Doing Bbl/implants/lipo/BEAZ Dominican Republic, DO

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Ok so I'm booked for dec 8 for yily bbl/...

Ok so I'm booked for dec 8 for yily bbl/ implants/lipo an quote has been all over the place. I got 3 diffrent ones so ill keep the first and then bring proo of what she quoted me in the first place. I'm staying at jacqulines day spa because I have been there and I know the lady's and the take care of you and Ana ever washed my hair score I flew! I'm a white girl an not looking for a huge ass but was drawn to her for her lipo ability man she can give you a tiny curvy body. Don't want a huge booty. Last time I was in dr I heard horror story's about duran and I just wanted to cry for the girls who were being ripped off and no refunds after being told thy couldn't get what thy were promised! Ugh I'd strangle someone! I am nervous e for this trip jut cause I want to be one of the gals who ha an amazing experience with yily! Anyone know if ill get a good result with my huge wide butt?!?

Dr. Camilo update

Changed my mind and I'm off to beaz!

It's cheaper if we go together we get a discount! Dec3-13 is when ill be down ;D please respond if that's your dye for beaz

Butt lift 2 lipo areas plus implants :$

Ok so flights are booked and send to beaz! I changed my mind with yily! If she would have said ill do better than what your after I would have been sold! Truth is if your a patient she is tired you either get amazing or not worth it! I wish I could gamble on that but my husband has worked his ass off for this money. Ill be going with someone who does one surgery a day!

Weeks now! Still I'm at my dream sizing!

So excited mostly about the boobies she does! I know she'll give me what I'm asking. I'm hoping yasmines goes well she seems nice! Hope she doesn't forget me as I'm gonna look like an way target down there! I don't have any recouvery buddies this time around again which sucks makes you lonely not having anyone. However I am full of excitement.
Been taking the meds and hitting up my doctor on what he wants me to bring extra. Ill find out hymahlobin levels also. My husband has been cramming financing just to make this happen! Love him for helping me! Beaz offered to pick me up but I think she is a busy lady so I declined though made me happy she cared to ask. Will update when I make the huge money transfer to beaz so I don't have to carry much cash. 5800$
Lipo of upper leg/arms bbl tiny tiny tummy! I do wonder if she will give me an art tuck. Not sure what that would cost extra!

Hemp was 13.1

Today I got the green light! Switching to healing haven due to the pool!!! Dec 3-13 message me if you wanna be RH buddys

Staying at healing haven!

I decided healing haven because of food/pool instead of massages for 13$ with real recouvery. Seemed like more of a relaxing place. All flights booked. And I'm off for dec 3! Stoked to have my new implants! Ill update when I'm leaving! Just scrambling to get RH money together due to canadian dollar currency sucks!

Had my surgery with beaz

Had surgury with beaz. I'm in quite abit of pain so I have make this short. I have 7lt of fat removed and bbl with implants.

4 days post op finally!

I'm post op now and it's been quite the wild ride this time I hate the gucking faja like it has made more pain then anything ! Drain in my hip that goes around my back gets pulled every time this faja is off and on! I'm feeling better although I freak out sometimes I feel like I'm having blood clots! I'm just scared. I'm flying home Saturday where ill get my docs to do a full review when I get back. Boobs haven't caused any pain 570cc. See the doc today for a check up!

Doing amazing and looking great!

I really do wish the ladies who read about yiky, cabral and even robbles will youthere head and stay away the risk is not worth it!!
Look if your doctor tells you youneedto split your surgerys its because you actually do sameas me i had togo twice and i look amazing because i listened forthose who werepromised BBl,TT breadt lift and implats and ended hplooking nothing like you thought its because it cant be done!! Simple.. So please start reading the reviews forthose doctors and start realising that yoursugury and your lifeyou dont need to gamble on!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Beaz DR

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