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I've finally chosen a doctor that I believe will...

I've finally chosen a doctor that I believe will be best for me base on his communication, photos he has provided on realself, information and photos on his webpage, and based on reviews other realself members have posted. Its been difficult choosing a doctor for me and I've received many quotes from several doctors and even made a deposit (2) with two particular doctors and later had a change of heart. Miguel Mota is my final choice and my deposit has been made. I've received a list of recovery houses from Dr. Mota's assistant, Kenia and I believe I am going with Spa Medical JM recovery. I'll up date you soon with photos


I'm so ready but being very patient...

I've purchased my ticket and my best friend's ticket. They were around $415 and $450. She will be coming a few days after my surgery to keep my company and help me with whatever I may need. My companion will be there with for the beginning part and then she leaves and then my bestie takes over. I'm very excited and extremely nervous but I am soooooo ready!!! I made some friends with those that went to Mota and they've been very helpful and honest with me and I am so appreciative for them.

Getting rid of the extras

24 more days before I leave for DR!!!

I'm very excited! I had a scare the other day when I saw a page on Facebook which talked about two doctors in particular that made negative changes to various bodies. So I asked him to call me and when he did I explained to him my thoughts and he reassured me that I would be okay. He explained to me that he takes his time with all of his patients and he always makes time for after care. After that conversation I felt more confident in my doctor! I'm almost 100% ready and my supplies are all almost set!

13 days before I am a Mota Barbie

My time is near, I'm ready and excited!!! My CBC is 13.3 which is good but I hope its better in the next week and 1/2. I've been taking my iron, vitamin c and folic acid but apparently not in the best way. The Doctor advised me yesterday that I need to take 325 mg iron, vitamin c and folic acid all together and on an empty stomach, 3 times a day. I haven't been doing it that way and maybe if I did my CBC would have been higher. I've been taking all of them but not all at once but through out the day which totaled 600 mg in the iron. I've also been taking a blood builder and Hema-plex which may have helped too. I will stop taking the hema-plex and the blood builder 10 days prior to surgery just because it contains other supplements that me not be necessary for surgery.

I have arrived!!

I got in and went to my hotel room The Aladino and then made my way the Plastimedic (clinic). I did my blood work and EKG which resulted in "your heart is brand new. I'm now waiting on Dr. Mota to see me. The clinic no far is very modern, clean, and neat. Veeeeeeery cold!!!

I'm officially a Mota Doll!!!!!

I was on time for 6:30 a.m. on the 3rd floor of PlastiMedic and greeted by a nurse. She gave me instructions to take off my clothes and put on my blue coat. Shortly after Dr. Mota came in and his lovely wife, marked me and made sure to be precise with their marking. The anesthesiologist's assistant came in and took my pressure and asked me the necessary questions for her chart. I was then given the "blue pull" and the anesthesiologist came in and began to talk; the next thing you know.... I was out!!!! The surgery was about 6 hours long (longer than average) which was because of my excess skin and Dr. Mota wanted to make sure I was well proportioned. After surgery Dr. Mota greeted me to let me know that all went well. Words cannot explain how awesome Dr. Mota and his staff is! Kenia if such a sweet heart, she checked on me after surgery and talking to me for a bit. I am now at Spa Medical JM and it looks like a mansion. Lol very clean and the staff is nice. Not much English but that's the least of worries, they already know what to and what to ask so that we both understand. I am in pain but it's bearable and worth it so far.

11 days Post Op and update

Feeling great and happy with my doctor and my results!!! I had THREE!!! LOL follow-up visits. I saw him every other day after my surgery and I will be returning to the US tomorrow (Sunday). Dr. Mota recommends 14 days in DR and I wish I was staying that long. I only did the minimum of 10 days and now I'll have to return to the main land with sutures. I will have a Doctor there remove them which he said should not be a problem but guys please be wise on staying the minimum days so that you have so worries. Finding a faja was hard because "no faja is perfect" as Dr. Mota would say but I got two and as uncomfortable as they are I will wear it! Guys the pain is not that bad, more like extremely sora after a work out. Your tummy stays numb for you few weeks and the feeling gradually comes back, your boobs don't hurt at all (I swear). My butt is a bit sore and my back is probably where hurts most but it is so bearable!!! Reason why the back hurts most is because after a tummy tuck, for the first two weeks or so you have to walk hunched so imagine that on your back. The massages are relieving but can be painful where your drains are. My drains were out after 10 days (couldn't wait) they were annoying and I had 3. Dr. Mota had an awesome sense of humor, he is caring, and so is his staff!!!! He is very honest, and he gave his expertise on every procedure I wanted to do. He was definitely about health first!!!! I can't wait to see the results when I am healed!!

Few post op pics

I will take some more pics with out the dressings but here's a few...

Few more pics

Before my shower

Small up date

3 wks post

Updates...1 months 2 days post op

Hello Dolls, my healing a coming along, not any pain but still have some discomfort. I keep in contact with Dr. Mota and he responds in a reasonable time. There is still swelling in my back and tummy but it's slowly going down. I dont sleep well at night because I'm tired of sleeping in the same position but it's part of the process. I'll be back to work on July 5th. I took 5 weeks off from work total. It was recommended by the Doctor to purchase silcone strips also known as scar away which helps the scar to be less visible. It's used when your scars are healed.

3 month anniversary, yay me!!!

Hello all, I'm doing well and recovery has been pretty smooth. I have slight soreness in my lower back and a bit of hardness. I understood that's from the lipo and it takes time to go away. My stomach is not flat all the way but as you can see its pretty flat. I've started light work outs which consist of cardio. No heavy lifting, no abs, and no push ups. I've been using bio oil on my scars for the past two weeks and I'll see how that turns out. I must say that I do not have the butt I wanted. It has been enhanced but slightly; there's projection only when I wear my faja. My butt was big at the beginning but as I healed, I'd say I lost 50%. So I will be returning for more booty! I am still happy and satisfied with my body but want a little more tweaking if that makes sense. Maybe I'll work out harder when fully healed and do lots of squats.
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