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I live in Houston and I figured we were known for...

I live in Houston and I figured we were known for great plastic surgeons... Apparently not. I researched many docs here and none of their pics were appealing until I found Dr.J and Dr. S. I chose to go to Dr J becuz I have ppl who will allow me to stay with them. I'm 5'0" 190lb. I'm not even sure he can help me. I may have to lose more weight. It's worth a shot! The next consultation appt is AUG 2013! I don't want to wait that long!!!!help

Still waiting and getting discouraged! I'm...

Still waiting and getting discouraged! I'm thinking about using Dr. Cortez here in Houston... He is not Dr.J though. :-(

GM BBL sisters! I have a consultation with Dr....

GM BBL sisters! I have a consultation with Dr. Campos this afternoon at 1pm. I decided to see what he has to talk about concerning the surgery. I haven't had much luck with the Jimerson crew! I have contacted the office and left several messages for Aziza and offered to pay my $500 plus 10 % of my sx cost, but no one has called me back AT ALL!!! Still have the consultation for Aug 2013, but I decided to go see Campos since he is in my city and never know what could happen!

Since my wait is so long I did a lot of research,...

Since my wait is so long I did a lot of research, I called 4 doctors and I have two consultations coming up on February 2. So far I have come up with the following details:
Dr. Wendell Perry: does aggressive lipo and his results are great. Most of his patients are from word of mouth and he charges $6400 this includes Lipo, BBL, and compression garment. He does not put fat into hips
Dr. Salama: booked until the end part of 2013, and they do not return calls at all! His quote was $8600 for Lipo/BBL but he is not aggressive with the Flanks.
Dr. Azurin- phenomenal results ( look at "ZiZi" profile) but he does not Lipo your stomach at all! Lipo/BBL $5600 and he only lipo the flanks lower back and hips. Supposedly Lynn says that he "can't get fat from the stomach, its not good fat to use."
Dr. Cortez( local Houston doctor) I have seen his patients in person and I am going to his consultation on February 2nd!! I don't have details with him yet, but he is local and for a BBL $4800.I am considering a TT so it would be an additional $4k.

Since I am in Houston I have to consider the fee to travel as well as getting someone to stay with me. In addition, I am not about to spend 9K for someone to that is going to make me wait until the end of 2013.
I called Dr. Jimerson's office and offered to pay for my surgery in CASH IN FULL!! and I have yet to receive a phone call from anyone. I do like his results but maybe its over rated since no one is willing to try anyone else. I figured that a lot of surgeons are under the radar because their results aren't published. I will make sure that I publish mine no Matter what!!!

Today was a very progressive day. I had my...

Today was a very progressive day. I had my consultation with Dr. Cortes in the Galleria area and his office was packed! Most of the people were returning patients,some international patients; but I must say they all looked fantastic. My appt was for 10:15Am but I wasn't seen until 11:35am. I met with Dr. Cortes and his nurse assistant. He was very elaborate and thorough. He pulled on my fat, rubbed and pinch to check how much fat I had to give and to see if the fat was Visceral fat. This is the fat that is behind the abdomen wall. He said that since the fat in my abdomen was visceral fat, that I had to lose between 10-15 lbs. He says that he can still use all the other fat on my flanks, thighs, and any place else I am not please with, he would like to make sure that I am completely happy with my results. I agree with him. I want the "hour glass" figure and not have lumps or bumps and be disproportionate . He also stated that I was an excellent candidate and he is very aware of the REAL SELF community. I told him how I was thinking about going to Jimerson, but wanted to check on my locale docs as well. I point I wanted to make is that pictures can sometimes be deceiving the best pictures to look at and be a good judge for are the ones the doctor takes in the office. The lighting is professional and the angles are right. Anyone can take a picture of their butt and make it look big. THe best judge is the pictures that are from behind.
Also, its a myth that you can get more than 1000 ccs of fat into your butt and keep it! It means that your PS is getting more fluid than fat. Its a proven statistical fat, that anything more than 1000ccs will be absorbed. We will lose about 20% of our fat anyway through absorption, but ALWAYS keep our shape.
I put my deposit down for June 6, 2013! And I am excited. He aggressively does lipo and extra lipo COMES WITH THE BBL!!! No other doctor is doing that!
I am going to make sure that I get the word out about DR. CORTES! He knows his stuff and has done surgery for many patients in other countries; BRAZIL, VENEZUELA, COSTA RICA… I have seen his work in person and I am next…

More to come!

