Mommy Makeover Has Peaked My Interest

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I have become addicted to RealSelf. I am reading...

I have become addicted to RealSelf. I am reading reviews and have gone to one PS consult within 100 mile radius of my city. There is no one locally that does PS.
My dream is to have a Mommy makeover - TT, Breast lift, butt lift, lipo of back, flanks, thighs, and arms.
I was quoted pretty close to $11K for a TT and lipo of the back and flanks. Seeing pictures of his work compared to the dolls I've seen with the work done in DR I know I would be cheating myself. I'm in the process of weighing pros and cons while I stalk profiles of dolls and doctors.

Cons of DR:
Traveling alone to a foreign country
No immediate access to doctor in cases of complications after return to the states
Language barriers
Possibilities of being lost, kidnapped, conned, or dying
No support system
Will DR doctors complete documentation for work leave?

Pros of DR:
Price is more in range
Better understanding of ethnic body type vs domestic doctor
Get most/all of the work I want done for a reasonable price in one procedure


I'm received one quote so far from Dr Luis Mejia and responses to my questions have been good so far. Hubby said he's good with whatever decision I make. I'm sooo excited and scared at the same time

Butt Decisions

I have been trolling this site and others looking for butts. I have a big, wide, shapeless butt now. My husband is no help.
I love the shape of the young lady on my profile picture, but I'm not sure if this butt is realistic for me.

Torn Between Two

So based off of reviews I decided one either José León or Luis Mejia. Both have great results! I want EVERYTHING done at once but I'm realizing it may not be feasible. I emailed both doctors my medical information as well as pictures. Received a quote and have been corresponding on WhatsApp with Dr. Mejia's assistant.
I received a reply email from Dr. León 's office, but only received a quote after emailing them stating I never received my quote. I feel like my information or pictures were not reviewed and a standard letter was sent to me only because the letter highlighting that I needed pictures that were attached already to the email. I found his WhatsApp number and asked if my request for more information email had been reviewed and a timeframe for a phone consultation. The doctor responded that he was behind and he would schedule a call today (it's night now) or tomorrow. Hopefully he contacts me tomorrow so I can get more information and truly decide who I'm going with.
Tentative date with Mejia is March 10.
I'm applying for my passport this Friday so hopefully I'll be prepared for DR and whichever of these two doctors I choose.
SN: they are both quite handsome

Decisions, decisions

I honestly don't know who to choose!!! I loved the fact that Dr. León takes the time to call you personally. His price with 14 days requested stay is more expensive than Dr. Mejia's requested stay by almost $2k. I'm going to request pictures from both of them because I haven't seen any full blown TT, Lipo, BBL, BA pictures from them.
I paid a deposit with Dr. Mejia today, but I can't stop looking at dr León profile and reviews


I paid my deposit and decided to stick with Dr. Mejia. I really hope there are no snags with my passport, because I fly out February 29th Eve and arrive March 1.
I couldn't wait any longer because I'm obsessed with all things Mommy Makeover,, Instagram, and YouTube. I don't sleep much but when I do I'm dreaming about DR, surgery, blood, pain, big butts, and perky boobs.


I received my confirmation letter from Dr. Mejia's office today!!! My mom will be coming with me and staying at the recovery house. I'm UBER excited. I spend every waking moment watching YouTube, reading reviews, and strolling Instagram photos.
Let the countdown begin...

The Dreaded BEFORE Pictures

Hopefully this body will be a thing of the past in a little more than 30 days!! I have not had a belly button in almost 19 years


Some of Dr. Mejia's work!! I can't wait to be SNATCHED!


Visited my doctor today to have PreOp work done. My blood pressure was up which worries me a little. I won't get the rest of my results until next week. Uhhhh!!! Could time go any slower

I'm my own wish pic

I was looking through my Instagram pictures and realize I'm my own Wish Pic. I love my shape in clothes but I want to have the same shape without having to wear the push up bra and waist trainers! Please help me Dr Mejia!

