get my body as close as it used to be. Some ppl just are set on not being supportive or understanding so I think I need to keep my sharing to a minimum and just on here.
Last night I texted a family member asking if she could travel with me. Although I'd rather not have an extra expense to add on here I know that having her support and presence will have me at ease. This is why I am hoping the doctor emails me soon so I can get the layout of how this all works. I'm going to upload pictures. It's hard to share because I feel so disgusted with my body. I really hope this can happen sooner than later so I can move forward.

How I look with clothes on

I'm petite, right under 5 ft and currently weigh in at 98.6 but seeing my pictures you can obviously see that my body doesn't match my stature. I'm not proportional. I told someone I am planning on getting surgery and she looked at me like I was crazy, then I lift up my heart to expose my abdomen. Then all I got was silence. My cousin saw the same pictures I posted up here. She said she would have never guessed. Clothes hides it well, but I want it to look well even without clothes.

Feeling Hopeless

So the doctor emailed me this morning with possible dates for September and October. But now I can't find anyone to go with me. My cousin bailed because she doesn't want the time away to affect her grades since she is working towards her degree. My friends have all said that they can't because of work and some people just plain don't want to. I'm feeling discouraged. I don't want to go by myself and I don't want to continue to push this further out. I feel like this is working against me and when I talk to my mother about it she says "I don't know". I don't want to go to DR and have surgery by myself but right now I have noone. This is so discouraging.

Tentative date

So my PS emailed me today. We scheduled a tentative date of October 7th. It won't be confirmed until I book my plane ticket.
So my goals for the remainder of this week are to buy the supplements needed and continue to ask around to see if anyone from my family is able to attend.

I like the date I chose because it'll be after my daughter's birthday (so I won't feel guilty about recovering over her bday or missing it by being away) and it'll be a month before my birthday, so therefore I can start "my" new year with a new me.
Wow a little less than 3 months!

Travel Companion All Set

I'm so happy. My aunt agreed to fly to DR and stay with me for my recovery. She already put it in her calendar. I purchased a few things today including
my supplements, pill box, cotton panties, dial soap and travel size toiletries. Finding a solid travel companion is such a relief.

Booked my flight

I guess I'm using RS add a way of blogging/journaling the process of my MMO. I booked my flight today, making this more real. I also began taking my supplements. I think there's a part of me that thinks that I may not get the outcome I want and so I'm keeping my expectations low. The reason I day this is because I don't know how much fat I have that will actually increase the shape and size of my butt. Also because I really wanted to get implants and am not going to be getting them this time around. I already know that if all goes well that I will be having a BA in the near future, maybe in a year. I want a whole new body and whole new mind set and new clothes. So many women have said having surgery has changed their life for the better. I'm not expecting that but I sure hope that I will look unbelievably drop dead amazing!

Recovery Houses

So my surgeon suggested a few RH to go to but a friend of mines did not have a good experience at one of them. She mentioned a name to me which I also happened to find on this site. I what'sapp'd the woman last night who told me I'd have to western union the money to her to reserve my spot. This is cost me 75 a day for myself and 50 for my aunt. I just feel a little iffy about sending the money western union. The deposit will be 400 to hold my spot. Have any of you ladies traveling to DR dime the same? Any advice?

Can October Hurry Up Please....

I feel like emotionally I've just been going through so much crap. I'm learning from it but I definitely just want a fresh start. If it's not getting over the pain of heartache and what I've been going through in that regards then it's now dealing with a director who is out to get me out of my place of employment.
I'm holding onto this job because I need to be sure to use the 3 weeks I've saved in vacation time for my surgery. I just wish October was around the corner. I have my ticket booked, the surgery date scheduled, my passport and have been taking my supplements. My bold is looking good. It's currently a 13.3. I'll have my heart checked soon for the heart murmur and then just find a recovery house. I just want and need a whole new life. Can it be October yet?

Keloid Concerns

I've been so stressed lately that I'm losing weight. Unfortunately for me I do not want to lose weight since I'd like more than enough fat to bring volume into my bbl. I'm currently 4ft 9 inches and am 94.4 pounds I'm sure I'll have a few pounds once the stress minimizes. I met with my ob/gyn today (best doctor ever) and he put in an order to have my echocardiogram here in the states (he's the best) to look into my heart murmur. So that will take place next month. My surgeon emailed me stating that my lab results are very good and just to continue on the supplements. But my ob reminded me that I keloided with my 2 cesareans. This wasn't a concern to me until I realized I may keloid with the reconstruction of my new belly button and the bbl. Has anyone else had this experience?