Hello RS! I am still struggling with my weight...

Hello RS! I am still struggling with my weight loss. Dr. Cortes suggested that I lose 15 pounds and I CANT!!! Can someone please help me?! I am not sure what to do. I tried taking Phentermine and appetite suppressants and I think I am just greedy. I am literally at 195lbs. I need to get down to 180lbs or I may have to push the date back. Any suggestions?

Hello RS. I have been reading everyones (I mean...

Hello RS. I have been reading everyones (I mean every single post) profile and I am really reconsidering my choice of Dr Cortes, I paid my $500 already and I realize that I will lose that money. But I met a woman who had surgery in the Domincan Republic for more than half the price. In addition I went back to Dr. Cortes' and I still have not lost the 15 pounds he requested of me. I only lost 7 pounds and I did it by drinking large quantities of water with lemon juice squeezed inside. Plus I gave myself a week off of breads (carbs). And with all that I didn't lose the 15 pounds. I really don't feel so big but according to the doc I have a BMI of 40.

I was tested and I have PCOS so my weight journey will be a struggle. I bought some Fruta Planta (pink box) at the recommendation of another RS person who lost about 15 pounds( So i will try it until I go to my nutritionist appointment and see how it goes. But seems like the only doctors who would be willing to give me Lipo and a TT/BBL are in other countries and although I initially had reservations I found that many of the DR docs are certified but cannot practice here due to all the red tape with citizenship. My neighbor who is from D.R. tells me that there are doctors all over Santiago and I should look into it. So as of now I am trying to remedy and lose some more weight and then start researching D.R. doctors. Any suggestions or comments are totally welcomed.

Here is my current picture from my consultation

Here is my current picture from my consultation

So I have started attended the gym today and I...

So I have started attended the gym today and I think I can get down at least 15 pounds. But to the bigger decision, I am officially going to Yily. Just waiting on her to respond via email, Whatapp, or Viber. When she does, I am good to go. But I would prefer now more than ever that she respond so that I can begin purchasing airfare, etc.
Also, I have plenty of questions.
My hub is now on board to get surgery too. He wants Abdominal Etching and Lipo. So now I have to find a doctor for him and I have to find a place to stay where they accept men as well. I also plan to get veneers to complete my look.
How do you sleep when you have a TT and BBL? IS it even possible?

So since I have been on this site, my husband has...

So since I have been on this site, my husband has been curious about trying to get Liposuction and "Abdominal Etching" which is the procedure where fat is sucked out of the abdomen and makes you look like you have abs. So can anyone give me some suggestions with doctors that perform surgery on men that have good sculpting results. He is planning on goig with me so I also need suggestions to a recovery house.

I am so excited I have booked our flight! We are...

I am so excited I have booked our flight! We are leaving to DR on July 2, 2013 and staying until July 13th. I haven't confirmed a place to stay but our NEW doctor has suggested a recovery house for $90 per night. I am still looking for something cheaper but he says its roundtrip transportation etc. I am guessing he may be talking about the JM Spa, but I am waiting for an answer. Our new doctor is:
Dr. Rafael E. Estévez H.
Cirujano Plástico, Reconstructivo y Estético
Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon

Centro Policlínico Nacional
Guayubín Olivo 1, Urb. Vista Hermosa
Santo Domingo Este, SD 11517 Rep. Dominicana
Ofic. (809) 788-2323
Cel. (809) 714-9119
He is in the same clinic as Yily and is part of the same Plastic Surgery association.
I tried contacting Yily and she insists I need to lose 20lbs, I never heard from Duran, and Almonte never contacted me back. I did research on him and found he was also trained by Dr. H. Cabral.
Deep down inside I am scared to death because I didn't see anyone on RS or MMH that had sx with him, but he has made me feel really comfortable contacting me on a daily basis, and my thought process is that I found Cortes here in Houston way before RS did and he turned out to be popular simply because someone gave him a chance. So I decided to do the same with Rafael Estevez Hernandez.
So my journey has begun.
My husband is getting Lipo all upper body $3,600
I am getting TT/BBL and Lipo for $4,200.
Please give me suggestions on my packing and my regimen prior to DR.
I have started cardio 5x a week for 30 mins and veggies and chicken only. But what about things I need to bring? Do I need to pack light?
Will we have time to sight see or will we be in too much pain? DO we bring cash and if we do can we travel with more than 10k without it looking suspicious?
I purchased travel insurance, etc.
Can anyone give me a cheaper option than JM? $900 for a room and nurse is a bit much, and does this mean $90 per person? PLease DR vets give me your opinion!