More Wish pics

25 Days, But Who's counting

This will be by far the longest 25 days of my life! I know I have worn everyone out talking about my surgery so I try not to talk about it. I feel like I'm going to implode! I just stalk Real Self and watch MM, BBL, Breast Augmentation, and/or Lipo videos on YouTube.
I ordered the last of my supplies today and impatiently awaiting my passport. According to the website it should be here 2/09/16.
I have an appointment with my PC physician who is very supportive of my coming surgery although I told him I was going to Atl, not DR. He "has" to review all my PreOp test with me before he will release the info to me(uhhh). I'm ready, I'm ready, IM READY!!!!


My mom and I both received our passports today!!! In celebration I went out and bought a couple of things for my trip. A memory foam pillow, two huge moomoo gowns, fuzzy socks, and luggage tags. I received my Herbalife order and will take with me just in case my lapband gets tighter after surgery and I can't get anything solid down.
Nervous and excited reading reviews about the good, bad, and ugly of surgery, recovery, and end results. I just continue to pray for the skilled hands of Dr. Mejia


I now have my safe case, a cute cross body purse, two MooMoos, three pairs of fuzzy socks, Mederma, Scar Strips, TSA locks, new order of contact lenses, just to name a few things stockpiled in my room corner


I finally received my EKG, physical, and blood labs from my doctor's office. I am great except for slightly increased blood pressure. Hemo was 12.1, but this was 3 weeks ago and I've been on my Iron regiment and eating liver, broccoli, asparagus, and taking blood builders. I hope this is enough to get ALL the procedures I want. 20 day count down is ON!
SN: I bought yet more stuff today. Premium cloth wipes, spray deodorant, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, compression socks, big panties, surgical bra, new toothbrush and paste, anti itch cream, tank tops


I feel like I'm about to implode!! I'm ready to have my sx and be done! I'm so jealous of all of the Feb Dolls. Your pictures look great! I've purchased more than what I need for the DR and I still am on Amazon looking for more. My husband will probably deactivate our account. I can't talk to anyone about my sx because I feel like they are tired of hearing about it. RealSelf is my only outlet.
OAN: I've been stalking my doctor's social media pages and page here and I'm getting discouraged. I have not been blown away by the results as I have from some of the more infamous doctors on this page. They have mostly been cases of extreme weight loss, so maybe I should be more encouraged by their results.
I don't know...

Weekend plans

I plan to enjoy my weekend!! I put myself on a diet and so far I've lost about 6lbs. I will have a date with my husband, so hopefully self control kicks in and I don't overdo it. Hopefully I can lose another 2-3 lbs over this last week.
I'm trying to catch everything up at work because I plan to be out 4 weeks to ensure proper healing.
My only fear is sleeping in an airport. Unfortunately the flight I booked leaves on the 29th and lands on the 1st with the LONGEST layover ever. I just want to get to the flat side!!

I'll be Having Nightmares

Just read a posting about the death of one of the popular Miami doctor's patients. We can only pray for all parties concerned and pray that God guides the hands, minds, and spirits of the doctors we entrust our lives to in pursuit in the betterment of ourselves.

Nerves Kicking In

A week away from flying out and nerves are on another level.

No More Liver

After this week I may never eat liver, asparagus, broccoli, or spinach again. I have eaten this in every way possible and now I'm tired of it!!! I see the end of the road...

Iron Soup

Made a soup that included celery, seasoning blend, chicken gizzards, spinach, kale, and Lima beans. I swear I should heave the highest Hemo on the planet.

Touchy, Feely, Clingy?!

I have never been the one to just be distraught without my husband. In fact I strongly believe everyone needs time apart to appreciate each other, BUT two weeks without my husband and babies will truly be a test. I fly out tomorrow so we will be having a Sex-A-Thon until my boarding call


Reading some of the responses to questions about medical tourism from the US doctors are pretty funny. I agree with stating your opinions and stressing the importance of having a board certified plastic surgeon, but some of them go to far.

