Dr. Molina 29 Yrs Old. 2 Kids.. Breast Augmentation, Liposuction and Bbl - Dominican Republic

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Hi everyone!!! I'm 29yrs. 2kids (2 &10yrs) both...

Hi everyone!!! I'm 29yrs. 2kids (2 &10yrs) both vaginal birth and breast feed for a year...5'1 and around 150lbs... I have alwaysss wanted a breast augmentation but kept on putting it to the side. After having my second child my breast ended up saggy and that began my search again....I decided that since I was getting my breast done might as well just do a whole make over! So excited!!
So my current bra size is 36B, looking to end up with 36B or DD... haven't really measured my waist or thighs but I'm fat! Lol.. hopefully I will end up with a smaller waist and a bigger ... will basically be taking out as much fat as possible from everywhere, including that area under the armpits.. These are my before pictures as you can tell...I have search for a Dr everywhere US, COLOMBIA, MEXICO, VENEZUELA, DOMINICAN REP... I made up my mind to go with DR. JULIO MOLINA...He has answered all my questions in a timely matter and seems to really care about his patients...As he may say He will do everything possible to make the best version of you!

So far I already deposited the required 1,000us into the chase account and set my surgery date... Aug 18 2015!!!!...If anyone is going around that date please let me know so we can keep in contact thru this process...

Anyone has a list of things I will need?
I'm still not sure if I will be staying at a recovery house or at a family member's house...since my husband is also going with me I think a recovery house will be too expensive... still looking into that.

My Hemo Level ) ;

Hi girls!!!

So I decided to do the blood work here in the states to make sure everything was fine before I leave to DR...My hemo level is at a 11.5 and dr. Molina had told me that I need it at least at 12.5... I'm still a month away from my surgery date but will that be enough time??? Helpppp pleasee... I have been eating healthy and taking 1 iron pills a day...will start taking 3 a day now, one with each meal... should I get anything else??

breast augmentation 36B-36DD


So checked my HEMO level two weeks ago again and it was at 12.4... So I pushed my surgery day to October 6... Will continue taking all my pills and hopefully will be good by then. ????


I had never had strech marks before not even do to pregnancies... But a month ago started to get some on my Bottom and boobs. Today woke up with two lil ones on my stomach.????????
Any suggestions on something that can help?? Please..I ran to the pharmacy to buy that cicatricure gel for scars I had seen on tv but they didn't have any left so I got the MEDERMA gel.


My surgery day is 10/06/15 with dr. Molina. Will be staying at jacqueline marrero recovery house.going to Dominican rep. On the 4th... Is anyone else going thAt same week???? I need a buddy ????. Sooo i talked to my dr. About also doing lipo on my neck area, it's not that bad but I will also do it.. Will post before and after pictures next month ????????


So I'm on plane already about to take off...
The lady from JM RECOVERY HOME called me last night and confirmed everything again and described the person that will be at the airport waiting for me....


Hi girls...

So far everything is good. I got picked up at the airport buy the gentleman I was told I would, he was very nice.Once I got to the house I met Jacqueline Marrero very sweet and she understands English. Before charging me they let me settle in my room and gave me food yayyyy because I was starving.
Oh and a plus plus there is wifi from the time you get in the car, if you download an application you can txt and call back home at that point and avoid the roaming charges.
Here ill leave some pictures of the room, there are 2 beds in here but that's in case if I came with someone or for the nurse to sleep here with me the first few days after surgery to help me get up and use the bathroom if I need to..
Tomorrow morning at 7am will get my blood work done. Jacqueline already let me know that I can't even drink water before that. YAY EXCITED to finally meet Dr.MOLINA and his wife.