RS Family

I don't have an update per say but I just want to wish best wishes all those that are going through surgery soon or currently healing. I'm so happy to have found this website. I'm inspired by the profiles I have read. I always thought plastic surgery was for ppl that are vain or have money or just anyone besides the average woman. I glad to see in not alone in my quest for a healthier physical version of myself. I feel like we are all family encouraging one another. I log on daily to read and see ppl's progress. Thank you ladies for sharing your stories!

keloid response

So my surgeon evaluated a photo of a present keloid from my cesarean scar. She said it's a prekeloid and that she can treat it right at surgery to keep it flat. I'm happy with that. In other news, I spent some time yesterday with a family member who had run into my son's father. Her husband told him that he'd seen pictures of my son and that he was getting so big and beautiful. The response my ex gave him was "well at least someone is seeing him, I haven't seen my son in months, she and I aren't together, we don't even talk." My cousin's husband went on to say "oh I'm sorry I didn't know" and my ex responded "it's cool, it's not your fault, only reason I was with her is because she had a nice ass for someone her size. "
Can you believe it?! 2yrs 9 months and that's the reason he was ever with me? ??!!! He's such an empty person. I feel bad for him. BUT I am taking that comment as a compliment!!! He says I let myself go and that I had a nice ass for someone my size well hunny wait until October. I'm going to have a phenomenal ass!!!!
I feel motivated again! Can't wait!!!!

My Sentiments

Lol. With everything going on and looking forward to surgery I posted this picture on my instagram account. I think it's so fitting. Come on October!! Bbl, TT and lipo I'm counting on you!!!

We're finally in August...

I'm in NY visiting family. The first words out of my aunt's husband was "you packed on the pounds" as he was staring at my gut. Yup I gained the weight I had loss due to stress and a little more. I'm on a get away so I'm eating delish foods, deserts and drinking sangria and wines. I need to hit the gym next week. I'll be two months away and I want to feel like I worked for my body before surgery. Well that's it, can't wait until the day that my gut stares will be my butt stares! Can't wait! !!!

Two months until I leave

Last night I had a crazy dream that I was going into surgery to die and that my mother kept telling me that I had so much to live for and then I saw my baby's face. It's so scary to put your life on the line to have the body that you originally had before children. I think I'm going to just become more serious about letting God into my life and inviting him on this journey with me. I seriously can't wait to have a nice bubble butt and flat abdomen. I want ALL the fat to go into my butt! I want to feel phenomenal about myself.
I leave in two months exactly
I have def let my diet and exercise routine go but I'll start up soon! I need to work on finding a recovery house and saving some money.
I'm currently holding onto a job that is undermining my intelligence and potential all for the sake of the time off for surgery. I have applied for various positions at other agencies but they keep filling the positions beforehand. I'm going to take this as a sign that the timing is right for me.
I had a dream before I went on vacation with baby caterpillars and butterflies. My mother took this to be as a sign of new life. But my son's father was also in my dream.Then the next night I had a dream a had a leach sucking the life out of me.
Hmmmmm....go figure huh.
I'm just ready to focus on a happy and healthy life for me and my son, (and my daughter though she's older and has family support). Well anyways, two more months. I have a closet full of body hugging dresses and skirts that are currently a no-no. Can't wait!!! Praying for an RS member currently in surgery. Prayers to my Heavenly father are always welcomed!

This pumped me up... cant wait for my new bod!!!!

I love this!!! Had to share!!! & I can't wait to have a perky cute nice bubble butt!!!


I've been laying low on this site since I was just becoming obsessed with reading reviews and writing posts. Been dealing with my emotional waves in regards to my heartbreak and feelings but that's a whole other subject. Simple update, I had my Echocardiogram done today. My physician should have the results by the end of this week/beginning of next week and then I'll send the results to my surgeon. I'm also communicating with domeone from healing haven and will probably go with them as a RH. Has anyone else used their services? I was laying low on the job searching because of the surgery but may have a shot at a government position. I'm not going to say anything about my surgery at my interview but I hope if I am offered the position that they will hold it for me until after I recover. I wouldn't want to change my surgery date but I also wouldn't want to miss out on a government position if the opportunity arised. I'm going to pray on it and just hope that I can do my surgery and God willing have the door open for a better opportunity. I'm trusting God to help me out in all aspects of my life, physically, economically but most importantly mentally and emotionally. I hope I can have both!

A little over a month to go

Hi RS dolls, I am officially just a little over a month to go. I'm getting excited again!! The thought of having a sexy body will soon become a reality :))
This morning I sent over my credit card authorization to healing haven, which is the recovery house I'll be going with. I sent over an update to my surgeon and informed her of my accomodations. I am scheduled to fly out on October 5th and land in DR on the 6th at 4am. My surgery is scheduled for October 7th at 6am.
The results from my echocardiogram revealed that I have a tricuspid regurgitation meaning my valves don't close completely with each contraction and liquid flows back up rather than down but my physician stated that I'm cleared for surgery and we'll just keep an eye on this in the future.
I'll be taking a printed copy of the results to DR with me.
So as far as my health goes I started slacking BIG time on my physical activity and healthy eating. I'm going to start back up on Monday September 1st. My plan is to work out 4 times a week and eat cleaner. I'm going to keep a log to hold myself accountable.
As far as my supplements go I've been taking folic acid, b12, vitamin c, an iron supplement and a multi vitamin but someone on RS pointed out that the multi vitamin has vitamin E which I should not be talking so staying tomorrow I'm discontinuing that.
I keep thinking back to what my aunts husband said when he saw me how I packed on the pounds (even though I had actually lost weight). Which by the way is so freaking rude. And then just feeling insecure because of everything my ex ever said to me and put me through. I hope I get the results I'd like.