Up, up, and Away

In New Jersey awaiting my connection to the DR. I will arrive at about 2pm and head straight to Cecilip for my PreOp work and meet Dr. Mejia and Lefny. I'm so excited!!
Stay tuned

You're Not in Kansas Anymore, Dorothy

This is the phrase my mom kept saying.
From the moment I stepped on the plane everything changed. Seemed as if NOONE spoke English. Little over three hours flight. Everyone cheered when we landed. Make sure you get the right papers either when you get off the plane or BEFORE you get in the LOOONGGGG immigrant line. You need passport, tourists card, a long rectangular paper, and a smaller blue rectangular paper, and your boarding pass.
My driver was waiting with a piece of printer paper with my name on it. My drivers name is Moses and although he doesn't speak much English he is the sweetest guy ever. I literally just covered my eyes when he drove. It was pretty scary!! There are no lines to divide most of the roads and there is just madness.
First stop was the hospital to get my chest X-ray. Very old place with horrible parking. We waited in the lobby while he parked. He the took me to what looked like registration, he paid, and then we went to X-ray room. The gentleman didn't speak English but take your shirt/bra off and put in this gown is pretty easy to mime.
We left and headed to Cecilip. Everyone was EXTREMELY nice! The only thing that was different was the security guard with the shot gun on his shoulder (yup, gun). Lefny (left knee) is so pretty as well as the rest of the people that worked in the office. They brought us a glass of cold water while we waited.
The doctor is EXTREMELY handsome and smelled wonderful. I'm so glad I'm African American because I was blushing so hard. Who wants to show a gorgeous man their jelly rolls. But he was so nice and friendly I just whipped the rolls out and after his analysis we agreed upon a game plan. I paid Lefny, and we had my blood drawn. After some "momma sleeping arrangements drama we finally made it to the Recovery house, ate some blah, talked to my roommates and I'm showered in bed now.
My surgery is to at 2. Yes that means no food, drink, or even gum. I have to go to the hospital for 7 to get EKG. They didn't want flight to sku my heart results.
I'll try to give you more tomorrow

Rocio Ortega

We got here about 8 in the evening of March 1 since my surgery isn't scheduled until 2pm. None of the ladies spoke English. Fortunately one of the young ladies that was in my room did. They immediately set the table and brought my mom and I food and juice. The house is very clean. There seems to be four rooms and the young ladies that work sleep downstairs on the couch.
We have three hospital beds in our room and one regular bed that my mom slept in

Day Of

We arrived shortly after 7 am. I waited about an hour to see the cardiologist. Afterwards waited in the upstairs lobby about 4 hours. They were discharging patients and cleaning rooms. Just put on the blue gown and awaiting the blue pill. Little over an hour until show time.
Pray with and for me... See you dolls on the flat side

On the FLAT side

My surgery was scheduled at 2pm. The doctor came in apologized for his delay and begin to mark me up about 1pm.He did convey that since my Hemo was 13.1 he would be able to complete all my desired procedures BL with implant, TT, BBL to fill in flat spots (my butt is already big just mishapened). He let me know he would lipo my flanks, abdominal areas, and lower back, but would not be overly aggressive and he would not be doing my thighs.
I respected and appreciated that my safety was his #1 priority.
Although I got my IV shortly after he left I didn't receive my blue pill until after 5pm. My mom and I prayed together and the came and got me I think about 6. They added drugs to my IV bag and I was out. I remember waking up to music, laughing, and talking. Im assuming the were putting on my garment and I was shaking and teeth were chattering. Someone asked me if I was cold and told me my breast looked great. I went back to sleep smiling.My mom said I made it back to the room about 1AM. I woke up about 4AM this morning because my mom snores like a lawnmower and it was freezing.
She heard me rustling trying to reach my cellphone and put on my compression sock and gave me two extra strength Tylenol (I forgot to ask was it ok to have the
Stockings on when the nurse came in) I'll ask when she comes back.
I took a couple of pictures I will try to post.
One young lady came in about 5 changed my IV fluid bag, added some antibiotics(burned like hell), and gave me a shot in my opposite shoulder. I did understand what she said it was for.
About 7 the nurse that introduced herself yesterday when I got in the room came and checked my blood pressure, temperature, and asked how I'm feeling. Asked my pain level and said she would bring meds. She also to me to drink water. I did but I think I drank too much too fast because my tummy feels tight.
Pain level - Feels like 10 men kicked the hell out of me this cowboy boots in my boobs, back, and hips. I'm really aching. Probably level 7 of 10 right now

