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I've been lurking the site for quite some time and...

I've been lurking the site for quite some time and have decided I will be going through with my surgery in Dominican Republic. I will be 30 in a few years and this will be a treat for myself. I would like to increase the the size of my butt and get a slimmer waistline with a tummy tuck . I want my version of a JLO body :) I'm not looking for the doctor to turn me into my wish pic, just a better version of me to the 10 power. I just sent wish pics so they can see what I consider a hot body and what is ideally beautiful to me . We all have different expectations of what a hot body can be.

I have read many reviews, the good and the bad and the ones in between. So I decided to go outside the box of the Yily and Duran train... But I recognize they both do great work and give results I want. But the bombarded emails with no response doesn't work for me. I'm leaning toward Dr. Beaz, she doesn't have many pics yet but i feel so damn comfortable with her! She is the sweetest so far and Robles . So I sent out emails to other doctors in D.R. I received a quotes from dra. Rubio, Baez and Robles, not interested in the rest.
For bbl and tt
(American board certified) Rubio ....7500
Robles ...5200 includes RH

Dr.Rubio is not over booked /replies to all my emails and does his surgery in the santo Domingo hospital but cost more because of his certification

Dr. Baez is not over booked and replies to every email and call I have....just great service so far and great price too

Dr. Robles replies to my emails as well by her assistant and also has a great deal as well with good results.

Looking to get advice on travel and surgery from all that have informative info.

I need to lose 60lbs to achieve the results I want...

I need to lose 60lbs to achieve the results I want... I want Baez to give me a Yily waist, Duran butt and Robles tummy tuck. I'm willing to do round two if necessary

Why is this so addictive

I don't get it, I wake up ready to indulge in possible results. I just found a picture of Dra. Baez patient that I like and that is realistic for me. I think this recent pic is a larger person with similar results as the smaller girls in my wish pics. I also like her breast lifts and reduction, she seems to have better results for reducing breast & giving nice shapes.
I'm going to email Dra. Baez today and see what she thinks

I can Internet surf this stuff all day

I need some reviews please

I'm looking to see if anyone stayed at Ana Marie recovery house?? Also looking to see which recovery houses are good for me or will it be a hotel and nurse. I think jasmine's is out of the question, don't like the mixed reviews
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