last post continued

I went out a few weeks ago and although I looked nice the outfit I wore was one that I had memories with my ex. That was such a bad idea. I woke up the next morning feeling emotional. I walked over to my double doored closet and took out every single outfit, accessory and shoe that brought back memories from good and bad times with my ex. I threw them all into large black trash bags and placed the bags in my downstairs storage closet. Then I went out and bought myself 2 pair of new shoes and a few new outfits. My closet is pretty bare but I had to do what I had to do. It's all a process. But it's good, it's also helping me to focus on myself, this journey and starting over. I've been praying and surrounding myself with things that inspire me. So that's my update. No more shopping for me because the trip is coming up. After the bills get paid I'll be working on buying the necessities for my surgery. I'll keep you all posted.

It's September 1st

I'm so excited to be in September, pre-op prep month. I cut the nultivitamin today and implemented biotin since my hair has been falling out due to stress. I'm going to color it this month so it's a month before the big procedure. I am fighting a bad cold but soon as I recover I'm going to start exercising. I have a few social gatherings this month including a family wedding so I should be distracted. Can't wait for payday so I can buy my supplies. Until then bellas.

Thanks for all the support

I know I said I wouldn't update until I start buying supplies BUT I'm going to savor the excitement! My PS emailed me today. My consultation is scheduled for October 6th at 11am. I'm equal parts nervous and excited. I dyed my hair today so that's one thing to cross off my to do list :))
Looking through what I have at home before I shop. So far I have
1 pack of cotton undies - need another
1 pack undershirts - need another
8 summer dresses
2 sets of pjs- need a few more
Travel shampoo and conditioner
Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush
Travel contact solution and case -need another
dial soap bar
Body spray

Still need to buy wipes, compression socks, undies, tanks, loose pants, flipflops, supplements, soap box, pads, ibprofen, motrin
cheap makeup to take on days I feel decent. Have to get my glasses etc.

oh yeah and here are more before pics. Can't wait! !!

Exactly 30 days until I board my flight.

I am exactly 30 days from boarding my flight. The anxiety is kicking in. I have even found myself reconsidering. I worry about being away from my baby and being out of the country for over a week. I worry about infections and recovery and pain. The reality of how challenging that will be for me as a single mother upon my return is setting in. I know I want to do this though. It's a steppingstone on my journey of healing, growth and transformation. I bought new clothes yesterday that I don't want to even touch until my return. I picked up more undies and camisoles per request of my PS. I also have some stool softeners and fiber metamucil. I'm going to aim at getting all my shopping done this weekend. Many of the list I've seen on RS are lengthy my PS gave me a small list and being that I'm a single mom and all the other changes in trying to adapt I need to keep my list as essential as possible. I decided not to buy cheap makeup or pijays or anything not necessary. That money can be spent else where. I'm going to savor the next 30 days to get my mind right and enjoy my kids. But the countdown has officially begun.

I'm panicking now

Ok I'm freaking out. What if I go through all this and don't get the results I want? I legit just emailed my PS a picture of what I looked like before my son. I want even better results. What do you guys think. I had a nice butt before. Will she be able to get it at my before pic or better? I'm freaking out that I'll still have a square pancake butt. Help!!!

shopping list

The RH sent me an extensive list of things I need to take. I still need to buy the following items:
Chuck (bed pads)
Pee Ez
Compression socks
Yoga pants
I've done everything else so far.

My friend that had surgery with the same PS assured me that the surgeon will be able to get my but like before but better. So I'm calm again.


So my PS emailed me back saying that they will do everything to get the best possible results. She says she is sure I can achieve the looks I want. Of course this makes me very happy but then I started thinking craziness. What if I do want more kids? This is crazy since I am a single mother of two who is going through very trying times but there was like an inkling of hope that what if I do someday meet someone worthwhile and we both want that?
Well come on brunette vixen lets slap some sense girl! You have ywo beautiful kids and if that day comes then you can cross that bridge at the point but thatay never come and so you need to do this for you!!!! You deserve it. You'll have a nice flat tummy and lifted behind that you deserve. You deserve this and so much more!!!
You are a prize.
(Sometimes I just need rs and writing for some self talk and reassurance.)
Woooooosa, I'm better now.
Getting my hep A, hep B and thfloid shot this week to keep me healthy from the bacteria in food in DR. Forwarded my flight info to the RH and honestly just gave up on the gym but I'm walking so that's good. Counting down the days that I'll have a flat tummy. Seems surreal.