Momma Arrangements

Initially my mom was going to stay at the recovery house for a discounted rate because I'm a patient. She decided a week in a half to try to find something cheaper. She read some reviews and booked online. I told her the warning Lefny advised but she was dead set on wanting her own space with I did understand. She would have been in the room with myself and two other girls.
Fast forward about 6 o'clock we finally leave Cecilip. My mom gives Moses the address and starts calling people speaking Spanish. We pull up to what truly looks like "The Hood" he gets out and walks down the street and talks to some guys. At this point I'm nervous as hell. He comes back leaning on the car talking really fast in Spanish. The he gets in a hands the phone to my mom. The she hands it back after saying Yes a bunch of times. Moses start driving and we end up back at Cecilip. I ask her what's going on. That when she tells me her apartment is in the hood and Moses didn't want to take her there. (Totally appreciated his concern) . He had another patient waiting on him so we had to go back to the chest X-ray hospital with this girl. At this point I was ready to drop my mom on the side of the road because I was
Tired and ready to eat before my 10pm deadline.
When we returned Lefny had talked to Owner of my recovery home so my mom could stay for the night.
My mom snores like a lawnmower so I kept getting up to wake her up during the night because I knew she disturb the girls that had just had surgery. One of whom was looking pretty pale when we got there.
Rant: this is one of the main reasons I wanted to come alone. I didn't want to feel like I had to be responsible for anyone. I am the true definition of a Loner. I know how I get when I'm frustrated, sick, and in pain. I don't want to be bothered. She insisted on coming with me because she would have been worried had she not. I tried to tell her this was my me time, but again she insisted. Everyone including my husband, sister, and best friend said I was an asshole and hurt my mom's feeling. So I agreed to let her come. I need to stay positive and focused on Me!!!
Rant concluded...


So I am awaiting a transfusion. Dr. Mejia checked on me this morning and during his visit he asked have I gotten up yet. I told him no so he mentioned one of the nurses would be in for that a little later. He also brought me a flower (he is truly my MCM) A couple of hours later I was feeling great except for the dull aching in my back(from lipo) and breast. I decided I would stand a stretch my legs. BAD IDEA!!!! I immediately felt like my blood pressure or blood sugar sank to 0. My ears were ringing and I started seeing black spots. My mom helped me back in bed. She put a pillow under my legs, lowered my head, and turned up the air.
I lifted my hands to try to aid the blood flow to my head. My mom asked if I was alright and I was a little better. She left to tell a nurse. After about 10 minutes no one came (including my mom) I text Lefny via WhatsApp. She instantly responded and said Dr Mejia was coming. He was here with a nurse a few minutes later. They check my vitals, lump nodes,eyes, blood etc. He was very worried and gave me a stern talking to about not waiting on the nurses for assistance. He ordered a blood expander to replace my fluid IV. He come back about thirty minutes later to check everything again. He told me I would need a blood transfusion because the blood expander were not working. I had the money hidden away in my safe in my overnight bag for just in case. I asked him about the safety of the blood and how donors are screened here. My mom was not happy (based on her religious beliefs). I had to let her know my health and ensuring I get back home to my babies were #1 priority and that it was my decision to make. He has been back three times since then between consults and surgeries to make sure that I have eaten and feeling better. He wanted me to wait an hour after I've eaten lunch to have the blood transfused.
I have the upmost respect (as well as a huge crush) for Dr. Mejia. He not only takes pride in his work but genuinely cares about his patients .


My take on the number #2. Upon advice of RS sisters I began taking colon cleansing pills so that I would not be backed up after surgery. Bad idea!!!! Why? Because they worked sooner than later. After being released from surgery/observation at about 1, aching pains all day, all most passing out from low hemo. And being moved to my recovery home... I had to go. After releasing pressure from unbuttoning this garment it was a struggle to stay lucid and #2 at the same time. I continued to throw water on my face and sniff mouth wash while sitting on the throne. One of the nursing assistants came after she heard my try to stand and know over the tissue holder and drop my drain. Please please don't be intimidated by language barriers (they all speak Spanish) or embarrassment(I couldn't bear telling anyone I had to #2). Ask for help!! I had to shuffle to the room with the garment around my thighs-literally. To get back in it. In this few moments out of it I began to swell so I was struggling to stand while she shimmied it up. They gave me two pills from my drug bag from the Dr. and I slept about 4 hours. Now I'm awake trying to get as comfortable as possible.
I'm a left side sleeper so this back this is NOT comfortable at all. The back lipo does not help at all