I'm back at square one with the living...

I'm back at square one with the living arrangements!! JMSPA charging more now so please give me any hotel and on call nurse I for that you can. The doctor requested I get a blood test before arriving and he says I can get my Meds here in Houston. But where do I go to get this stuff?? My Pcp??? What if my PCP is my gyno how do I tell him that? Where do I get the blood test?

9 days left until I go to the other side….

I woke up today in a panic. I started second guessing everything! My husband is coming with me and he is convinced and has no plans on changing his mind. We are going with Dr. Estevez, and staying with JM SPA. I am not apprehensive with the Estevez, I feel that I have made the best decision. What I am iffy on is staying at the JM Spa. I have heard there is theft and other uncanny things going there. Should I just stay somewhere else? My doctor says he will come wherever we stay so I am not worried about that. Also I have not started any pre-op care, I just being taking Iron and a multi-vitamin.
What should I bring?
Where will I keep my stuff safe so that its not stolen? I am bringing my laptop because its my only communication when I am there.
Should I stay at a hotel?

It's nothing of what people say!

Starting from the day I exited the plane this has been a whirlwind experience. We were picked up by JM Spa driver without our permission since he was shit down we had decided to stay with Donald Sanchez at the TropicaHotel! I arrived at the clinic at 5 pm and Dr Estevez was there waiting for us. The test went well and we decided to stay at his clinic for 4 days including the day of the surgery.

I came out of surgery before my husband. I feel horrible! I don't remember anything up to the surgery but I'm in severe pain. I'm in the Faja provider by doctor Estevez and I sutured right!!!

Remember you are not in the USA

I am wrapping up another night in DR and we are watching American TV laying in the bed. At the recovery place I am in, Donald, the owner ordered us some DR food and it was so delicious. I had grilled breast and beef. We made sure to stop at the super market to retrieve much needed items yesterday for our stay. It is much more cheaper. Its called " La Sirena" and it has everything you need our driver was Donald's son which is very pleasant and an excellent English speaker. I recommend Donald's place because it is central to everything and he offers roundtrip to wherever you need to go, our Massage therapist is Brunhilda and she is also excellent. She travels. Since we spent those nights at the clinic I am justified in saying staying at a small hotel or apartment, which is what I have, will MAKE YOU HEAL faster.. Its a mind thing in the clinic with all the nurses and them poking me I developed anemia. Once I left I became 100% better and our small apartment is near the beach. Please let me know if you need info on staying here the rates are low and you can't beat an English driver and a small apartment. until tomorrow

Forgot to post pics of apart, etc

I forgot to mention he removed 5100cc of fat and injected 950 cc on each side. My a$$ is super hard hopefully it softens but here are my yucky pics of my body

Please help I need a Houston doctor!

I have developed lots of fluid in my abdomen and need a Houston surgeon tht can help me drain it.. My PCP CAN'T AND WON'T HELP ME. The fluid has caused my stomach to bloat

A second visit

I look amazing, my stomach is flat with ZERO fat. Problem is the fluid keeps building up when the void space exists. I can literally feel the fluid swish back and forth. I had to return to DR because the doctors here in Houston refused to aspirate it. I returned for 2 days and Dr. Estevez drained about 700 ccs of fluid and is kept accumulating. I returned with an empty stomach and as of today it began to fill again. I am depressed and sad that no one here can help me because Dr. Estevez drained with ease and extreme effective. My results have not been affected at all but the fluid has made me so upset…… Does anyone have any further suggestions? I am thinking about asking my sister who is a phlebotomist to purchase a drip kit and a catheter and began removing the fluid. I have wrapped my stomach so tight and thinking maybe i need a lymphatic massage.