So I completely forgot that I had a doctor's appointment for my immunizations for traveling to DR this past Friday. God willing I can get something this upcoming week since it needs to be in your body sometime before traveling. I only remembered when logging onto realself today. Well the days are going by but still super slow for me. Good news I have been accepted into the graduate school at the University of Illinois! I'll start working towards my master's degree in January. Finally something positive!! :)

A little over 2 weeks to go

So I have approximately 16 days until I leave. My nerves are all over the place as is to be expected. I still have supplies I need to buy and immunizations that I keep forgetting to get. The iron supplements have made me very constipated lately. I need to increase my water intake. I still can't believe I'm doing this but have been praying more lately. I need to move forward into the next chapter of my life.

A little over a week to go...

I looked at my pictures up here and started shedding tears. The past year has been so emotionally challenging for me and when I look at my body I can't help but feel just down. I'm glad I'm doing this for myself. Some of my friends are like well wait until your ex sees you and the satisfaction you'll get. That's not what's most important. What's most important is that I love, respect and cherish myself and know my worth.
I was scared about the pain, but I don't think physical pain can compare to the emotional pain I've been through. Today I'll be purchasing my supplies and updating my immunizations. I'm looking forward to the week going by quickly.

One week until I depart

I'm at the one week until I depart mark.
My suitcase is pretty much packed. I am so broke at this moment I can't possibly think about buying any other supplies. Not sure how crucial it is to have a Pee Ez Funnel or the arnica tablets. Aside from the compression socks I have everything the doctor recommended me to have. It's the recovery house that have me a long extensive list.
I cut my hair today so that's out the way. Celebrated my daughter's bday a few days ago and took the kids applepicking today. Going to write out consent letters for my mother on my kids behalf tomorrow and organize this house by the end of the week. (Not that it'll stay like that lol)
I did gain 4 pounds :( but honestly nothing I can do I this last week so I'm not going to kill myself over it. Done looking sloppy and feeling sloppy and ready to embrace this journey! Talk to you all soon!!!

New Month....

It's October 1st!!! It's currently Wednesday night and I'm scheduled to leave this upcoming Sunday night. I had a burst of energy the other day and started nesting. I did purchase the pee ez funnel since I began freaking out about if I really need it. Tomorrow is payday so after the rent and necessities get paid I will go buy the compression socks.
Gosh, this is really starting to add up not to mention the trip to get to the airport and home (50 for my aunt and I and the tourist visas for us each 40) feels like I'm just throwing money left and right. But I keep focusing on the end justifying the means. Today was my last day of work. I never heard back from the government job but maybe just as well at this time. Everyone at work knows I am doing this and they all said they will pray and support me. Everyone at my son's daycare is also being very supportive. I have friends from church that are praying for me as well as family. I plan on cleaning this house tomorrow and buying all the groceries my kids will need. I'm worried because the RH hasn't reached out to me lately so I'll send a reminder text sometime Sunday. I'm nervous about everything especially when I picture myself being under and having my body worked on but I have lots of support and have been praying. I'm happy I'm doing this for myself. I only wish I was also able to get my breast fine as well :/...
I'm fighting a cold my PS told me to take alegra once a day to be safe. I pray it hits away before Monday!

2 days until I leave

I'm currently sitting in my car in front of Target being anxious. I know my emotions are normal. I am super anxious. Part of me wants the days to speed up to get this over with and the other part is chickening out and would rather the day not come. It's Friday I fly out this Sunday. I'm super heartbroken about leaving my baby for the time I will be gone :"( I'm writing right now to get these emotions out because I am so scared to actually be doing this. Ppl keep asking me if I'm ready. I don't know how to be ready. I just ask for God's grace, love, mercy and protection. I need total trust and abandonment in him. Time to pray!

Flying out tonight

It's been an emotional day as you can imagine. I have spent hours on/off crying, feeling selfish, heartbroken to leave my baby. My RH contacted me and put me at ease reminding me that I can facetime and putting me at ease that in DR they do epidural and sedation so that risks are not as high as with general. This makes me feel better. I want to thank you all for your kind words, prayers and support. I couldn't do this without all of you!! I am blessed to have this community and thank you all for your comments. God willing I can post upon my arrival. Talk to you all soon.

realself time is off

It states I'm currently 1 day preop but I'm scheduled for Tuesday morning. Not sure why it says that.


Hi ladies, I made it to DR. I'm currently waiting to do xrays. I have a bad cold so will need to buy pills here to kick this cough by tomorrow or no surgery. Ugh.
Things here take ALL day literally. I also feel hot. Like in feverish. Dammit! Please keep me in your prayers. I want this to be done and over with.
I might be going with Yily instead of my doc. I really want my boobs and Yily will give me a deal, Camilo is quoting a thousand more than Yily. Just need to kick this cold. I want to do it. I want the best results and if I qualify then I need to do with what I can afford.