First Massage

I went to my first check up with the Doctor today. As always he meet me with his beautiful smile and a kiss. I decided to have my massage a Nosso Spa inside of Cecilip right across from the doctors office. They are a bit more expensive than some of the other places but was so worth every cent. I had a bath which felt AMAZING!! The doctor came in and examined me. My breast look amazing.(I didn't take pics) My stomach was full of fluid as well as my back so I was a bit disappointed. BUT after my massage and releasing the fluid it was like a miracle occurred. Although my stretch marks are very prevalent the overall shape is amazing. The physical therapist that performed the massages gets 10* out of 5. She was very informative, thorough, and calming. I paid for her service everyday until I leave.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my breast. They are exactly how I wanted them. Dr. Mejia is definitely the Boob Master


So far so good. I'm moving around so much better. I try to get up and walk around the house at least three times a day. I've been taking my prenatal vitamins as well as my B vitamins and iron to keep my energy level up. I have SEVER cabin fever, my only outing is going to my massages daily. I did have Moses take my to Pinkberry yesterday (small joys). I think I'm getting my Stage 2 garment today.
Drain: I still have my drain in but it doesn't bother me at all. I was a little alarmed because my fluid is still extremely dark. Like dark plum purple. Seems as if everyone else is turning light the day of or after surgery. The Dr came and checked on it before my surgery. He said I had old scar tissue in my back that he broke up during lipo so it was to be expected to still be dark as I drain and get the massages.
I try not to stay in bed all day to get my body back on a normal sleeping pattern. I do nap about 10 minutes during the paraffin drying portion of my massage. Zuleica the massage therapist is so beautiful and sweet. She put it down on me yesterday but I know it's all in the name of healing. I wish I could take her home with me


The first picture is PreOp and the second is 4 days after surgery. I'm still super swollen. It feels weird not having my pouch, but I'm glad she is gone. I'll try to take an updated picture today because my stomach is a lot less swollen

Stage 2

I got my Stage 2 in a small on Friday. Two of Dr. Mejia's assistants, a doctor and a nurse, shook me in it after my massage treatment. It took some getting use to, but 2 days later I've gotten use to it.

Rocio Ortega-- My Opinion

The house is very nice. The home is gated and secured by a stone wall. There are a total of five rooms. One downstairs with one bed. Four upstairs with about 12 beds. They do have hospital beds and air conditioning in the rooms along with TVs and ceiling fans. Two of the rooms have bathrooms and there are two bathrooms that have to be shared.
The living room , dining rooms, common area, nor kitchen have air conditioners, so they leave the windows open, patio doors open, and have an fan. Open windows and doors in the DR = flies and mosquitos.
Staff: There are about three to four ladies that work in the kitchen. Two look to be teenagers and the other two are adults. They are all Domincian and speak NO English. They cook Dominican food. They have two very nice young ladies that come in during the day to clean (no English) Sweep, mop, dust, and clean the bathrooms. There are two ladies that are comparable to CNAs (no English) One's name is Soonie(sp). She has a big beautiful personality. She does 99.9999% of the work of the house. The other one was younger and not very helpful. They referred to everyone else as doctors. There were about four (3 spoke no English). Only one,Sandy, spoke English but of course there are words and phrases she does not understand. She was also very genuinely sweet and helpful. They other three only took your vitals and pretty much made Soonie and Sandy do all the work (when they were there). One in particular was very rude and condescending I believe her name was Payola. She was very easily frustrated by the language barrier and I can honestly saw was the main cause of a few of the girls leaving during my visit there. Rocio and her husband came by at least once a day. Rocio speaks no English outside of standard greetings but her husband understands some. She brought her daughter in once to translate after my very upset roomate voiced warranted concerns .
Concerns: I continuously had to ask for my drain to be cleaned. After asking they will empty it, but they daily need to make sure it it flowing and unclogged from the top. The treatment of Spanish speaking patients was far superior than that of English speaking patients like myself. There is a frustration there which is not good when you are totally depending on someone for you care and well being. Lack of a balanced nutritional diet. The cooks cook what the know how, which is Dominician food. Consisting of chicken, corn, potatoes, rice, and plantains. We ate chicken in some form everyday and most days twice (lunch and dinner). Keep in mind the cooks are probably the lowest paid of all the staff, so you are getting the food they are used to cooking on their meager incomes at home. One of my roommates was a vegetarian so initially she barely ate anything until she spoke with her doctor and he contacted Rocio. I did the same contacting Lefny requesting more vegetables. I eat pretty healthy and bust my ass to lose 10 lbs before my surgery . It was not my intent to gain it back by eating lots of heavy starches. Also because everything stays open you are SWATTING flies the entire time you eat. You better be there when they bring the food out and get everything you want on your plate the first round. The flies are relentless. Unfortunately they didn't bring dish covers so the food was just open on the table
I enjoyed meeting the ladies from different backgrounds that came through the house during my stay . I was blessed to have experienced a level of humility speaking with Sandy, Soonie, the young cleaning lady, and the lady who seemed to be over the kitchen girls. They work their asses off . They sleep down stairs on the couches or outside on cots. They do the work that many others do not have the heart to do.
Would I come back to this house-- NO!!Once I established a rapport (3rd day) with the staff everything was ok. I am a loner, and really low maintenance. I grew up poor, so nothing I saw in DR bothered me. I enjoy quiet and positive spirits. I eat lots of veggies, chicken, and eggs. So once they got my routine down I was ok. The first two days you are in pain and grouchy so having someone there that spoke English and could understand what you need is essential . Pantomime and Google Translate were my best friend.