Forgot to put up some photos.

6 weeks already

My butt looks the same but my stomach is still swollen a little. I enjoy my body though its a huge leap from where I came from ppl stare and wonder what's different about me... I have to wear the Faja to keep my stomach swelling size 14 jeans don't fit anymore everything fits loose, I usually just wear leggings but then my hubs says its inappropriate. For the record I have slept on my butt from day one and haven't lost anything. I think it's definitely a myth I'm a living testament.


My new leopard skirt.

6-mo post Op

This has been my six month update, I'm overall happy with my results and everything has healed very well. I lost a little volume despite me sleeping on my back 85% of the time. I'm def going back for a retouch because I'm not completely satisfied with my stomach it's small but still has fluff... It had nothing to do with the doctor I had A LOT to begin with. I def need to begin working out because my healing was slow.
Some recommendations:
- don't over pack
- be realistic in your goal
- your body is diff from others
- start changing your eating habits for a speedy recovery.

I think I am obsessed… I need more.

So I think I am pretty much done healing… I have a few sore spots on my butt, but overall I am healed. My TT scar is lightening up, and my skin is beginning to loosen up due the swelling going done. Here are my measurements: Bust changed a bit since I was lipo-ed under my arms. I initially wore a 40D, now I am a 36C, my waist is a 34 1/2 inches I initially was almost a 40, and my bust is 46 1/2. It is definitely round, but I wouldn't say its a DONK. Its very conservative looking and curvy...My hips are definitely banging. Now I want more… is that bad?

6 months pics continued...

I'm not sure if I like these pics

9 mos update Dr, Estevez

Here is some updated pictures. I feel that I have completely healed. I gained most of the weight I lost (15 pounds back) which means it was water loss. I have began going to the gym to prepare for my round two. I have to remind myself that before I got the surgery I had major fat in every place and I did zero exercise. Dr. Estevez sculpted me as best he could with what he had. I had lots of fat to donate trust me. Also, my back feel different. I can feel the base of my back now since he lipo-ed it mess out of it. He also sculpted my stomach and although there is still visceral fat, I can see where my abs will be if I ever decide to dedicate my self to a healthy eating habit and routine. I would recommend this for ppl who feel that they have given up on themselves! I gained so much confidence and it motivated me to do better for my body. I feel lighter and I can see when my fat has been removed. I would have never been treated this aggressively if I had not gone to D.R. I am satisfied and can't wait to go back.

2 year post op

I wanted to do a 2 year Post op because I dont see many of those on here! I have to share of few ups and downs:
I gained the entire 20 lbs I lost back :(. Its all my fault though prior to getting the surgery I did not have a healthy eating/exercise lifestyle so I just went back to my normal way of doing things. My butt is still perfect although I have lost about 30% in volume.
I am obsessed with surgery now, unfortunately!
I got a tummy tuck and because of that alot of my belly fat was not sucked out, I acheived the flat stomach by fasting on liquids. But as soon as I went back to my normal eating, my stomach does look a little round. So I decided to go back and get a round 2 to suck my stomach fat out (most of it is viseral) so I began a small workout regime with Abs and Squats along with weight training.
IF you do not have a healthy eating habit, getting the surgery is only a small patch. It took me 2 years to gain that 20 lbs back, but it crept on without me noticing. In addition, my face is round.
My biggest hurdle is being content with what I have now. I have read of women going back and forth with Lipo and losing their life (yes I mean die) from getting too much liposuction. The doctors wont say no, they dont know whether what you are doing is safe for you until it is too late, so don't skimp on doing your research. My TT was worth it without a doubt. All that fat and saggy skin is gone and I feel so free, yes the stretch marks remained but I dont care, it is very comforting to look down and see my vagina! I have decided to do some research and try and find a doctor here in the US first before I default and go back to Dr. Estevez, just because I would be traveling alone and D.R. gets lonely.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rafael Estevez I could never ask for such a great doctor. He knew how to reasonably sculpt my body according to what I already had, i.e. the amount of fat and what my body could handle. He completely cares about his patients and consciously maintains a genuine relationship with his patients. He speaks excellent English and he makes every effort to make sure your at ease with your decisions and the end results. I would definitely go back!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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