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I love Yily's work I have READ more positive than...

I love Yily's work I have READ more positive than negative but I believe every surgeon has their pros and cons fans etc and I am defiantly a Yily fan. I received my quote within 2-3 business days. The quote was thoroughly DETAILED unlike Cabral who gave me 1 price on whats app and a different price via email on the same day -__- a few minuets a part. She also has he option of the exclusive package with recovery home praise the lord that's less stress on me girl. Only thing I emailed her in April the quote is only good through May 2016 which I thought was quite odd. All the other surgeons will give you 6 months. :-( idk what that's about. I have bills to pay so if im not able to get Yily because of a drastic price change I was thinking about Molina. dr Molina is very sweet and professional he responds back to me via whats app and patiently answers my questions. From his work via IG seems dope only thing he doesn't offer a rh package but his professionalism and his work makes him a contender. I will be looking to book surgery late January or early February 2017. wish me luck I want a round 1 and done

More wish pics

Wish pics

Okay soo...I have decided to ditch Yily idk what I...

okay soo...I have decided to ditch Yily idk what I was thinking I was in love with her at a point. To me she shapes butts funny. but overall I thought she was a great surgon. I follow a few of her dolls via instagram who all seemed to have good or average results. I kinda have my doubts abou her tho. I need a 1 round and done. I have choosen to go with Cabral. I know I know don't kill me. but he makes the bodies I want. his body shaping is insane his reputation is both good and bad. Ive tried searching for some Colombian doctors who can match his talent. I haven't found 1 that gave out donkey booty unless it was an implant and that's a no go. Colombia prices are even cheaper I was so eager to find a doctor but I feel as if they do better boob jobs than body sculpting I believe they are a green light for slimmer girls. However I am no slim girl I'm more on the thicker side. so what better place to go than DR!!! If you're trying to get a vixen body go to Cabral or Duran.

Final Doctor Change and Update

So... There's no turning back now. I have chosen a new doctor and paid my deposit. I'm going with Isreal Manon. I'm getting full lipo bbl ( and inner thigh lipo ). I booked my ticket with JetBlue in so excited. I've already started purchasing some sx supplies. Now all I have to do is save -____- oh dear I can't wait I need this body to look like a stripper

My journey begins

Okay so my journey begins now. I have chosen another doctor. Yea I know I bounced around dreaming about a few doctors. But now this is set in stone God willing. I will be a Manon doll in Febuary 2017. I won't put up the exact date for security purposes but I'm so excited. I put down my deposit with his assistant Diana I booked my flight and put a deposit down for my recovery house :-) I'm so pumped up. Now all I have to do is save and pray I have enough money by then. He he if anything I can just reschedule and book another flight. I'm getting full lipo and bbl ohh and inner thigh lipo. I'm one of those girls with chubby thighs that like to run together so that bitch gots to go lol. Here I come Isreal Manon :-)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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