First Day Home... Alone

Made it back home last night so happy to see my family. Today I was home alone. I slept on the couch last night, because I could not get comfortable in bed. I slept well.I took you youngest to school, and driving wasn't too bad. I came home and had a burst of energy. I made me a blueberry protein smoothie,unpacked my suitcase, and put some clothes in the washer. I was determined to shower and shave. I gathered everything in the bathroom. I then got in bed, propped up, slowly took off my faja. Didn't want to get lightheaded while alone. I waited until I was sure I was ok and sipped a little more of my smoothie. Then I got in the shower!! Yes!! I was able to do some shaving, well as much as feasibly possible without lifting your arms all the way. I used my palmers oil and lotion and mimicked the massages. I must have don't pretty well because I could see the fluid move . I put on my Stage 1 faja. I felt as if I ran a marathon. I took a long nap. After waking up I warmed me some low sodium soup as I hand washed my Stage 2 and hung it to dry. I got a chance to catch up on some television shows I missed while I was away and eat lunch. Just chilled until it was time to get my kid from school. I picked him up and cooked dinner!! Really simple-- baked chicken, Lipton rice, and boiled broccoli. Now we are full and just laying around. I'm glad I gave myself extra time off of work because two weeks is not enough time to go back. You still get tired so fast and walk really slow.


I have not been able to find anyone that does the drainage massages near me. Will this affect my results? I have been mimicking to the best of my ability the motions done by the massage therapists I had in the DR. I have also been using a massager I have at home (not sure if this is on). I just want to make sure the fluid doesn't settle.
I noticed many people in the States don't say much about the massages, so maybe I will be ok.
Any opinions or suggestions are appreciated...


Water Belly
So I've noticed the bottom of my stomach getting bigger. It looks like a water balloon. I took a video and sent it over to the Dr who has been following up with me post op and Lefny. Both were alarmed. I went to the ER last night but the doctor said he didn't see anything wrong, taped me back up, and sent me on my way.
I'm so sad, frustrated, and depressed. I don't say anything to anyone because I don't want to hear the "I told you sos". Sweats and big Tshirts for me.
They doctor and Lefny told me to add more compression so I had a compression board overnighted yesterday .
I am appointment for a lymphatic system drainage treatment on Tuesday. Hopefully this helps or just money down the drain


Between Lefny (Dr. Mejia's assistant) and Dr. Rodriguez I received a shit load of messages. There were very concerned and made lots of effort to get me out of my feelings, off the couch, and into a doctors office.
I got in contact with a local surgeon, Dr. Timothy Mickel. He was an absolute angel. I called his office and after taking my info the nurse called me back and I was in his office 10 minutes later. He drained 3 1/2 huge syringes of fluid from my stomach. He and his staff were all so nice and comforting.
The charge was $330 for the local anesthetic and drainage. The even offered to order me a new CG at their discount when mine gets too small.
It was Senior Prom Day for my daughter, so between running around with her, stressing about fluid, and actually visiting the doctor... I'm pooped.
Thank God for doctors that are willing to assist patients who are not their own!!!!

