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Here goes, FINALLY! After stalking this site...

Here goes,

FINALLY! After stalking this site & the feedback from it's members for over a year, I've decided to go forward with my post liberation transformation. :) Anywho,...Since I will be traveling alone, I have carefully researched and chosen Dr. Walkiris Robles for mid June 2013. I'm not brave enough yet, but one day I will post pics. I'm so anxious and excited to finally do something for ME. I hope to meet & make new associates, reading experiences and absorb any and all helpful tips that "contribute" to my experience. (minus unsolicited personal opinions, of course) Let the countdown began!

Flight booked!...booking it just gave me a natural...

Flight booked!...booking it just gave me a natural high! I'll be adding my 2nd stamp to my passport lol! (Whoa(-_-))...That and the transformation makes me excited! Can'tWait

Almost 2 months post-op

Hello ladies! I know this update is well overdue but here goes...(if I miss anything please feel free to shoot me a question)...Also please excuse any grammar errors as I am well aware of the correct way of speaking grammatically correct but I don't have the time needed for perfection,...just want to share my experience.

Well I had my procedure on June 14th as planned & I could'nt have had a better experience. Dr. Robles is THE BEST as well as her staff and every other person I encountered...I arrived the Thursday before my procedure...The driver was there waiting on time eventhough I arrived 1hr late...I was taken straight to hospital where I had labs & xrays done prior to surgery. My levels were not where Dr. Robles wanted them to be ( I'm anemic) so I only had the TT & lipo to the sides & flanks (I was refunded the difference $1000) (I WILL be going back).

The procedure went well eventhough I needed a blood transfusion ($100). I was taken to the recovery house the next day.

Virginia and the other ladies at the recovery house are Godsends...they cared for us, fed us, and made sure we were on top of our pain meds around the clock. Although I traveled alone for the 1st time by myself out of the country, once getting to the recovery house, my fears were at ease...The other ladies there were just as alone as I was so we were alone together.

A few points...
You will not need to bring vitamins or anyother pills, they will be provided at the recovery house
You will need to bring at least 3 tank tops to switch out as well as sundresses
Bring extra money just in case you need a blood transfusion & for tips a massages. (although I didn't get any massages)
Bring compression socks for possible swelling (they work & you may swell on the plane ride home because I did)
Pack light
Bring your ipad because they have apps that can be used for actual international phone calls & translation if you don't fluently speak Spanish (some may already know this but I didn't)

I am attaching a few pics to show the just of my results even though there's still slight swelling & YES I am very satisfied! (Highly Recommended)

If I missed something feel free to question & I'll answer as soon as I can.

Pic Update

pic update

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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