Evaluation by DR. MOLINA

Ana from the recovery house drove me to the dr. This morning at 7am.
So I finally met DR. MOLINA and his wife. They are both very nice and friendly, also the receptionist. So this is how it all went.
My plans were for a ba with crease incision with 400-450cc silicone,lipo of everything basically (inner thighs,stomach,back,under armpits,arms and chin), and last but not least bbl and more hips.
The dr. Recommendations where everything stated above but the breast he said I should go with 375cc and also a reduction of the areola because he said that once I get the ba the areola will get even bigger so I agreed. I was just concerned about the scars on the nipples since I hAve seen a lot not so nice(not his work of course) but he told me it all depends how the patient heals. Since I have never had stitches before I have no idea how I will heal but I'm praying its not that noticeable at the end. I told him to please show me pictures of patients that have had this done by him, he showed me how some heal excellently that you can't notice it at all and others you can a lil but that's what I value about DR.MOLINA. He gives you realistic expectations.
So moving on the person that those the blood work came right to his office and took the blood and urine.then I had to go to the first floor to see the cardiologist. He did a cardiogram which came out good. Ana then picked me up and took me to another place to do my X-rays which also came out good.then back to the house, had breakfast and lunch, just waiting for my lab results. Hopefully my hemo is high enough now.
While in the waiting room a couple of patients came by for their follow ups. There where some that live here but a lot from U.S. They all had in common that where very pleased with their results. They were all talking very nicely about DR. MOLINA. He definitely loves what he does and is able to transfer that to his patients.

IT'S OFFICIAL!!!! Hemo level is good!

I'm so excited!!!
We call the dr. Receptionist this afternoon around 4pm and she said that if she didn't call us that everything was good for tomorrow... So it's official!!! Tomorrow mornings at 6:30am I will be DR. MOLINA'S first patient.
From time to time I get a bit nervous but I'm soooooo ready and excited!
Tomorrow I will ask what is my hemo level. For the las month and a half I was taking what the dr told me which was folic acid and iron pills, I guess that did the think.


So I was so excited and nervios last night
I couldn't sleep. Finally fell a sleep at 3am.
Woke up at 5:30am took And got ready. I put on one of those long loose fitting dresses with no sleeves so it can be easy to put on tomorrow when is time to go. So ANA picked me up at 6:30 and brought me to the clinic. In the main lobby(first floor) there was a nurse waiting for us. She gave to papers to fill out and sign.then she took us to my room.the anesthesiologist came and spoke to me about the different anesthesia she will be doing.then the dr. Came in with a nurse,she game me the blue pill and he marked me.them the dr took some pictures. They put the iv and I was out. They took me to the operating room. I woke up again when I was back in my room. I'm sleepy now.will update later


Hi girls!!!!
I'll continue from last night. I hired a personal nurse to take care of me only just in case if I needed,it's very affordable and you will definitely need someone to pass things to you and help you get up when needed.her name is yajahira, she works here but has off.. So I recommend the same think when you get here on surgery day ask the front desk nurse to get you someone. ANA from the recovery room did all that for me. I have not fell any type of pain just pressure on my chest. Last night around 10:30 they gave me another blue pill and I fell a sleep.woke up at 5:30am... Got up at 6:30 and blushed my teeth, in the mean while my nursed changed my sheets again.in the surgery room they put me on a fajate size small. I'm going to have breakfast now...xoxoxo


Uploaded 2 pictures of me so far...when they took that faja off to go wash it because I had too much blood it was HELL????. special my butt is very tender...I'm scare now when they come back to put it back on.im very bloated on my stomach, when I press on An area I can here liquid moving around.waiting on dr. To discharge me.


He has all the medication delivered to your room so when you leave you will have everything. Girls don't over pack. I didn't bring anything and have not needed it. For after care the dr. Will recommend some thinks but they are cheap aveg.$10. When that time comes they will call from the recovery house to the pharmacy and they deliver????.. I need the faja back on, I'm filling pain on my ass now and laying on it doesn't help but since I also hadn't boobs done. I have no options... Any recommendations girls?

More pictures

Ohhh boyyy it was so difficult to pee after they took that thing out of down there, if you know what I mean. I guess it got used to coming out automatically to the baggy lol... I felt like going since this morning and I finally was able to. Yayyy


I love my doctor!!! Doctor MOLINA you rock! ????