DR is no joke

If you're planning on coming to DR prepare yourself!!! The government is corrupt, the ppl are iffy and EVERYONE wants your money. I am deciding to stick with my PS Katherine Camilo. I just feel like my life is too precious to make rash decisions. Yily is very professional and was attentive but I have established a solid communication with my PS. The recovery house is pushing me towards Yily but I'm going to stick out my original plan. I can get my boobs another time without the pressure I feel right now. I'm going to eat dinner, shower and veg out and look over my paperwork. Please keep me in your prayers!

I'm alive!!!! I'm on the FLAT side

Hi ladies I went in at 7, took the blue pill got strolled into surgery room and that, was that until I opened my eyes in the recovery room. I'll write more later, just writing this is alot of work. Thank you for all your prayers. I am ALIVE!!!!

The pain is real

I was discharged today, just got back to the recovery house. The pain is real I tell you. I don't want to talk to anyone or anything I just to be left in silence. Engaging in conversation is too much work. I just want to eat a little and sleep until tomorrow. I still can't believe I traveled down here to do this.

post op day 2

This process is emotional and draining. I started crying this morning because I miss my baby. It's not easy being far away from home and being helpless. But I know next week will be here soon. I had an apt with my doctor today to clean my guaze pads. When she removed the dressing I almost cried. My stomach is so flat, I have a belly button. It's surreal. I'm just in a state of shock. I could actually sit and see my vagina which I haven't been able to do in years. I still have stretch marks but I mean I kind of expected that. I felt like it wasn't my body that I was seeing myself in someone else's body.
Well anyways I'm on my period so we didn't change the compression garment. My doctor prescribed meds because the skin on my stomach is turning red due to poor circulation so I took my first dose today. I'm on so many meds right now I can't keep track.
I'm so happy I stuck with my doctor. She's so attentive and personable. I am so happy I stuck with Cecip clinic. yhe standards and quality there are higher than Cipla. It's been an emotional day but hopefully things will start getting better. I'll post pics at my next doc apt.

day 3 post op

Third day post op. My back kills and I'm starting to swell but the positives are that I was able to go up and down stairs slowly and sat at the kitchen table for two hours. I also had enough energy to wash myself up and put on some makeup. I hate not being able to shower but I know I definitely wouldn't be ready for that. I've been awake for 6 hours straight which is a pretty big deal. Just want to get my bowels moving. I started taking a stool softener and if I don't go some by tonight then I'll start milk of magnesium.
I'll post about my RH when my journey here comes to an end. I'll just say the housekeeper does soooo much and is extremely helpful. My doctor requested to see me tomorrow to change to my next compression garment and remove my drains. Everyone says that's a good thing because that means I'm healing well. I don't think I'll be ready for work in two weeks though so I'm going to request a doctor's letter so I can return in November. If you plan on having surgery in DR definitely prepare yourself for the culture shock and the emotional aspects of being far away from home. Well ladies, hopefully I can take pics tomorrow at my visit. And hopefully these bowels will move! Thanks for reading and all the support :)

Day 4

I'm sooooooo constipated!! I have to go so badly and it's too hard to pass. I've been taking stool softeners, drinking prune juice, moving around. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!
I went to see my doc today. I was disappointed with what I saw. I know I'm swelling but still it didn't look tight. I compared myself to other girls in the house that are maybe a week out in their recovery. I just wish it looked smoother. I'm in my compression garmet now and had my drains removed just really need to go poop. Ugh. I'll post pics from today.

not happy

I'm not happy right now. I expected a more drastic change. I don't feel like my stomach is tight. I sent the picture to a friend and she was like "that's it, it's not tight".
I came all the way down here to do this and I didn't even get the results I wanted. Ok, yes the excess skin is gone but I was expecting to be a WOW factor. I don't feel that way.

post op for day 5

I'm so tired but I was able to give myself a spongebath and twist my legs sideways on the toilet so that I could shave and apply lotion, of course now I'm totally wiped out and regretting moving like that but I'm so tired of feeling dirty. L, the housekeeper and cook and the one that does just about everything in this house washed and conditioned my hair. It was so relaxing. I was finally able to get my bowels moving yesterday after using some suppositories that my doctor gave me, thank God! Make sure you stay up on your stool softeners and hydrated ladies it's no joke! I'm sadden by the way of life out here and how ppl take advantage of ppl. I paid a decent amount of money and sadly it's the housekeeper that does just about everything but transportation for me and she gets paid so little like only a couple hundred a month. It's so sad. I wanted to change my flight to leave tomorrow because I can't take being stuck in these four walls with nothing to do but I think it'll cost too much so I'll have to wait it out until Tuesday. I'm looking forward to going home but at the same time anxious because I know that I can still barely get around and I'm going to need help with my baby. I'm hoping recovery does begin to speed up. My back kills from the lipo. I heard it's possible to feel like that for months.

round 2?

