In Desparate Need of a Mommy Makeover!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

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I am a mother of 3 who had 2 C/S within two years....

I am a mother of 3 who had 2 C/S within two years. My body has never been the same and I am so depressed just thinking about it. It is time to take action! So, I Just contacted many doctors for an online consultation for a tummy tuck with lip and BBL (no need to let all that good fat go to waste) awaiting responses.......
Dr. Jose Leon
Dr. Fatima Almonte
Dr. Manuel Diaz
Dr. Alejandro Hernandez

Still trying to find a Plastic Surgeon in DR

I have sent emails or whatsap all MDs on my list. Only prompt responses have been from Dr. Yily, Dr. Leon, Dr. Diaz, and Dr. Baez. However, now that I am ready to book I have met much resistance except for Dr. Leon and Dr. Yily.....
I really want to book with Dr. Baez unfortunately she has yet to give me a date or a email pathway to book.
Dr. Leon has been kind enough to email and call promptly, but I would love to see more pics of his work.
Dr. Yily wants money 1st and then she will allow you to pic a date or so thing like that (kinda confused)
I guess it just comes down to who I feel more comfortable with and who will practice in the safest manner. Only time will tell.

Dr. Baez is the one for me

I've been on this website everyday since I joined. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I am scheduled with Dr. Baez (deposit paid) and flight ($400) booked, however I keep looking at other reviews with different surgeons. Tempting me to change my mind every other day (based on the amazing after pics). Even though I am confident I made the right choice. I just need to stop looking!! My focus should be on shopping for the Sx and finding a RH..... These are my current pics. My husband thinks I should drop some lbs before I have the Sx. What do you think? Before I had children my weight was 152lbs in all the right places. I am thinking about trying to lose 20lbs....... I will keep you posted on my weight loss journey IF it happens. I wish I was able to have Sx at an earlier date (work does not permit), secretly that is the only solution to my problem..... April is so far away ??

I want to cry!!!!

I have gained 10lbs!!!
Time to get focused need to weigh 170lbs by my sx date. Please pray for me. Trying to attempt a vegan diet and exercise at least 3-4 times a week. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Praying for the best and safest outcome??????????????????????????????????

I am down to the wire....... Next week this time I will be in DR. I must say this journey has been bitter sweet. I have chosen at least three different doctors and Recovery Houses along the way. I have researched until I could not research any more. I originally made plans to go alone, and now I have been blessed to have one of my dearest friends travel with me (to be my private RN). I have packed and unpacked several times. In addition, I have purchased so much shit I may never use. Over the past couple of months, I have read so many stories that have inspired me to move forward or take five steps back. I continue to question my decision over and over again. However, I have committed to seeing this process through. I plan on having my homegirl (private RN) document detail by detail all the shit we were dying to see while researching. So, with that being said I Pledge to report more detailed information where most of our sx sisters have left us hanging (eagerly waiting for follow up posts).????????????????
Sadly, the realization is my journey has only just begun........ I pray to return home to my family as healthy as I left with a ??Ass, DOPE, memorable body transformation. ???? I know.....kinda corny. Lastly, I really just want to feel better about myself again and to be able to help women make informed decisions In regards to plastic surgery outside of the US.
So, ladies please keep me in your prayers. I will see you ladies on the flat side??

Oasis RH

I'm a extremely happy with my RH!! The staff is exceptional especially the driver Wander. The house is clean and the common areas are modern. They make the most healthiest fresh fruit drinks.
The most important quality in a RH is staff. The "nurses" are very attentive and sweet. In addition they are flexible.
Once I collected my bags and proceeded to to exit the baggage claim I saw the driver Wander wearing an Oasis shirt. He greeted my friend and I with a very nice smile. The ride to see Baez was about 20 minutes. He made sure to walk us inside the clinic. He spoke with Manuel Baez's assistant and assured us that Manuel will call him once all pre-op testing was complete. After a long day of travel and testing, we were finally able to go to RH. Dinner was great! The condo is smaller than I expected, however that is the least of my problem. A girl about to be in pain!!!!! Time to go to sleep and get ready to be snatched in the AM. Lastly, wifi needs to be better...
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