So today speaking to other girls at the recovery house who got operated with other doctors I found out that DR. MOLINA had been the only one to include the med. everyone else had to go to the pharmacy pos op. Also the nurse taking care of us here told us that the med I has where stronger...YAYYY to that. No pain here. As long as you take your pills on time you will be good.
Tomorrow I will be 3 days pos op and it's my first follow up appointment,good because I'm dieing to see my nipples. Will update tomorrow girls. Gn

First pos op appointment

Everything went well today... They took the faja off and checked me. Cleaned up my nipples,added the abdomenal board and gave me the ok to start my massages.. Heading there now...


HORRIBLE!!!!! The worst burning pain ever!!! I definitely was not ready. The lady from the spa told me to go back tomorrow but I don't think so hun! Maybe Monday! I even got a headache! I rather give birth!


3days post op. First shower yessss


So Ana from the recovery house is washing my faja and I'm enjoying the minutes of happiness with that damm faja lol

Day 4 post op

2nd Massage...6 days post op

My second massage.. Still very swollen on my lower back but looking better every day. These massages are no joke...

Back home yayyyy

So I'm back in jersey finally ....still swollen but it's going down slowly...after my bath today I had my mom put me in the XSMALL extra faja I bought...it was so funny... She was like you are not fitting in that and I was like YES I AM, PULL! Lol...it just feels uncomfortable at the bottom,it cuts my circulation on my inner thighs.i recommend taking in on the small size one better.

12 days pos op

I'm still very swollen on my back and stomach but here are some pictures...my stomach looks like that because I wore the faja today without nothing under and also because I'm swollen... As you can see one boob is recovering faster than the other, the nipple incisions are healing very good. Out of all the lipo little incisions the only one you can still see is the one on my back but I'm pretty sure it will go away soon.

Any recommendations of spa in jersey???

2 weeks pos op... Still very swollen, way more then when I was getting the massages.. Any spa recommendation in north jersey???? Also is there anything I can use on my dark mid section after the lipo???

2 weeks post op

Still swollen around my waist and back but love my ass..

19 days pos op

Hi girls!!!
This goes to all of ya that have not yet gotten surgery..... PLEASE understand that your result will show 3-6 months after your procedure....PLEASE don't get depress because you see yourself still looking "fat".thats the swelling and it will go down with time...your waist will get thinner and thinner and your ass will look bigger and bigger...keep your faja as much as you can..from the beginning I had problems sleeping with it,I really tried hard but just can't sleep with it... So what I do is take it off around 11pm or 12am when I'm about to knock out and put it back on after my shower at 7am.at this point I'm able to put the xsmall faja by myself on the last hook without any problem...thinking on buying a corset to continue waist training....my boobs are also doing great... Today I started a rutine to massage my back and stomach with oil everyday for around 15min.when I was done I could see the difference,was not as swollen just as if I had gone to the spa... Girls make sure to get those first 10 massages by professionals, I believe after that it's optional to get more...

Hi girls!!!!

So I found a place by my house here in jersey where they do the massages... I have done 2 then so far,tomorrow will be the 3rd... I'm still swollen but much better each day that pass... Im so happy with my results. I love trying on old close that didn't look so sexy before and the difference is amazing ... I wish I would had done this before...I'm starting to feel my boobs now.. One question????????around when will I start feeling my nipples??? They are almost completely healed, will post picture when I have a month post op

1 month post op

Here are more pictures dolls...in person I look way better lol.. I'm still swollen but you can already see that the dress fits good on the top and bottom but at the waist its big...

1 month post op

Love my buns.. ;)

Old pants bye bye

Every day I see myself better and better and feel so thankful with my dr, DR MOLINA... He made my dream come true, bring my body back 10 years but even better now with boobs ;) yayyy.. The little bumps I had on my stomach are now gone... Today will be my massage number 14

5 weeks post op

Hi dollz

So I had order this and finally got it today... I cants believe I'm an XXS!!! Omg. I'm loving myself lmao...

My better version ; )

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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