Black Stitches

The new Bain of my Existence are these stitches. I have some black ones and some clear ones. Apparently the black ones have to be removed after asking the doc about them and sending pictures. I was able to sterilize some tweezers, small scissors, and a little fingernail clipper and remove three from my tummy tuck incision. I got once from my belly button. I still have three in my belly button and one under each breast. So back to Dr. Mickel I go Thursday. Hopefully it won't be another $300 trip. So far everything looks good. My breast are itchy and have tingling sensations. The clear stitch in the top of my butt hurts like hell, but the ones in my back don't bother me. I just want all the stitches gone so I can start scar treatment. I've been trying to walk around more to prepare myself to start work next week. Luckily I start on a Wednesday so I don't jump into a full stressful week in Swell Hell.


I went to a party on this past Saturday. I found a dress that was faja flattering. I'm so ready to be out of this thing

Baby Got Her Stitches Out

Went to see doctor Mickel today at 11:45. He is very handsome and sweet! He checked me out and had the nurse remove all my stitches. It was a little painful BUT nothing compared to what we have already been through. I feel 1000% better without the stitches in. I'm so ready to start with the scar strips. I've been rubbing Palmers Oil and Cocoa butter all over my stomach, thighs, breast, and butt. My breast scars are very subtle but the tummy scar will need some TLC. I'll take some pictures when I'm out of my "devices ".
I bought a lipo board and have been wearing it faithfully with some padding in my back since I don't really go anywhere it's fine.

Claustrophobic Moments

I am having a mental battle to stay in this damn faja!!! I just want out of it. I normally sleep totally naked and on my left side. Wrapped in this cocoon laying on my back like a vampire is all but driving me insane. I sleep in what seems like two hour increments. Waking up to scratch, pee, and reposition myself.
I think I'm going to give it a rest tomorrow and just wear a high spanx before I drive myself insane. Yes it's 2 AM right now and I can sleep because I'm hot and uncomfortable. FML

Swell Hell

So it was my preBirthday weekend and so I decided to live a little. The husband and I attended a Margarita tasting on the river on Saturday and then my friend invited me out to appetizer and drinks. I tasted a few 'Ritas and believe after not drinking for 3 months I was feeling pretty darn good. We walked around for 3 hours. Then I met my girlfriend. Unfortunately the drink she ordered me went to waste because I was at my "happy place limit" . I got home about 7 feeling like I had ran a marathon and swollen like a balloon. Also I didn't wear my faja just some long spanx and a sports bra.
On Sunday we went out to eat and took my youngest son to the park and for ice cream. We walked for about 2 hours and I could fell the swell start against the faja. My husband convinced me not to sleep in the faja last night because he wanted to spoon. I felt so good to sleep semi normal last night, but back to the program from now on.
Luckily I have a lymphatic massage scheduled at Massage Envy today. That will help with the swelling hopefully and I will fall back in my faja with my beloved ab board.
I return to work on Wednesday starting post op week 5. Not looking forward to my 10 hour days and hour commute

Happy Birthday to Me

My 37th birthday was absolutely wonderful. I took pictures and they all came out beautifully . I bought the dress I wore for my pictures a year ago. My fupa and saggy boobies did I it no justice , so I had been meaning to give it away. Well Momma worked it out today!! I am so grateful for the blessing of 37 years of life, a successful surgery, and confidence in myself and my new body.
I return to work tomorrow and I am a bit apprehensive about it. I have Ibuprofen I plan on taking in the AM and right when I get off to twart off extreme swelling


Guess who's on Dr. Mejia's Instagram page ??

Massage Envy

I am getting Lymphatic massages twice a month at Massage Envy. My therapist Jeremy is the best
Dr. Luis A. Mejia

So far, so good. I submitted my request for a consult and quote on a Friday and by Monday I had all the answers I needed. Very responsive via email and WhatsApp. Beautiful pictures and information on his Facebook page. I have a tentative date of March 10th.

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