Why do I keep hearing that most women go for a round two to tighten up their stomach, lipo and get better results for their bbl? I'm hearing is actually common, I get it but really two, three times to get the body you want?

One week in DR

I'm leaving today,..... yes TODAY! There's a hurricane heading in this direction so I had the option to change my flight to earlier so we are ouuuuuuuttt! I was seen by my PS today, she's so sweet. She says I'll see more of my shape once the inflammation begins going down in few weeks. I'm going to keep her updated on my progress and begin applying neosporin and merderma on my incision and in 3 days tighten my faja. My trip home includes a 6 hour layover in NY but I'd rather be in the states then get stuck extra time in the RH. I'm also taking off work until November per request of my PS so I have adequate time to get the initial healing done.
I'm so blessed to have my health. I've seen girls in this RH with fevers, falling and I feel so bad for them. Everyone heals differently and maybe I'm not super tight or standing up straight but I have my health and whatever isn't tight in 3 months I will tone in the gym. I don't have enough fat for another bbl so if I were to do anything it would be my breast and for the costs I think I'll stick to usa for that. Happy healing ladies. I'll be doing a RH reveiw and reveiw on things I did and didn't use for my recovery soon. Maybe tonight when I'm at the airport. Ciao bellas! :))

Recovery House Review

I made it home after traveling for 16+ hours (nightmare layovers and delays) but thank God I arrived safely, in one piece and good health. I'm very tired as expected and barely ate today but was happy to see some shape taking form in my silhouette. I plan on showering and tightening the faja tomorrow. Aiming for results! :)

Well I wanted to do a review on the recovery house I stayed at in DR foe those of you beautiful ladies with plans to travel. I'll make it simple with brief pros and cons of my personal experience.

I stayed at Healing Haven for 7 days. I paid for 8 but decided to leave the island a day early.

Here are the pros:
Private bathrooms in the bedrooms, double or triple room occupancy (good for your travel companion, surgery buddy etc.) spacious closet space, air conditioning, spacious house, wifi accessible, cable, laundry services, clean environment, treated water for cleansing,recliners for post op, walker for post op, transportation services, 3 delicious meals included, personalized attentive care during the day. The housekeeper is amazing she will cook for you, feed you if you're weak, help change you, wash your hair, basically care for you out of heart and soul. I can't say enough good things about her, she's such a sweetheart.

The cons after the 3rd day you will be extremely bored, two bathrooms that were not accessible because they needed repairs done so you had to walk upstairs if you were downstairs. Air conditioner went a few times but it did get fixed prior to leaving. The housekeeper did 90% of the work and care meaning once she was gone you had to be sure you were on top on your own meds and basic cares (at least from my observation) because other staff really stayed in their rooms more than 75% of the time.
The house was definitely a team yily house all the girls but me went to Yily, staff pushed Yily and her services. I decided to stay with my PS and I noticed the difference with staff not making too much effort to get to know my PS or her methods.
Overall, my experience was decent but I also had my aunt keeping track of my meds and helping me. Had I not had her I don't think I'd get the 100% care I would've needed just because staff stated in their rooms alot.
If you're going with Yily then this is prob the house for you.
That's it in a nutshell. I do have my opinions on how it's ran but I'll leave those out unless anyone wants to inquire privately. Hope this helps.

Supplies review and photo update

Hi ladies, so I wanted to do an update on the supplies that I did and did not use for my surgery in DR. Each doctor advises differently as does each recovery house but I honestly bought more than what I needed so here's what you absolutely should invest in...
Camisoles for your compression garment to avoid skin irritation.
Pee ez funnel (came in super handy to avoid sitting after tt and bbl)
compression socks
Maxi dresses

I honestly didn't need to buy the surgical tape, the guaze pads, the chucks or multiple packs of underwear.

Since my return I've begun using neosporin and will begin merderma as well tomorrow.

Had my first shower today, even blowdried my hair and shaved. I took a folding chair in the shower just in case I had to sit. Which I did when my back hurt, which it still kills. Anyways posting some pics of day 8 post op. I'm looking foward to more swelling going down especially in my back. I'm not overzealous with my butt results but at least the indents are gone.

10 days post op

I tightened my compression garment all the way, by this upcoming Monday I'll squeeze myself into the extra small. I'm still super swollen in my stomach :(
My back still kills and I'm very exhausted today. Not sure if the not being productive has me exhausted or if it's the recuperation or combination of both. I'm just super tired. Thank God for good moms. My mother has been cooking me meals and taking care of my kids. I can tell she's getting restless. Hoping I recuperate quickly.


