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Hi everyone. I'm new to this and I guess I want to...

Hi everyone. I'm new to this and I guess I want to start blogging my process. I'm 31, I've always been athletic build the majority of my life but after having my son back in 2005 my belly stretched out too far and after I gave birth I had saggy skin and a little bulge. I didn't get any work done then because I was only 24 & eventually wanted to have at least one more child. So in 2011 I had my daughter and I guess that pregnancy finished ruining my belly. With the pregnancy of my daughter I ended up developing an umbilical hernia and I lost all my baby weight but I still look like I'm 3 months pregnant due to the bulge and the hernia. I returned back to me size 5 jeans but I often get asked how far along am I. Not exactly how I want to feel considering that I was always thin build my whole life.

So I've been contemplating for a few years in getting the works done. I even went thru the process and had a tubal ligation (Tied my tubes) done on October 3rd, 2012 just to ensure that I will not be having anymore children. I did some research here in New York and I saw a few doctors charging CRAZY expensive prices. One doctor in Manhattan, really amazing work, top of the line quoted $18,000 for the Mommy Makeover plus I had to pay a non refundable $150. just for the consultation regardless if I was going to have him preform the surgery, so I took a loss of $150. Then I went to a general surgeon because I figured that I might was well take care of my umbilical hernia because my insurance covers it & he referred me to a plastic surgeon that he's worked with. The surgeon was very nice but he quoted me $8000. just for a tummy tuck alone.

My last and final attempt was with a plastic surgeon that my manager had her tummy tuck done with but he quoted my $16,000 for the Mommy Makeover so I decided to find out about plastic surgery in Dominican Republic. I inquired with a few friends & it happens that I met quite a few people that had work done. One of my friends has a relative that went & had the Mommy Makeover done by Dr. Cabral a few years back but after doing research & the drama behind with him & mal practice, he's crossed off the list. I've had a few other friends that have gotten work done by other doctors but the surgeries weren't impressive so i got onto RealSelf & after reading a few blogs I kinda narrowed it down. One of my friends is going to DR in April 2013 to have her tummy tuck done also by Dr. Serulle but I can't find any of his work nor any testimonies. I'm deciding between Dr. Nelson Rubio & Dr. Walkiris Robles. I like both surgeons work but I'm scared. The most I'm anticipating spending is $8000., which Dr. Rubio quoted me $7900. for the Mommy Makeover & Dr. Robles quoted me $6300. I'm not trying to cut corners just because of the money but I want an amazing result without any fatality. The bonus of Dr. Robles is that she offers a package deal including the recovery house. I'm kind of looking for some more I guess testimonies or feedback so I could finalize my decision would be so great. For sure I'm going to have my surgery done in DR, in April just haven't decided with who. I will be blogging my journey till the end result. *Wish Me Luck* 

Ok well yesterday 1/24/13 I went in to the...

Ok well yesterday 1/24/13 I went in to the hospital here in NY and got my umbilical hernia removed. I'm not going to lie I'm in pain and the meds that the surgeon has prescribed has little to no effect. I'm in pain, I feel like I was stabbed in my stomach. I'm hurting but I see this as a step forward towards getting my body back to how I was before my kids. The last thing I want to do is go to Santo Domingo and have to have them do an umbilical hernia repair along with the tummy tuck.

I'm definitely considering taking my own meds when...

I'm definitely considering taking my own meds when time of the tummy tuck because this pain is really bad and its in an isolated area, I can only imagine the kind of pain its going to be when its across my bikini line. Even though I am in pain I have this goal/idea of how great I'm going to look in 2014. I'll continue to update as I'm going through the process and would love feedback from others either having done it or going to do it. Chat will ya'll soon.

Ok so on the 24th of January I had the umbilical...

Ok so on the 24th of January I had the umbilical hernia taken care of her in NY. I am recovering very nicely & I took the opportunity since I'm not currently at work to file my taxes. Excited & waiting to receive my return. I emailed my family physician regarding my trip do Dominican Republic for my TT, BBL & Lipo & I explained how I need to have some test done as well as my worry once I return, He's so wonderful. He told me that he will preform the test I need but he wants to do it at the end of March incase I have anything not inline we have adequate time to correct it. He also told me that he thinks its best that I stay in Dominican Republic until the drain comes out, but for my follow ups and if I have to have any stitches removed he will monitor and take care of me. The end of April/beginning of May is my anticipated travel/surgery time. The Hubbs has his business to run here, home, but I don't want to go alone so I'm considering a buddy to roll with. I'm anticipating also seeing the results & reading the experiences of the ladies going in February & March.

Ok so I have been taking the vitamins that Dra....

Ok so I have been taking the vitamins that Dra. Robles has recommended and I also ordered & received the VitaMedica. I've spoke with my family physician about me needing monitoring upon my return and he is so wonderful. He told me that as long as I don't return with the drains, he will do follow-ups to ensure that my healing goes well. I'm planning on going the 3rd week of April and I hope that I'll be ok to return May 3rd because May 4th I have to go with my hubby to meet with the priest at our church to discuss my daughters baptism. I know I'm cutting things close but after seeing and reading others blogs of how well things have gone I'm looking at things with a positive outlook that my results will be as wonderful as the other girls on here. Keep you girls posted as the journey continues.

Ok so hi Dolls, I've had a few obstacles along the...

Ok so hi Dolls, I've had a few obstacles along the way and I was supposed to have my surgery done with Dra. Robles but I've had other forces against me. I got my results back & got the clearance from my physician that I am ok to undergo surgery, I emailed it to Laura & she said its a go! I was going to have surgery on April 22nd but I have other things to take care of but I messaged Laura & she said that she will change my date for May 6th to have my physical done and surgery on May 7th. After I attend something I have to take care of I'm buying my plane tix and I'm so outie! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! No more delays!!!!!!!!!

Hi girls, ok so the past few days were a bit crazy...

Hi girls, ok so the past few days were a bit crazy. I'm so sad I have cancelled completely cancelled the trip and procedure. I'm so upset I want to cry. I have things against me that are making it virtually impossible. They say things happen for a reason and I understand that but I was really looking forward to have my body back to how I looked before my kids. Miserly loves company. I'm down right now but not out, I will eventually get myself back but I don't have a date set. I have to just pray and the benefit of all this was that I took the vitamins as directed and my anemia got better and I'm healthy. I'm so sad.
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