Posting up pics of the size small CG, I have no idea how I'm going to fit an extrasmall by next week. The tummy pudge is noticeable at the bottom. :(

I found my butt!! lol

I texted my friend earlier that I thought I had lost my butt. I just felt flat. She's lije I don't think it can dissappear like that. Hahaha, well I tried on pants over the CG and there it was, small, yes but sitting pretty :).... thank goodness! Anyways had to wash the CG and While it airdries I put on the size extrasmall.... whoa! It's sooooo tight I couldn't even latch it halfway. I was told today that is good for swelling to have it on and that I need to lay on a bed or something to latch it. Yeah, it's just not happening. I don't think it fits my skeleton but I was told it'll loosen up when I begin latching it all way. It does show my shape better, makes my butt look better but I'll be going to the small for sleeping tonight. Today is not next week yet. Lol

Two week post op mark

I can't believe it's been two weeks exactly from my surgery today. Though I am swollen and sore I am extremely happy that I finally did something for myself. I am now wearing the xtrasmall CG which though is super tight also feels to provide more security. I finished the antibiotics but am still on circulation medication as the skin on my abdomin is red and very delicate. I noticed itching on the sides of the incision from my TT, not on the actual incision but on the side. I believe this is a sign of healing. I haven't been getting dressed as I'm on leave and can't drive to go any where but I did try on a maxi dress over my CG yesterday and teared up and smiled. I'm so happy to have done this for myself, it makes me feel like I took a turn in life for a fresh start and that I'm worth so much more and deserve so much more. My self esteem seems to have gone up a few points. I love seeing curves it makes me feel womanly, beautiful and attractive. I thank God for the PS that assist in improving our self image merely by providing us with a new visual image thst serves as a catalyst to love ourselves more, value ourselves more and smile at ourselves more. Thank you God for a fresh start, a supportive community and gifted doctors. Wishing all you gorgeous women discernment in Choosing your PS and healing vibes. Xo

2 week post op cont.

I count today as 2 wk post op even though it was technically yesterday. I just feel like surgery day is trauma day ans the day after is recover day with that being said, here are my 2 week post op pictures. I'm still swollen but I see progress. I'm still sore and bruised. I like how my butt looks in the faja and the incision line. I am very happy I put myself first and did this for me. Every step of this process has made me a stronger woman. I feel empowered and beautiful. Thank you God!

compared pic


I'm so over recovery. Can I just fast forward to where the stiffness, soreness, bruising and swelling are gone?!
I sent pics to some friends. It feels great to see them text me back "DAMN" or just saying that I look great.
My eating habits are not good as I have no way to go food shopping and been ordering delivery. But even with that being said I'm at my pre surgery weight. once I can drive healthy food Will be in my house! I tightened the CG today. I am getting an area of sensitive bruising across my stomach not sure what's up with that. I'll email my PS next week when she's back from vacay.

boost of confidence

This surgery has given me such a boost of confidence. Remember the vlothes I put away because it brought back all the memories of my ex? Well, I'm slowly integrating them into my closet To wear when the time is right. I am learning to love myself and believe in myself and have self worth. How he treated me Was not a Reflection of Who I am but rather a reflection of who he was/is. I'm finally realizing this. Yes I still have healing and forgiveness to go but this is a great deal of progress. I also have two potential job interviews that I was emailed about today. Praise to God who listens to my heart and silent prayers. He has made all this possible. Posting a pic of me Playing dressup for my mirror. So happy! Love the skirt but even happier that I'll never wear it again because it's too tight on my bum! Yaaaaaaay!!!!

Going backwards?

My body is retaining fluids and swelling very badly. I now have indents, lines and lumps on my stomach and back. My waist no longer looks small and defined. My PS recommend I go back into the sise small faja and do self massages to flatten out the skin. Though the self massage did help Alleviate some stiffness I hope this can fix it. I'm scared to lose the shape she gave me. I'll keep u all posted.


So I'm 3 weeks post op. I'm very stiff and sore. My swelling seems to go from bad to worse. I'm in the size small CG and today it feels so tight, mind you I should be in the extrasmall by now. I'm trying to watch my sodium intake but even so it's a struggle. I called around to get a lyphatic massage but noone I called wants to touch me for another 5 weeks. Ugh!!!!! I'm supposed to return to work on Monday but HR is being a pain in my butt about my doc note and I haven't been able to reach my PS. I'm considering going to my PCP to get a letter clearing me for work and to take a look at my swelling. I know they don't like this but it is what it is now.


Ladies, you all know I almost changed my PS in DR last minute. I thank God, and praise God that he put in my spirit not to!!!!
Please, please, please do your research. I stayed with my original PS but two of the other ladies at my RH decided to go with Yily. One is from NY, the other from the midwest, no relation what so ever ans both came back to the US with grave infections. Yily injected bacteria into both ladies. One had emergency surgery and was hospitalized for a week, the other is currently in the hospital and has been for two weeks as they are attempting to drain bacteria from her body. I am grateful they are both in the US and getting medical care. When they emsiled Yily they were asked not to post anything online because then ppl won't want to go to Cipla or Yily. So I am posting it, because your life is precious and ladies need to be, warned! Please read the reviews, do your homework, meditate and pray. Do not be swayed by the prices!!! Some woman do get good results put you are most especially more at risk at that clinic!!!!!! Please be safe. I posting two brief convos so u can see I am not making this up. Choose Your PS very carefully!!!!!!

second pic

ripped stitch?

Back to work this week, i was so not physically prepared for this. On top of that my help for my kids is done. It was been exhausting and taxing to say the least. I'm not suppose to lift anything over 20lbs but as a single mom of a 18 mos old that isn't always possible. I don't carry him but i do have to lift him to get him in the car and into the carseat or into the stroller. I had to lift the trash and place it curbside and that really hurt. I emailed my doctor today because an area of my incision stings and feels like an open wound. Right now i have guaze on it to protect it but it looked a little bloody and stings. I'm hoping i get a response by tomorrow. No fun!

1 month post op

Ladies, this recovery is killer! Had my first lympathic massage yesterday and thought i was going to die. It was so painful. The masseuse was shocked that my body was so stiff, swollen and lumpy. She spent an entire hour trying to break up the lumps but was unable to. Today i feel the dame as i did 1 day post op. I am in so much pain. My swelling is not making progress and the lumps are hardening. No good news :(

A little Update

I'm in bed about to head to work but wanted to post a quick update on my progress.
Swelling continues, somedays are worse than others but i have seen an improvement. I'm applying merderma daily on my incision scar and doing self massages until i can afford my next massage (90 dollars an hr seems too extreme for my pockets ). I'm still sore and stiff in my back but I'm making progress. I wear my faja (CG) ALL the time. I've been using the size xstrasmall but not tightening all the way since I'm still retaining fluids. The size small is good for sleeping but i fear i may not get the full effect of the results i am looking for. I could probably adjust my eating habits so that I'm healthier but i think I'm doing ok not great but ok. I ate a bag of Doritos yesterday and croutons on my salad and felt very sick (proof that my body is fine with the junk ).
Aside from that not much too report.
Oh yeah my sons father stalked my IG and possibly saw my pics. I know this because the idiot violated the court order when he whatsappd me just a decimal point to get attention and low and behold his profile pic was a pic of my son from my instagram. It got me so angry because of the person he is and what he put us through. But no response on my end I'll just screen shot it and make a note for my next court date in June. He needs to worry about the woman he left his family for rather than look at my things and let me know He got my sons pictures off my PRIVATE page.
Oh well ladies, I'm going to keep my head high and continue to focus on.making myself smile! Talk to you all soon.

2015 first update

Hi ladies, it's been a bit since my last post. I'm officially 3 mos post op. Which is great because I'm finally ready to some level of physical fitness. My eating habits are horrible and so I've downloaded an app to track my calorie intake, eating habits and physical activity. My waist doesn't seem as defined as it did the first month post op. So i need to work that. My bbl is not as refined as I wish it was but by far is so much better than before surgery. I wish my stomach was tighter but I guess my only option now is to work it out. I'm starting my new journey this Sunday after my company party. I'm planning on working out half hour everyday, increasing my water intake and cutting back on the junk and sugar while replacing it with fresh fruits and lean protein. I'll be posting pictures weekly to motivate myself. I'm determined to have great year, starting one day at a time.

Extremely Unhappy

I'm officially 7 months post-op and extremely disappointed with my results. As time has gone on my results have not gotten better. My stomach continues to look swollen, my waistline is not defined and when I sit you can't even tell I've had work done. I have excess skin and fast that should've been dealt with. Overall my results are minimal to say the least. I could've been pulled tighter. I'm in good health and petite so there's no reason why I did not get the results I was looking for. I am in need of a revision and quite frankly I don't have the time or money for it. I am highly dissatisfied

I want round 2

Now I understand the concept of round 2. I definitely want round 2. Maybe in a year or so. I want a tighter stomach, defined waist and perking butt. We'll see

Round 2?

Hi RS community! It's been almost a year since my surgery. I've been wearing a super tight faja everyday under my clothes. I wish I had been pulled tighter but right now it is what it is. So I'm ready for round 2. I am looking to do a BA. I wanted to have it done before but hadn't taken enough funds with me to DR so now I'm contemplating doing it next tax season and looking to have it done in the state. I am currently a 32/34A... there's nothing there. I would like to be at least a very full B. I am very petite so I need to stay proportional. I am also thinking high to moderate profile. I'm no where near ready yet but am excited to look into the procedure. It's been something I've wanted to do for years and that I definitely want to do by next year before my 33rd birthday. I think doing it in the states is wiser so I that I can recover at home and not a recovery house. The downfall is that DR is about 3-4 thousand cheaper but I don't think I could travel overseas for a breast job when there are plenty of qualified American doctors in the states.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Katherine Feliz Camilo provided me with excellent service. She was attentive, personable and very responsive. Her staff was also very engaging and attentive. She spent time answering all my questions, addressing my concerns and making sure I was comfortable. She is very professional and personable.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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